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by Tobias Grant

Part 82: Mission Part 1

: Roger that, Lieutenant.

: What... Has the fat lady sung already?

: Aw, shaddup. You try dealin' with 'em, see how much you can take.

: ...I'll pass on that. I have my hands full as it is with that tomboy Mari.

: ...Er, whoops.

: Geez, he's got no manners.

: No kidding.

: Akira, haven't Loran and Sochie gotten back yet?

: It looks like they're just now arriving.

: Sorry we kept you waiting.

: You've finished paying your respects?

: Yes... Thank you.

: .........

: Sochie, what's the matter?

: It's nothing. What are we doing today?

: I want you to practice moving in a Mobile Suit.

: Huh? Lt. Monsha, you're not teaching us today?

: Don't slack off, or Uraki might get more strict than me.

: Sir, yessir. So, what should we do to practice?

: Race?

: Yeah. Let's see, where to...

: Race to see who can reach that container over there first.

: It's kinda like a sport, huh?

: But watch your terrain carefully, otherwise you won't reach the goal first. This will help you practice moving efficiently in the middle of combat.

: I see... This is also a good opportunity to test what the White Doll can do.

: Then let's get started. The others and I will act to obstruct your movement.

: Eh? Obstruct it?

: Firing is prohibited. Your goal is to get past us and reach the Container.

: yes, sir!

: Understood.

: Sochie, Loran... I'm not gonna hold back!

: T-take it easy...

: It would appear that they are in training with their Mobile Suits. (Laura Rolla must be in the Mustached MS. I haven't seen her in some time...)

: (There's no mistake. That Mobile Suit called the White Doll is... Who would have expected it to still be around, much less here... This could not be chalked up to any mere coincidence...)

: Lady Diana, now would be a good time for us to return to the Soliel.

: Lt. Harry... I would like to remain here for a bit longer, if I may?

: ...I do not mind, but... It would not be good to overstay our welcome. They say there is a landship believed to be heading here from Galia.

: ...Very well.

: .........

: Alright, let's get this started.

: Loran, I won't let you beat me!

: I'll do my best too.

: Ready, and...GO!

And the game dumps us in control of Sochie. The Skill Point for this mission is simple, just beat Loran to the container.

Also, don't think you can cheese this mission by dumping a shitload of Boosters unto Sochie's Kapool. This mission strips both the Turn A and Kapool of their parts.

The placement of everyone is predetermined, so they will always go to a certain spot no matter where you put Sochie.

The thing that makes this mission a bit challenging is that Loran is a fucking cheater and will pass through the "Obstructions" with ease.

But if you plan out your movement carefully, than this is a piece of cake. Fuck yeah.

: I did it!

: Heh... Beating the Mustache, you're pretty impressive, Missie.

I kinda wish I didn't win though...

: Miss Sochie......

Suddenly, new Mobile Suits appear on the map.

Wait, Are those... Zakus!?

: Wh-what the!? Look!

: A Zaku I and Zaku IIs!?

: Are y'all with the Inglessa Militia?

: Well, yes...

: That Mobile Suit...?

: It was dug up in Louziana territory. I call it the Borjarnon.

: B-Borjarnon...?

: Not Zaku...?

: I don't know of anything called a Zaku. This's the name I picked out.

: But come on, look at it, it's a Zaku...

: Hm...?

Gavan notices Harry's Sumo

: That's a Diana Counter suit...! What're y'all doing!? the enemy's right nearby!

: N-no, you've got the wrong idea! Lady Diana is over there, and...!

: DIANA!? The enemy's head honcho!? In that case...!

: Wait, there's a ceasefire! Lt. Harry is just acting as Lady Diana's escort...

: Who're you? I thought the Mustached Doll's pilot was supposed to be a girl...

: That's just because some reporter wrote that in the newspaper...

: New Mobile Suits? Your excavations seem to be going rather well.

: ...There is more than one Militia. If the Moon Race continues to force our hand... Mechanized squadrons such as those will become more and more commonplace.

: ...Then, how do you plan to handle this?

: ...I shall entrust this to Laura. She will surely come through for us.

: I haven't seen her for quite a while... Is she here?

: Of course.

: .........

: A match...?

: Yeah. I wanna see what all the famous Mustached Wonder can do.

: ...Alright.

: OK, it'll be a one-on-one duel. Nobody else interfering.

Finally, after all that, we find out the contents of that container.

Gavan gets to attack first.


Now, it's entirely possible to oneshot ol' Gavan, but I don't want to do that. What I want to do is lower his health to below 20%. Doing this will allow me to keep his custom Zaku Borjarnon.

So in order to make sure I don't destroy him, I have Loran use the Mercy spirit, which, if the next attack was going to destroy the enemy, will instead leave him with 10 HP. It doesn't always work, though, since one of your stats (finesse, I think?) needs to be higher than the one you are attacking.


: Not bad! But I can tell it's not as tough as it looks!

: The response is so slow...! Is the White Doll not operating at full capacity?

: Lady Lily Borjarnon!?

: Gavan Gooney, you infantile brute! Show me your face!

: P-princess, you're out here near the front lines!?

: I came to see whether there were loose cannons up to no good around here! I come all this way to visit Gwen, and here you are humiliating our side!

: Sir Gwen, who is that woman?

: Lily Borjarnon, the daughter of Louziana's head, though I wasn't expecting...

: ..........

Harry suddenly picks something up on his radar.

: Th... This reading!? These aren't Mobile Suits...?

: L-Lt. Monsha! There are huge mechs approaching this region!

: What'd you say!? All hands, get ready for battle!

I was wondering when they were going to show up!

: Wh-what is THAT!?

: A battleship running on land...!?

: Are those the ones who crossed over from Galia? How did they get by us!?

: Those are... the Galians? So the rumors of them having mechanical dolls were true...!

: Lady Diana!

: !

: Lt. Harry, what are you doing!?

: This area could wind up being a battlezone. I'm taking Lady Diana back!

: Lt. Harry!

: Lt. Harry, please, wait a moment!

: Forgive my rudeness, but I cannot allow you to be put in any further danger. We shall return to the Soliel at once.

And he's gone. Fantastic.

: Ah, Kihel...!

: Kihel!?

: E-er... It's nothing. (...How could this happen...! And while we were trading places...!)

: These guys aren't Breakers either! Does that make them Moon Race too!?

: No, not at all! That's...

: Kenichi!

: Akira!

: No mistaking it, that's Raideen and the GP01...!

: Thank goodness...! Who would've expected to meet up with them here...

: Are those guys friends of yours?

: Yeah, they are. It looks like they ended up on this continent.

: What, what is this? What's going on?

: It doesn't look like they're enemies of ours.

: Guess not. They don't look like they're from the Moon Race either.

: (Those are... The Galian mechanical dolls... Their timing in coming to North Ameria... Negotiations would be a good idea.)