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Part 13: Mission 5 - Red Impact, Blue Terror - Part 2

: The Katou Organization’s dealt with, Kouichi Hayase! Let’s talk a sec!
: Yes, please come with us to JUDA!
: Our group needs yours and the Linebarrel’s strength!
: You just don’t quit, do ya? I told you: everyone but me is evil! So I’ll be wrecking the Katou Organization and you too!
: And just how do you figure you’re a “CHAMPION OF JUSTICE” with that kinda attitude, stupid?!
: Don’t! Call! Me! Stupid! You couldn’t even get the paintjob right, you phony, so shut up!
: Uurgh, you huge dumbass!
: Kouichi…
: Mr. Ishigami, we can’t even get a word in with this guy!
: Well, shoot… guess my prediction was way off base. Then we’ve no other choice, ladies and gentlemen: disable the Linebarrel and bring it in.
: Heh, I figured it’d come down to this. A punch is the best way to get a point across!
: I…I have to attack Kouichi?
: It’s the only way. Please understand.
: But…!
: (Ichitaka…)
: Judging by the data we’ve gathered, the Linebarrel’s regenerative abilities are a lot better than the other JUDA Machinas. Its output’s seemingly dropped since the start of the battle, but you should still be very careful!
: What about us? Wasn’t our original mission to keep the thing safe?
: It was but… there’s been a change in your orders just now. You’re clear to engage.
: Uh-huh… then it’s alright to let LOTUS take the Linebarrel?
: Eeh, we’ll make that call when we get there…
: I guess that’s for the best. It’d be very ungrateful of us to start firing on LOTUS after they helped us.
: I agree. Besides, this mission’s turning out kind of exciting.
: Alright, let’s get to it, then!

: Are you not capable of telling what’s right from what’s wrong?!
: I’m justice incarnate! Anyone who won’t accept that is EVIL!!
: You’re wrong. Humans hold both justice and evil within their hearts - that’s what makes them whole. And what you’re doing is coming from nothing but the evil part of your heart!

Iczer-1: “That’s enough out of you! Stop now!”

: You ready, Izuna? Go and give this big dumdum a real scary nightmare! Once he’s out, we’ll drag ‘im off the Linebarrel!
: Ready whenever, Shizuna. I’ll harden my soul if that’s what it’ll take to secure the Machina!

Izuna: “Please stop fighting this instant, Kouichi!”

: Why would the Linebarrel ever choose a stupid guy like him as its Factor…?
: Who’s stupid?! I’m a Champion of Justice!
: That’s not a title you can give yourself! The fact you don’t get that fact is why I say you’re stupid!

Yamashita: “I’m not about to get beat by an amateur Factor!”

: Go back to how you used to be, Kouichi! We’re friends, aren’t we?!
: Quiet! You’re impersonating Ichitaka and I’m done listening! Get away from me!


: Please, Kouichi, let’s talk! We shouldn’t be fighting each other!
: Piss off! If you don’t wanna fight, then don’t! I’m the Champion of Justice and I fly solo!
: I see… then you leave me no choice! This might get a bit rough but I’ll be bringing you in!
Miu: “Stop! The way you’re fighting, you’ll destroy everything around you!”
Kouichi: “You’re also here to jack my Linebarrel, I know you are!”
Ichitaka: “Kouichi, what the hell are you doing?!”

: Ganging up on me, eh… Too bad for you, justice doesn’t die!!

: This isn’t good, sis!
: Damn it, regenning like that’s cheating!
: Come on and try your luck again, evil bots!
: What are we supposed to do now…?


: …You’re going too easy on him.
: Aah?! That voice is—!

: Reiji!
: The hesitation in your attacks is as clear as day.
: But the Linebarrel’s pilot is Ichitaka’s friend and…
: That doesn’t matter. Right now the Linebarrel’s no different from a terrorist wreaking havoc through town… Meaning you show no mercy!
: Wh-What are you—
: If you can’t bring yourself to fight, then just sit there.

