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Part 12: Mission 5 - Red Impact, Blue Terror - Part 1

And we are back, the HP-prioritizing AI helping Hyouma secure a more comfortable lead as our top ace. Goh and Iczer-1 aren’t too far behind, though.

Regarding Skill Parts, I saw fit to teach Daiya guard just because, Ichitaka’s been getting fed Infights since all but Maser Eye are melee attacks and an extra Support Defend to capitalize on his barrier.

Upgrades: Kaikink’ll pass his stuff to the Gaiking once we get Daiya some good parts to combine with, so he gets a boost in everything he’ll need. Hyouma, Ichitaka and Goh get extra EN, Boss gets some extra survivability and accuracy.
Oh and one thing I JUST found out: be careful when upgrading the Mazinger since, according to the JP wiki, it won’t relay its upgrades to the Mazinkaiser after Yumi stops dicking around and fixes the thing.
I suppose it MAKES sense, since it’s not the same mech but…

We’ve 8 slots available for the next mission, so here’s how we’re going:

I put Daiya and Boss together since they don’t have TOO much HP to get focus-fired over Hyouma and Goh, and Boss’ squad bonus and EN Regen will make a good fit. Despite my original thought, Iczer-1’s hand-beam attack isn’t melee like Ichitaka, so she wouldn’t benefit too much from Boss’ bonus…

Now for the mission.

At JUDA’s hangar, the resident scientists tell Ichitaka that they’ve gotten some results from Grife’s painting. Mind you, they’re still getting details but they can give Ichitaka and Alice an outline of what’s in there. That’s great news as it might give them a clue to find the professor – even the Dannar Base team hasn’t located him.
As for the contents of the painting, Rachel says it includes both a blueprint for a combat-oriented AI and some upgrade plans for Alice herself. “Upgrades? Will it give her some machine guns or missile launchers and stuff?” Ichitaka wonders.
Actually, things like those ARE depicted within the upgrade plans, but it looks like Grife nixed the whole project halfway through. Regardless, Maki wants to continue analyzing the painting , having only hand-picked staff dealing with anything that could yield us a clue about Grife’s whereabouts. Ichitaka and Alice are fine with that and grateful for the help.

Of course, Rachel is so very interested on Grife’s research, so it’s hardly an issue to her. Alice in particular wants them to speak with her as soon as they’ve more insight into the painting’s data – she might be able to use those combat AI plans to boost her usefulness to the team if they can find a way to integrate them.
If that’s what she’d like, Maki promises to let her know, but our attention is diverted to Izuna walking in: Yamashita is calling Ichitaka. It’s time for his usual drills and Alice says her temperature is good enough that she can take part in it some – no problems at all!

By Ishigami’s office, he’s just received a call from Quatre. How’s life as a middle schooler going? Still getting used to it – he’s been getting pushed around some. Ishigami sighs at them teens behaving like a pack of wild animals. Regardless, how’s Kouichi? Being an oddball – to put it nicely – as he’s been going around, acting like the biggest deal since sliced bread.
Ishigami’s heard about it, how the kid’s been taking to proclaiming stuff like “I am justice incarnate! I have been REBORN!” Plus, Quatre reports that, under that banner of justice and spurned by his newly enhanced strength as a Factor, Kouichi’s taken a violent turn.

Ishigami isn’t too surprised that suddenly getting a whole lot of power got him all too overexcited. At the very least Quatre reports that we should be thankful there hasn’t been a need for him to summon the Linebarrel again. As for Dr. Kizaki’s daughter, Quatre reports that she’s been staying at Kouichi’s place and Ishigami’ll be picking her up soon – he promised to, you see.
Meanwhile, Quatre will continue with his work. As he signs off, Yui asks if it’s really alright for them to let Kouichi run loose. Indeed, Ishigami wants to wait for a bit longer: “let’s see what kind of changes he and the Linebarrel’ll bring to this world.”

And at Misaki Middle School, Kouichi is booored. The Katou Organization hasn’t attacked since last time, meaning all these new superpowers are being totally wasted here. Quatre walks in and greets him; Kouchi greets the transfer student back… er, what’s his name again? He still hasn’t memorized it.
Kouichi apologizes but, you know, he’s busy being a CHAMPION OF JUSTICE and all that. But never mind that, did Quatre do his math homework? How about letting him take a peek? Quatre wonders if the self-styled champion should do something so unchampionly but Kouichi just tells him not to be such a stick-in-the-mud. Fine, fine, Quatre relents - that’s what makes him a legit friend!
Some time later, Furuya walks in and demands Shinji follow. And he better not give him any backtalk OR ELSE. As they run off to the roof, Kouichi’s had enough: “This looks like a job for a CHAMPION OF JUSTICE!”

