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Part 1: Prologue 1 - Another Encounter - Part 1

Space – the final frontier of mankind.

No one knows the myriad mysteries it’s concealed from its onset or what events may be occurring throughout its reaches.

Lost galactic civilizations… recurring histories… parallel worlds… all possibilities lie here, hitherto untouched by human hands.

We open with a New United Nations Spacy (NUNS) soldier reporting to his superior a gravitational distortion up head – he figures it’s a Fold Out, but quickly changes his opinion and reports a Warp.
Quickly, something emerges before them: a bird-shaped ship or fortress or something. The NUNS officer sounds the alarm across the fleet and orders someone get in touch with the president’s office.

Leon Mishima, over by said office, hears the alarm signaling an encounter with an unknown entity – sooner than he expected.
When he gets in touch with the NUNS officer, the guy reports the unidentified vessel up ahead. Is it a derelict Zentradi ship? They’re still investigating but, by the looks of it, the thing appears Earth-made and, furthermore, it doesn’t appear hostile.

Howard, the president, says protecting the fleet is the top priority right now and orders both the NUNS troops and SMS Squad ready to roll out – that said, he doesn’t want anyone to attack until further notice.
Right then, the officer gets confirmation on what the thing is: the Solar Falcon. That surprises Howard and, plus, we’re detecting faint life signs aboard – no answer to our hails, though. Mishima remembers the Solar Falcon, a legendary ship said to have protected Earth from invaders of Planet Boazan before the Unification Wars.
Said ship, Howard says, supposedly went missing sixty years ago during its return voyage from Boazan. Why did it show up now and here of all places? Regardless, he won’t leave them out there and orders the ship brought into Island 1, with a medical team sent over after they’ve ran their checks.

Later, by Howard’s office, part of the Solar Falcon’s crew has been brought over. Kentarou (stache) has come to grips with the fact that they’re sixty years into the future – as unbelievable as it sounds – but Sakonji doesn’t understand why it happened in the first place.
The Solar Falcon’s warp travel shouldn’t have seen any time dilation between them and Earth.
Mishima might have an idea of what happened, saying that their warp travel likely has the same issue as their Fold method. See, Folding means essentially warping into a higher dimension; as such, there’s an inherent risk for folks to get stranded when they’re breaking through the proverbial fold in the dimensions.
So, Sakonji asks, they’ve been adrift between the dimensions for these sixty years? Perhaps, though Mishima admits that they’ve never seen anyone survive such incidents, so we can’t say for sure.

Kentarou admits that this would explain their current situation, though Sakonji groans that the warp TO Boazan went swimmingly. Regardless, Mishima reports that there was no further contact with the Boazanians ever since the Solar Falcon set sail and, more, the warp route leading there is likely long gone. For all those reasons and more, humanity has pretty much lost all material we had on the Boazanian’s tech during the Unification Wars. All in all, it’ll take a while to figure out what happened with Kentarou’s ship.
When Howard asks, Kentarou says he and his team would rather head back to Earth but it’d be too dangerous to attempt another warp without knowing what caused the problem. So, Howard suggests they stay with the Frontier Fleet -- surely famous heroes like them would be welcomed. Plus, the data stored on the Solar Falcon about their stay inside the Fold will be very useful to the Frontier Fleet.

In exchange, Kentarou – and the Voltes Team – agrees to cooperate with Howard in whatever’s needed. Rather than having them assigned to the NUNS, however, Howard asks Mishima to get them set up with the SMS crew (Mishima quietly sees his finger behind them taking in the Solar Falcon).
Upon Kentarou’s request, Mishima explains that the SMS are a civilian military provider with pilots known for their excellence. They’re mercs, Sakonji surmises, and figures Howard wants the Voltes Team to help them in case any threats emerge to the Frontier Fleet, yes? Indeed.
Well, Sakonji figures they’re all glad to stand against mankind’s enemies and, with that, everyone but Howard leaves to get things set up. “That day’ll soon be upon us… we’d best bolster our forces,” he thinks.

A call comes in right then, with a mysterious man asking Howard about the Solar Falcon. He reports their assignment to the SMS and the man is pleased to have their cooperation secured, including in scientific matters.
Hopefully, by applying the Boazan tech, they’ll be able to transition between the dimensional folds without having to deal with “them”. As for whatever left the Solar Falcon stranded, Mishima’ll handle that research and the man is eagerly awaiting the results.

