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by Tobias Grant

Part 83: intermission

: Yeah, then we crossed the ocean along with Elche, Jiron, and their group.

: Have you found any others here?

: Not other than you guys...

: I see...

: Even still, things in North Ameria are rather different from how they are in Gallia.

: I don't see any Innocent domes around... No blue stones, either.

: Blue stones...?

: No, though there is an ore called Phlogistone in the mines in Vicinity...

: Phlogistone? What the heck is that?

: You don't know...?

: How do you make a living without blue stones?

: We farm the fields, make grain...

: But now, they're considered an ore that serves no useful purpose.

: No useful purpose!? Those are how we make a living...!

: (.........) Miss Elche, it's been many years since North Ameria and Gallia have shared any contact. It is only natural that there are things about the other that both of us wouldn't know.

: Q-quite...

: What's up with Elche? She's acting more grown-up than usual.

: Civilized men like that guy are her weakness.

: Ooh, I get it, that's what happened when she met the Innocent too, huh?

: Hey! I heard that!!

: I'm just callin' it like it is.

: Excuse me!? I've seen the goo-goo eyes you've made towards Jiron!

: Boy, you sure are acting low-brow in front of someone like Sir Gwen.

: Ah, oh my... How could I...

: (.........)

: Say, Gwen. Do you know anything about the Innocent?

: ...In folklore passed down through noble families like House Rhineford or House Borjarnon... It is said that long ago, we were once called Innocent.

: So that makes you guys Innocent? In that case, what're you doing outside domes...?

: (Domes...? What could he be talking about?)

: I'm sorry, the name is the extent of my knowledge.

: Then, Sir Gwen... You do not know of Sir Biel either...?

: Yes, this is the first time I've heard that name.

: (.........)

: Are you SURE you're not with the Innocent...?

: (It looks like Gallia and North Ameria have totally different cultures. All they seem to have in common is that both have a ruling class... On Gallia, it felt like another world, but here it just appears to be behind the times... It's not all that different from how it was in our era. But why is the world so sharply divided...? ...Director Biel has to be hiding something from us... I guess we were right not to head directly for Fort Severn.)

: By the way, Miss Elche, for what purpose did you come here, to North Ameria?

: We were dispatched by Sir Biel of the Innocent to a town called Fort Severn.

: Fort Severn...

: I've never heard of that town...

: You've never heard of it? It's on the same continent, isn't it?

: People here don't get around much.

: Huh... I couldn't even imagine living like that.

: And what is in this town of Fort Severn?

: They're supposed to be gearin' up to fight these guys called the Moon Race.

: Preparing to fight the Moon Race...? (So these Innocent people also plan to fight the Moon Race...)


: I handle machine maintenance.

: Nice to meet you, Miss Sochie Heim.

: You know of me?

: You're the bold female pilot in a Kapool, right?

: Well, yes... Nice to meet you!

: Still, I can't believe they really dug up a Zaku... I was only jokin' about that, and it turns out to be true.

: And it even moves the way it should.

: Man, and the Zaku I was already a retired model in OUR time...

: Truth is stranger'n fiction in this place.

: Are you the commander of the Inglessa Militia's mechanized division?

: For the moment, anyway.

: Then I'll take over commanding the mechanized division from here.

: Wh-what!?

: Watching that basic training earlier, you must not be used to mechanical dolls.

: That was...

: Unlike you, my Suicide Squadron has had plenty of training. So we won't taste defeat at the hands of the Diana Counter.

: (That is true.)

: Before I was born...? Mechanical dolls have just barely started getting dug up!

: Either way, we're more accustomed to mechanical dolls than your men.

: Is that a fact? Okay, can you handle a Borjarnon?

: If I'm told to, yes.

: You've got spirit, I'll give you that.

: Lady Lily!

: It's been a long time, Sochie Heim... Kihel Heim, too.

: Eh...?

: What's wrong, Sis? It's Lady Lily!

: E-er, yes, quite...

: Oh my, is there something the matter?

: Er, no, not at all...

: By the way, where might Sir Gwen be? I'd like to greet him in person...

: Alright, I'll show you to him. C'mon, Sis, you too.

: (.........)

: Sis?

: (...Things have turned out badly indeed... Now Kihel is on the Soleil in my stead... ...It's all but impossible for her, an Earthnoid, to lead the Diana Counter... More importantly, if others realize that we've switched places...)

: Sis, for crying out loud!

: Wh-what is it, Sochie...?

: We're going to see Sir Gwen! Weren't you listening?

Explosions can be heard in the distance!

: Hm...?

: Explosion sounds...?

: The sky is red...

: That's in the direction of Knox!!


: Wh-what's happening, Sir Gwen...?

: The Diana Counter's mechanical doll squadron has launched an attack on Knox... Thanks to that, the town is practically destroyed...!

: N-no...!

: That's terrible. Sounds like our Breakers. Shouldn't we go help the town?

: Jiron...

: No, there's no need to.

: Why not?

: Because that mechanical doll squadron is headed this way.

: Huh, you're right. The muzzle flashes are getting closer!

: Miss Elche...!

: I know, Sir Gwen. You'd like us to protect the town, right?

: ...Please.

: (Hoo-wee, same way it went with Director Biel. I swear...)

: All hands, to battle stations! Protect this town from the Diana Counter's attack!

: Yeesh... This is how you get caught up in a crossfire.

: Burume, did you say something!?

: No, nothing.

: Okay then, get a move on!