Once again, Furuya’s hungry and wants some curry bread. Shinji groans that class is just about to start – meaning he better hurry up and get back in time, then. Shinji argues that it’s impossible and Furuya figures he didn’t get his message about backtalk.
He doesn’t get to punch the kid some, as Kouichi runs over and tells him to cut it out. Furuya promptly tells him to piss off as he’s got not time for folks who can’t even do simple errands. Or did Kouichi already forget about offering to grab him that curry bread and never coming back?
Kouichi points out that a lot of stuff happened that day but Furuya doesn’t care. What he DOES care is that Shinji stop wasting time here and go buy him his food already! Making it back in time for class isn’t any less impossible now but Kouichi steps up to handle it: he’ll go and be back with the thing in 5 minutes.

Cut to five minutes later and, on the dot, Kouichi’s back. How the hell? He must’ve had already bought the thing! Well, why doesn’t he take a bite and see? Indeed, it’s still warm. Damn, Kouichi’s a kickass gofer!
“Aw, ya know. I just had to put a little bit of ‘oomph’ into it and… wait a minute, why am I playing gofer?! The hell’s wrong with me, using my brand new superpowers for crap like this?!” Kouichi’s other shoe drops.
Furuya doesn’t like his attitude – Kouichi’s thinking he’s hot stuff just because he’s gotten a bit faster eh? Not just: “I’ve gotten my hands on some superpowers just to punish pieces of crap like you!”

Furuya fumes at the cheeky gofer but Kouichi says he’s not that anymore – he’s been reborn! Things are about to come to blows when Yajima kicks open the roof’s door and tells Kouichi to cut it out. Just what’s been going on with him lately?
Kouichi thanks him for trying to stick up for him still but it’s not needed anymore – he’ll handle this. Furuya tries cheapshotting Kouichi while he’s distracted but, warned by Shinji, he dodges and counters for a one-hit KO.
Just in time for the school bell to ring, too, so Kouichi calls the very grateful Shinji back to class. While Yajima’s quietly bothered by his friend’s new lot in life, Quatre concedes that Kouichi IS being a champion for the weak. But still…

Class eventually ends and Kouichi couldn’t be happier – now he can go and catch up on Kivaider, his favorite show (sentai, by the looks of things). Risako isn’t about to let him run off, though, as she’s heard of his scuffle with Furuya. Well, dang, he’s actually surprised word got around. It ain’t easy being a big time champ.
Risako says everyone was shocked when they heard: wimpy Kouichi went and took on his bully. That was nothing short of a miracle. Hey, now, didn’t Kouichi himself say before that he had a lot of power just waiting to awaken? There it went.
Well, Risako’s finding it more weird than anything else – it’s like he’s a different person. Doesn’t Yajima think so too? Kouichi doesn’t let him answer, saying Yajima already knows what’s up: he’s been reborn. Risako doesn’t quite like feeling left out of whatever secrets they’re hiding.

Speaking of being left out, Kouichi wonders what happened with Ichitaka. Yajima says he’s been gone since the day Kouichi went all CHAMPION. Didn’t he notice the absence of a classmate until now?
Kouichi sniffs that it ain’t his job to keep track of who is or isn’t around – he’s way too important for that, see. Risako doesn’t like his big head but Kouichi isn’t listening, running off to see his shows.
Risako wants to come with and Yajima follows, Quatre tailing behind.

By Kouichi’s house, he tells Risako to stop following him and head over to her home. Does he need to be so unfriendly? He could invite her out to tea or something. Or, even better, she could go and bake some of her traditional cupcakes. Nope, Kouichi’s doesn’t want any.
Yajima tells him to drop the attitude, especially since Risako’s just being nice. Besides, didn’t they always like her cooking? Kouichi stomps that, again, he doesn’t want any… and Emi opens the door, wondering what all this yelling’s about.
Kouichi explains that he’s being hounded, though Risako’s too startled to see this new girl to care. Kouichi introduces her as a classmate and Emi politely does the same, explaining that she’s staying at Kouichi’s place.

