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Part 10: Mission 3 - The Woman Who Fights, The Woman Who Won’t Fight, The Woman Who Can’t Fight - Part 2

: Hmph, so you Earthlings have a little fight in you. But you will not best me and my Dilos with that!

*Cobalt charges towards the town center.*

: Haaaaah!

: Damn, how is she so strong?!
: She… she’s destroying the entire town!
: Stop this, Cobalt!

*Iczer-1 goes after.*

: Silence, traitor!

*Iczer-1 gets thrown right across town.*

: Aah!
: This is bad! That robot’s power is several steps above hers!
: Nagisa, why won’t you synchronize with me?
: I told you again and again: I don’t want to fight!
: She’s destroying your hometown! Do you not care anything about that?!
: …
: It seems to me that your partner is no more than dead weight, Iczer-1!

*Another blast, further knocking her back... right where Anna is!

: Waah!
: A-Aah…!
: A-Anna… you’re still there?! Run – it’s dangerous!
: I can’t, Nagisa. I have to fight… but, the Okusaer… the Okusaer is now…!
: What are you on about, Anna?! Get out of there NOW!
: Die!

: Aaaah!
: Anna! ANNAA!
: Nagisa, grant me strength – your strength…!
: Anna… get out… get out of there, please…
: Why won’t you fight, Nagisa? Why are you thinking of no one but yourself?!
: This is your town – your home – and you must defend it! You must defend your friend!
: U-Urgh…
: I… I have to defend… Anna…

: You… You’ll pay for this…! YOU’LL PAY!!

: I-It can’t be…! All this power… Is it fruit of their synchronization?!
: Are you now willing to fight, Nagisa? Thank you!
: No, I told you that I don’t want to! But Anna… Anna is…!
: Nagisa...I’m alright. All thanks to you.
: Anna…! Oh, thank god!
: Nagisa, your friend will likely be at risk again if we let this battle carry on…
: I know… Fine, I’ll help you!
: Many thanks, Nagisa. Let’s go, then!

And the Iczer Robo just got a stat boost from that for some extra HP, EN, etc. – good, because she’ll be dealing with Cobalt while we handle the rest.

Speaking of, Shizuru’s got enough morale for her best attack. Also, nearby, after Kouji and Kenji both turn a pair of Mimetic Beasts into mush, Tetsuya is just range to snipe another down.

: Come one, come all! I’ll give you way more than you bargained for!

By the by, Cobalt’s range isn’t too good.

: Iczer Robo or not, you will fall against the Dilos Theta! Prepare to meet your end, Iczer-1!
: You and your ilk won’t have their way, Cobalt! So long as life burns within my breast, I’ll fight on!

Another 5k damage.

Enemy Phase!

Hrm, I was actually expecting her to go after Iczer.

That’s a combo attack hitting both girls but, unfortunately, the Deceive has ridiculous amounts of HP. It does not care.

And, with that, we’re in the clear. The remaining mooks either die against our wall of beefy units or get weakened greatly – they’ll die next turn.

Following a quick jab from Yamashita, Cobalt’s done.
Iczer-1: “Not even a Cthulhu warrior shall prevail if I’ve Nagisa’s help!”

And Iczer-1 takes a couple of levels, learning Attack Combo. Nice.

: I… I cannot fall… SEPIAA!!

: Haah… Haah…
: I’m sorry, Cobalt…

And here go the last Mimetic Beasts:
I was looking to have Kouji grab the kill but at least it showed me that Yagyuu’s Trinity Attack actually has a dynamic finish.

: Seems that’s all of the Mimetic Beasts and those unknown bots.
: Yes, but what, exactly, were those?
: She said there were minions of one “Big Gold”…
: We’ve got plenty of questions for that pilot, I’d say.
: Then we need to try and get her to come to either JUDA or Dannar Base.
: Hey, you… do you mind coming over to our base and giving some details about that Big Gold?
: Certainly. But, first, give me a moment to let my partner off the Iczer Robo.

*Iczer-1 moves to a nearby street.*

: Do you hear me, Nagisa…?
: Urk…guh…
: (She’s looking quite weak. Not surprising, after such a rough battle… I beg your forgiveness, Nagisa…)

: Gugyaaa!
: Damn it – there were others around?!

*The Mimetic Beast starts charging after the Iczer Robo*

: Watch out!

: Gwargh!
: Aah—! Goh!
: Goh!

*Mira gets between him and the monster.*

: You won’t hurt him!
: !!
: (I was the one supposed to be out there, protecting him! Even Nagisa’s fighting and I’m…!)
: Careful! That Mimetic Beast’s a lot bigger than the last ones!


: Dannar Base here! Exercise extreme caution: it’s very likely that Mimetic Beast is the source of the EM interference!
: What?!
: Since when can those things do that?!
: They couldn’t, at least not thus far… I’d wager it’s evolved.
: And it sent the Godannar flying like it was nothing! This one’s gonna be real tough!
: Goh, let’s unite! Our only way of fighting this Beast is with the Twin Drive!
: What?!
: You can’t, Mira! You’re still undergoing tests and the chance of a successful union is zero with Goh in his current state!
: No… we’re going for it. We’ll take the monster out with a Heart Breaker!
: You really sure about this, Goh?!
: (No more waffling about. I can’t, if I’m going to protect this town and Mira… and if I’m going to be around to wait for Anna!)
: I’m a pilot, so I’ll fight until the very bitter end! Let’s go, Mira! Drive Change – go!

