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Part 9: Mission 3 - The Woman Who Fights, The Woman Who Won’t Fight, The Woman Who Can’t Fight - Part 1

And we’re back in the intermission menu, our top aces looking rather differently. Kouji and Kenji have joined to immediately take the top two spots, a single kill separating each of our aces from second and first place.

Small micromanagement stuff first: Kenji and Kouji have gotten their important stats upgraded with our surplus from the previous missions. It’s occurred to me that I didn’t point out what these bars do (in case anyone reading this isn’t familiar). Here’s the quick rundown, from top to bottom:
Armor – mitigates damage.
Mobility – boosts your chance to dodge attacks.
Weapons – adds a fixed amount of attack power to all your weapons per pip purchased.

Obviously, you’ll want your dodgy reals to focus on mobility, accuracy and weapons (plus EN if they’re the chugging kind), whereas your Supers will want pretty much everything except mobility.
Jeeg is the odd one out, of course, as he might be a Super but he can’t take a hit too well. You’ll likely want to build him with Real priorities but do purchase a wee bit of HP and/or Armor in case Kenji gets a bad roll.

And, lastly, we are now allowed to tinker with our Twin units in the Formation menu. Our next mission gives us 5 slots to deploy and while we don’t have a lot of folks to use yet, I reckon I can spread our guys around somewhat.
We’ll be going with:

Ichitaka and Jeeg’s teams were pretty much a no-brainer as they complement each other so well. Yamashita’s range will help keep Boss out of trouble – pairing him with a melee-focused unit is best, but I wasn’t too sure it’d be safe until I can bolster his defenses a wee bit.
Finally, while I was tempted to have Yagyuu lead a group on her own, I felt that getting Kouji airborne and, more importantly, with an Accel cast was more important. Without, he takes forever to get in range of stuff. Thus, we’re left with Shizuna and Sayaka filling the last spot.

Off we go!

In the distant past, aboard the Cthulhu race’s emigrant vessel, Sir Violet ponders the unending journey they’ve endured across the stars. It may be their fate after the loss of their homeworld but this is still taking a REALLY long time. She wants to give her sleeping daughters a place to call home – a land of peace.
She even entertains the thought of what she’d do to make that a reality but quickly brushes it aside – it shouldn’t be so, even if death aboard this vessel is how their race ends. A hidden voice has heard her “wish”, however, and decided to grant it. She’ll have her land of peace and the voice is too busy laughing evilly to hear Violet’s objections.

Cut to the present, the Cthulhu Fortress, Sepia (orange girl) spots Earth from the window of her girlfriend, Cobalt’s, room. This beautiful world will be their home soon but Sepia asks if those humans aren’t strong? Will war break out again?
Cobalt says they’ve already checked and, no, this should be an easy conquest; good because Sepia didn’t want her people to continue stuck in the mire of war. Many days have passed since Sir Violet made it her mission to give them a new home – they had a chance to succeed in the past, but a traitor screwed that up. Not this time, though.
They’re interrupted when Cobalt receives a summons from Violet. Whatever could she want?

By her room, we find the new and improved Sir Violet. She summoned Cobalt to say that she’s been chosen as the commander of the Dilos Theta. Cobalt is honored but asks if this means she’ll be deployed to Earth.
Indeed, because they’ve confirmed that Iczer-1 – the traitor – is on the planet. She’s attacked their vanguard soldiers and seems to be looking for her partner. And if Iczer-1 manages to find and synchronize with her, she’ll awaken and be a mighty foe, indeed.
Thus, she needs to be destroyed immediately and that’s where Cobalt’s mission comes in: she’ll find and eliminate Iczer-1’s partner or, if that can’t be done, defeat the traitor herself. Cobalt confirms and seems determined to go the “defeat Iczer-1” route – she’ll never know peace if she doesn’t claim her life.

Back on Earth, we open up at Gakazono Academy and find Anna really wanting to go back to the Dannar Base – she’s having a hard time readjusting to life by her lonesome. Still, she can’t well face Goh after having been such a crummy wife – she didn’t even notice how wounded his spirit was. Nagisa (Kanou, the one in the Frontier is Kasumi) meanwhile is talking about some disappearances in her neighborhood having boosted police patrols in the area.
Anna isn’t listening, also putting some blame over what happened in Goh and just how oh-so-nicely he gets along with Mira. Doesn’t help that Mira is the guy’s ex, from before he and Anna first met. Still, Anna’s his wife now… EX-wife, maybe, she sighs. Nagisa carries on, relating how her father said he smelled blood when coming home from work one day. That meanie’s trying to scare her and her mom for a laugh, she bets… Hey, is Anna listening?