As these things tend to go, Risako gets the wrong idea: they’re living together? In that case, when Kouichi said he was “reborn”, was he talking about…?! Her dread only grows tenfold when Emi says “mother” asked her to buy some stuff for the house.
“OK, OK, take a deep breath, Risako. Maybe she’s Kouichi’s relative or something…” Risako thinks to herself. She’s about to ask what Emi’s relationship with Kouichi is when an explosion erupts nearby.
Quatre rushes over, telling everyone to bail: the Katou Organization’s back. How does he know who those guys are? He says he’ll explain it all later but it’s too dangerous to stay here – he grabs Kouichi and his friends to get as far away as can be.
Inwardly, Quatre notes that LOTUS has been called and should be coming. He needs to keep an eye on Kouichi now.

Mission 5 – Red Impact, Blue Terror

: Come out, come out, wherever you are, Linebarrel!

: …
: You seem displeased, Wufei. You do remember that the Linebarrel’s Factor, Kouichi Hayase, is in this town, right?
: And I’ll carry out my mission accordingly, so spare me the reminder.
: So long as we’re clear on that. We’ll lay siege to this down and force him and the Linebarrel to show themselves.
: No way in hell a “champion of justice” like him would hide out while his hometown’s burned to the ground, see!
: Kouichi Hayase… Now is the time for you to prove how truthful your ramblings about “justice” are.


: Mind you, there is a second prey you’re luring today.
: Another? Which one is that?
: The Dancouga.
: So that the Earth may be saved…
: Hm…? Commander, who are those people?
: They’re not affiliated with us but our goals are the same. Once the Dancouga’s shown up, they’ll handle the rest.
: Our goals are “the same”?
: Hah… though I don’t think they agonize over their choices as much as you do.
: Psh, more surprise guests? That’s the sorta thing you tell me about before we set out, Hisataka.
: I apologize for that but, please, worry only about securing the Linebarrel.
: Fine, fine. I guess it ain’t a problem if I still get to tangle with Horns!

: …
: What is it, Wufei? Do you find fault with our methods of bringing him out in the open?
: Way I see it, there ain’t no problem with killing some idiots who can’t even imagine ways to survive!
: Besides, even if they did survive, they’d just find even worse stuff waiting for ‘em up ahead. Them dying here is kinda a blessing, really.
: Wufei, do you remember the talk we had when we first met?
: Stop talking. Keep going and I might decide I should just kill you.
: I care not about what your organization’s goals are. I simply imagined your actions were necessary to the world – that’s it.
: Cmdr., give the order to carry on the offensive, please.
: I guess we must, Masaki. Another volley, my friends.
: Bah, I really wish you’d let us cut loose some more. OK – light ‘em up!

: Aaah!
: Over here, Risako! Hurry!
: That’s… Wufei?!
: (I didn’t think he’d come back to Misaki again. We haven’t heard from him since he infiltrated the Katou Organization… Could he have…?)
: (No, he’s attacking but is trying not to hurt the civilians. He’s carrying on fighting in his own way…)
: Kouichi, don’t just stand there! I know you like robots but it’s too dangerous to stay here! We need to run right now!
: Kouichi, are you…!
: (…! He’s going to summon the Linebarrel?!)
: …Emi.
: I’m here.
: My town’s under attack. What kind of Champion of Justice would I be if I didn’t do something about it?
: I know. But if you fight like you did before, you’ll only cause more damage.
: Yeah, I hear ya!
: …Then place your hand on my chest.
: O-OK…
: W-Whoa, Kouichi! We’ve got a little emergency here – this is not the time for that!
: Risako, we need to get outta here right now!
: Wait! No, lemme go! Kouichi!!
: Come, Linebarrel!

: I can handle this on my own. Find someplace safe to hide, alright, Emi?
: OK…!
: There you are, Horns!
: You will not humiliate us a second time.
: You’ve got some nerve to run a train on my town like that! I’m gonna end you guys in the name of JUSTICE!!
: Your strength is nowhere mature enough to be called “justice”! What you wield is an illusion, no different from random violence!


: Hrm? What is it?!
: Captain! We’ve numerous heat sources moving in on us!