Aboard the SMS’ Macross Quarter, Sakonji is informing the Voltes pilots about what happened and their new assignments. Kenichi (top portrait) and Ippei are rather blown away at being sixty years in the future but Sakonji says they all need to accept this.
When Hiyoshi (the kid) asks, he says Kentarou is with Mishima visiting a certain L.A.I. Company to investigate the incident with their warp.

Megumi’s never heard of the company, obviously, so Luca walks in and says it’s one of the largest researchers and manufacturers of various techs around here. Michel (glasses) is quick to also add that Luca’s the heir apparent to said company.
As the kid blushes, they introduce themselves as Luca Angeloni and Mikhail “Michel” Blanc, SMS pilots. Michel eagerly heads up to Megumi and, upon getting her name, asks her out – Ippei is not amused.

Another man, Henry Gilliam, apologizes on behalf of his teammate and figures Ippei and co are the new recruits. Ippei doesn’t appreciate the title, figuring he’s got more skill and experience than playboy there; when Michel sniffs that “the weakest dogs bark the loudest”, Ippei is all but about to jump him.
Gilliam cuts in and yells at both to cut that crap out – that’s fifty laps around the hangar as punishment and if they still have the energy for a brawl after that, then they can go for it. Both men are stunned but they better not complain, lest he add another ten laps. At least Ippei figures he can put Michel in his place in a race…

As they go, Daijiro apologizes for Ippei and both Luca and Hiyoshi wonder what’s up with the two men – they’re not usually that incensed.
Gilliam apologizes to Sakonji but says that the SMS are a professional mercenary company, so they can’t well tolerate internal brawls lest it affect morale. Sakonji actually likes to see that this group’s got a firm grasp on discipline.

Ozma, the SMS flight lead, and Jeffrey, the Quarter’s captain, enter the room right then, having seen Michel running around. They can assume what happened and quickly introduce themselves to the newcomers. Sakonji looks forward to working with them, though it’s Jeffrey that confesses to be a bit nervous with meeting such famous heroes.
Ozma is also familiar with Sakonji from what he read at the army’s libraries: apparently, the guy was known for being an even tougher trainer than anything the SMS or the NUNS have. Well, you can't survive against the Boazanians with lackluster training. With that in mind, Ozma has an idea: why not leave Sakonji in charge of training the younger SMS members?
Sounds great to Jeffrey, wanting everyone to be at their best for the future and Sakonji eagerly accepts. While the battle with the Boazan Empire may be over, he’ll still be making sure the Voltes Team isn’t slacking off.

Hiyoshiy sighs at the thought, but Kenichi and Gilliam tell him that there’ll be other battles to be fought to protect the Frontier Fleet. Folks who can’t handle their training ain’t got a place with the SMS.
Hiyoshi acquiesces, so Sakonji beckons Gilliam over – time to get the training started.

Several days later, by Mihoshi Academy, Alto Saotome wants to know what the hell is up with that crazy new coach – is he trying to work them to death? Michel can’t say much, being yet another victim of the guy.
Kenichi and the others swear by Sakonji’s tortuous training, though. You just have to grin and bear it! Alto sighs that maybe THEY are used to that but not him. “Well, if you can’t keep up, how about going back to the good, ol’ theater?” Michel prods him. Alto quickly bristles, so Michel suggests he stop grumbling and take the training like a man… Oh, sorry, Alto’s a “Princess”, right?
Alto’s already frothing, though Megumi is forced to admit that he’s got this princessly beauty to him – which is why, Luca adds, he always played female roles in his plays. In truth, the Saotome family is quite famous in the kabuki theater.
Alto yells at Luca for this violation of his privacy but, as Michel notes, it’s not like everyone at school doesn’t already know of his past career. That’s hardly the point, though!

Nagisa and Nanase (purple) come on over, having been looking for our folks. They’ve some big news to tell us: their teacher has just told them that the pilot course trainees have received an offer to perform some aerial acrobatics during a Sheryl Nome – the famous Galactic Fairy – concert!
That’s some big news, alright, but Alto is neither impressed nor interested. “Not interested… or not confident?” Michel snickers. Hell, no! Alto’ll go out there and show him a triple… no, a quintuple loop!
That’s a rather high-risk maneuver for a concert but Alto’s sure he can pull it off easy… though Michel figures, like Ippei, that “Princess Alto” is all talk. That gets both Alto and Ippei crying for blood and it falls on Kenichi to keep them at bay. Michel huffs that the two boys need to grow some thicker skin, though Kenichi also chides him for his attitude – it’s neither needed nor wanted.

