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by Tobias Grant

Part 98: Mission

As I said before, I will be skipping most of the remaining intermission, since all it is is a summery of the Turn A plot that we have already played through.


: Relations are different here than in our time... One slipup could spell disaster.

: H-hey... Don't jinx it. We don't know what those gold and silver MS can do. I'd rather not have to fight those thinfs around a place like this.

: Yeah. Even in a future like this, war can't be unavoidable...

: ...In the end, no matter how much time passes by, people still wage war... If not against aliens, spirits, or dinosaurs, then against each other...

: Yeah... Us fighting the Balmar War might not mean anything in the long run...

: ...I wonder if we'll ever get back to our own time again...?

: Ahh, quit yer bellyachin'. It ain't gonna change where we are right now. What comes first is gatherin' info, and finding the other Preventers.

: The LT.'s right. If we find Bright or Burning, we'll figure something out.

The Turn A and Gold Sumo appear

: Loran and the others have come out... Looks like the Negotiations are done.

: Hey... DIana's there too. Isn't that your sister across from her?

: Eh...?

: Lady diana, that gold Mobile Suit is called a SUMO, is it not?

: Er... SUMO? Y-yes... a SUMO.

: If I recall, it is a mechanical doll of the Royal Guard.

: .........

: Oh, I beg your pardon. The Diana Counter calls them Mobile Suits, right?

: Mobile... Suits...

: (Be careful. You are Diana Sorrel. You must speak with a more regal air.)

: (Ah... Regal... More high and mighty sounding...? I'm not sure how much I can...) ...It is certainly odd to call such a thing a Suit, is it not?

: Truly. Oh, Lady Diana... That is the mustached mechanical doll we found.

: The one that you unearthed from the Vicinity Mountain Cycle? I heard that the MIlitia refers to it as the White Doll...

: Those two are dead ringers for each other, aren't they?

: Could they be twins...?

: Don't even joke about that. Kihel's only sister is me.

: Still, they could switch places and we'd never know the difference.

: No kidding.

: Kihel, this way.

: Very well. But, before we go...

Suddenly, the Radar picks up approaching Mobile Suits.

: What the...? Mobile Suit readings...!?

: Get her! Without Diana around, there won't be any war!

: Would ya look at that! Those're Neo Zeon Mobile Suits!

: Were they dug up around here like the Kapools and Zakus...?

: That's mean... Those are from the Militia!?

: So the enemy is the Militia!

: Gwen Sard...! He must have been planning this from the start...!

: Just when negotiations were going well...! How could they ruin that...

: Your Majesty! Quickly, to my SUMO!

: LT. Harry, please, wait a moment!

: Forgive my rudeness, but I cannot allow you to be put in any further danger. We shall return to the Soliel at once.

: Soleil, liftoff! Leave this area at once, we must ensure Her Majesty's safety! Gwen Sard Rhineford! You've just lost all progress the negotiations had made!

: ......!

And they leave. Fuck.

: Ah, Kihel...!

: Kihel?

: E-er... It's nothing. (...How could this happen...! And while we were trading places...!)

: Sir... Did you arrange for aggressive action?

: I'm not THAT kind of strategist. Sid, have you dug up dolls like those?

: Nope... First I've seen of 'em. Some of 'em look like Gavan's Borjarnon too...

: Louziana hasn't dug up any Mechanical dolls like those! I can tell you for sure that they're not with the Louziana Militia!

: If they're not with Inglessa or Louziana... Then who ARE they with?

: Like we're supposed to know that! They're tryin' to attack us, remember!?

: W-wait a sec...! Diana ran, didn't she!? Isn't this friendly fire!?

: No, they're now with the Militia... Maybe they're from Galia or the north...?

: If they're attacking, there's no choice. Get ready to intercept! Sir, evacuate!

: Alright...!

: (They're with the Moon Race... H-how could they target Lady Diana...!?)

To get the Skill Point for this mission, I have to destroy all enemies within four turns. Shouldn't be hard.

Mari grabs the first container.

Kou downs the first enemy of the day, and snags the second container.

I spend my second turn moving my forces up and attacking any targets of oppurtunity.

The enemy decides to dogpile on Josef, who managed to destroy the remaining Jenice.

He also caused some serious damage to most of the enemies that attacked him.

I'd say that he was pretty lucky to live through that.

Next turn, I gave Josef a quick heal.

So far, so good.

The Turn-A still hasn't caught up with us.

The enemies turn ends with the Geara Doga squad and single Zaku III being the only ones left.

Let's fix that.