*Reiji moves after Kouichi.*

: Did have your fun, Factor of the Linebarrel?
: Whaat?!
: Because your game of make-believe ends here. I’ll be bringing the Linebarrel to JUDA!
: B-Bite me! Who’re you?!
: Reiji Moritsugu, Head of JUDA’s Special Forces.
: That guy’s who Yamashita was talking about…?!

: Gwaargh! Damn it!
: You should realize the difference between us now. Surrender the Linebarrel.
: This power’s mine! I’m not letting anyone take it! Never!

: (He’s already recovering the damage received. He’s better than I thought…)
: I… I am a CHAMPION OF JUSTICE! And I’ll never be beaten!
: …

*Slash, slash, slash, slash!*

: H-Hey, don’t you guys think that’s a bit too much?
: Yeah… he’s not even trying to hold back.
: The Linebarrel might be able to regenerate from that, but the Factor won’t last for long…
: That guy… he’s like a demon…
: Stop! STOP! He’s gonna die!
: Y-Yajima?!
: This isn’t Kouichi's fault! It was just an accident that got him to find that thing!
: Shut up! You… what the hell do you know about me?
: !!
: You don’t understand how I felt, being so weak and useless…! Have you any idea how miserable I was, having to watch as someone else protected the girl I liked? Hell, how I, myself, needed to be protected by that person even?! Do you have any idea what that’s like?!
: Then… Then, this is because of me…?
: But, now, I’ve been reborn! I’m strong now! I’m a Champion of Justice! Why are you all against me?!

: Why won’t you accept me?! I’m the one who’ll protect this town!

: I’m the strongest one here! Say it! SAY IT! Haaaaaah!!

: I’m strong! I’M THE STRONGEST!
: …You still want to fight? In that case…!


: Stop!!

*Power dooooown.*

: The Linebarrel’s turned off? Why…?!
: Please, stop, Kouichi!
: E-Emi…?
: …
: Why did you stop me?! I was just about to win!
: Kouichi, is flaunting your power all you want to do? Didn’t you say we were going to defend—
: Shut up…!
: Huh…?
: You shut your mouth! Just sit there and let me protect you, damn it!
: Kouichi…!
: Ah…!
: You’re… despicable!
: Looks like he can’t get the Linebarrel to move by himself.
: Kch…
: That’s the end of that, Kouichi! Ain’t no reason for you not to throw in the towel, nice and easy!
: Fine. You just want the robot, right? Then take it! I don’t care anymore!
: Yeesh, he’s still giving us attitude?!
: Well, I’m gone!

Off he goes.*

: Urk, he ran!
: His speed is surely on par with the other Factors…
: Kouichi…
: Hrm, this would’ve been so much simpler if he didn’t run… I was about to ask him to join the team.
: What, that huge dumdum? No, thanks! Look at what he did to the town with that tantrum!
: Hm. His isn’t the best personality, that’s for sure.
: Mr. Ishigami, I’ll go after him.
: Hold on a sec – I’ve another job for you first. Dr. Kizaki’s daughter is around here, right?
: Yes, she’s with me, actually.
: Then bring her over to JUDA, please. She’s quite the VIP, you see.
: That’s no problem but… couldn’t it wait until I found Kouichi?
: Oh, you don’t need to worry about him. I’m sure he’ll be coming to school tomorrow like nothing ever happened.
: How do you figure…?
: Because I’d wager that’s one of the places he feels more at ease after getting his new powers.
: If you say so…
: Well, that ended in a hurry.
: Easy come, easy go, right? And more important than that…
: Yeah, the red Dancouga. Tanaka was acting like he didn’t know anything about it but...
: But today we’re going to make him spill the beans.
: Right. I, for one, am sick of being kept in the dark.
: See you guys around, LOTUS. I had fun today!