All that’s interrupted with Sakonji stomps over and proclaims that they obviously must have plenty of energy if they’re still fighting!
Michel stammers that this is just friends talking— and he’s also got energy to complain?! WELL, then they better put all that gas to use tempering their bodies and minds! Nanase’s rather amazed with the guy, though he tells both her and Nagisa to run off – the pilot trainees have work to do! Both girls stammer a confirmation and off they all go.

Back at the Quarter, Mina (also purple) and Monica, the resident bridge bunnies, see Sheryl’s add on TV yet again – she’ll be arriving at the Macross Frontier tomorrow and pretty much the entire fleet’s waiting with bated breath.
From what Lam, the last bunny, has heard, the entire concert is already sold out – now that’s popularity. Hiyoshi is already a fan of hers and Megumi’s rather taken with the idea of a space-travelling singer, so they’d very much like to go… if there were tickets.

In comes Bobby with good news, though: he’s got three tickets for the Voltes team’s fans; these were, originally, for some other folks but they don’t need it anymore.
Gilliam sighs that had he known Bobby had some, he wouldn’t have needed to bust his ass getting the stuff for Ozma. Still, it’s all for the best: with Gilliam getting the tickets for the guy, the Voltes crew can now go check the show out. Sounds good to him, though Ippei’s a bit surprised that their squadron leader’s a fan of an idol singer.

Ozma walks in, “apologizing” for his surprising behavior. By the by, dissing a superior officer is a no-no, as it might have consequences at Ippei’s performance evaluation. Nah, not really. The guy’s just messing with him – he won’t expect them to be all formal when off-duty.
But never mind that, Monica wants some info on Ozma’s apparent liking for Sheryl’s songs but the guy sighs and explains that the tickets were a favor to Ranka. His girlfriend, Megumi wonders. Hardly – she’s his little sister, a student of the Frontier’s premier all-girl’s school.
Regardless, he was adamant that he needed to get some tickets, so Gilliam called in some favors to get a few VIP ones. Ozma would’ve asked Bobby but he figures he couldn’t always be asking so many favors of him (not that Bobby minds). Ozma owes Gilliam some Galactic Ramen for this, though.

With that done, Ozma puts in a call to Ranka and gives her the good news – there’s nothing impossible for her big brother! The girl’s beside herself with joy (“Deculture!”) and tells Nagisa of Ozma’s exploits.
That’s great as Nagisa and her friend Kawai (no, really) had also gotten their hands on some – looks like the three girls’ll be going together. Yaaaaay!
Nanase pokes Ranka and Nagisa, telling that the manager is glaring their way… looks like they got a bit too excited there. Still, tomorrow can’t come soon enough.

At the Frontier’s air dock, Sheryl (pink) and her manager, Grace, have just arrived. The singer’s a bit woozy, getting a double-whammy of both jet-lag and Fold sickness but quickly refuses to cancel the show – who does Grace thinks she’s talking to?
Cathy, Howard’s daughter, walks over to welcome Sheryl to the Frontier; the idol passes on the formality, though, wanting to go wrap up the upcoming press conference ASAP and head straight to rehearsal. Cathy is taken aback but shows the way.

The next day, at the park, Luca’s annoyed by the fact that, one, they haven’t even been giving a dressing room and, two, the powers that be scrapped the whole routine they were going to use. Still, the client’s always right and all that – no dangerous maneuvers allowed.
Luca doesn’t like that they nixed Alto’s corkscrew maneuver but Michel’s in charge here, so that’s the end of that. Alto’s sulking nearby, and Michel warns that it’ll wreck his girlish good looks – if he doesn’t like Michel’s decisions, then he oughta get the top scores next time.
Before Alto gets in his face, Kenichi walks over and asks if they’re actually fighting right before their big gig. Seems like he’s accompanying Hiyoshi and Megumi, not having anything better to do – plus, he figured he shouldn’t pass on the opportunity to see a singer famous on a galactic scale.
Regardless, when Kenichi asks, Michel says Alto’s pissy that the concert folk took out his corkscrew maneuver. No, Alto’s pissed at his attitude since he never cared about this gig to begin with! Still, Luca and the Voltes Team are disappointed as they wanted to see his trick – Megumi’s sure he’ll make a great pilot someday.

