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Part 7: Mission 2 - Special Training: Mach Drills! - Part 1

And we’re back at the intermission menu, Yamashita leading as our top ace by only one kill. We’ll be fiddling with a couple of options today, so here’s what each column does, top to bottom:
Pilot: Pilot Stats > Skill Parts > Reassign
Machine: Unit Stats > Unit Upgrades > Formation (Pair units up, but we can’t do it yet)
System: Search > System (Options) > Data Save > Next Mission

We’ll start with the Skill Parts. Like in W, this game doesn’t allow you to spend PP to buy skills – you simply spend Skill Parts to teach them to your guys.

We’ve gained a handful over the past missions but I reckon now’s a good time spend. The Rushbird’ll always be a more melee-oriented bot, so we’ll give Ichitaka one level of Infight (インファイト). This skill will slightly boost your melee weapons’ attack power and crit ratio for each level it gets (no movement increase, unfortunately).
Do keep in mind that skill growth in this game is a lot more limited than normal. Prevail will usually go up regularly but, at most, expect your other skills to only increase up to L2 naturally, if ever – you’ll have to use Skill Parts to boost them further.

And, finally, by the Unit Upgrade menu, you can do exactly what it says on the tin: spend our hard-earned cash to boost our mechs’ stats. Remember that L actively encourages you to pick favorites and sink your cash into them, as the Squad Bonuses increase as you get units to 50% and 100% upgrades.
Ichitaka’ll always be around and up front, so I give him a boost to everything.

With that done, let’s get to work.

We open up at JUDA’s hangar, with Goro Maki and Rachel Calvin marveling (“OH MY GOD!”) at the Rushbird’s fine construction – this is a work of art, made with the latest cybernetic tech. And it looks perfect, too, which shows the Japanese ARE the best at this sort of thing. Ichitaka points out that Grife isn’t really Japanese and he might actually be American like Rachel.
Mind you, Alice argues that the professor pretty much stuck with the Japanese school of bot design, so she sees no problems at all with Rachel’s assessment. Whatever the case, Maki wants to give the thing a thorough look-over, though Rachel has other things in mind: specifically, Alice. Would it be alright to open her up and check what makes her tick?

That’s a scary thought to Ichitaka but Rachel says that, with Grife gone, the JUDA crew needs to know how Alice is built in order to pull any maintenance work that might be required. Alice, however, tells her not to worry as she’s equipped with self-maintenance features.
“Ah, really? Alrighty, then. (Tsk…),” Rachel quietly grunts. Too bad for her, Ichitaka has good ears: “Hey, I heard that! You wanted to tinker with her just for curiosity’s sake, didn’t you?!”
“Well… I’m not NOT curious,” Rachel quips.

When Miu asks, Maki confirms that he also wasn’t aware of any Prof. Grife and is very surprised that a seemingly nameless scientist could build something of this level. Hell, the cost of making it alone would be significant.
Rachel figures he must’ve had some sponsor and Alice posits that we could potentially find some files on that inside the lab’s secret vault. Maybe those can give us some clue as to what happened with Grife? Unfortunately, Ishigami doesn’t let Ichitaka head back to the lab to check around – the building is under investigation and it’s looking like a certain group has it on lockdown.
Well, couldn’t we use LOTUS’ UN authority to deal with that? It’s not that simple as two giant robots did emerge from that building – a full investigation is necessary and Ishigami isn’t too keen on stepping on these toes.

Ichitaka’s worried that if we drag our feet on this then any potential clues’ll disappear. We could even use a secret route to get in there, so no one’ll notice. Alice also asks him to please let them go… and it works.
“Aah, I can’t say no when you ask me like that… Alright, I guess I’ll allow it,” he says, though insists that Miu and Yamashita also accompany them. They can quickly summon their Machinas in a bind and, on foot, can play bodyguards to Ichitaka.
He’s surprised these two are strong enough to pull that off but, you know, Factors get super-strength.

Ichitaka’s very grateful but Ishigami asks them to be very careful out there. The organization taking care of the lab’s lockdown isn’t hostile but they’re also not friendly. He won’t name them, only saying that we might eventually have to fight them.
He figures the folks with boots on the ground are likely just collaborators; it’s the ones on top of said organization that are the actual dangerous ones, so Ichitaka can at least rest easy there. And, finally, the world at large isn’t aware of JUDA’s activities and the Katou Organization, so Ichitaka can’t tell anyone, alright? He promises and, with that, leaves with everyone.

