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by Tobias Grant

Part 86: Mission

: Jamil! There's a metal reading underground! Looks like something big.

: Is that true!?

: Yeah. My best guess is that it's some kind of production facility...

: Mm-hmm. This time, we've...

Their radar begins to go off!

: Captain! Mobile Suit readings coming in from 2 o'clock!!

: What!?

: Could they be the guys who chased us here!?

Fuck, it's one of THEM...

: Those are... the Mobile Suits that attacked us today!

: Recall Witz and Roybea immediately!

: Y-yes, sir!

: Captain, hatch #4 has opened on its own!

: Who is it!? Nobody's ordered any Mobile Suits to launch yet!!

: Captain, we have a problem! Tifa's gone missing from her room!

: !

: D-don't tell me...!

: Oh, I'll tell ya! I'm taking this Mobile Suit and the girl both!

: Wh-what did you say!?

Looks like it was Shagia that hired Garrod to "rescue" Tifa.

: Well, that's my job.

: .........

: What's wrong? He's here to pick you up.

: Now then, Tifa Adil... Come here...

: You should be grateful to us for having him go and rescue you.

: .........!

: Eh...!? Kh...!

Garrod moves away from Shagia.

: What are you plotting, Garrod?

: .........

: .........

: Is this better, Tifa?

: .........

: Sorry, but there's no way I'm handing Tifa over to you guys now!

: That kid...!?

: ...In the end, just a child... In that case, you will learn a very painful lesson. All units, stop that Jenice. Be careful to avoid aiming for the cockpit.

: Let's see, where to run...

: Garrod... Go over that way...

: Go over that way? What's over there?

: A priceless... Power... One that can greatly alter the course of your destiny...

: Alter my destiny? ...What the heck is that supposed to mean?

: Quickly... That way...

: ...Okay, got it! I just have to head over in that direction, right!?

: Eh!? But he just abducted Tifa and took off, didn't he!?

: It's more important not to let those others take Tifa!

: Roger! Freeden, moving out!

Since you've already seen Garrod's stats, here is the Jenice all by it's lonesome.

To get the skill point point for this mission, I just have to reach the point Tifa mentioned in four turns. Nothing difficult.

it's made even easier by the fact that the enemy's Jenice only come down in groups, so only four of them move towards me on the first turn, then three on the second, and another three on the third.

Tifa will also point out the location at the beginning of every turn.

: Looks like that Zaku-ish Mobile Suit's under some hot pursuit.

: Shouldn't we help him!?

: We don't know who they are, and it could be dangerous to get involved. I think we should assess the situation a bit first...

: Yeah... you've got a point.

: .........

: .........

: What's wrong, you two?

: (This feeling...)

: (Who is it... Who is watching me...?)

I keep on trucking to my destination. It's best to just ignore the Containers, at least for now.

On the third turn, Tifa points out our destination like last time, but this time Garrod talks back

: I know, but we'll be screwed if that Shagia guy catches up to us.

: .........

Tifa begins to 'call out' for aid

The newtypes among the Preventer group receive it.

: What...? You want us... to help you?

: (Yes... We are not your enemy...)

: In my head... I can hear a voice...

: ...Who on Earth are you?

: Wh-whoa there, what's the matter with the three of you!?

: ...The child riding the Mobile Suit... She wants us to save her.

: Is that true!?

: How can you know somethin' like that!?

: She's... Speaking to us...

: She...?

: What's the plan, Hyouma!?

: Regardless of the situation, we can't ignore someone asking for help!

: Yeah! Plus, we might get some better info this way!

: Alright... Then let's go save ourselves a damsel in distress!

: Those are... Gundam-types...!

: But... I haven't seen any like that since the war.

: So they're even excavating things from before the war...!

: And... What is that machine? It's obviously not a mobile suit.

:... These feel like the mechs we saw on Galia. Are they Irregulars as well?

: S-sunnova...! We come this far just to tun into enemy backup!?

: It's alright... They're on our side.

: What!? How can you possible know that!?

: So, Garrod... Hurry, to that place...