Alto has to wonder about that, considering the Island’s ceiling is only so high – what point is there to flying in such cramped spaces? To say nothing of the fact that he’s stuck in this crummy EX-Gear flight suit and not in a proper Valkyrie.
The concert’s doors will be opening soon, though, so Kenichi and co have to get going. Wishing everyone good luck, they set out, while Michel tells everyone to go get in position (and Alto’s moodiness won’t get him a free pass if he’s late).

As Alto gets to wearing his EX-Gear, Ranka hops on over and trips right nearby. He checks up on her, though Ranka’s more impressed with how pretty he is – he’s like a beautiful girl. “WHO are you calling a girl?!” Alto flips out.
But he quickly takes a breath a recomposes himself, asking what she’s doing here. Well, she was headed to the concert but got lost from her friends; her plan was to climb a tree and get her bearings but, yeah…
Well, Alto’s also got business at the concert, so he’ll get her over there.

Fast forward a bit, Alto’s got Ranka close enough that she can find her way. She thanks him and asks Alto to stop by Nyan-Nyan – the restaurant she works at – sometime and she’ll fix him up with something.
Alto’s never heard of the place but never mind that, Nagisa and Kawai run over after Ranka – they’d been worried sick. Show’s almost starting, so they need to get in there with now. As they run off, Ranka says she’ll be waiting for Alto to stop by the restaurant.
With them gone, Alto sighs at the strange girl and gets ready to get to work.

Off goes Sheryl’s show (“Listen to my song!”) and the flying acrobatics are going fine. That is, until Alto starts getting a bit too uppity; he figures the audience is loving it, so he’ll go for his big corkscrew maneuver regardless of what the routine plan says.
Turns out concerts really aren’t the best place for high-risk tricks, as Alto loses control and flies straight at Sheryl, knocking her off the tall, tall stage. It falls on him to step on the gas and catch her in the air (Hiyoshi’s impressed).
“Whew… Sorry, I’ll get you back to—“ Alto says, but Sheryl interrupts him. “Just keep flying! If they notice it was an accident, there goes the whole show! The bridge’s almost over, so keep flying!”

Alto can’t well do anything now, so he obeys and Michel and Luca are forced to play along. If anything, Ranka, Nagisa and Megumi are blown away by the beautiful acrobatics Alto’s pulling, with Sheryl in his arms.
Alto himself is impressed with how she turned an accident into a show piece. “Of course. Who do you think I am?” Sheryl huffs.

Things are going less swimmingly by Howard’s office, however. Some unknown creatures have shown up outside the Fleet and have just broken past their first defensive perimeter.
He commands the NUNS officer to keep them at bay while they sound the alarm across the ships, telling the civs to find shelter. As the mook ends the call, Howard and Mishima knows the troops won’t be able to hold the line. “It’s me, Mr. Birler,” Howard gets on the phone, “they’ve finally come.”

Back at the Quarter, Bobby reports a request from the president’s office for the SMS to scramble – code: Victor 3. Gilliam is taken aback with the code but Jeffrey proclaims that this is not a drill and orders all units equipped with their Super Packs (Armored Pack for Ozma). As Gilliam moves to call in Michel’s crew, Ozma’s also thinking to Ranka that THEY have come.
Sakonji wants the Voltes Team to sortie as well but, of course, Ippei relates that many of them are at Sheryl’s show. They’ll have to wait for their return, too, which sucks for Ippei as this would’ve been the perfect chance to show Michel what’s what.
Gilliam suggests he lay off with his “rivalry” with the guy, though he understands why Ippei wouldn’t like Michel flirting with his girlfriend; Ippei says he and Megumi aren’t like that. In that case, Gilliam figures he and Michel are at each other’s throats because they acknowledge each other’s skill and see something the other lacks.

