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Part 5: Mission 1 - The Youth Drawn to Iron - Part 1

It is one century after mankind ventured into space. It has been no easy voyage, as nuclear warfare has redrawn the map of the world's nations and conflict with Earth's ancient nemesis the "Jama Kingdom" raised the specter of global famine. The colonies’ exploitation of their dominance over agricultural exports only served to heighten tensions between the two sides.

Conditions worsened greatly fifteen years ago, with the unprecedented calamity known as the "Second Impact". The chaotic state of the world in its aftermath allowed such mysterious forces as the "Darius Army", the "Katou Organization" and "Dancouga" to commence operations.

To counter this, the nations of the world embarked on a military buildup and changes in policies. However, this had the indirect effect of antagonizing the space colonists. Tensions between Earth and the Space Colonies rose greatly.

Five years ago marked the outbreak of the so-called "War of the Giants" with the massive life forms known as "Mimetic Beasts". Sadly, mankind's narrow victory did not result in a cessation of hostilities between fellow men, and, three years ago, terrorist acts by the colonies sparked an all-out war between the Space Colonies and Earth.

The war lasted a year and several months, Earth's victory coming at the cost of depleting the defenses of all its nations. This presented an opening for the "Mechabeast Army" and the "Mycenae Empire", and it would be another year before the ad-hoc establishment of the New UN, containing representatives of both Earth and the Colonies, managed to repulse them.

The resulting peace was short-lived, as the Darius Army started a full-blown invasion and the resurgent Jama Kingdom (free from its Seal) triggered a new round of militarization, precluding any chance of total peace for mankind.

And now, contact with visitors from parallel world has raised the curtain on a new era of warfare...

And now for something completely different: we open up in a classroom in Japan, Misaki Middle School, with Kouichi calling Ichitaka (orange shirt) to check this new Dancouga vid he found online.
Seems like the thing was last sighted north of the Republic of East Asia, where it intervened in an ongoing battle with the Darius Army and the government forces. As usual, it took the side of whoever was losing – meaning the government.
Kouichi figures that goes without saying, as everyone knows the Dancouga’s a CHAMPION OF JUSTICE. There’s no way in hell it’d buddy up with the Darius forces.

Yajima isn’t so sure, having heard rumors that it’s been fighting to prolong conflict prior even to the War of the Giants. Kouichi poo-poos at the story, saying those are obviously hoaxes but, more importantly, he and Ichitaka still wanna watch the vid.
Ichitaka at least is also a Dancouga fan, really digging its somewhat different style compared to the Godannar, Gaiking and Combattler. “Yeaaaah! And there’s the Dancouga’s deadly beam attack! Boom, oneshotted!” Kouchi raves beside him.
Ichitaka can’t help but be impressed at the fine work Isabelle Cronkite, the reporter who got this scoop, does.

Risako steps over and ask what’s gotten the boys so hyped, only to quickly lose interest when she’s told. Yesterday it was Jeeg, today it’s Dancouga – Kouichi does nothing but watch news on those bots and she’s at her breaking point with that.
Hey, now, it’s only because Japan’s got these champions around that the place has taken so little damage despite the ongoing war. Complaining about it is gonna bring her bad luck! That said, Yajima figures it goes to show how peaceful things are around here that we can take it for granted like that.

Kouichi and Ichitaka aren’t listening, cheering as the Arma Squadron in the video repels the Darius forces and scores a win for the government. Risako sighs, unable to understand why the boys like robots so much. “It’s a guy thing – you wouldn’t get it,” Kouichi proclaims and Ichitaka readily agrees, before realizing he’s late for meeting with “the professor”.
What, he’s gonna skip class? That’s not a very CHAMPION OF JUSTICE thing to do, Kouichi points out; Ichitaka concedes that but says keeping promises is even more important. The professor said he had something to show him, so it shouldn’t take too long to wrap it up and get back. Yajima will answer his name at rollcall, so he better return quick.

As he leaves, Yajima sees that the guy really likes Prof. Grife… though, Risako notes, the title’s actually self-appointed, as he’s just an old man who likes to invent stuff at home. Well, Yajima and co. don’t know enough about professor to question that.
Risako’s mom has deemed the guy a weirdo but if he’s really impressive enough to warrant that kind of admiration from Ichitaka, then maybe she’d like to meet him sometime. Kouichi groans at how she’s always sticking her nose in their business, but is interrupted when Furuya, an upperclassman, grabs one Shinji Ikari and drags him off.
Kouichi quickly says he needs to go to the bathroom and goes after.