And Raideen with the finishing blow.

Fuck yeah.

And the Freeden arrives.

: ! More enemy backup!?

: No, that's COmbattler V! And... Those are our friends!

: Kamille!!

: Ensign Uraki! And Akira, and Lt. Monsha...!

: Tifa, is this the place you spoke of?

: Yes... The Mobile Suit I saw in my dream is... That one.

She points to the Turn A.

: I knew it, the Turn-A...!

: Looks like Tifa's prediction was on the mark...

: More than that... It's even active, same as the GX...

: Captain, so you know anything about that Mobile Suit?

: No... nothing at all.

: .........


This mission isn't over yet.

: It's payback time for me, Corin Nander!!

: Wh-what's with him!?

: Payback time against Gundams? Is he a Vulture or what!?

: (And those Mobile Suits aren't Diana Counter models. I suppose Agrippa Maintainer and Gym Ghingnham instigated this...?)

: Get out here, White Bastard! I, the incredible Corin Nander, will face you! I know damn well that You're a Gundam!!

: Gundam...?

: The enemy must call that sort of thing a Gundam.

: The White Doll is a Gundam!?

: Well, it does have the coloring and shape of one...

: But it isn't as Gundam-ish as the GX. Look at that mustache.

: Y-you've got a point...

: FWAHAHAHAHA! Gundam, bend over and kiss your ass goodbye!!

: I'll send White Devils like you back to Hell where they belooonnngg!!

: White Devil!? The White Doll!?

: He called the Gundam a White Devil!? What does he mean by that...!?

: Put yourself in the enemy's shoes, of course it's look like one of them. Imagine you're a Zeon soldier fighting Amuro's Gundam in the One Year War.

: Yes... Corin Nander. So he was released from his cryo-stasis...

: Which means we're not facing Breakers or Vulturesm but the Moon Race... All units! Support that white MObile Suit!

The second part of the mission start, and I'm in a rough spot. Most of my units at this point are either damaged, low on ammo, or both.

Corin starts off the enemy's turn, and Keith narrowly avoids his attack.

Luckily, most of the enemies had a grudge against Monsha, and they all went right for him.

Fortunately, There is still one last arrival for this party.

: The great Garrod Ran has come in Gundam X to save the day!

: Garrod...!

: That kid...!

: Tifa, I've come back!

: .........

: Heheh... I promised, didn't I? I'll protect you no matter what happens...

: ...I... believed in you.

: Garrod...

: For someone who packed up and ran, he's got some cute points.

: (I knew you would do it, Garrod...)

: Geez, I leave the Freeden for 5 minutes, and you get new MS...! (Something's coming up on the GX's monitor... Is that an upside-down A?) What's this? Top-stand A?

: What's your problem, buddy!?

: Your Gundam's another White Devil! It did something terrifying with moonlight!!

: Moonlight...? You mean the GX's Satellite Cannon!?

: Argh... Can't remember! But I'll send you to Hell with the other Gundams!!

: I don't know what your deal is, but if you want a fight, I'll give you one!!

After Garrod's arrival, I start clearing house.

The enemy's turn passes with little to note

: So this guy knows about the GX!?

: Because of that, I was... I was... D-damnit... I can't remember past that!!

: Say what!?

: I'll give you the same treatment I have in store for the white mustached one!!

You know how I though I had met the luckiest grunt in the game a couple of updates back?

I think this guy is luckier. I also get to show off a random bug with the translation patch where some of the text will disappear. This is easily remedied by exiting the menu and selecting it again, but it's still rather annoying.

: Jerkface! You can't come up with any insult better than Gundam ripoff!?

: I'm just after the white mustached one! I didn't call you out here!

: And I'm not about to let the Moon Race get away with whatever they want!

Pictured here is what happens when you underestimate the enemy.

: You know about the name Gundam!?

: I, Corin Nander, will smash apart White Devils like you!

Kou finally brings him down.

: Goddamnit! I ain't tough enough to beat the Earth's gravity! All I see is the Earth spinning around me like a merry-go-round! Remember this, Mustached Gundam! I'm comin' for you!

: We've finally caught up. That's the Freeden, right?

: Yeah, looks like we did good by following Garrod.

: Geh! They've come after me!?

: That's Great Mazinger, and...

: Voltes V!

: Hey, it's Kou and Akira. So everyone's gathered here...

: A Landship... Are they Breakers from Galia?

: What... So Witz, Roybea, you're working for that ship now!?

: Shut up, it's the way things ended up!

: (Their timing in coming here... Negotiating with them might be a good idea.)