A rivalry can be a good thing, helping both sides grow stronger, but they can’t let that control them when there are actual enemies nearby. “You two gotta learn to trust and help each other, or you’ll both find yourselves an early grave,” Gilliam warns. “Plus, if you still wanna keep that rivalry going, then you both need to make it back in one piece.”
Ippei agrees with his point and while we’re waiting for the others to show up, Gilliam’ll be heading out there. Ippei better get his team here pronto or there’ll soon be no more game for him to chase after!

Back at Sheryl’s concert, the whole thing suddenly shuts down as the general alert rings across the Island: everyone’s to head to the nearest shelter. Sheryl isn’t happy at having to stop things halfway through but Cathy grabs her and sets out to a shelter.
Nagisa and Kawai also grab hold of Ranka (to make sure she won’t get lost again) and leave with her; Kenichi and Michel have just been summoned back by their teams, so off they go, leaving a confused Alto to wonder what’s going on.

Outside, the generic NUNS soldiers are getting their asses whooped by the unknown enemies.
Ozma and Gilliam deploy right then and there, telling them to leave this area to us. The mooks run off with nary a complaint, Ozma sniffing that these ain’t enemies cowards’ll be able to win against. Indeed, Code Victor tells Gilliam what these creatures are: Vajra. One of said Vajra charges Ozma at blinding speed and goes right by him, into Island 1. Gilliam flies in pursuit.

At the Quarter’s bridge, Monica and Mina’re receiving reports of the Vajra bypassing the defensive perimeter and into Island 1; Jeffrey’s in awe at how easily they transposed the Frontier’s defenses.
Michel and Luca – Skull 2 and 3 – have arrived with the rest of the Voltes Team, all ready to deploy. Sakonji fumes at their delay but Kenichi tells him to save the yelling for later. Jeffrey’s orders are for the Voltes, Michel and Luca to rendezvous with Ozma inside Island 1 and intercept the enemy.
Ippei calls up Michel and prods him onward – Gilliam’s waiting for them!

Prologue 1 – Another Encounter

: Ranka, where are you?! Ranka!!
: I don’t see her anywhere…! What do we do, Kawai?!
: I don’t think we can do anything, Nagisa. No way we’ll find her with this crowd running about.
: Shyaaaaaaa!
: Aaah!
: Wh-what kind of monster is that?! A giant bug?!
: Nagisa… we have to get to the shelter right now. We’ll die if we stay here!
: But what about Ranka—?!
: Shyaaaaaaa!

: Yaah!
: I’m sure she’s already at the shelter – we have to go!
: O-OK…


: Get in the car, Ms. Sheryl… it’s dangerous for you to be here.
: (An armed escort and everything… things are pretty serious, it seems.)
: Hey! What the hell are you doing?!
: You…! You’re that amateur…?
: Just what are you—
: There’re still people around here! Are you two just gonna bail on them?!
: (Does this boy not understand that Sheryl’s life takes precedence over anyone else?)
: The professionals will handle this now – it’s nothing amateurs should bother with.
: What did you say?! All of these people came here to see you and you’re gonna run off by yourself?! Who are you to speak of professionalism?!
: …Idiot.
: We’ve no time for this – get in the car!

*Sheryl’s car runs off.*

: Hey, wait! Rrgh…damn it!
: Shyaaaaaaa!
: That monster’s running amuck through city! What the hell is it… a weapon?

: Aaargh!
: Aaah!
: Huh?! You’re…!
: Nagisa… Kawai… help me…!
: Damn it, she’s gonna get trampled by that thing!

: That bugger… he’s tearing the whole city apart!
: A VF-25?! They’re already fielding those…?
: Hrm?! Is that an EX-Gear? But those aren’t the army’s colors… a student?!
: Hey, you there!
: Huh?!
: Yeah, you! Get outta here – you’re only gonna get in the way!
: I can’t! There’s a girl that got left behind!
: What?!
: H-Help…!
: That’s… Ranka?! Urk!

*Gilliam gets right in the Vajra’s path.*

: You’re not going anywhere! I’m keeping her safe ‘til the captain gets here!
: Shyaaaaaaa!

: Gwaaah!
: Hey! You OK?!
: I-I told you to run off, didn’t I?! Leave this… to the pros!
: B-But…
: A-And it’s our… our job to keep this ship… and the civs safe. And that girl’s… the captain’s…!
: You’re…
: I’m not getting dropped… not by this thing!

: Aah! The cockpit!
: Hrgh…gaargh…

: Stop! STOP!!