Ishigami laughs that both Ichitaka and Kouichi are just brimming with that typical teenager energy. His thoughts are interrupted when Yui walks over: Izuna and Shizuna have called in, having just wrapped up their business with the Katou Organization’s terrorist cell. They’ll be back in Japan soon.
Ishigami’s glad to hear that. LOTUS is gaining more and more elite fighters, so it won’t be long before we can take on even bigger threats to humanity. Of course, it’d be better if such threats never showed up but…

Grife’s home is like something straight out of a TV show, covered in the police’s yellow tape. There are secret service types all over, the hangar’s pretty much buried under the rubble and the upper lab is all out in the open.
We’re not getting in there via the main door, indeed, though Ichitaka didn’t expect anything else. He beckons the team over to that secret entrance and though the power’s out inside, Alice’s loaded with the building’s blueprint, so she can lead the way. They’re off to the underground lab.

The place is all sorts of messed up – we might be too late, Yamashita sighs. Alice looks around but can’t find the vault. It’s possible someone took it. And, actually, it’s not just the vault that’s missing: all of the computers have had their HDs yanked out. Ichitaka doesn’t appreciate these guys burglarizing the lab but his attention’s taken back to Alice as she cries out that something’s HORRIBLE.
What happened? Her maid programming is tingling and she really, really wants to clean this place up! “Ah… Well, don’t worry. We’re good for now,” Ichitaka proclaims. More importantly, isn’t there anything that managed to stay hidden from the “looters”?
Actually, yes: at Alice’s suggestion, they look around and find a painting of an angel. Is it a clue or something? Somewhat: the image was made via several nano-sized word strings layered on top of each other, all describing Grife’s research.

You see, there was a time when they were testing out this nano-printer and, thus, needed a whole lot of characters to write around. The easiest choice was to use all of his research notes and whatnot, so this painting is pretty much a backup of everything Grife had around a year ago. It’s lacking the stuff that happened since then, of course, but Alice figures it’ll still be useful.
Ichitaka’s blown away by the Professor’s foresight – a perfect example of the classic “I thought something like this could happen, so…” moment. Alice says that guy simply couldn’t be arsed to use anything else in that experiment, but whatever. They’ve stayed here long enough, though, so Ichitaka moves to lead everyone out via another path.

We make it out just fine, though Miu wants to leave quick – we’re a tad too conspicuous carrying this big painting and have no idea what those agent types will do if they catch us. A voice nearby calls out to them and, after a quick yelp of surprise, Ichitaka sees that it’s Yajima and Risako.
Risako’s curious about the friends with him and that big painting, though Ichitaka quickly changes the subject by asking that they are doing here. Well, they were worried for him, figuring he’d be prowling about after Grife’s “disappearance”.
That said, Yajima says it’s dangerous for Ichitaka to hang around here, what with the Armas and giant robot running amuck before. Plus, the folks locking down the house might tag him as a person of interest, so he oughta keep away.

Ichitaka slowly says he’ll, um, keep that in mind. And on the subject of missing people, did he see Kouichi? Risako looked everywhere and couldn’t find him – he’s not home, either. Ichitaka nearly says too much but is stopped by Yamashita (confidential, remember?). Well, he agrees to keep an eye out for him, so Risako takes off with Yajima, wondering where Kouichi could’ve run off to. Yajima, having seen what happened, only nods along.
After they’re gone, Ichitaka apologizes for his loose tongue. Still, Yamashita and Miu find it odd that Kouichi hasn’t gone home. We can only hope that the Preventer pilot is doing a good job keeping an eye on him.
Still, Alice wants to get back to JUDA right away so we can get Grife’s painting analyzed. Moreover, she’ll likely need to engage in combat again soon, so she’s studying hard as a way to be useful there. As for Ichitaka, he’d like some pilot training and Yamashita and Miu are more than willing to spar with him.

Back at JUDA, Lady Une has put in another call to Ishigami. She apologizes for taking more of his time but Ishigami has a policy of never refusing calls from pretty ladies. Well, the problem is that they might have to speed up the process of assigning the Build Base team into LOTUS.
See, Blue Cosmos caught wind of the offworlders that showed up around the PLANTs and is advocating that they be dealt with as hostile aliens; this led to a plan to impound various countries’ mobile weapons, which is exactly what they both feared.

So now JUDA needs to hurry to get our partnership with Build Base set up quick. Ishigami swears to Une that his company’s always ready to handle any unit and take care of anyone, from anywhere. And she’s more than welcome to join them, mind. She thanks him for his dutifulness, though says her answer will have to be “no” – regardless of how elegantly he makes the offer. Shot down.
Yui wishes he’d act more responsibly, and is not amused by his quip of the wrinkles she’ll get for her constant nagging.

