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Part 15: Mission 6 - The Day the Sky Fell - Part 2

Following a barrage from Michel and Luca, Jeffrey casts Strike and takes aim.
So, this ship not only has a barrier, it has a legit shield!

Satou’s group is getting chopped up by ZAFT, so we’ll clear the more distant guys.

Thanks, Boss… Ichitaka takes it, while Iczer-1 goes for Reiji’s survivor.

Hyouma’ll use his magnetic personality to run interference on the northern terrorists.


: We’ll put an end to your insane plan even if it takes our lives to do it!
: You’re all whelps who’ve forgotten their pride as Coordinators and I won’t suffer you interfering with our cause!

Of course…

Enemy Phase!

Sato’s further damaged by Jeffrey (who also takes two nearby GINNs); up top, Heine’s holding the line.
Heine: “Urk! Orange DOES stick out like a sore thumb in a battlefield, I guess…!”

Hyouma trades blows with a bunch of stuff: two kills for him, one for Shizuna.

Player Phase!

: Mimetic Beasts?!
: It’s those giant monsters from when we faced Cobalt!
: Are you serious?! There are Mimetic Beasts in space too?!
: Hm, they nested inside Cosmo Base not too long ago. Likely snuck aboard a shuttle carrying foodstuffs or something and multiplied.
: These things are really nasty – like a bunch of cockroaches from hell!
: Only these roaches are drawn over by the scent of blood…!
: ZAFT is sending us data on the Mimetic Beasts. Our weapons should be effective against them, so we’re to approach as we would a Vajra.
: Tsk… it’s just one thing after the other…!
: And we already had our hands full as it was. Damn, this is getting out of hand fast.
: Arthur, we need to cover our allies. Bring us into firing position – we’ll unravel the enemy’s formation with the Tannhäuser!

*The Minerva moves ahead.*

: Firing position, all clear! Tannhäuser engaged, targeting the dead center of the Mimetic Beast swarm!


: Captain, we’ve Mimetic Beasts moving towards the Minerva – fast!
: !!

: Urk!
: What’s going on? Why did they all start gunning for us?!
: Your energy! They’re being drawn to the energy spike from your cannon!
: The monsters are hungry…!

: Evasive maneuvers, Arthur!
: I can’t! Our energy output’s dropping after that last attack!
: Damn it, they’re going to sink the Minerva!


: Party’s over, Mimetic Beasts!
“You won’t be running amuck with me around, Mimetic Beasts!”

: Th-That attack was…!
: The Great Mazinger! Tetsuya!
: Jun’s here, too!
: And we’ve come to back you up, Kabuto!
: That’s the Great Mazinger…!
: I’d heard the stories but, dang, this guy packs a wallop!
: Nice – another awesome member for the team!
: Come and try your luck, Mimetic Beasts! Junius Seven won’t fall – not under the watch of the Great Hero, Great Mazinger!
: Thanks for your help, too! Now let’s push forward and wrap this up!

Great Mazinger (Tetsuya Tsurugi)
Pilot Skills:
Sword Cut
Prevail L3
Spirit Commands:
Iron Wall
Mech Features:
Mazin Power
Squad Bonus: Armor +150, Accuracy +5

Venus A (Jun Honoo)
Pilot Skills:
Prevail L1
Support Attack L1
Spirit Commands:
Squad Bonus: Exp +10%, Accuracy +5

Tetsuya’s Kouji 2.0, with the Great Mazinger being a whole lot better than the regular Mazinger Z (especially in range). Better yet, the two of them have their traditional Double Burning Fire combined attack which packs a mighty punch with Mazin Power on its side.
Jun’s also better than Sayaka in pretty much every way except her spirit list: Sayaka’s 100% support-oriented, while Jun mixes a bit of offense with that. All in all, it depends on what you’re after but the Venus A is still a bit on the frail side (at least Jun learns Iron Wall at 24).

But we’ll have Tetsuya and Talia pull back to draw the Mimetic Beasts closer to our main group. While that’s going on, we’ll wrap up the extremists.

: Chairman Zala was brought down because his was the wrong path – why do you not see that? What we need now is—
: I refuse to accept your pious hope as the right path!

Sato: “If you’re with ZAFT, then you should understand our ideals!”

: We’ve got the Darius, Mimetic Beasts and a bunch of other insane guys walking around!
: I know everyone has a point to make but what the hell would dropping this thing on Earth accomplish?!
: But it must be done for the restless souls that lie within! Our defeated, tormented countrymen cannot and will not grieve in silence any longer!
Here’s the Impulse’s strongest weapon.

: Damn these whelps…!
: You’re from the PLANTs, aren’t you? Why… Why are you trying to do something like this?!
: How can you forget the grief of all the lives lost by the atrocity committed here? How can you embrace this world of lies and laugh alongside those who pulled the trigger?!
: ZAFT has been led astray by the Peacecraft girl and the followers of the coward Clyne!
: …
: The only right path for us Coordinators is the one shown us by Patrick Zala! Why do you not see that?!
: Wha—
: Quinze… Dekim… Our fellow revolutionaries may have been defeated, but our ideals will still BURN the Naturals!!
: They want to kill all Naturals…?!
: The hell are you on about, guy? What Quinze and Dekim wanted was—
: Easy, Dearka. Just let him rant.
: The fall of Junius Seven can no longer be stopped! You’ll watch as the Natural’s answer for their karma! I, too, will be watching… GWAAAAAARGH!!

