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Part 99: post-intermission

Since I intend to finish up the Turn A route after this update, I will show of it's intermission first. The Gundam X one will be shown off afterwords.

: I'm just glad to know you're all okay.

: So you guys came to North Ameria, too...

: Yeah, along with Kamille, Quatre, and others. Along the way, we came into contact with this land warship called the Freeden.

: I hear you guys crossed the ocean to come here from Gallia...

: Yeah. You guys were in the northern part of North Ameria, right?

: That's right.

: So we've got info on three highly different areas between us.

: Thinking it over, this world feels somehow... intentionally designed this way.

: Yeah...

: By the way... Was that GX Gundam also dug out of the ground?

: Yeah, right after we made contact with the Freeden.

: But that Gundam is no ordinary mobile suit...

: Of course not, it's a Gundam.

: That's not what we mean.

: ?

: ...Did something happen?

: High output... Enough to sink a battleship in one shot?

: No, if not used carefully, it's capable of destroying colonies...

: C-colonies!?

He isn't joking. At this point, The Satellite Cannon is second only to God Voice in terms of power.

: Quatre, you said microwaves from the moon...? You don't mean...

: The microwave transmission facility built on the moon for Project Aegis is still there... And has probably seen use in both this era and previous ones, for military purposes...

: (.........)

: So Project Aegis succeeded even without us there...?

: The Earth's changed completely, but mankind is still alive.

: But... I think there's no doubt some huge disaster occurred in the past.

: Yeah... Enough of one to leave mobile suits buried underground. Something must've happened, like maybe a war even larger scale than the Balmar War.

: And the GX must be a mobile suit used during that time...

: (In contrast, the White Doll doesn't seem all that different from other present-day MS... Or maybe it has some hidden power we haven't unearthed yet...?)


Here is the part of the intermission I wanted to save for later, since it's about Jamil's reason for going around and trying to save newtypes. The only real difference is that the Xabungle and Turn-A cast will make comments here and there about what Jamil is saying (Jiron is the one that eventually confronts him about when the war he participated in happened) and that Witz and Roybea won't leave. I'll just skip this one for now, since the important parts of this conversation also happen on the Gundam X route. (If you want me to show off all of this conversation, I'll add it in later.)


: That's probably just a cheek guard.

: Hmm... Okay, what kind of Gundam is it?

: Beats me... Haro, do you know?


: Like the GX, huh? Garrod, do you know anything?

: Nope, got me, but... In the last battle, this upside-down A appeared on the GX's monitor.

: Hey, that's what was in the electric book Loran was carrying, too.

: Electric book? Ohh... You mean a computer manual, right?

: An upside-down A... Would you call that a Headstand A?

: Tex, you know about that mobile suit?

: (.........)

: What were those butterfly wings Tifa was talking about?

: ...Sorry, but I'm not too sure on the details myself.

: (.........)

: (...The GX and Turn-A, together in the same place like this... What an ironic twist of fate...)

: !! (If I remember correctly, he's...)

: Wh-what are you doing here, of all places...?

: It's not Diana. It's my sister, Kihel Heim.

: Is that true...?

: Yeah. She gets that a lot, since they look so much alike. Right, Sis?

: Y-yes, quite...

: (.........)

: What's wrong? You're all pale, Doc. Is this one of those cases of a doctor neglecting his own health?

: No, it's nothing... (...It was just someone who happened to look like her, hm? Still, she does look an awful lot like Diana Sorrel...)

: (.........)


: Yeah. After talking it over, we've decided to split into two groups and look for our friends.

: There might be friends of ours in Fort Severn.

: I see. So, who's going with whom?

: The ones heading for Fort Severn with the Freeden are... Kamille, Four, Roux, Judau, Puru, Usso, Marbet... Me, Mari, the Combattler Team... And Garrod's group, which was with them to start with.

: So the ones staying on the Iron Gear are my group, Tetsuya, Jun, Boss... The Voltes Team, Kou, Lieutenant Monsha, and Loran's group, right?

: Eh? Who all was going to Fort Severn again?

: Weren't you listening?

There is a choice here to have them repeat what they just said, but I just skipped it

: It's your fault for not listening, Cotset.

