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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 87: Post-Intermission]

: It's advancing northward. It's within radar range, so pursuit is possible.

: I see...

: I wasn't expecting to find the GX in such good shape...

: Yeah...

: (...So the Captain was trying to get ahold of that Gundam...)

: Captain, I've brought the pilots of those other machines.

: I'm the captain of this vessel, the Freeden... The name's Jamil Neate. First of all, allow me to thank you for helping us.

: It was nothing...

: I hate to cut to the chase, but who are all of you? You hardly look like any Breakers or Moon Race people I've seen.

: (Breakers? Moon Race?)

: (.........) I'm Kamille Bidan, with the Preventers. I pilot the Zeta Gundam.

: I'm Hyouma Aoi, the main pilot of Combattler-V.

: Preventers...?

: (...First time I've heard of an organization called that.) And... Where are you from?

: Do we need to answer that? It's not fair for you to ask all the questions.

: (.........)

: (Whoa, whoa... You sure about this? Won't that kind of talk make it even harder for us to get any information?)

: (Even if we told him we were from the past, it's not like he'd believe us. Besides, it's best not to say anything that could cast unnecessary suspicion on us.)

: (I think we've already cast plenty enough suspicion on ourselves as it is...)

: (.........)

: Then, would you mind sharing what it is that you're after?

: We're searching for some friends of ours.

: Friends?

: Yeah, we ran into some trouble and all wound up separated.

: ...Your friends pilot machines similar to yours?

: Yeah.

: ...We've had countless run-ins with mobile suits and walker machines, but... I haven't seen any machines other than those.

: Oh...

: Would you mind if we asked you a question?

: What might that be?

: That Gundam that came out of the ground... What was that, exactly?

: (.........)

: (.........)

: (I'd like to hear the answer to that myself.)

: I'm sorry, but I can't answer that.

: !

: (...That Gundam was clearly not a model from our time... And who was the girl who spoke to me and Four...?)

: Are you going to go search for your friends after this?

: That's our intent, yes.

: Then at least allow me to furnish you with basic necessities. You can take supplies, too.

: Thanks, that's a great help.

: (.........)