Over by said Build Base, Tsubaki is trying to educate Kenji on the intricacies of managing his parts – every part works differently, so Kenji needs to understand zzzzzzzzz. A loud yell later and Kenji’s back up.
Tsubaki tells him that the Jama Kingdom’s been getting progressively stronger and the only way for them to handle that is if he masters usage of the new parts. That’ll only happen with diligent study and training. Problem is that Kenji hates training, so he’s taking off. He’ll figure it all out on the fly when they get there!

As he runs (not for the first time), Yagyuu (eyepatch) and Kouji see that things ain’t going too good here. Tsubaki fumes at Kenji’s complete unwillingness to study even a little bit, and Sayaka has a laugh at how much alike he is to Kouji’s old self.
Indeed, Kouji feels like he’s looking in a mirror… and, actually, that might be good for us. Considering the similarities between him and Kenji, Kouji thinks he has a sure-fire way to convince him to sit down and study with gusto (it’d even work on Boss).
What is it, then? Oh, it won’t be any fun if he just said it. Boss wonders what he’s up to, as Kouji walks up to Yagyuu and whispers something to her.

Boss (big guy) doesn’t like being left in the dark, though Nuke and Mucha (grin) figure this is just an excuse for him to get some alone-time with Yagyuu. Regardless, the captain finds the plan very amusing and agrees to it. Kouji can’t wait to see it all unfold.

Yagyuu calls over Mido and Saotome (crazy looking) to help go after Kenji and, when asked, say the three of them have a crucial part to play in this training lesson. Off they go, leaving Kouji behind to get grilled by Sayaka. What was he talking with Yagyuu about?
Didn’t he say that it was to get Kenji training? Maybe but Sayaka certainly doesn’t like the sight of him and her seemingly enjoying themselves so much. Kouji swears to her (and an outraged Boss) that it’s not like that – they’ll all have a big laugh once the training is over.
Tsubaki wonders if this’ll fly but Kouji is 100% sure that not only will Kenji volunteer to train, he’ll be so very dedicated to it. Tsubaki and Sayaka find that hard to believe but Kouji tells them to trust him.

*Door opens!*

: Kenji? Why’re you in that much of a hurry?
: Haah… Haah… T-Training! Combination training! C’mon!
: Huh? But I thought you hated—
: Never mind that and let’s get to it right now! I’m off to the training grounds!

*Kenji runs off.*

: Hah, didn’t I tell ya?
: Y-Yeah…
: Well, let’s get going! We’re also gonna be helping out with that!

Meanwhile, by the base’s command room, Cmdr. Miwa is welcoming Une over – it’s been a while since they met face-to-face. Une notices, however, that she doesn’t see Prof. Shiba around.
Miwa apologizes and says he took leave for a moment… though, inwardly, she wonders where he might’ve run off to.

Cut to the Jama Kingdom’s HQ, Queen Himika rants at Ikima (stache), Amaso and Mimashi (two faces) for their inability to get Jeeg’s Bronze Bell. Mimashi swears that they’re trying their best but Amaso argues that the fault lies with the unwieldy Haniwa Phantoms.
You mean the Haniwa Phantoms Himika personally gifted to them? N-No, of course not – it’s their fault for not making proper use! Sooorryyyy!

Well, Ikima wants to try again and asks for a new Haniwa; he has a plan and vows to succeed in stealing the Bronze Bell. He swears he’s legit, so Himika decides to indulge him – he better come back with news of Jeeg’s complete and utter destruction, though!
Amaso doesn’t like the guy trying to take all the glory but Mimashi sighs that he IS the strongest of them. Amaso is still miffed, as failure would really tick Himika off.

Special Training: Mach Drills!

: Hey, Yagyuu! What you said before was legit, right?
: It was. I’ll stick to my word.
: Hell, yeah! Then I’m gonna ace this training session!
: Yo, Kenji, what kinda promise is that between you and the captain?
: Sorry, no time to talk! Let’s get this started lickety-split!
: He’s really fired up for this, huh?
: I wanna know what the promise was even more…
: Heheheh, now things are getting fun! We’ll toy with the idiot until he croaks!
: Sounds like fun, alright…!
: Are you ready, Kenji?
: Absolutely! I’m ready whenever!
: Tsubaki, Kyo, you heard him. Go and put him to work – and don’t hold back!
: OK!
: Then, Kenji, we’ll start your training by trying to shorten the time it takes for you to Build Up. While you’re very talented as a pilot, there’s still plenty of room to grow. Your reaction speed—
: Yo, no need to butter me up – let’s get going already, Kyo!
: A-Alright. He’s like a completely different person…
: Kenji, your parts are gonna be shot out at double the regular speed, so watch it!
: Heh! Easy-peasy!
: Oh, we’ll see about that…
: Begin!
: Roger! Jeeg Parts – shoot!