: Oh! There goes the Dancouga…
: Didn’t you say you wanted to shake their hands, Ichitaka?
: Kouichi… you…
: Ichitaka…
: Hey, hey, can you go and bring the Linebarrel over, like, lickety-split? I’m just bursting with anticipation!
: Well, you heard the lady. Transport it here ASAP, alright?
: Roger that. Back to base, troops.
: (Whew, Reiji’s finally back… that’s a load off my shoulders. And, damn, that attack he did there was so strong. He really is amazing…)

Seeing how ??? runs off at half HP, I couldn’t get all convos with her:

: I’ve absolutely no data on this one. Exercise caution, Hyouma!
: And it’s quite the speedy fella, too! We’ll be in hot water if we don’t watch it!
: Yeah, I’m on it!


: Who are you? Why are you after the Dancouga?!
: …
: If you’re not talking, then I’ll deal with you as I would the Katou units!


: Please, stop! Our team’s fighting in Earth’s defense!
: Hah… So am I.
: Fine, then. If you won’t back down, then I’ll stand my ground!

Back to JUDA, Ishigami properly introduces Reiji – Factor of the Vardant. As he, Kenji and Kouji glare at each other, Ishigami sighs at the heavy mood. Could we maybe lighten up? That’s difficult as while Hyouma and Daiya admit that it was our bad for not stopping the Linebarrel, Reiji certainly didn’t need to take things as far as he did.
Goh and Mira tell them to let it go, though, as SOMEONE needed to have done that – despite how heartless it seems. Ishigami points out that while Reiji was busy with special assignment and couldn’t meet up with us sooner, he’ll be leading our team starting immediately. Meaning we’ll need to do as he says.
“On my way back, I took the time to review your combat records; and while your individual fighting abilities are spectacular, your coordination is sorely lacking. With that in mind, tomorrow we’ll start training to develop that coordination – I want you all to be able respond perfectly and promptly to your allies’ actions,” he pronounces.

Hyouma figures the Combattler team has got that covered, what with them needing to sync-up their brain waves to combine. Unfortunately, no, Reiji says cooperating to work the same bot and coordinating with different units are two wholly different things – failure to realize that will get them an early grave.
Juzo doesn’t appreciate his attitude but Kyo suggests he let it go. Reiji orders everyone to gather here at 0800 but before he wraps this up, he calls Ichitaka. You see, he’s read his records as well and is concerned about the kid’s lack of experience.
Now, if that ends up getting Ichitaka killed, that’s his problem, but Reiji’s got consider that it might hamper the team’s actions. So, he’ll be especially tough on his training (Ichitaka stutters a confirmation).

As for Yamashita, Reiji thanks him for covering as interim leader for the Special Forces. It was far from a perfect performance but he’s satisfied with seeing that the guy’s grown as a Factor.
Ichitaka sees that the rumors of Reiji’s strict nature weren’t exaggerating but Yamashita is so very happy with his “praise”. Ichitaka really doesn’t get why he’s so giddy about that but whatever. Reiji’ll be setting up tomorrow’s training session around Yamashita’s Hind and the kid promises to give it 110%.
With that, Reiji leaves to write his report and Kenji sighs with relief – he thought he was going to pass out there. Saotome calls him a wimp, saying that in the regular army, you gotta learn to sit still while managing to relax. That said, Izuna does admit that LOTUS is quite livelier from regular squads –JUDA’s own share of liveliness notwithstanding, of course.

Kyo understands what he means: we are a rather unique team, in that while many of us are seasoned fighters, quite a few are still civilians. Maybe what Reiji is trying to do is get us in a more military fighting shape? Yamashita nods, saying Reiji is always thinking what’s best for us – oh, how he admires him.
“So, Yamashita says ‘far from perfect performance’ are words of praise… I’ll need to revise some of my data,” Alice ponders but Ichitaka says that’s just the guy’s own unique case. Mind you, Yamashita says it wasn’t that bit that got him oh-so-happy but the part where Reiji acknowledged his growth as a Factor.
Miu explains that Yamashita’s always worked so hard to make Reiji happy and Ishigami swears that while he has a very sharp tongue, he is quite kind. And Alice figures she’s also slated for his especially tough training as he was also looking at her when he said it. Ichitaka remembers that we still can’t let Alice push herself too hard, lest she overload again, so it’ll fall on him to pick up the slack.