: (...What the heck is going on...? Huh, maybe all of 'em are after that power...)

: Captain!

: (...I see. Alright, Tifa...) ...Those machines are on our side.

: R-really, sir!?

: Yes.

: I'd probably be best off hurrying things up.

The Freeden fires the first shot of the day and destroys a Jenice.

The others aren't really close enough to hit anything, but their closing in fast.

On the fourth turn...

Fuck yeah, I made it.

: Tifa, we're here! Now what!?

: !? Garrod, look out!

: Eh!?

Shit, that's not good.

: How simple.

: Wh... This's... A Gundam!?

: Nothing to worry about... All I have to do is stop the mech from moving.

A scripted fight begins.

: A-argh! Too powerful!

: Garrod! Get out of this machine! It's going to explode...!

: There's nowhere left to run. Now, be a good boy and hand Tifa over.

: Like hell!!

: Garrod... This way!

: Tifa!?

: Please... Lend me your strength...

: Tifa? Who're you talking to?

: ...Thank you.

: Eh?

The ground begins to shake.

: Wh-what the!? Under the surface...!

: That's...!!

: The GX-9900...!

: Hey! A Gundam's popped outta the ground!!

: I've never seen one like that before... It's not like our cololy Gundams.

: A priceless power... you meant a Gundam!? Alright, to the cockpit!

: The GX-9900... The legendary Mobile Suit designated X... Ha, haha... How fortunate of me... to stumble across the GX here, of all places...!

: C'mon, move...!

: Huh...? There's no joystick control!?

: Tifa AND the GX... If I can get both, we can accomplish our goal...

: Wh-what should I do...!? Oh yeah... I found a Mobile Suit controller unit back there!

I highly suggest listening to this, since it's my favorite track in the entire game

The Gundam X begins it's startup sequence

: Garrod...

: Stand up!!

: ......... Is the Moon out?

: Huh?

: I'm asking you if the Moon is out!

Now I'm control of the GX, instead of the crappy Jenice.

The Freeden grabs one of the containers.

Right now, it's best to land the GX and move it into the mountains, since it will be under some heavy fire.

: The GX-9900... Let's test what the Legendary Mobile Suit can do.

Shagia dodges my attack

The others finally catch up to enemy.

Shagia and Garrod duke it out, with Garrod dodging his attack and then landing a counter.

The three Jenice's over here all attack Kamille.

They didn't last long.

Four grabs another container.

Shagia targets the Super Gundam

: Hm... It seems you have a bit of power.

Oh fuck

Good thing I had her guarding

Every Jenice withen range goes after Garrod, but thanks to the mountains and Focus, they don't even come close to touching him, and he manages to kill a few of them as well.

And with that...

Only Shagia is left.

Combattler V attacks Shagia.

: Irregular!? Try calling your own Gundam that, buddy!

Have I mentioned by now that the Forst brothers are smart enough to defend against powerful attacks? because they do it constantly.

Shagia targets Quatre next

I had him defend as well.

: ...There's nothing to be gained from further combat. Heh... Today, I'll settle for simply finding the GX.

And he leaves

: W-we're saved, somehow...?

: .........

Witz and Roybea finally show up

: Gundams... Two of them...!

: You can try to run, but you won't escape!

: That Witz, he's really into this... Shouldn't grownups focus on getting the job done and getting paid?

: Th-they're coming? Okay, in that case... Hey, you guys!

: Wh-what!?

: A kid's voice!?

: You do NOT want to force my hand. or you're going to regret it! Listen up! This Gundam is packing a super deadly secret weapon!!

: !!

: You expect us yo but that kind of bluff!?

: If you think I'm bluffing, just watch me use it!!

: Sarah! Tell them not to do anything to Garrod! NOW!!

: !? Y-yessir!


And Garrod leaves.

: !?

: That punk ran off!? He WAS bluffing! Roybea, after him!!

: No... I just got word from Sarah to let him go.

: What!?

: .........

: Captain......

: Send word to those unidentified machines that I want to speak with them.

: Yes, sir...