: Tch, those LOTUS guys decided to crash our party!
: Still, it was only a matter of time before this happened. Ignoring them would just mean a future headache.
: Hey, Linebarrel! Do you hear us?
: We’re on the same side! Why don’t you join LOTUS and we’ll fight for justice together?
: No way – I’m the only one who’s Just around here! You’re all evil and I’m taking you down!
: I’m… evil?
: Yo, what’s your problem, calling us evil?! So, what, you don’t want or need any friends to back you up?
: Shut your trap! You even got that weird-looking Gaiking to try and trick me! But I’m not stupid enough for that to fly, ya phonies!
: Where do you get off, guy?!
: This ain’t working – he’s not even listening.
: Kouichi, we’re not phonies! Just talk to me for a bit!
: Ah, the fake Ichitaka. You must be running outta ideas if you’re going with that trick again!
: Damn it, just listen for one minute!
: I’m guessing the only way we’re bringing that idiot in is with brute force.
: Hm. This calls for some bitter medicine!
: Hold on, now. Kouichi’s just a bit too hyped up with his newfound strength.
: I think he’ll be more willing to listen if we get rid of the Katou units and give him a second to calm down. So your orders are to avoid attacking the Linebarrel as much as can be.
: The president’s right. All things said, he honestly just wants to protect the weak.
: Eh? Who’re you?
: Ah, that’s Quatre – a Preventer agent keeping tabs on Kouichi, meaning he’s also part of LOTUS.
: My name’s Quatre Raberba Winner – pleased to meet you all. Apologies for the belated introduction but I’ve been undercover all this time.
: Yeah, yeah, pleased to meet’cha and all, but are ya 100% sure we can trust that boy, Kouichi?
: I—
: Got something on the radar! This signal is… the Dancouga!

: The Dancouga! And I’m guessing you’re also not going to accept my justice. Well, I did warn you before… I’ll be playing for keeps today!
: Hey, LOTUS. We’ll be helping you folks out.
: We’ve been seeing each other a lot, huh? And we never even went out of our way to buddy up with anyone.
: But, whatever. Good to be working with y’all… huh?

: The hell?! Where’d that come from?!
: No data on that mech – affiliation unknown!
: But it kind of looks like the Dancouga…
: What’re we dealing with here, Tanaka?!
: Hmm… That’s not any model I’ve seen before…
: And these readings show it’s got the same generator as the Dancouga? How is that possible…?
: Are you serious, Seimi?!

: Hey, what gives?! Why’d it start attacking us?!
: Hmph…
: A red Dancouga… Guess that’s another enemy for us!
: Not just the Katou Organization but this thing too, huh?
: Ishigami, those guys helped us before, so I wanna—
: Help them back today, right? Then we’re on the same page. Off you go, ladies and gentlemen.
: Sorry to drag you folks in this. And good to be working with you!
: Then we’ve our orders, people: assist the Dancouga and destroy all the Katou units but don’t attack the Linebarrel!
: Roger that, Goh!
: Okey-dokey! Here’s hoping we’ll be getting back to JUDA with that thing in tow!

Destroy everything without losing the Dancouga Nova. I’m guessing Kouichi’ll just heal up if you go for him, so I won’t.
First order of business is getting some morale on the Katou guys before turning our sights on the midbosses.

??? (???)
Pilot Skills:
Sword Cut
Prevail L2
Support Attack L1
Mech Features:
Stealth – activates over 130 morale, granting a 30% chance to dodge anything not packing Strike.

One thing to note about ??? is that she’s got a nasty Range Down debuff on her Absolute Hurricane attack. That’s range 2-6 and, if it’ll halve anyone’s own range if it connects – seeing how most of our guys can’t hit too far away, that’ll leave you with a bunch of point-blank and 1-2 attacks, so be careful.
That Stealth can catch you by surprise but she’s not too dodgy. Do try to evade her attacks whenever possible.

Everyone’s moving on ahead, our land-bound units hopping across the bridge. The Dancouga’s just in enough range to attack a few things.

And that’s an easy kill. Packing Alert, Aoi manages to dodge the survivor’s counter.

Enemy Phase!

Now this is interesting: ??? will auto-cast Mercy every turn. She won’t kill anyone but, of course, being left at near-death when near a bunch of hostiles = a dead unit. Watch it.

And, of course, she’ll always prioritize the Dancouga.