Tetsuya’s sure he heard the Reiji Moritsugu name before and soon remembers: the guy’s a bit of a legend, beating a whole group of delinquents by himself a few years back. Folks would keep punching and he wouldn’t go down, earning him the title of “Immortal Miracle Man”.
Sounds like a real tough guy, thinks Kouji, but Tetsuya also heard rumors that Reiji disappeared for some time after he killed a man. Lies and slander, says Yamashita, and Tetsuya apologizes – rumors spread like wildfire, you know (Ishigami’s suspiciously silent).
Regardless, if those stories are true, Goh says we can at least surmise that the guy’s very strong. Not someone Boss would like to get into a brawl with, so he better not grumble around him. No problem, says Mucha, worst comes to worst, they can ask Iczer-1 to be their bodyguard!

“Now there’s an idea! And it’ll let me spend some quality time with Iczer-1, too… Whoohohohoo,” Boss grins. Iczer-1 isn’t listening, pondering the burden she spotted behind Reiji’s eyes. Boss also notices her beautiful, albeit distant gaze… ooh, he’s getting dizzy!
Iczer-1 ponders what burden Reiji could be carrying – but an incomplete being like her could never make sense of it. If only she were human… “Yo, are those distant eyes looking this way? Ooh, did she finally fall for my handsome charms?!” Boss dreams. “She hasn’t – chill,” Kouji shoots him down.

Daiya likes the idea of being a legend and wishes he could have people tell stories about him. Naoto points out that there ARE stories about Daiya. What, of him being a huge liar?
Well, yes, but that changed when the Darius actually showed up at the surface again. Now he’s kinda like a prophet! Eeh, that ain’t too great. Yui calls over right then, telling Ishigami that Quatre’s just delivered Emi. He’s off to see her, wishing everyone good luck in tomorrow’s training.
Our people remember Ishigami saying Emi was a VIP, daughter of some doctor, which begs the question to Chizuru: what was she doing hanging around that town, with no security?

By Ishigami’s office, he greets Emi and apologizes for not picking her up sooner but with LOTUS getting started, he’s been really busy. But how is doing, having just arrived from a different world and all? She’s fine, apologizing for the trouble she caused to the people of this world, even.
Ishigami says she’s done nothing to apologize for – Kouichi’s the one who ran amuck with the Linebarrel. Quatre also apologizes for not being able to talk Kouichi down but, again, no need. Ishigami figures people are likely to act unexpectedly when they get pissed.
More important than that are Emi’s memories, which were reportedly missing. She’s managed to recover most of them, except for the moment before she came to this world – something clearly happened, but she can’t place it. Ishigami tells her to rest and it’ll come to her in time.

Moreover, Dr. Kizaki went through a lot of trouble to get her over her and he swears to her that JUDA will make good use of the Linebarrel. But what about Kouichi? Ishigami’s sure Quatre’ll manage to convince him to join us. Indeed, Quatre’s sure he can be reasoned with.
Mind, Ishigami wants Quatre to continue to vet the kid – if he ever deems him to be unfit for the job, then JUDA’ll have to find a new Factor. Emi’s worried, as assigning a new Factor means the current one will die: there’s always only one Factor per Machina.
Ishigami would rather that not happen, of course – Kouichi just needs to realize the essence behind the strength he got. And despite the stuff he did, Quatre doesn’t think he deserves to die. He’ll get him on board.

Back at the Dancouga’s base, Seimi welcomes them all back. Normally the girls would go and soak at the hot springs to relax but that’ll have to wait – Tanaka has some explaining to do. And while Aoi and Kurara are both raring to play “bad cop”, Johnny isn’t really the type.
At the command center, they’re greeted by O-G, the bot, who says Tanaka left right before they arrived. Guess he knew what was about to happen.

Tanaka’s off elsewhere, reporting the red Dancouga’s appearance to one F.S. From what he’s gathered, the thing’s equipped with some optical camo and is pretty dang good in aerial combat… but only has a lone pilot, meaning it wasn’t designed to carry out the Dancouga’s original purpose.
F.S. seems to know about the thing, and dubs it the R-Daigun. All actors have taken to the stage now.