And Furuya’s taken Shinji up to the roof, where the kid was supposed to have come ASAP after recess started. Is he shirking his responsibilities?! No, Shinji says he got called up by his teacher but that’s hardly any excuse for Furuya’s empty stomach. Shinji better hustle and get him some curry bread and none of that school store junk – Furuya wants some from Hama Bakery and it better be ready in ten minutes!
Shinji stammers that it’s impossible to make it there and back in that time but, before Furuya can get in his face, Kouichi steps in to help. Furuya’s surprised to see him here, as him “recruiting” Shinji would’ve meant Kouichi didn’t need to play gofer anymore.

Still, he’s not gonna sit by as they harass the new junior classman and offers to go and buy the damn curry bread in his stead. That is, until Risako steps in and orders everyone to stop right there – she figured something was up with Kouichi and, what do you know, it’s Furuya harassing him again.
Furuya sniffs that he was just asking him a favor but that’s hardly an excuse for her: “there’s nothing worse than those who pick on the weak!” That seems to have an impact with Kouichi; he tells her to let it go and heads out to buy the thing (again, ten minutes!). As he leaves, with Risako in pursuit, Shinji wonders why Kouichi covered for him.

Risako catches up to Kouichi by the bike area, warning that he’ll be late for class if he goes all the way to Hama Bakery. Maybe not, he oughta make it in time if he cuts through the forest by the Shinto shrine. But why does he care so much? Why is he playing Furuya’s gofer in that junior’s stead?
“Gotta help those who are weak, right?” he answers. “That’s what’s just and you know I’m all about justice!” Risako sighs at him starting with that again but Kouichi’s 100% confident: “I know I got a whole lotta power in me… it’s just not awakened yet, ya know.”

Risako objects that his daydreaming won’t amount to anything – and he wasn’t like this when they were kids. Well, he doesn’t care about how he was or wasn’t way back when. Yajima shows up and asks what’s up. Risako explains, making note of Kouichi’s inane ranting on justice and how he’s willingly signed up for this, and asks Yajima to talk some sense into him.
Yajima points out that he’s gotta stand up to Furuya and if he can’t do it alone, then they’ll tackle it together. What, so Yajima’s trying to be the mighty champion now? No, Kouichi insists he can do this alone and runs off. Risako doesn’t understand why he’s pushing them away, especially when the three of them used to be such good friends before.

We cut to the JUDA Corporation, the president’s office, where Yui Ogawa (the secretary) is reporting the “Linebarrel’” flight – it’s descending pretty much as expected. When president Kunio Ishigami asks, Reiji Moritsugu, over the comm, reports that they’ve already evacuated the city that’s the first projected landing point.

Miu Kujo’s (brown hair) by the second landing point and it’s also clear. Finally, Satoru Yamashita reports that visual conditions are A-OK.
It’s T-minus five minutes until the Linebarrel breaks into the atmosphere… but a problem crops up. Yui reports that it’s being attacked by satellite weapons and that quickly causes it to divert from the projected descent course.
How strange, Ishigami thinks, as he’s sure they called every country out there to warn about what they were doing.

In a hidden area, it’s two folks who are behind this: “Satellite weapons hacked and under control. The target’s switched to the specified course.”

And, indeed, the Linebarrel is now going to land in a completely different place. Yui runs the numbers and says it’s headed for Miura, in the Kanagawa Prefecture.
That’s not too good, Ishigami sighs, but it beats it landing in Hakone. Meanwhile, the Linebarrel has just broken into the atmosphere.

Ichitaka arrives at Prof. Grife’s house, greeted at the door by Alice.
When he asks, she tells Ichitaka that the professor’s mood is the same as usual and points him over to the lab. Good to hear, because the guy’s hard to calm down once he gets cranky.

Inside the lab, both Prof. Grife and Yuu, his son, are waiting. Ichitaka’s surprised to see his “bro” here, asking when he came back; Yuu doesn’t answer, though his taciturn nature is hardly a surprise. Grife says that maybe it’d help if Ichitaka acted his age and stopped calling him “bro”, though the kid argues that, however old they are, Yuu will always be his big bro to him.
If anything, Alice is on Ichitaka’s side: “There are plenty of examples of people who aren’t blood-related referring to one another as ‘bro’. So I see no problems at all with that”. Fine, fine, Grife won’t beat on this dead horse further.