*Bang, bang!*

: Suck on this!
: Rocket Puuuunch!!
: Wuh?!

: Whoa, whoa, whoa! The hell are ya attacking me for?!
: That’s also part of your training!
: There’d be no point to this if we didn’t make it resemble live combat as much as we could!
: Right, you’ll have to wade through the enemies’ attacks as you combine. I don’t need to tell you how important it is to hone that skill, right?
: Yeah, I know, I know!
: And, Kenji, make sure you don’t try combining with the Rocket Punch!
: Hah, like I’d ever screw up that bad!
: That’s a fine spirit – I’ll enjoy breaking it!
: Here goes! Jeeg Parts – shoot!

*Bang, bang!*

: Rocket! Puuuunch!
: Raaaaargh! BUILD UUUUUUP!!

: Uwaaah! That’s too damn fast…!
: Throwing in the towel already?
: N-No way in hell!
: Wow… I can’t remember ever seeing him this serious about training…
: Yeah, I’m gonna pull this off…! No retreat! No surrender! Not until Yagyuu lets me touch her boobies!
: Oh… So that’s how it is.
: That was what your promise was about? Kouji, what were you thinking?!
: Aahahah… Can’t argue with the results, though, right?
: Damn you, Kouji, that’s the kinda promise other men can only dream of!
: That little…! Aaargh, that’s IT! Jeeg Parts! Shoot! Shoot! SHOOT!

: Waah! Tsubaki, go easy with those!
: Shut it, pervert! Shoot! SHOOOT!!

: We’ve got your back, Tsubaki!
: This one’s broken beyond repair…
: So maybe we should just kill him and be done with it?
: Rocket Puuunch!
: Missiles – fire!

: Uwaawaaa! You guys are just toying with me, ain’t ya?!
: Damn it, but I ain’t losing this one! BOOOBIEEEEEES!!

: Haah, hooh…! There! I combined!
: The brat’s pervert drive pulled through!
: Yeah, how d’ya like them apples! And since I did my thing, now it’s time to pay up and lemme—
: No, your training isn’t over yet!
: Huuh?
: You’ll be training to combine with the Mach Drills next! Switch to them IF YOU CAN!

*Beep, boop!*

: Hold on! Something’s coming!
: What?!

: Wh-What is that thing…?
: It’s me!
: Pops?!
: What are you doing there, Professor?!
: Ohohoho… Because I heard what you were doing and it sounded fun. So why was only I left out of it? That’s just mean!
: “Left out”… what’re ya, twelve?!
: Professor, didn’t you have a visitor today?
: Never mind that right now. How could I even show my face to her if this training does not succeed?
: That’s fine and all but why are you in that Haniwa Phantom?
: This is a Haniwa I built especially to help you train! I call it Micchi mk. II!
: “Micchi”… as in Cmdr. Tamashiro’s old nickname?
: I don’t think grandma would be too happy with that…
: Hahah! Building this baby was easy as pie with my skills – shows how much I wanted to play… that is, wanted to help you train!
: So you’d best buckle up, Kenji, because the actual training starts right now! Defeat Micchi mk. II with the Mach Drills – you won’t be able to call this a success unless you do!
: Alrighty, then! I’ll take on any Micchies you’ve got – for boobies! Come on, Tsubaki!
: Kenji, you huge, stupid IDIOT! Take this, then! Mach Drills, set up! SHOOT!


: Waaaaaaah!!

: W-Whoa, that’s fast!
: Tsubaki, don’t you think you should slow down for a first attempt?
: Quiet, you!
: Urgh, damn! And I was so close to touchdown…!
: BWAHAHAHA! You better wave goodbye to those boobies, kid! Sucks to be you!
: Again – I’mma get it right this time! Bring it!

*Beep, beep!*

: We’ve got a Haniwa Phantom on radar! It’s headed your way!
: Oops, sorry, Miwa! That’s my Haniwa, the Micchi mk. II! Isn’t it as pretty as you?
: No, it’s a much bigger group that’s incoming!
: Whaat?!
: All troops shift to high alert and get ready to engage. And, professor, please return to Build Base ASAP. Lady Une has been waiting for you all this time!
: Y-Yes, ma’am!
: Got blips on the radar! They’re here!

