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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 89: Mission part 1

: The enemy!?

: Oh, for... Of all the places to chase me to!

: The GX...!

: He seems to be under pursuit from some Jenice-types!

: The Frost Brothers' pawns... Hurry and have the Freeden move out!

: There's... There's no way I'm going down in a place like this!!

: .........

This mission is a bit... complicated. First off, to gain the skill point for this mission, I have to destroy all enemies in 3 turns, which is somewhat difficult in of itself since the Freeden won't actually move until the second turn, and it's quite a ways away.

The second problem is in regards to an unlockable secret that appears later in the game. in order to get the secret, I have to jump through a lot of hoops, and most of them are very difficult. In my opinion, though, it's worth it. The aforementioned hoop for this mission is that Garrod must destroy 6 enemies. At first glance, it might seem difficult, but once you know how the enemy AI works, it's very simple. Knowing the Jenice itself also helps.

The Jenice's machine gun has an attack range of five squares, and can't be used post-movement. The GX's rifle only has a range of 4 squares, but can be used post-movement. This is a problem. HOWEVER, The Jenice also have a movement range of five squares, as well as a melee attack that CAN be used post-movement. So, if you can't get within 4 squares of an enemy, get within six squares instead (Make adjustments if there are obstacle in it's way), and it will charge in and use it's axe.

IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU LAND THE GX ON THE GROUND! The Jenice can't use it's melee attack on an airborne opponent. so if it can't hit you with either it's axe or gun, it will just move towards you and then do nothing, essentially screwing you over from getting the skill point and secret on this mission.

My first move was to go here, which allowed me to hit all three of the Jenice with my rifle. I didn't have to worry about landing just yet since they could all attack with their guns.

A very lucky critical on the left most Jenice starts me off.

As expected, the other two Jenice attack me, miss, and then take damage from my counters, although sadly no crits.

The others take their turn to move closer to me.

: Freeden, move out! Send out Witz and Roybea!

: Take care or rescuing Tifa and recovering the GX.

: Roger. Also, how about a date..?

: Make sure to earn your keep out there.

: I know that without you having to lecture me. Geez, do you never shut up?

: ! Honestly... Men who pilot Mobile Suits are a bunch of buffoons.

: ......... (Whatever secrets that Gundam and Tifa might be hiding...)

: (Well, either way... Work is work.)

: ! Those kids have launched!

: What...?

: You guys...!

: You're saving the girl, right? We'll lend you a hand.

: But...!

: Plus, you went to all kinds of trouble the other night.

: Please, let us show our gratitude.

: ... Thank you.

: Is this okay, Captain!?

: ...Getting the GX and Tifa back is top priority. We can't exactly choose how.

: (What reason could he possibly have for going this far over the GX or Tifa...?)

: Tch, just a waste of time. I'll be fine on my own, who needs your help!

: Yes, I'd prefer it if you stayed out of our way.

: Shaddup! We're not doing this for money!

: Well now... That's an unusual sight in this day and age.

Next turn, after moving the Freeden crew closer to Garrod's position, I moved the GX here. While I can't hit the guy just outside of my range, this will force two of the enemy suits to move into melee range (One of them is off screen to the top-left).

Garrod scores his second kill.

On the enemies second turn, A third Jenice is killed with a counter attack.

: .........

: There's no way I'm going to die!

One of the Jenice move into melee range, but miss.

Garrod nails him with a critical and scores a fourth kill.

Garrod blocks another axe attack with his shield, and damages the offender with a slash from his sword. Doesn't kill it, though.

At the end of the second turn, things are looking up.

At the beginning of the third turn, the Super Gundam grabs a Container filled with cash.

Next I move the GX here and shot one of the few suits with full health.

Combattler V get's close enough to damage another with it's Yo-Yo's


...And six kills for Garrod! When you kill enough grunts, this scene will play out.

: I'm not about to let her die!!

: ...Garrod...

Another one attacks Garrod and gets destroyed by a counter attack. Just one left!

Garrod manages to dodge the attack, and...

...Wait, what!?

It, uh, turns out that Garrod only has enough shots left to kill three of them

A quick state reload later...

I just have to make sure I kill one of them with the Beam saber so that I'll have enough ammo for the rest of them.

Fuck yeah!

: !!

: !! Crap... More enemies!? At this rate, no matter what we've got...!

: .........

Tifa does the same thing as she did during the last mission, only something is off...

: !

: !

: (Wh-what is this feeling? Is it that Tifa girl...!?

: (But... This feeling is different from the one last night...!)

: Captain! There's an unidentified data readout on the Freeden's computer...!

: !

Oh fuck.

: Wh-what did you say...!?

: What's that!?

: I'm not sure. The computer's reading a special transmission...!

: !!

The three Jenice move since it's still the enemies turn

: Sarah, how long until the moon comes out?

: Huh?

: I'm asking you how much longer we have until the moon comes out!

: Er, approximately 2, maybe 3 minutes...

: ......!

Combattler grabs the last container

The three Jenice don't last for very long

Guess what? We're still not done yet.

: More enemy reinforcements!?

: And... That gundam's with them!

: H-him... So he's come too!?

: We've finally found it, haven't we, Brother?

: With that and Tifa, even if the innocent get the Turn-types, it won't matter...

: Then we should hurry, Brother... The moon will be out soon.

: yes, we can't give them the chance to use the GX's weapon.

: That, and we can't neglect to rescue our captive princess.

: ...Olba and I will handle the GX. Take the rest of them all out.

: Dusk... What a fitting time to die.

: You'll go to Hell without even so much as glimpsing the moon.

: .........!

: ...Garrod...

: !?

: I'll give you power...

: Power...?