More important than that, Ichitaka’s a bit miffed that the professor didn’t give him a call to tell that Yuu was back in town; problem is, while he’s been here a week, they’ve spent most of their time working in the underground.
From what Ichitaka remembers, said underground is where the professor dumps his failed knick-knacks but details will have to wait. First and foremost, Grife wants him to check something out at this pod.

Inside is someone who Ichitaka recognizes, though he hasn’t seen in a while: HL-0 Haruno, a helper robot. She was originally Alice’s sister model, though Grife says he and Yuu have given her a new lot in life. When they activate Haruno, however, her speech is a bit wonky.
Grife figures her specialization into a combat AI has hampered her other thought processes; she won’t be able to function in maid mode like this. Alice argues that her odd pattern isn’t UNUSED nowadays – no problems at all there – but Grife isn’t having it. He figures it can be fixed if they reboot her AI straight into combat mode.
So, they push a few buttons and it’s done: Haruno greets Ichitaka with a more soldier-like manner (think Lamia, minus the bugs). He’s a bit surprised at the change in attitude but Grife explains that Haruno’s been reborn as a proper combat-oriented Android.

Why? What’s the professor going to be fighting against? Grife chuckles and asks if Ichitaka remembers his dream. Indeed, he does: “‘Course, you wanted to build a giant robot… wait, Haruno isn’t gonna grow thirty meters tall or something, right?”
Hardly. Remember what Grife said about him and Yuu being working at the underground? Well, there just might be something there besides trash. Yuu beckons Ichitaka over to a wall and, upon command, Alice flicks a switch and causes it to open. This here’s Grife secret elevator to his underground lab!
The thing can’t handle a lot of folks inside, though, so Alice will stay up top while they descend.

As the elevator goes, Ichitaka’s pretty surprised this house had something like this tucked away. He thought he knew every corner of it! Of course, it wouldn’t be Grife’s secret elevator if he knew about it.
The thing’s going reeaally deep but eventually they arrive. Grife tells Ichitaka to opens his eyes up real good and take a look at what’s ahead. But it’s pitch black…

As soon as the lights come on, however, the kid freaks out. Grife has a huge laugh: “WAHAHAHA! Surprised, are you? This is my greatest creation: the Rushbird!”
Ichitaka really is surprised – dumbstruck, he says – but this ain’t all Grife has to show. Pressing another button, stuff starts moving around in the underground hangar and brings out another mech, which Grife introduces as the Straybird. “Cool, don’tcha think? I’d also liken this one to being a masterpiece of mine.”
Ichitaka’s fanboyism is in overdrive now: “Whoooaaa! This is SO AWESOME! You got two mechs?!” Yuu doesn’t appreciate the yelling, though, pointing out that the difficult part is yet to come. Indeed, Grife says they’ll now be running start-up tests. If those are successful, Grife would like to…
Never mind that – the whole area starts shaking then and there. An earthquake? Haruno runs an analysis and says no: it’s an explosion. Alice runs over and she’s got bad news: someone’s bombarding the lab!

Mission 1 – The Youth Drawn To Iron

: Hurry, all of you! Get in the elevator!
: We can’t! The safety lock isn’t working due to the tremors!

: Gwaargh!
: G-Gramps?!

: Target has been silenced. Moving to capture via pattern G.
: Initiating descent.

*The three units land.*

: Target secured. We’ve also found two units, about forty meters tall.
: Disregard those. The “new potential” is all that matters.
: Roger.

: The Linebarrel hasn’t come down yet… (Dmitri)
: Hey, boss! There’s something over there! (Sawatari)
: Hm? But the radar is clear…
: Are your eyes just a piece of décor? Use them. (Wufei)
: Hmph. I don’t recall asking your opinion, newbie.
: Analyzing visual data… no known matches.
: What’re those things, then?!
: Target recovery confirmed. Retreating.
: …

*All three units leave.*

: You ain’t going anywhere!