: Jeeg! Today’s the day I’ll claim your Bronze Bell as our own!
: Huh, Ikima’s showed up in person? They’re playing for keeps today, I guess.
: And you, Mazinger Z, will be accompanying Jeeg in its voyage to the underworld. However, before any of that…!

*Looks at Micchi mk. II*

: I will first reduce this disgusting sham of a Haniwa to dust!
: Wah?!

: Pops!
: I-I’m alright, but Micchi mk. II is…
: Ikima, you piece of crap! You’re wrecking my chances of getting some boobies! I’mma make you pay real good for this!!
: That’s the spirit, Kenji! And I’ll even throw you a little bone: if you manage to defeat him, I’ll consider your training a success!
: For real?! Alright! Keep watching, pops!
: We’ve already sent a request to JUDA for assistance. They’re on the way, so hold on until then.
: Roger that, grandma!
: That’s that, then. Sayaka, Boss, you guys handle repairing and resupplying, alright?
: We’re on it! And be careful, Kouji – it’s been a while since you piloted the Mazinger, so don’t do anything crazy!
: Build Angels, get in formation and follow my lead!
: Aye, aye!

*Mido and Saotome tag in with Yagyuu.*

: Get over there, Haniwas!
: Heheheh… We’ll see how long that confidence lasts…

Destroy everything, without losing Kenji or Kyo. The Haniwas are a bit beefier than the previous mooks we fought (some are twinned up, too) but keep your folks together and take things slow and you’ll be good.

And here are our new folks:

Steel Jeeg (Kenji Kusanagi)
Pilot Skills:
Prevail L3
Spirit Commands:
Mech Features:
Bronze Bell Power (銅鐸パワー) – activates at 130 morale, damage dealt increases by 25%; damage taken decreases by 25%; accuracy and evasion increase by 25%.
Squad Bonus: Mobility +5, melee weapons’ power +100

Kenji’s pretty amazing and that Bronze Bell is a big reason why – once it activates, he’ll turn into one of your strongest guys. Jeeg’s S size means enemies will have a harder time than most hitting him (though Kenji’s not the most evasive guy without the Bell running) and his best weapons all ignore size differences, so his damage won’t suffer much.
Mind you, his weaker stuff – the one’s you might use against mooks – don’t ignore size, so that’s something to keep in mind. Jeeg DOES like to chug through EN quickly, so he’s a prime candidate for an E-Save part.
Finally, a handful of his tricks require having the Big Shooter around, so you’ll likely want to have Kyo and Tsubaki joining him in a twin unit.

Mazinger Z (Kouji Kabuto)
Pilot Skills:
Sword Cut
Prevail L3
Spirit Commands:
Mech Features:
Mazin Power (マジンパワー) – activates at 130 morale, damage dealt up by 25%, damage taken down by 25%.

Squad Bonus: Armor +150, Mobility +5

The prototypical Super Robot pilot is pretty dang powerful. Notoriously bulky and hard-hitting, Kouji’s main weakness is that his range isn’t too great on his better attacks. Other than that he’s great and when Mazin Power activates, it takes a major screw-up to get him killled.

Big Shooter (Kyo Misumi, Tsubaki Tamashiro)
Pilot Skills:
Prevail L1
Support Attack L1
Support Defense L1
Spirit Commands – Kyo:
Spirit Commands – Tsubaki:
Mech Features:
Resupply Module
Squad Bonus: Money earned +10%, EN+50

Like I said, the main point of the Big Shooter is to support Jeeg and it’s built pretty much to do that. The EN bonus and resupply module will help cover Kenji’s EN issues and its presence is needed for a lot of attacks.
Mind, Jeeg is stuck on the ground and the Big Shooter, obviously, isn’t a tank – you’ll want to either get Kenji airborne or get a land adaptor for this.

Aphrodite A (Sayaka Yumi)
Pilot Skills:
Support Attack L1
Spirit Commands:
Mech Features:
Repair Module
Squad Bonus: Money earned +10%, mobility +5

Standard issue, classic support girl. The Aphrodite A is weak and fragile as hell and there are a ton of units that can do its job better.
Bless is your main reason for deploying Sayaka right now but, once other folks with it show up, she’ll likely get benched.