Now she is and Nagisa sighs at how distant she’s acting. Actually, Anna’s not looking too spritely, either – is she on a diet or something? No, she’s just depressed as it’s been a full two months since she ran away from home.
Nagisa’s surprised to hear that, though most Anna will give as justification is that there were “issues”. Did she fight with her parents? Not exactly, but Nagisa won’t press for answers. Still, where’s Anna living right now?

Well, she had this apartment rented but the landlady just kicked her out because of her cat, Pinpin. Said cat isn’t too keen on staying inside her backpack either. Well, Nagisa isn’t about to leave her friend destitute and invites Anna to stay with her family until she gets back on her feet. She’s sure her parents won’t object to it.
Anna’s very grateful but her attention quickly diverts back to Pinpin – the cat seems scared of something. Maybe he doesn’t like the dark inside the backpack. Still, Anna begs him to keep quiet or she’ll get kicked off class as well.
Uh, oh, Nagisa spent so long chatting that she didn’t even notice it was time for class to start – she hasn’t even wrapped up her homework yet!

But, hold on, who’s that over there? Nagisa spots a strangely dressed blonde woman staring her way from way down in the schoolyard.
Anna’s heart momentarily sinks as she thinks the blonde is Mira but, looking around, she sees no one. Odd, the woman vanished. Nagisa was sure she saw someone…

At the Dannar Base, Kiriko (Anna’s mom) is worried about Goh but he says he’s holding well enough. Has Anna called him yet? No…
Unfortunately, her departure is pretty much known by everyone now, too. Kiriko tried to cook up a story that she was off doing some special pilot training these past couple of months but… Professor Yotsuya got a bit too drunk one day and spilled the beans. He apologizes profusely and promises never to drink again but Goh isn’t angry – this whole thing is his fault anyway.

The door opens up, in coming Tetsuya Kouji (brown hair) and Hyouma. Tetsuya pokes Goh that she shouldn’t be so blasé about his wife leaving and Hyouma is a bit miffed that he didn’t come to them for advice.
Kosuke (glasses) asks if Anna’s departure is the reason why Goh hasn’t been deploying nowadays and the best he gives is a middling denial. Tetsuya thinks he has an idea of what happened: Goh took such a heavy blow from his defeat to the Menage Zero that he couldn’t pilot the Dannar anymore and seeing her hubby being such a wimp caused Anna to leave him.

Only, no, Kiriko says that’s not exactly what happened. While Goh hasn’t managed to pilot since his defeat, Anna didn’t even notice his battered spirit. And seeing how even Tetsuya noticed it, Anna took it as a major failure of her as his wife; thus, she figured she hadn’t the right to stay with him anymore and took off. This was never about her falling out of love with him or anything.

Shizuru groans at Tetsuya’s stupidity but Goh doesn’t disagree with what he said – it is his fault she left and it wouldn’t have happened if he wasn’t so worthless. He understands that he NEEDS to fight with the Dannar but every time he grips its controls, his hands won’t stop shaking. Until he manages to put himself back together, it’s be up to the Combattler folks to cover the difference.
Well, if anything, Juzo says these last two months have left them quite used to doing just that. Hyouma is certain a big hero like Goh can rise from these ashes and tells him to come and talk to us if there’s anything bothering him. It’s far better to share problems with others rather than keep it all to yourself.
…Only, Juzo points out, Hyouma has been known for keeping a lot of his problems to himself, but that’s neither here nor there!

When Chizuru asks, Goh says that he’s no idea where Anna could be right now. Shinobu’s been searching but has gotten nothing so far. Then again, Shizuru ponders inwardly, Shinobu might not say anything even if he did found her.
Goh isn’t going to look, though, wanting to believe that Anna will come back to him if he fights on; of course, that means getting his hands to stop shaking, little by little. Kiriko also believes her daughter’ll return – she just needed some time to think but will be back once she’s found her answer. Until then, we’ll just wait patiently.