*Ring, ring!*

: Do you copy, Sawatari?
: Cmdr. Katou?!
: You can let those small units go.
: What the hell for, Hisataka?!
: Because they are not the enemy. Your imagination is a bit lacking, Sawatari.
: Oh, come on. You didn’t say anything about that before—

: …
: Hey, now, we got a newcomer coming in!
: All within the scope of my imagination. If he’ll be a nuisance, then feel free to play with him; if not…
: Then we let him go?
: Correct.
: Roger that. Our primary objective is still the Linebarrel, of course.
: Hold up, bro! Lemme come with!
: No, I’ll go and save gramps.
: I wanna help him too, you know!
: You’re an outsider and this is none of your business. Back off!
: “O-Outsider”…?
: …The link’s looking good. We’re leaving, Haruno!
: Ready when you are.


: Bro! Yuu!
: And there it goes…
: Got a hit on radar! SDF Armas!

: That’s where we detected the explosions? (Igarashi)
: Yes, sir. But we’re receiving intel that it wasn’t the Katou Organization Armas who did it…
: We’ll handle the Irregulars later. First off, we’ll beat the snot outta these guys and drive them outta town!
: Roger!

*Machine gun fire!*

: Hah, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Let’s get to it, boss, newbie!
: I suppose we must. Imagine! O, powerless people!
: Yeah, imagine good! Imagine what’s gonna be left of your corpses after I’m done!
: …

: Hrrrm! Don’t give ‘em an inch! Keep firing!

: “None of my business”… What an awful thing to say, bro…
: Ichitaka…
: Hey, Alice. Think you can get this thing moving like Haruno did?
: I’m sorry, Ichitaka… I haven’t either combat-oriented thought patterns or the necessary functionalities to work as a copilot.
: Hey, that’s nothing to apologize for. Blah… That’s how it’s gonna be, huh? Screw it, then!

*Ichitaka jumps into the Rushbird.

: If you can’t get it moving, then I’ll do it! Hop aboard, Alice!
: Huuh?! You can actually operate it?!
: No idea but I figure it’s safer inside this cockpit than sitting here, waiting to be rescued! Come on!
: O-OK!

*In she goes.*

: H-Hey… this kinda looks like that simulator the professor made…! Alright, I think I can manage this!

*Wiiiirrrrrr! Stomp!*

: And we’re moving! So next would be…
: Alice, you see that panel over there? Press all buttons from left to right, would you? After that, pull the lever overhead and bring out that control panel under your seat – that’ll shift our mode!
: A-Alright!
: I think we’re good. Trust me on this one!
: Here goes!!

: Another one?!
: Ooow… The sim sure didn’t pull Gs like this thing…!
: Yo, who’re you?! You friends with that guy from before?!
: Alice, think you can get a bead on Yuu’s mech?
: Um… Maybe if I press a few buttons here and there we might get something?
: … Ah, no, never mind. We’re good.
: Who the hell are you? Civs?
: You’re with the SDF? The name’s Ichitaka Nagumo, 3rd year student of Misaki Middle School!
: And who’re those guys? They’re making a mess of our town!
: I can’t tell you that. If you’re a civ, then get outta here!
: Hey, I’ve got my own reasons for being here, alright? I can’t just go ‘Yeah, OK!’ and back off!
: …
: Are you done talking?
: Then, die!
: Urgh!
: Work that imagination and figure out if this’ll hit or not!

: Gyaaaaaaargh!!

: And you’re next in line, moron.
: Tch, no way we’re going down here! Back me up, Alice!
: I’ll do whatever I can!

And we finally have our originals, having to take on a bevy of Katou units. Gotta take them all down, so we’ll want to take it nice and easy.

Rushbird (Ichitaka Nagumo, AL-3 Alice)
Pilot Skills:
Shield Defense
Prevail L1
Support Attack L1
Support Defense L1
Attack Combo L1
Spirit Commands – Ichitaka:
Spirit Commands – Alice:
Mech Features:
Laplace Wall – Damage from Beam and Energy-type weapons reduced by 2000. If Laplace Wall reduces the damage to 0, Rushbird will regenerate 15 EN.
Squad Bonus: Armor +150, HP+1000, Land terrain rating: A

The Rushbird may kinda look like a Real but it’s very much a Super Robot. It won’t be dodging anything but it can take a good hit – especially against stuff that’s got energy weapons. And while it also packs a hefty punch, you’ll find its current weapon selection to be lacking in range – the best he has for a post-movement attack is 1-2! The range in its other weapons make it a good Support Attacker, though, and Ichitaka’s a good enough pilot.
All in all, you can easily fit it in any group.

The Katou mooks can be decently dodgy (though Wufei is by far the dodgiest) and accurate, so setting Ichitaka on a positive terrain for some defense/evasion bonus will help.