: Dannar… on! Revolver… OPEN! Godannar Twin Drive!

: We'll take him out in one shot, Goh!
: Aye, aye!

: Woooow… The Godannar’s 100% back…!
: That… That’s the Godannar’s actual power…?!
: (I… I’m just no match for her…! I…!)
: EM waves confirmed gone and all sensors are back online. Is everyone better?
: Yes, everything’s good. That Mimetic Beast really was the source, I guess.
: We’re good too; got no more Mimetic Beast pings on the radar, either. Now we’re done here.
: Alright, then let’s call in people to help the survivors. I trust you’re also OK, Iczer-1?
: I am, though my partner has lost consciousness. She’s been through a lot today…

*Beep, boop!*

: I couldn’t help but overhear that. If you don’t mind, JUDA is ready to help her recover.
: Mr. Ishigami!
: And, at that, could everyone also come over with them? We’re already coordinating with Lady Une and readying everything to accommodate you folks.
: Us, too?
: Of course – you’re all official LOTUS members now. And the JUDA Corporation building will be serving as your new base!
: Glad you’re so hyped, boss, but we got a sick girl here? How about sending a transport to pick her up quick-like?
: Easy, Shizuna. He’s acting like that only to try and get us relaxed.
: Oh, it brings tears to my eyes knowing my employees understand me so well.
: And, by the by, the transport’s already on the way. Why don’t you folks help the rescue teams until it gets there?
: (Did you see me, Anna? If you did, then please come home soon! I… I’ll be waiting for you, Anna!)

The Dannar Base mechanics, Shibakusa (older guy), Nanae (freckles) and Touko have all been assigned to work with LOTUS and, thus, came to JUDA. Plus, Shibakusa figures no one but them could service these bots.
Rachel takes offense at that – there’s no mech her genius can’t handle! Shibakusa quickly rephrases himself, saying that what he meant is that they are the best suited for the job because they’re familiar with each of their pilots’ mannerisms and can tune the mechs to match. In that case, Rachel agrees.

Morimoto is the last of the Dannar mechanics and is just glad he was sent here along with Nanae. He was ready to try and get hired by JUDA had he been left behind. Nanae is so very happy as well and, as hearts start flying everywhere, Shizuru introduces Ichitaka to the Dannar Base’s notorious pair of lovebirds.
More interesting to Ichitaka is getting to meet with Goh, who figures him out as the Rushbird’s pilot. “I am, sir! Ichitaka Nagumo, 3rd year middle schooler and, if I may say so, you blew me away during the last battle! The combination, the attack – everything was awesome! It’s a huge honor to fight with you!” he proclaims aloud, though Goh is also pleased to work with him.
Ichitaka figures he can’t well control his nerves with the actual guy standing right next to him but whatever!

And the Combattler team will have the help of Ropett, who’s also been assigned to LOTUS – they can’t actually combine without him, see. Alice walks up soon after, properly introducing herself to them and saying she’s in charge of the team’s healthcare.
Sayaka also adds that she’s a maid robot and subpilot for the Rushbird, and Hyouma has a hard time seeing her as a bot. He’s pretty impressed, though Alice figures Ropett a far more capable helper. She’s looked him up and seen that he can analyze brain waves, make drinks and so much more… In truth, Alice is a bit jealous of all his various functionalities and hopes to learn from him.
When Ropett asks, Alice says her functionalities are oriented towards physical care but she’s got little in the way of special features; for instance, her hearing’s pretty sharp and she can analyze a person’s pulse by just being nearby and listening to their heartbeat. A rather low-tech approach for such a high-tech android – Kosuke figures her creator was kind of an oddball.

Maybe Grife wanted her to be more human-like, Daisaku wonders. If that’s the case, then, Alice figures she’s a failure: “I can’t learn or adapt as easily as everyone else – it’s caused me no shortage of problems!”
Maybe not, as Daisaku figures that’s a pretty natural reaction she’s showing – that’s something! But, regardless, the reason she came here is that she wanted a copy of their physical data to start planning her healthcare plans for them. Ropett has it all handy for her to download.

Ishigami comes in with Iczer-1 and Miu quickly asks them about Nagisa’s condition. It’s not too good, honestly – she’s in the ICU right now, stuck in a coma. Iczer-1 feels pretty bad, seeing how this happened because she forced an unwilling person to pilot the Iczer Robo, but Ishigami tells her to not blame herself. There was no other option, face the enemies bearing down on them all.
Goh understands her concern over her partner’s condition but asks if she could still take the time to inform us on this new group of invaders gunning for Earth. In essence, they’re called the Cthulhu, a group of people who’ve wandered the cosmos for a very long time in search of a new home. Their plan is to claim Earth as that, after eradicating any and all life in it.
So this invasion is more like a violent emigration, Yagyuu sees, though Iczer-1 says it wasn’t always like that. When the Cthulhu people’s journey first started, they wanted to find a home via peaceful means and were willing to journey for as long as necessary to do so. However, they were changed when, during their travels, they ran into Big Gold. It is an evil being that lived out in space and it has taken control of the Cthulhu.