: S-sorry, ma'am...

I've already decided to finish up the Turn A plot first, so I will be staying in Vicinity.

: Alright, Akira... Be careful out there. I'd like for you guys to avoid starting anything with the Innocent if at all possible...

: That'll depend on the Innocent themselves, won't it?

: (.........)

Are you feeling alright Cotset? that last part sounded like gibberish.

: Right, I know. Cotset, you guys be careful, too.


Now let's see the Gundam X side of things.

: ...That's right.

: Could I trouble you to share what brought you here to Vicinity?

: (.........) We're searching for Newtypes...

: Newtypes?

: Is that the name of a new model of walker machine?

: Beats me.

: Laura, do you know what that is?

: N-no, sir...

: Sir Jamil, if you would be so kind as to explain?

: ...Newtypes are people with special abilities... They played a major role in past wars between the moon and the Earth.

: Special abilities...?

: Yes, they have a power needed to control the Satellite Cannon and Bit mobile suits... They're people who were used as tools of warfare, and died... And the Innocent are trying to gather their descendants for the upcoming fight.

: The Innocent...!?

: So they're trying to round up these Newtype people to fight, like they did with us?

: Right. I'm traveling with the Freeden to rescue Newtypes like Tifa from their clutches...

: (.........) Then, whatever your reasons... Are you also unwilling to accept a Moon Race invasion?

: (.........)

: How about it, Miss Elche, Sir Jamil... Would you be willing to join hands with me?

: (.........)

: (.........)

: With this much firepower concentrated together, we can face the Diana Counter as equals. That would allow us to negotiate with them on equal footing.

: Fort Severn? Why, that's where we're headed!

: Yes. The Innocent are massing forces there to fight the Diana Counter... And Tifa senses a Newtype there. So that's where we're going.

: ...I see. And you, Miss Elche?

: (...If the Freeden goes to Fort Severn... They might wind up fighting with the Innocent...) I think I'll hold off on going to Fort Severn.

: You sure, Elche?

: We won't survive if we cause any disputes with the Innocent... To say nothing of how different the continent is!

: (.........)

: The Innocent...?

: What, you haven't heard of the Innocent either?

: (.........) ...In folklore passed down through noble families like House Rhineford or House Borjarnon... It is said that long ago, we were once called Innocent.

: So that makes you guys Innocent? In that case, what're you doing outside domes...?

: (Domes...? What could he be talking about?)

: I'm sorry, the name is the extent of my knowledge.

: Then, Sir Gwen... You do not know of Sir Biel either...?

: Correct.

: (.........)

: Then, Sir Jamil... Even if you are taking separate actions... I would like to ensure some means of communication. We would also like to learn more information about Fort Severn.

: ...Roger that.


: Hey. Gundam boy... Are you still talkin' about that kinda thing?

: I don't recall giving some brat permission to call me boy!

: Tryin' to sell the GX for profit, that's something a brat would do.

: H-how did you...?

: I heard all about it from Usso. I swear, going off while my analysis still wasn't done...

: Can it! That Gundam's mine! I've decided to protect Tifa with it!

: (.........)

: What, you got a problem with that?

: Wh-what!?

: Eh, whatever. You seem to be able to bring out the GX's abilities well enough... This way, I can get some nice data.

: Tch... You really are an annoying brat.

: Whoa, I don't need to be wasting my time with Gundam boy. I'd better go check out the mustached mobile suit.

: Puru...

: So the person you were all worked up over was on the Freeden after all?

: Eh, maybe... Well, you took a load off my chest. Thanks for that.

: It's no big deal!

: By the way, that moustached mobile suit... Is that another Gundam?

: Er, I've got no idea...

: That weirdo guy earlier was screaming out that it's a Gundam.

: Oh, is it called Gundam? We just call it the White Doll.

: Come to think of it...

The rest of this part plays out the same as the Turn-A one, with Tex showing up and seeing Diana Kihel.

This part plays out the same as well, only it's Usso and Marbet instead of Akira and Mari.

Just think, after I finish both the Turn A and Gundam X routes, I will be close to being half-way done!