: We’re gonna have to wreck these guys before we can go after the professor and my bro!
: I dunno how much that sim experience’ll help here but I’ll go with whatever works! Alice, you do as I tell you, alright?
: OK!
Ichitaka: “While I’m off doing this, my bro and the professor are...!”
Alice: “Aah? We’re jumping right in there?!"
Ichitaka: “We gotta or we’re dead meat!”
Alice: “Oh, wow! You hit him!”
Ichitaka: “And here’s the follow-up!”

Enemy Phase!

Named folks are hanging back but not the mooks.
Ichitaka: “Alice, know that thing in the sim? We’re gonna try that!
Alice: “But I wasn’t allowed near any of that research!”
Ichitaka: “What’s the enemy up to, Alice?”
Alice: “He’s rushing us down!”
Ichitaka: “Ah, craaap!”

The one we weakened before gets wrecked.

Player Phase!

*By the Shinto shrine to the NW*

: Damn, a buncha Armas pop up outta nowhere, the place turns into a warzone… what’s going on here?! I-I gotta get back right the hell now!
: Huh? What’s that noise…? A-Ack! Something’s falling this way!!

: It’s here! Commander, we’ve confirmed of the Linebarrel’s landing!
: So did we. A shame that it didn’t crash right on top of JUDA but this will do. Execute the plan right away.
: Roger. Sawatari, keep the Irregular busy.
: You got it, boss!

*As Sawatari starts heading for Ichitaka, we cut back to Kouichi.*

: Hrm…? Why am I…? Aah, right… there was something falling and…
: Oh, crap, the bread! Aah! It’s all smooshed up! Noooo…
: What?! And my cell broke too?! This day just keeps getting worse… huh? What the…?
: …
: A girl? Why’s she right next to me?

*Looks at the Linebarrel.*

: A-Aah! An Arma?! Where’d that come from?!
: …Hm…
: Hey, come on, get up! We gotta book it – this is getting real dangerous!
: Huh…? What… Why am I here…?
: You’re awake, yeah? Good, good.
: Listen, can you run? We need to get out of here right now!
: Did you… help me? Thanks.
: I guess I did, huh? Heheheh… Wait, this ain’t the time for that! Come on – we gotta get going!
: What’s your name, even?
: …I don’t know.
: Huh?
: Kouichi!
: Yajima?!
: Thank god, you’re safe. Risako went, like, white as a sheet when she couldn’t call your cell.
: Yeah, the thing’s busted… But why’re you here?
: Well, she told me to come look for you, so I did. You really shouldn’t make her worry so much, you know.
: …And, also, who’s the girl? And what’s that Arma, even?
: Don’t ask me, ‘cause I’ve no clue.
: Alright, alright; you can save the story for later. Right now we need to get back to school and find shelter!
: Right…
: And you can relax, too – it’s all good now. Come on!
: Y-Yes…

*They start going down the path into town.*

: This way, Kouichi! Hurry!
: Go and surround the Linebarrel!

: Yes, sir!
: Aah! They’re coming this way!
: Those are…
: Hey, you! We gotta hide!
: Those are… my enemy…
: Huh?!

*The Katou mooks start stomping over.*

: Waaah!!
: Aaah!
: This ain’t looking good… Kouichi, I’ll draw their attention! Take the girl and run!
: But you’ll—
: It’s no biggie. Same ol' song and dance between us, eh?
: But…
: Get outta here already!
: Why…
: Huh?!
: I… I don’t need your help anymore! I can take care of myself, damn it!

*Kouichi punches a tree and it falls right over!*

: !!
: Th-The hell?! I knocked this huge tree down… with my bare hands…?
: Ko-Kouichi… When did you get so strong…?
: I remembered… my name… It’s Kizaki… Emi Kizaki!
: Emi Kizaki…
: You... Will you fight with me?
: Huh?
: If you’ve the will to fight, then call out the Linebarrel…!
: Line… barrel?
: Put your hand on my chest.
: Wait, what?!
: Hurry up…!
: A-Alright, then. Come here, Linebarrel!!

: It’s… that Arma from before?! It flew here in the blink of an eye… What’s going on?!
: This is the Linebarrel…! I can fight with it?
: Yes.
: Alright, Yajima, find someplace to hide out!
: What?!
: I’ll handle this mess! Let’s do this, Emi!
: Do you know what to do?
: Hmhmm. Linebarrel… Yeah, I can handle this guy! Haaaaaaah!!
Katou mook: “The Linebarrel belongs to us!”