Kosuke’s very surprised at the thought of mechanical life-forms existing, but Juzo has a better question: if Iczer-1 is fighting against them, what exactly is she? In truth, she’s a Cthulhu android. So, she’s one of them.
Ishigami isn’t bothered, though, remembering what she said about the Cthulhu, originally, being against violent action. Thus, it could be said that Iczer-1 rebelled in the name of upholding the peaceful ideals that Big Gold took away.
And the many recent disappearances? It’s the Cthulhu’s doing, as they turn people into their agents. She’d been trying to stymie the Cthulhu’s invasion but, unfortunately, this is all too much for her alone. Ishigami can see that, what with all the robots that showed up today. So, hey, why doesn’t she join LOTUS as well?

Kenji’s a bit taken aback by the sudden proposal but Iczer-1 seems interested. With Nagisa wounded, she’d have to face the Cthulhu by herself and that’d be pretty difficult. Furthermore, she knows of all the other threats bearing down upon Earth and is determined to defend Nagisa’s home.
Iczer-1 asks for our approval to her joining the team and even goes and bows her head. Not needed, of course, as Kouji says we’re always willing to help out. Kenji has an objection, though: “Yo, Kouji! You trying to set yourself up as the ‘nice guy’ with her?!”
Not at all; he just thinks it’s great to have a chance for us to get together with someone from so far away. Helping her out is an easy choice for him. Sayaka is impressed, though Shizuru has a question: how much of that speech came from guilt over Kenji being dead right? …Just a bit. And there goes Sayaka’s newfound respect.

Kyo also offers to tell Iczer-1 what he knows of Earth, as the information will surely help her. “You’re trying to get a leg up on the competition, too?!” Kenji cries, only to be punched down by Saotome. Not everyone here’s a perv like him.
Still, Iczer-1 is happy with this group of companions and she wants Nagisa to meet them soon.

Ishigami’ll take care of getting here formally added to the team, though Goh does wonder what Lady Une could be up to – he doesn’t see her around. Indeed, she’s headed over to negotiate with NEX, the organization that provides support to the Daiku Maryu team in its battle against the Darius Army.
Goh heard that the Daiku Maryu is still engaging the Darius over by their world – in the underground – so does this mean they’re expected to come back here? Either way, Hyouma likes it as adding those guys to LOTUS would be a major boost to our firepower.

With the situation throughout the world getting progressively direr (bolstered by the appearance of the Cthulhu), NEX’s big ties to major military suppliers makes them a company Ishigami would very much like to get on our side.
Ichitaka can’t help but remember him and Kouichi fanboying over the Daiku Maryu and Gaiking when they first saw them in the news. Where could the guy be now? Hopefully safe, at least…

Rachel is more interested in finding where the Iczer Robo is, as she’d like to service it a bit. Turns out that’s not needed, as the thing is currently in another dimension, regenerating any damage it took. That’s a surprise to Rachel, as that’s pretty much what the Machina do.
Iczer-1 figures the creators of these mechs simply sought similar features – hers WAS designed as something that could operate solo, without any need of maintenance or resupplying. Rachel sees her point, as any scientists that tackle a problem rationally could likely find similar solutions.

That said, Iczer-1’ll be unable to bring out the Robo’s full abilities – that’s only possible when she, Nagisa and the bot are synchronized. And even if she does wake up from her coma, Iczer-1 wonders if she’ll be willing to fight again. With all that in mind, Maki figures it’s best to just keep the thing sealed away for now.
“But don’t you worry! We’ll all be right here to pick up the slack real good!” Boss proclaims heroically and Iczer-1 is very grateful to him (“Whooheehee!”). With that, Shibakusa rounds up all the mechanics and tells them to put their game faces on – they’ve never worked on many of these mechs before, so there’ll be plenty of work.

Ichitaka sees our group getting bigger and bigger, finally taking off for real. Now if they could just find some clue about Grife or Yuu and everything’d be great. They’re both worried about them but our only real option right now is to wait until that painting’s been analyzed in full.
Meanwhile, Ichitaka will keep on training; same goes for Alice, studying to improve as a subpilot and keeping everyone nice and healthy. Ichitaka does remind her to take care of herself too – self-repair or not, she shouldn’t rely too much on it or it might blow up in her face eventually. Hmm, Alice would like to say there aren’t any such deficiencies in her main systems but…

Oops, no more time to sit around as Yamashita says Yagyuu will be handling Ichitaka’s training session today. He better not run late or Saotome’ll give him hell. As he takes off in a hurry, Alice is a bit pensive: “There shouldn’t be anything wrong with my systems… But maybe I’ll go and talk with Mr. Maki or Ms. Rachel when I’ve the time.”