: AAAH!!
: !!

*The Vajra starts heading towards Ranka.*

: A-Aah…
: I-I gotta do something or…!
: Oh!

*Alto looks at Gilliam’s Valkyrie.*

: (This EX-Gear’s the same as the standard army model. Maybe I can get that VF-25 to work with it… But could I actually fly the thing…?)
: N-No… stay away…
: Damn it… No time to think about it!

*Alto jumps inside the VF-25**

: EX-Gear Contact… initializing systems!

*Beep, beep!*

: …Here goes!

: Gwooooo!
: N-Nooo!
: Raaaaargh!!

*The Vajra’s tossed back.*

: Gilliam! No… it’s not him! Who’s that?
: N-No…!
: Ranka?! What’s she doing there?!
: You goddamn monster…!

: Rgh! This is bad…!
: Gwoooo!
: Stop…!
“You’re not getting even one of your claws on Ranka!”

: A-An Armored—!
: Who the hell are you?! What happened to Gilliam?!
: I-I’m…
: No, never mind me. What the hell is that monster?!

: Captain! Lt. Gilliam!
: That you, Michel? It’s a greenhorn in that Valkyrie, not Gilliam!
: What?!
: What about the Lt.?! Where is he?!
: I don’t know, but the priority now is taking out that Vajra!
: Lt. Gilliam… he couldn’t have…!
: What is it, Ippei? Something bugging you?
: N-No. Never mind me, Kenichi.
: Ippei…?
: Hey, greenie! Leave the monster to us – grab the girl and bail outta here!
: O-OK!
: “Girl”…? Ranka!
: Hey, you there!
: Huh?!
: Get in the Valkyrie’s hand! Hurry!
: O-OK…
: We’re gonna be flying outta here, so hold on tight.
: A-Alright!
: You better not let her get so much as a scratch or I’ll find and vaporize your ass!
: Captain! We’ve got enemy reinforcements inbound!

: The thing called its buddies over?!
: We can’t let them cause any more damage – engage and destroy them quick!
: Roger that!
: And what the hell are you still doing here, greenie?! Get going already!
: I’m on it!

Alto walks off with Ranka but…

: More of them?!

: Huh, is that really a rookie? He’s not half bad.
: Still, those’re some very dangerous moves he’s doing. We need to wreck those things and back him up!

*Alto gets hit!*

: Urk, they got my arm…! The girl!


: Damn it, can I make it to her…?! No, I have to! Haaaaaaah!!

*Alto flies over to the falling Ranka!*

: Grab my hand!!

: Aah!
: There – got you! You alright? Stay with me!
: Haah, haah… I-I was… so scared…
: You’re safe. Everything’ll be fine.
: Brother… brother…!
: Hey, get a hold of yourself! Do you see who I am?!
: …! Wh-What…
: Can you walk? I’ll set you down.
: Y-Yes…
: There… we should be safe.

: Rrgh, crap—

: A-Aah…
: Whew, got it... What was that moron thinking..?
: (H-He got a bullseye from that far away…! The pilot of that blue Valkyrie’s real good…)
: Pretty fancy gunslinging there, Mikhail.
: Well, I figured I should talk the talk AND walk the walk.
: (Did that transmission just say “Mikhail”…? No…)

*Alto flies further away.*

: Stay here; I’ll come pick you up once the battle’s done.
: A-Are you going to fight?
: Yeah, I’ve got cause enough to. I’m off!

*And he flies back into the fray.*

: Captain, Ranka’s safe and out of the battle-zone!
: Alright, then that means all civs are in the shelters.
: As for you bugs… I’ll make you pay for attacking Ranka!
: (I’ll help keep our ship safe… That’s the best I can do for that pilot who sacrificed himself for us…!)

I guess someone at Banpresto really likes Frontier for them to make the very first mission pretty much the first few Macross Frontier Episodes (featuring Voltes). But I digress, our objective here is to kill everything without losing anyone.
Not difficult as you might imagine, though the Vajras can be decently accurate if your guys aren’t prepared.