: Is that the Arma that fell back there? It can move?!
: Looks like it, yes!
: It can’t be… How is the Linebarrel active?!
: I thought it didn’t have a Factor?
: Are you seeing this, Commander? Looks like the thing’s already picked up a Factor.
: Hm. The Factor may be a newbie but you’re still up against an original Machina. Don’t let your guard down.
: Whoa… And this power’s mine now?
: Yes.
: Heheheh…! Well, things are looking up already!

*Dmitri moves up to him.*

: I am Dmitri Magarov, Captain of the Katou Organization’s 3rd Unit. Are you one of JUDA’s Factors?
: JUDA? Factors? Hell if I know, man! I’m Kouichi Hayase – a CHAMPION OF JUSTICE!
: D-Did he says Kouichi Hayase?! Why would he—?!
: And if you’re picking a fight with a champion of justice that makes you the bad guy! Meaning you’re all going down!
: Heh, we’ve got a real loudmouth crashing our party now! Come on, boss – get rid of him quick!
: I’m on it!
: Kouichi… It’s you…?
: Ichitaka, you must focus on the Armas!
: Y-Yeah, you’re right!

: Ah? The target Machina’s up and about. Things are a bit different from advertised – what do we do, Tanaka? (Aoi)


: Sorry; give me a minute on this one. I didn’t think this would happen.

*Looks at the Rushbird.*

: And there’s that guy, too. He’s about as big as the Dancouga. (Sakuya)
: That’s not any mech I’ve seen in “Men’s Super Robots Monthly”. (Johnny)
: But how reliable is that magazine exactly? (Kurara)
: Yo… Isn’t that the Dancouga?!
: The D-Dancouga?! And what’re those things there?!
: Oh, thank goodness! The Linebarrel’s safe!
: I’d no idea what we were gonna do when the thing changed its drop point but we still managed to make it in time.
: It finding a Factor already wasn’t in the plans, though.
: Psh, now the Dancouga and JUDA’s Machinas decided to turn up.
: Can you hear us, Kouichi Hayase? We’re here to pick you up!
: Yeah, come with us to JUDA!
: The hell… how do you two know my name?!
: Weren’t you the one yelling your name just a minute ago? You were pretty dang loud, too.
: O-Oh, I was?
: Are you stupid or something?
: Don’t call me that! I’m a CHAMPION OF JUSTICE, OK?!
: Everyone here except me and the Dancouga is evil, so my justice’ll trash you all good!
: ?! You’re…!
: Huh… Is that really Kouichi in there?
: Oi, where’d he get the idea we’re his buddies…?
: What, then, Tanaka? Figured out how we’ll deal with this?
: I have: stick to the original plan and move to capture the Linebarrel. Way its pilot’s looking, we’d be risking even more unnecessary damage by letting him be.
: And the unknown unit?
: You should be alright to ignore it – it doesn’t seem hostile, I think.
: The Dancouga… didn’t think it’d intrude on this battle.
: Hrm…! It’s on the move!
: Sorry, “Champ”!
Kurara: “Who goes and proclaims himself a Champion of Justice? What a sad kid…”
Johnny: “Middle schoolers, you know how they are.”
Sakuya: “What’d you mean…?”
Aoi: “Never mind that – let’s bring this guy in quick!”

: Whaa?! Why’d the Dancouga attack me?!
: I'm justice incarnate! A champion! A CHAMPION OF JUSTICE!
: Why… why doesn’t anyone get my justice?!
: Fine, then…
: You’re evil, too, Dancouga! You’re my enemy!!

: Oh, dear… We’ve gone and poked the bear.
: Tanaka?!
: Sorry, kids. I’ll go and write an apology to JUDA.
: Sawatari, Dmitri, Wufei. The mission may have failed but carry on fighting.
: Not to the death, of course – wait for an opportunity and pull back.
: Chill out, Hisataka. Barring the Dancouga, the others ain’t all that.
: That was an order.
: Psh, fine. We’ll get ready to back off.
: You there. Can you fight?
: Kinda, I think!
: The two of us and the Dancouga are on your side. First order of business is to deal with the enemy Armas, alright?
: I don’t really know what’s going on, but OK!
: Let’s get to it, then…!

