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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 95: Mission part 2

Witz and Roybea make short work out of one of the grunts.

Judau starts his attack on one of the Delavasgalens.

Hola and his group start attacking the new arrivals.

On turn 5, the Iron Gear shows up.

: Sure is. Looks like they crossed the ocean to come here too, Bro!

: Could the Innocent have dispatched them across the ocean too!?

: Set your sights on the Iron Gear! We're gonna get a hold of that ship!!

: God, those Breakers don't know when to quit!

: Judau, aren't those Great Mazinger and Voltes V!?

: Yeah, no doubt about it! Kenichi! Come in!

: Judau, Usso! You're alright!!

: Oh, are those friends of yours?

: Kenichi, give us a hand here!

: Elche, if you don't mind?

: Go ahead, we can't let Hola have his way... Launch the other machines!

Since Garrod was running low on ammo, I had him get get resupplied by the White Ark.

Judau, Usso, and Puru begin to whittle down one of the enemy landships.

Witz and Roybea continue to cause havoc in the north.

Everyone else targets the second Delavas.

On the enemies turn, Hola goes after Garrod.

: You're the one who tried to swindle me!!

: It's your own stupid fault for letting yourself get cheated!

: Geraba, who's higher ranking on this ship?

: .........

: Bro, did you eat something you picked up?

On turn 6, Most of the grunts to the north have been taken care of.

Tetsuya grabs the last container.

Judau's group is almost done with one of the Delavasgalens.

I've got the second one right where I want it.

I had Garrod cast Luck on himself, so that I would get double the cash from the Delavas.

: You have no place calling me Miss anymore!

: Gr... Fine, then I'll take the Iron Gear by force!

: It was easy to see what you were after from the start!!

Elche and Hola trade blows with each other.

A Lucked out shot from Judau scores me some extra cash.

Poor Boss Borot just can't hit anything.

Roybea finishes the last grunt off.

After attacking Hola, Witz ended up taking a cannon shell to the face, but just barely survived.

In order to get the Skill point for this mission, You must destroy Hola's landship.

: Shut up, melonhead! My eyes are not droopy!

: What was that!? Getting defensive about it, droopy-eyes!?

I didn't cap it, but Jiron took some counter fire from Hola, which put Jiron into the red and activated his Guts skill.

next turn, I had Jiron cast Valor and Luck for double damage and double funds.

And the Iron Gear with the assist.

: And you call yourself a man!?

: D-damnit...! I'll make you pay for this disgrace!