Konami relays a message from Lady Une that our team’ll be here in one hour, whereupon they’ll meet with Kiriko and Yotsuya. We’ve already dealt with the Mimetic Beasts by the Naruto Straits and Yotsuya figures he’d best prepare some premium sake as a sign of gratitude for our assist.
Kagemaru, the Dannar team commander, reminds that he just said he wouldn’t drink again. Oh, right. But, regardless, they all better get to work and ready things to welcome our folks – starting tomorrow, they’ll all be joining LOTUS. It’s been a long time since the Combattler folks met up with the Mazinger team, too.

Goh will be coming with as well, knowing he can’t well stay here by himself. He’s gotta be around to help Mira and, plus, he figures the best place to get back up to speed will be at the front lines.
No, he doesn’t mind risking Anna seeing him in this sorry state – only that she knows he’s still waiting for her. Inwardly, he wonders where she could be. The world around them is undergoing massive changes with each passing moment.

Some time later, Nagisa and Anna are walking about and spot an ad for a game starring famous pop singer Eida on TV. Hmhmm. The girl’s seen a meteoric rise to stardom recently, with her songs breaking a lot of download records. Hmhmm.
Is Anna listening? Somewhat, though Nagisa can see she’s still a hundred miles away. Nagisa had hoped to get her mind off things with a walk through downtown but that’s not working too well.

Over by TV a news report from Isabelle Cronkite tells of the Dancouga’s recent appearance at the Kanagawa Prefecture and subsequent intervention in an ongoing battle. Mind you, the Japanese Government denies any involvement with the bot. This news gets Anna’s attention and Nagisa has a laugh at what a mech fangirl she is.
Still, news about super robots are common nowadays and Nagisa’s heard of Mimetic Beasts running amuck around Japan – a stark reminder of the horrors of the War of the Giants. What was the name of the mech that took out the boss Mimetic Beast back then? Godannar?
Anna slowly confirms, though didn’t expect Nagisa to know all that. Well, we ARE talking about a big, world-saving hero, so it’s not too surprising.

: …Hey, Nagisa.
: Hm?
: If… If you could get on a robot and fight, what would you do?
: Huh? Where’d that question come from?
: Do you think you’d want to fight and help protect others?
: Eeh, that’s only a question for wannabe pilots like you. Regular girls like me don’t really think about that.
: …
: Still… I think I’d pass on it. Battles are really scary business and might even get you killed.
: I see…
: (That’s likely what regular people would say, yeah. But I…)
: Are you Nagisa Kanou?
: I am… but who are you?
: My name is Cobalt and I’m here to take you hostage.
: H-Huh?! Who just comes out and says stuff like that? I’ll scream, I’m warning you!
: Be my guest, though it won’t help you…


: Waaah!
: W-We’re falling!!


: Urk! Oow…
: Where… where are we?
: It matters not. This isn’t a world the two of you could know of or understand.
: Y-You take us back! Get us back to our world!
: I will… after I’ve destroyed Iczer-1.
: What are you on about? Who’s Iczer-1?!
: Wait just a bit and you’ll see. Once she realizes your life is in danger, she’ll come running…!
: Hmhmhm… Show yourself, Iczer-1. If you don’t make haste, my flaming blade will sear your partner whole.


: Aaah!
: Stop! What’re you gonna do to her?!
: Yes, cry and scream. Call out to Iczer-1 for help!

: Get away from Nagisa!
: And here you are. I’ve been expecting you.
: (I-It’s that blonde cosplayer I saw at the schoolyard… She’s Iczer-1?)
: Taking innocents hostage… is that how the Cthulhu do things now?!
: Silence, traitor! I’ll use whatever means I must to destroy you!
: If your wish is to fight me, then I agree to it. But, in exchange, let Nagisa and her friend go!
: You may take them, but only if you manage to best me! Taaah!
: Haah!

*Swoosh! Slash! Blam!*

: Wh-What are they…? I can’t even see what they’re doing!
: A-Anna, let’s get out of here… I… I’m scared!
: I know but where are we supposed to run to?
: Mommy, daddy… help me!
: I’ll help you in a moment, Nagisa! Haaaah!