Still can’t lose anyone but we’re not in a whole lot of danger: everyone we’ve got can take care of themselves.

Dancouga Nova (Aoi Hidaka, Kurara Tachibana, Sakuya Kamon, Johnny Burnette)
Pilot Skills:
Sword Cut
Prevail L2
Spirit Commands – Aoi:
Fighting Spirit
Spirit Commands – Kurara:
Spirit Commands – Sakuya:
Guts (ド根性) – fully restores unit’s HP
Spirit Commands – Johnny:
Iron Wall (鉄壁) – reduces all incoming damage to 1/4 for the next turn.
Squad Bonus: Crit Ratio +10, Armor +100, Accuracy Rate +5

The Dancouga’s often known as a glass cannon but maybe they decided, since it was its debut, to skip the glass part. In truth, the thing has a fine amount of defenses and packs a hefty punch – it’s by far our strongest unit on the field.
And, as you might expect, having four pilots’ worth of spirit commands will only make it better.

Hind-Kind (Satoru Yamashita)
Pilot Skills:
Prevail L1
Support Attack L1
Support Defense L1
Spirit Commands:
Squad Bonus: Armor +100, Accuracy Rate+5

Yamashita knows what he wants to be and that’s an artillery wall. He’s pretty tough and has a lot of range in his attacks, his skills also making him a very nice support unit. He’ll very likely be relegated to being a squaddie but he’ll do the job well.
Oh and if you’re facing a particularly dodgy enemy, his Reflector Cores will apply the Mobility Down debuff to make things easier.

Painkiller (Miu Kujo)
Pilot Skills:
Prevail L1
Support Attack L1
Support Defense L1
Spirit Commands:
Mech Features:
Repair Module
Squad Bonus: Money Earned +10%, EN +50, 1000 Barrier

Even more of a squaddie than Yamashita, Miu would kinda make a good fit for a long-range robot like the Rushbird (especially with that extra Barrier). She only has two attacks, her better one being pre-movement, so she won’t be hitting too nicely for now.
But with that Repair module, she’s pretty much our main source of healing right now (without having to spend Alice’s SP) and Focus means she’s one of the more accurate folks here.

By the by, Kouichi’s a neutral unit. You could attack him but I’m all but sure he’d just heal up like he did with Aoi’s punch.

Off to work we go.

: Reiji’s not around today, so I better bring my A-game! Come on!
Not bad.

Small help from Ichitaka and Miu’s got a kill in sight.

: The town’ll end up in ruins if this doesn’t stop…! We have to give this one 110%!

And since attacking Kouichi isn’t on the menu today, Aoi’ll finish off some of Ichitaka’s previous buddies.

: Three commander-class mechs, huh? Today’s gonna be a good one, folks.
: Takurou Sawatari, Dmitri Magarov and Wufei Chang with his Altron Gundam… All of them are certified tough cookies.
: Well, aren’t we well-informed.
: “Men’s Underworld Monthly” had an article on the Katou Organization, you see.
: Whatever, we eat tough cookies for breakfast! Let’s go wild!
Shame we can’t hear Sakuya yelling.

Enemy Phase!

Stuff is still coming in, with this Arma just barely surviving his bout with Yamashita.
Sawatari and Wufei are going after Kouichi.

Player Phase!

Now we’re off to get rid of the little guys. Miu takes one and Yamashita will slap this one into oblivion.
The last one’ll fall eventually – he’s still healthy.

Meanwhile, Aoi’s helping Kouichi with Dmitri. We won’t let the kid have this kill, of course.

Enemy Phase!

Along the way, Sawatari decides to take a swing at Yamashita.
He’s a good candidate to having his mobility debuffed.

Over here, Dmitri’s gotten close enough for Kouichi to bust out his better attack.

: If you think an amateur can win against the captain of the Katou Organization’s 3rd Unit, think again!
: Justice always wins, even kids know that!
Dmitri: “We, the Katou Organization, will be taking the Linebarrel!”
And taking damage:
Emi: “Our regeneration will take care of that very soon.”
Kouichi: “Yow, Linebarrel! You’re pretty awesome!”
Emi: “Go, counterattack…!”
Kouichi: “Yup, I was JUST thinking about that!”

And Miu almost oneshotted the last Arma.

Player Phase!

Alright, let’s take out Dmitri after Kouichi was kind enough to leave him in the red.

: And here’s the order to withdraw. Pulling back!