Build Angel (Yagyuu Mitsuko)
Pilot Skills:
Prevail L1
Support Attack L1
Support Defense L1
Spirit Commands:
Mech Features:
Repair Module
Squad Bonus: 15% chance to dodge attacks, terrain rating in air and space set to A

Speaking of way better support units, Yagyuu is a great fit for a whole lot of people. Accelerate, repair, flying and the squad bonus (which’ll get even better at 50%) all in one package is a great deal.

Boss Borot (Boss, Nuke, Mucha)
Pilot Skills:
Prevail L1
Support Defense L1
Spirit Commands - Boss:
Faith (友情) – fully restores target’s HP.
Spirit Commands - Nuke:
Spirit Commands - Mucha:
Mech Features:
Resupply Module
Squad Bonus: Melee weapons’ power +100, crit ratio +10%, land terrain rating set to A, debuff immunity

Also a better support unit: Boss! While he won’t be kicking as much ass as he did in MX, Mucha’s accelerate and that, frankly, outrageous squad bonus means he can tag in with any melee-oriented unit.
He can’t hit or survive well, of course, but that’s what upgrades are for and, worst case scenario, the Borot always costs peanuts to repair.
One noteworthy bit, mind, is that all of its attacks carry the morale down debuff!

So we finally move everyone forward and stand by.

Enemy Phase!

They do the same.

Player Phase!

The bigger Haniwas aren’t moving, mind, so we’ll start with the Boya Kaengus up front; when you attack a twinned unit, you can order your team to focus fire on the main enemy unit, the sub or for each one to attack their respective target. Since we’re running solo, that last option isn’t available.
Oh, and don’t worry about Ikima.

: That’s enough playing around for today, girls. Now we get serious!
: Aye, aye! We’ve got your back, captain!
: Let’s get in there and knock them off our skies!

Yagyuu can’t do decent-ish damage post-movement until she gets some morale, mind.

We’ll have Kenji take care of that.

: Think you can come here and mess up my good times, eh?! Y’all better get ready for some payback!
The Mazinger Team is still trudging along.

Enemy Phase!


: Today shall be the day where I present your Bronze Bell to Queen Himika, Jeeg!
: What’re you on all about with that “bell” business?! Start making sense, guy!
: All I’ll do is send you to your death, wallowing in ignorance!

Try to attack Ikima and it does absolutely no damage! He gloats about their evil power – nothing will work on him!
Well, Kyo suggests we leave him for later and focus on the other Haniwas for now. That said, Ikima doubts we’ll be able to disregard his mighty unit with it bearing down on us.

Kenji’s getting pestered, but that’s fine.
Little bit of damage won’t bug him.

Couple of Boya Kaengu do decide to go after Kyo.

: Ooh, Kenji, you little…! That was your motivation for training?! I swear, when I get my hands on you, I’ll…!
: I understand you’re angry, Tsubaki, but you have to calm down. There’s a battle to be fought.
: I know, I know! Damn it, this is all that pervert’s fault!

Kyo’s high Skill stat means he crits often, though the Big Shooter still isn’t meant for damage.
Oh, and Yagyuu gets attack from far enough that she can fire a better weapon.

Player Phase!

The JUDA crew finally arrives, Une requesting that we help clear out the Jama Kingdom attackers.
When Miu asks, Ichitaka is feeling rather confident; not only did she and Yamashita help with his training, he’s also particularly pumped up to pull his weight with Jeeg and Mazinger right there. Alice herself has kind of rushed through her studies as a subpilot but she’s already learned somewhat, so “so there are mostly no problems!” Kenji’s not a whole lot impressed that our backup consists of only a handful of units but Kouji recognizes two of JUDA’s Machinas and knows they’re good for it.

Rather, there are THREE JUDA Machinas around as the twins Izuna (the one on the left) and Shizuna Endo. Izuna, ever polite, apologizes for the delay but Shizuna, the rough kansai type, scoffs that the star players are always the last ones to take to the field.
Kenji isn’t paying attention, wondering instead “The hell’s that flying hammer-looking thing?” Shizuna heard that and she is not amused by the comparison – she’ll find and box him some after this gets wrapped up!

Une reminds Kenji that they’re in the middle of a battle, so antagonizing their allies is a big no-no. What, when did he become the bad guy here? Yagyuu restores order, telling of the big Haniwa’s barrier and asking Ichitaka’s crew to assist with the nearby enemies.
As they move in, Izuna wants to provide support from the rear but Shizuna isn’t having any of that weak-ass crap – they’re getting in there and showing everyone how awesome they are!