*Blast! Craaash!*

: Uuoorgh! B-Blast you, Iczer-1 – how dare you wound me so…!
: Fine, I’ll end you with the Dilos Thetas!

*Cobalt runs off.*

: Nagisa, we must leave here as well! Hold onto me, you two!
: Huh?


Mission 3 – The Woman Who Fights, The Woman Who Won’t Fight, The Woman Who Can’t Fight

: Those are…!
: Giant robots?!
: A-Aaah…!
: Not even you can prevail against this many Dilos Thetas! Your death is come, Iczer-1!

: Aaaah!
: You alright, Nagisa?!
: And so it comes to this… I’m summoning the Iczer Robo! We’ll fight together, Nagisa!
: F-fight?! No! Why do I have to fight these monsters?!
: Iczer Robo!!

: Th-That’s…!
: A robot?!
: It is my other half. Come, Nagisa!
: No!
: You are the only one in this world who can unite with the Iczer Robo! Do you not wish to defend your own planet?!
: Absolutely not!
: Then you leave me no choice. You will fight, even if I must force you to! Taaah!

*Jump and grab!*

: Huh?! Waaah!!

: I-It absorbed her!
: Wh-What’s going on?!
: You’re inside the Iczer Robo. Synchronize yourself with me, Nagisa.
: Y-You can’t do this to me! Lemme go!
: You, Nagisa’s friend… run as far away as you can. I must now face these!
: “Run”… what are you gonna do with Nagisa?!
: Help me, Anna!
: You’ve summoned the Iczer Robo, hm? But that will hardly shift the winds in your favor!
: …We’re going, Nagisa!

Take out everything, don’t lose Iczer-1. This isn’t too difficult but there are a lot of Dilos Thetas and the Iczer Robo isn’t the sturdiest or dodgiest bot around. Don’t go too far ahead, is what I’m saying and let the fight come to you.

Iczer Robo (Iczer-1, Nagisa Kanou)
Pilot Skills:
Sword Cut
Shoot Down
Prevail L3
Spirit Commands – Iczer-1
Spirit Commands – Nagisa
Attune (感応) – grants Strike to the target unit.
Squad Bonus: Accuracy +5, EN+50

Iczer-1 is a monster of a pilot – one of the absolute best in the game, as a matter of fact. All her stats have either the highest or second highest baseline across. Usually she’ll only get competition from Our Lord and Savior… and someone else (if you’ve watched Iczer, you know who).
The Iczer Robo’s already pretty good, though it’s missing many of its tricks now. It’s still pretty bulky and while Mobility is on the low-ish side, Iczer-1 is so good that she’ll make it dodge reliably enough. A high Prevail will further boost that, too, though she won’t be topping the damage charts against big cheaters like Kouji and Kenji.

Oh, and I would be remiss not to mention the following: apparently there’s a BIG bug related to the Iczer Robo in that if you get it killed, game over and restart from the intermission screen, Nagisa will DISAPPEAR as a subpilot. There’s only one point, in the latter half of the game, where you’ll recover her and if you lose her again past that, you’re screwed.

I haven’t seen it happen because, one, I’m too good to let her get killed () and, two, I’m too proud to actually Continue on a game over’d mission. All in all, if you lose her and game over, just reload your save and try again fresh.

That being said, I just have her take a few steps forward and hold.

Enemy Phase!

: …?!
: Nagisa, what’s the matter? Synchronize with me, please! We won’t be able to bring out the true might of the Iczer Robo like this!
: Let me out! Lemme out of here!
: Ahahah! The Dilos Theta’s strength is on a wholly different level! You’re not match for us, Iczer-1!
: Nagisa…!

Here they come.

Do keep an eye against the Dilos as they’ve decent accuracy.

Most of them keep away for now, though.

Player Phase!

: Mimetic Beasts?! Why are they here?!
: Oh, Earthling monsters? How convenient.
: Gyaaaaaaaaah!

: Aaah!
: Urk!
: Nagisa!!
: Is this also your doing, Cobalt?!
: I’m sorry to disappoint you, but no, I have nothing to do with this. They do seem to be on our side, though.
: Hrm…!
: Please, stop! Put me down! Let me go!
: (My friend’s in danger… there are Mimetic Beasts all over… and I can’t do anything?!)
: (No… I can do something, but I ran from it. What am I doing?! I need to be out there, fighting those things!)
: Nagisa, hold on! I’ll get back to the Dannar Base and—

: Goh! He’s here…!