: Who goes there? You a Dancouga copycat or something?
: …
: Don’t suppose you could at least tell us who you’re working for, eh?
: …
: Talk’s not getting us anywhere, I think. Then if it’s a fight you’ll want, it’s a fight you’ll get!
???: “None of you understand the point of this battle!”

And she stopped the Dancouga’s counter by draining pretty much all its range… Worst, I might’ve overestimated the bot’s hardiness. Aoi ends the turn with little over 1500 HP but scores another 2 kills!
Only other battle was the lone Arma that tried to take on Iczer-1 – he barely lived.

Oh, and Kouichi’s making a beeline towards us.

Player Phase!

At least Boss can heal Aoi up to full.

Let’s start clearing stuff up.

Daiya, Jeeg and Ichitaka pick off weakened targets one by one.

Oh, and I forgot to show off Goh and Mira’s combined attack last mission, so let’s rectify that.
Shippuu! Souren— wait, wrong blue bot.

Following that, Aoi oneshots this guy.

Enemy Phase!

??? guns for the Dancouga again but Boss and his debuff immunity are playing defense. As Aoi shaves off some 5k HP off our mystery guest, Dmitri tries sniping at Ichitaka.

Too bad for him, we’re much better at it. Plus, Miu’s barrier pretty much makes the Rushbird invincible.
This tag-team also downs two Armas that figured they could test the veracity of that statement.

The AI’s set on keeping Hyouma at the top, two Armas kamikazeing against him and giving a level in Prevail.

You’re funny.

You’re lucky she can’t hit too good at range but that’s still 70%.
Mind you, the next one who tries isn’t as lucky.

The hell are you up to, boy?!
Kouichi: “You Gaiking knockoff!”
Taking damage: “That’s nothing! I’m gonna regen that in just a sec!”

Enemy Phase!

Let’s get this thing off our hair.

: You’re looking like a legit speedster, but I now got a way to deal with that!
: Come on, my beautiful boobies! I’ll grab you real good!
: …?!

: Just what’re you after? You better not expect me to go easy if you’re helping the Katou Organization!
: …
: Giving me the silent treatment, eh? Or maybe you’re just a mute. Either way, doesn’t look like you’re backing off, so you better put up your dukes!
Here’s ???’s strongest weapon. Observe as the game goes from 0 to OBARI AS FUCK in the span of a frame.

Bring the red Dancouga below 50% and the pilot is seemingly satisfied with this – a bit more time is needed, apparently.
She runs off way too fast for us to follow and Kouji figures the pilot was just checking us out today. Ishigami’s quietly pondering this unknown Dancouga and figures he’ll need to question Tanaka about it later.
Katou’s a bit miffed at how easily the red Dancouga backed down but figures it’s not his place to say anything.

Aoi, Ichitaka, Yamashita, Iczer-1, Shizuru and Goh each nab kills from the weakened mooks. They’re dropping like flies!

And I remembered I hadn’t shown off Hyouma’s Twin Lancer!

Enemy Phase!

What’s your beef with him, Dmitri?!

Uh, oh. I didn’t mention it before but Sawatari is quite the accurate guy.

He got 24% against Iczer-1 and that was enough for the RNG. Still, she’s still got half her HP left and he got hurt plenty from the counterattack.
Also, Iczer-1 kills a mook.

Ichitaka takes four (!) and I’m starting to wonder if the Katou guys have a vendetta against him after that previous run-in. Either way, it gets Mazin Power running.

Which is bad news for Kouichi, gunning straight for Kouji. He and Yagyuu make the kid regret it.

Player Phase!

Away with you.

And boom. Kenji gets a boost to Prevail.

Dmitri can’t handle being the focus of all this firepower and has to evac.

Extra hit from Iczer-1 to tenderize and Sawatari’s out.

No cool kicks since Sawatari has plot armor.

He’s pissed that he needs to run off.

Wufei’ll have to wait a turn, so, meanwhile, we’ll see the dynamic finisher of Shizuna’s creepy hand thingamabob.
The last mook goes down by Kouji’s hand, mind.

Enemy Phase!

Here he comes.
That’s a violation of Super Robot etiquette, you sumbitch!

Player Phase!

You’re gonna get it now.
I don’t quite see the “shot” bit, but alright. Also, Goh and Mira get a Prevail level

Wufei knows that his current methods won’t amount to anything, however much time he wastes on it. Still…