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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 93: Pre-Intermission part 2

: Hey, Gundam... What do I do now? Well, guess you won't answer me. I... I'm at a total loss. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted... I guess it's back to being alone. Same as always... Hm? That's...

It's the Double Zeta and the V-Dash!

: That's... a Gundam? It looks sorta like the Zeta that was on the Freeden. And that's... Could they have it put out here on sale? .........

: Alright, I've decided!

: I've found it... The Gundam! It's really up for sale. Two of them, even... Also...

She notices the GX

: Just like the Frost Brothers said, the GX is here... a worthy prize. And those are Galian breakers... That should liven things up around here.

Hey, remember these guys?

: But Bro... The Innocent gave us this ship so that we'd go to that Fort Severn city...

: I don't intend to do what the Innocent say down to the letter. Besides, this's North Ameria... Those Moon Race guys oughta be showin' up soon. Even the Innocent don't have the kinda time to track every little thing we do.

: Even so... You could still get punished by the Innocent later, y'know.

: If you've got time to bitch and moan, go steal those Walker Machines up for sale!

: Eh? We're not buyin' 'em? North Ameria doesn't have any three-day rule...

: It's all the same if we can snatch 'em and run! Plus, those Walkers look like those Irregular ones we ran into on Galia. If we can get those, we can make the Iron Gear and Elche both mine.

: Bro, you still haven't let that go?

: Shaddup and get going! Don't let the other Breakers or Vultures take 'em first!


: It's got transformation and combination mechanisms using this sweet Core Block System... A big honkin' double beam rifle, and a hyper beam saber! And, the coolest part of all is the Hi-Mega Cannon on the forehead! This isn't your momma's mobile suit or walker machine, it's in a whole 'nother league of firepower! It eats through fuel like there's no tomorrow, but that just shows how much firepower it's packing!

: Let's see... How about we start the bidding at, hmm... 50 million in cash!

: Heheheh... That got 'em fired up.

: Oh, c'mon. It looks like mobile suits are a hot commodity here... And Gundam types fetch an especially high premium, too!

: (.........)

: If we're gonna look for everyone, Usso, we need cash.

: That may be true, but... Are you seriously going to sell the Double Zeta and the Victory?

: Pssh, yeah right! These guys probably aren't gonna fork over their money, either.

: (But Judau really has tried to sell the Double Zeta before...)

: Eh, don't worry. I'm not a junk scrap dealer for nothing, y'know. Besides, if anything happens, we've got Puru and Marbet waiting to come in as backup...

: Ooh, nice! Any other offers!?

Garrod walks the GX next to the other Gundams

: I-it's a Gundam...!

: W-whoa, whoa... What Gundam is that?

: 'Scuse me, lemme throw mine in, too.

: (.........)

: This Gundam is a GX-9900! It totally rocks, it even blew the hell out of some Vultures named the Frost Brothers recently! Now... Gundam for sale!

: Oh, but first...

Garrod triggers a small explosive on the GX!

: !

: Oh, and that was just a demonstration! I've got even stronger gunpowder set up all around it! Without my manual input by remote control, the timer will go off. So you won't get anywhere by tryin' to kill me and steal it!

: (Tch...)

: Oh, also, these guys look like they have a similar setup, so the same goes for them.

: (.........)

: (Heh... He saw through my setup. He's not half bad!)

: Now then, let's start the bidding at 50 million!

: How's a hundred million sound!?

: Whoa, nice! Any other offers?

: ('Course, I don't have anywhere near a hundred mil...)

: If there are no other offers, this guy's gonna be the pilot! Going once, going twice...!

: Heheheh, it's as good as mine.

: Just a moment! I've got this thing up for sale, too.

Garrod holds up the G-Controller

: What!?

: The Gundam needs this G-Controller to move, y'see...

: Y-you little...!

: So, how much will you pay for this?

: Th-this is outright fraud!

: I like to call it good business sense. So, what's it gonna be?

: Er...

: !

: Th-three hundred million!?

: OK, and it goes to the hot chick!

: (.........)

: Whew, that was beautiful! He could be a junk scrap dealer! He talks it up better than Beecha!

: This is no time to be expressing admiration.

Suddenly, explosions!

: Wh-whoa!!

: Wh-what the hell!?


: Tryin' to take 'em by force, huh? Usso, time to hop into our Gundams!

: Wh-what about that kid!?

: He's already boarding his own Gundam! We should get a move on, too!

: R-right!

: (Tch... Damned Breakers, ruining everything...)