: And that’s… the Neo Okusaer? But who is… no, Mira?!
: Goh, are you sure you’re ready for this? The four of us could—
: I know. But if I don’t fight, Anna’ll never…!
: Yo, what’s going on here? The radars are completely blank… Think the Mimetic Beasts are behind this?
: I cannot determine the cause but I’m detecting some abnormal EM Waves throughout the area. Our sensors won’t work in this environment.
: Well, if the sensors aren’t flying, then we gotta go with good, ol’ eyesight. Mine’s 20/20!
: Watch where you’re walking, Hyouma. We don’t know if there are civs around here somewhere!
: I’m on it, Daisaku. I can manage that, no prob!
: And look over there, Hyouma! There are some different robots up there, not just the Mimetic Beasts!
: I’ve never seen anything like those before… and they’re not in our data banks, either.

*Beep, beep!*

: Hold up! We’re being hailed by that green robot!
: Do you hear me, Earthlings? Your planet has come under the attack of Big Gold! Those robots – the Dilos Thetas – are her minions!
: What, a new group of enemies?!
: You think those are the invaders from space that Dr. Nanbara warned us about?!
: Please, I request your assistance!
: We’re here to deal with those Mimetic Beast larvae anyway, so, yes, we might as well help you.
: You’ve my thanks!
: And your name is?
: Iczer-1!
: Pleased to meet you, Iczer-1! We’ll tackle this one together!
: Right!
: Heeeelp! Get me out of here! … They can’t hear me?!
: (Hrk… We’ve got new enemies cropping up and I still can’t fight properly…?!

Alright, now this is more manageable. Mind, losing either Goh or Mira will also be a gameover but they’re well equipped to take care of themselves:

Godannar (Goh Saruwatari)
Pilot Skills:
Prevail L3
Support Attack L1
Support Defense L1
Spirit Commands:
Fighting Spirit
Squad Bonus: Melee weapons’ power +100, Armor +100, EN+50

Power! Armor! EN! Everything you could ever want!
Goh and his squad bonus make for a very fine unit, though he’s obviously not doing too hot right now. He’ll get better, though, and become a very reliable Super! His accuracy isn’t all that, though it’s nothing we can’t fix.
As for the Godannar, it’s clearly a punchy bot which comes with the usual issues of low range. Again, we can fix that – grab him a partner that knows Accel, too, while you’re at it.

Neo Okusaer (Mira Ackerman)
Pilot Skills:
Prevail L3
Support Attack L1
Support Defense L1
Spirit Commands:
Fury/Direct Hit (直撃) – the next attack will bypass defensive supports and features.
Mech Features:
Angel Wall (エンジェルウォール) – nullifies all damage below 2300.
Squad Bonus: Crit ratio +10, experience gained +10%, accuracy +5

Well, hey, I guess we’ve found his partner! Mira’s stats are pretty much like Goh’s, only slightly worse (except for Evasion). The Neo can handle itself well enough, though it lacks a bit of stopping power. That barrier makes it a prime defensive supporter, though, as 2300 damage on a Super isn’t too easy to do without a boss.

Oh, and as a fun note: 旦那/Danna(r) means, among other things, “husband”, while 奥さん/Okusan(saer) is “wife”. So, Anna just lost the wifebot to her husband’s ex… Actually, with that Neo there, wouldn’t it be the “New Wife”-bot? That probably bodes ill.

Core Gunner (Shizuru Fujimura)
Pilot Skills:
Prevail L1
Support Attack L1
Support Defense L1
Spirit Commands:
Squad Bonus: Accuracy +5, crit ratio +10, land terrain rating: A

G-Gunner (Tetsuya Kouji)
Pilot Skills:
Prevail L2
Support Attack L1
Support Defense L1
Spirit Commands:
Squad Bonus: Ranged weapons’ attack power +100, HP+1000

Both Shizuru and Tetsuya can work nicely as squaddies for ranged-oriented folks – especially Tetsuya, of course. Shizuru has a better range movement coverage as both her weakest and strongest weapons can be used after moving, while Tetsuya’s almost a pure sniper.
They’re decently strong, too, but will get left behind as the game progresses, of course.

