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by Tobias Grant

Part 94: Mission part 1

: Hey you, Gundam pilot! Work with us here, we can help each other out!

: ... Sure, it'd be a pain for me on my own...

: OK, then it's a done deal!

: ...Will this really work out?

: He's not a bad guy or anything. You can tell at least that much, right?

: I guess so, but... Haro, see what kind of data you can get on that Gundam.

The V-Dash starts us off.

And Garrod scores the first kill.

Judau also picked up a container, but unfortunately I forgot to screencap it, so the contents of it are a mystery to me.

At the end of my turn, the blue Jenice moves next to Garrod.

: Ther GX-9900... I'll be taking that.

: That woman from earlier!? The deal's null and void now!

: So that means you tried to trick me...

: W-well, that's how it wound up, but...!

: ...You have no home to return to... And no one waiting for you, right...?

: Wh-why're you bringing that up!?

: It's lonely being by yourself...

: D-damnit...! You don't know a thing about me!!

And now a scripted fight

There is a secret regarding Enil on this mission. After this scripted fight, Garrod has to be the one to destroy her unit. Like the other Gundam X related secret, it won't pay off until much later in the game.

And now the enemies turn actually starts, with a Gallop attack Garrod, and then quickly getting destroyed by counter fire.

Enil goes again, this time causing a lot more damage to the GX. This is a good thing for me, because now Garrod's Guts skill has activated, turning him into death incarnate.

When Garrod tried to counter with his sword, Enil managed to parry it.

Second turn, and reinforcements arrive.

: New enemies!?

: No, those are friends of ours.

: Sorry, Marbet...

: Well it was going fine, but we got some bad customers.

Usso causes some great damage to Enil's Jenice, putting her into the red and making her easy pickings for Garrod.

And that's Enil taken care off, now for the grunts.

Judau entered the range of a Delavasgalen, but easily dodged the attack.

He also had to deal with a couple of grunts, but they took more damage than they gave.

I'm actually kind of embarrassed by this, since I didn't know that enemies could take containers outside of a certain mission. Now we will never know what magical things it contained for us

I made sure that Puru got her revenge on my next turn. Sadly killing the thief doesn't give you the item back.

The others continue on their merry little path of destruction.

On the enemies third turn, Hola brings out the reserve forces.


: Damnit... I could take 'em all down in one shot if the moon was out!

Hola and his backup now begins to move towards the party.

The rest of his forces appear to have become suicidal, since they keep throwing themselves at me and getting killed by counter fire.

On turn 4, more reinforcements arrive!

: What!? More unknown Gundams have shown up!

: Airmaster, leopard! Witz, Roybea, you came for me!?

: Don't get the wrong idea, dimwit. We didn't come here to save you.

: We just came to check out the gunfight. Figured it'd make a helluva story later. Putting that aside... Garrod, what are you doing in a place like this?

: .........

: Did you slip out of the Freeden with the GX, by any chance?

: .........

: Bullseye, huh. You let things get under your skin way too easily.

: Sh-shut up! Like you have room to talk, leaving the Freeden to fend for itself!

: The Freeden's fine. Zeta Gundam and Combattler V are still aboard.

: Yeah, we've been on the same ship... You must be the guys they're looking for.

: Judau...!

: Great, so Kamille and the others are alright...

: Thank goodness...

: So, what now, Roybea?

: Hmm... I don't much care for those Breakers causing such an uproar.

: Same here. We'll have to show 'em what happens when they act up on our turf!