Quick overview of our available units, starting with the bulkiest (for consistency’s sake, I’ll stick with either the Atlus’ localized terms or whatever the folks at Akurasu use):

Voltes V (Kenichi Go, Ippei Mine, Hiyoshi Go, Daijiro Go, Megumi Oka)
Pilot Skills:

Spirit Commands – Kenichi:
Squad Bonus (these effects increase as you upgrade a unit): HP +1000

Big, bulky Super Robot filled to the brim with pilots. I’m not a big fan of the thing but I can’t well argue against what it brings to the table.
Its range dips sharply as you get into its better weapons but it can handle itself decently still. Enemies will also have a hard time killing it with all those spirit commands on its side – as a Super, though, you’ll want to boost its EN pool as it likes to chug.
That squad bonus makes it a nice fit for any Super squad and, plus, it’ll only get stronger once we meet up with its sibling bot.

VF-25 Messiah Valkyrie (Alto Saotome)
Pilot Skills – Alto:
Spirit Commands:
Mech Features:
Squad Bonus: Dodge + 5, Critical + 10

VF-25S Armored Messiah Valkyrie (Ozma Lee)
Pilot Skills:
Spirit Commands:
Mech Features:
Squad Bonus: Armor + 100, HP + 500

VF-25G Super Messiah Valkyrie (Mikhail “Michel” Blanc)
Pilot Skills:
Spirit Commands:
Mech Features:
Squad Bonus: Accuracy + 5, Ranged weapons damage + 100

RVF-25 Super Messiah Valkyrie (Luca Angeloni
Pilot Skills:
Spirit Commands:
Mech Features:
Squad Bonus: Money+ 10%, EN + 50, Debuff Immunity

Alto’s the Magikarp kind of protagonist, in that he starts out average but will be kicking ass by the time we’re done. He’s still decent right off the box and the plot will all but dictate you use him, so you might as well.
Ozma’s Alto but better in every way. He’s a great pilot, his attacks carry a hefty punch and he’s even surprisingly bulky with him stacking the Armored Pack, big Prevail and that squad bonus. His Command aura is worth noting, mind, as only select people get it and its bonus is very much welcome – especially against dodgy/accurate enemies like the Vajra.
Michel’s the least impressive of the bunch as SRW tends to be a very aggressive game, thus penalizing sniper types. Lacking Focus, you shouldn’t risk sending him too far ahead either if he’s not hanging right by Ozma. That +ranged power will make him a good squaddie for ranged-oriented protagonists, though.
And Luca’s a support through and through, making him a great squaddie. The HP Regen is nice but that squad bonus as a whole will make him very desirable for a lot of people – especially those with big MAPWs.

With our homework done, let’s get to it. Select a unit and the options are, in order, Move, Spirit Commands, Stats.

The Small Vajras are easy enough that Alto’s got no problem getting perfect numbers on them.

: You monsters…! Get off our ship!
: The hell are you doing, greenie?! Get outta here!
: No, that pilot gave his life to protect this ship so I’ll help take ‘em out for him!
: …
: Fine, I’ll allow it as a favor to Gilliam. But you better not get dropped!
: Aye, aye! I won’t be!

Numbers aside, he’s not too strong – that was about 65% HP on a crit.

We’ll have Ozma lead the offensive to spread that command aura.

: I swore to never let Ranka suffer again! None of you monsters are getting out of here alive!

Large Vajras are bulkier and more accurate, so watch it.

Kenichi can take it.

: Our first battle since the showdown at Planet Boazan. Keep your heads in the game, folks!
: Roger that, Ken!
: We’re ready to go whenever and wherever thanks to Sakonji’s training!
: And we’ll give these buggers a taste of everything the Voltes’ got!
: I made a promise to Lt. Gilliam to come back in one piece, so we can’t screw this up!
: Right on! Here we go!
Everyone else moves onward.

Enemy Phase!
Kenichi gets pestered a couple of times but not a lot of Vajra move to attack. Alto is still busy.

Player Phase!

As Alto wraps that up, Ozma and Michel set their sights on a Large Vajra that Kenichi weakened.

: Their armor and agility are an even match to the Valkyries… So that’s how the Vajras are like, huh?


Not gonna kill but we can leave that to the Voltes.

: These Vajra are living creatures but they’re likely equipped with Jamming devices to counter our Ghost drones…
: I might need to equip Simon, John and Peter with characterized AIs…

And that it does.

Enemy Phase!

Kenichi gets harassed by a mob of Vajras but it’s nothing he can’t handle.

Behold, the Itano Circus.