Combattler V (Hyouma Aoi, Juzo Naniwa, Daisaku Nishikawa, Chizuru Nanbara, Kosuke Kita)
Pilot Skills:
Sword Cut
Prevail L3
Spirit Commands – Hyouma:
Spirit Commands – Juzo:
Spirit Commands – Daisaku:
Iron Wall
Spirit Commands – Chizuru:
Spirit Commands – Kosuke:
Squad Bonus: HP +1000

Remember what I said about Voltes? Copy paste that and you’ve the Combattler. It’s good, it’s flexible with all its pilots, it’s hard to kill, hits nicely and will do even better later.

Folks are making their way over but Mira, with Accelerate, is just in range.

: With Anna gone, we all need to do our part supporting Goh…!

Of course, she could only use her weakest weapon… at least she dodges the counter.

Might as well have Iczer one snipe away at this one.
“We’re going, Nagisa!”
“No! Do it yourself!”

Enemy Phase!

As Iczer-1 takes out a Dilos, the other weakened one guns for Hyouma.

: I dunno what you guys are but you better get right off our planet!
: I really don’t think yelling at them is going to get you anywhere.
: Plus, we’ve to fight them under these unusual conditions. Do not let your guard down, Hyouma!
That’s quite the elaborate attack for a standard crotch-missile.

Urgh, and the Mimetic Beasts decide to gun for Iczer-1 as well. That wouldn’t be TOO bad if not for the fact that they drain EN.

: Noo! Why is this happening to me?!
: These are different from the Cthulhu’s monsters… However, I will not falter! I cannot!

At least her Prevail procs a bit and she dodges the next three attacks.

Player Phase!

: Those are…!
: Bam, enter the heroes! Y’all can relax now!
: Prof. Aoi already gave us the rundown: those blue bots are a new enemy and the green one’s on our side, right?
: And, also, that a blonde babe is piloting it! Whoohohohoo… time to put on a good show for her!
: Heey, Kouji, Boss! It’s been forever!
: Yo, Hyouma! We’re gonna be working on the same team again!
: While this is our first time meeting up with the Dannar Base people.
: Ichitaka, I’m not detecting any fluctuations in your heart rate whatsoever. Do you not feel any anxiety… or, rather, love for the Godannar or Combattler?
: No, no – the opposite! And I’m talking about anxiety, FYI!
: I mean, I am nervous but I also know that getting all tense would put our lives in danger, you know?
: Yes, life is meant to be valued. Treasure it and it’ll last… well, for your whole life, right?
: Hahah, thanks for that one. I’m a little less nervous now.
: The Earthlings have sent some extra help, I see.
: All the better for us.
: Right. Let’s go and wrap this up… hrrm…!
: Hey, Goh, take it easy there. We’ll take care of things.
: Sorry, folks…
: However many of you there are, this’ll all end the same. Behold the might of the Dilos Thetas!

Healing her up just in case.

While Goh takes out a weakened beastie, Mira and Shizuru work on its healthy partner.

: Neither Goh nor Mira are doing too well… Then the best I can do is down as many enemies as possible!

Chizuru: “A Mimetic Beast!”
Hyouma: “Nothing we can’t handle!”

Iczer-1, now packing Focus, picks something else to blast while the rest of us are closing the distance. At least thanks to their new tag partners, Kouji and Kenji have covered a LOT of ground in one move.

Enemy Phase!

Ickzer-1 and Hyouma (packing Iron Wall) tank pretty much whatever’s already on top of us, weakening them all in the process. The bad news is the Mimetic Beasts drink pretty much all of the Combattler’s EN, what with it dodging like a brick house.

Couple of Beasts do get clever with Kenji, though.

The thing barely hangs on, enough for Tsubaki to kill-steal.

Player Phase!

Now we go to town.

: Anna… I want to believe that, somewhere, you’re watching this… and that you’ll eventually come back to me!
Husband punch!

Get rid of those Mimetic Beasts before they hit anyone else!

Ichitaka: “Don’t need to hold back against Mimetic Beasts!”
Alice: “Right! We should engage with all we have!”

Hyouma moves back a bit, but not before taking out another Dilos. Shooting enough enemies down triggers the plot.