: This… this is what my father’s words brought about…

Athrun also had words for Sato, of course, but I discovered only too late that I people were stuck atop the Meteor Breakers once they stepped in:

: Stop this! What Patrick Zala wanted, the world he wanted was—
: And what the hell would you know about Patrick Zala?!
: I… I…!

LOTUS starts inching eastern, Ichitaka, Yamashita, Kouji and Daiya all but eradicating the western front.

And there it goes.


Couple of kills to Luna and Heine gets Kouji and Athrun over 130 morale.

The team’s waifu needs to get to the top!

Yzak and Klan’s team wrecks another team, one GINN goes to Luca…

And this one’s just in range for Kenichi to use his strongest move!
Kenichi learns Prevail L4 from that.

Enemy Phase!

And there go all but one of the extremist groups, destroying themselves against our superior firepower. The Mimetic Beasts are still far.

Player Phase!

The Gundam thieves enter the area, transmitting the big battle over to their commander, Neo. He sees more than just ZAFT fighting up ahead – problematic, considering Earth’ll be as good as dead if Junius Seven isn’t destroyed in a hurry.
Sting’s a bit miffed that they’d run into the Minerva again so soon after evading all their pursuers and, worse, that they’d find some Mimetic Beasts as a bonus. Stella doesn’t like the things, that’s for sure.

Neo ponders all this mess happening and wonders if it’s the whim of a particularly capricious God. Regardless, he wants the kids to continue observing from afar and to record as much as they can – they’re not allowed to engage.
Sting confirms and calls Stella and Auel to retreat to a safer distance. “Boooriiiing,” Auel sighs.


Everyone else gets in position to intercept the beasties.

Enemy Phase!

And Goh’s their first pick – appropriate.

Goh: “Sorry, Mira!”
Mira: “Oh, Goh… that attack was very avoidable!”

When did the Mimetic Beasts evolve to have Windanium bodies?!

Get to it, Tetsuya…

: I’ll admit that you’ve got guts to not run from me. And now the Great Mazinger will give you your prize!


: We will save Earth from this mess!
That’s fine.

Player Phase!

This mission’s gone on for long enough but we’re in the home stretch. The Mimetic Beasts are too few in numbers and we’ve too many resources left for them to wear us down, so now we rain concentrated death on each of them.
About 80% of them die in this first round, the rest following in the next turn. Here’s the summary:

Oh, and here’s the very snazzy dynamic finish of Reiji’s strongest attack. I wager that blonde Reiji that showed up is important… or is it just the standard “my evil, so-very-destructive split personality: Darkheart” that comes pre-loaded into all characters that look like Reiji?
And we’re done!

: No enemies left on radar!
: How’re the Meteor Breakers?!
: We’ve enough up and ready to go. Now we just need to set them up to activate at the right time.
: Hurry! Drag your ass and we won’t break the colony in time!
: Troops, get to work!
: Yes, sir!


: Alright!
: Great! We did it!
: Hell, yeah! Earth’s safe!
: No, it’s not!
: What?!
: The debris is still too big! We needed to break it down a lot more to offset how close it got!
: Then Earth’s still going to be destroyed?!
: Junius Seven’s on a downward angle and picking up speed! It’ll enter the atmosphere soon!
: Time’s running out! All we can do now is to tear it apart with the Combattler’s weapons!
: That’s right! Stand strong ‘til the very last second!
: Let’s do this, Mazinger Z!
: The debris’ not past the threshold yet, so keep going! You too, Ichitaka!
: Yeah!
: I suppose we’ve no other options… LOTUS will move to destroy Junius Seven directly!
: We just gotta go for broke now!
: Phrasing, ya dumdum! We want it to go broke!
: We should try and do whatever we can to salvage this, Cpt. Gladys.
: I agree, Cpt. Wilder. Arthur, ready the Tannhäuser!
: Lam, stand by!
: Roger. Macross Cannon – energy charge!
: It’ll be getting in the atmosphere soon! We gotta make it!

*Charging power!*

: Blow it straight to hell! Macross Cannon – fire!!
: Breast Fire!!
: Thunder Break!
: Super Electromagnetic SPIIIN!!
: Voltes Bazooka!
: Heart! BREAKEEER!!
: Tear it down! Come on!!

*Craaaaaaash! Beep, beep!*

: Time’s up. All troops, pull back.
: Junius Seven’s entering the atmosphere!
: Hold on – the thing’s still too big!
: Pull back immediately. That’s an order.
: Hrm, fine.
: Damn it, is this all we can do…?!
: All units have pulled back from Junius Sev—… Huh?!
: What is it?
: Ichitaka’s still down there!
: What?!
: What the hell are you doing, Ichitaka?! Get outta there right now!
: I saw some MSs left in there – they’re the Minerva’s, I think! Doesn’t look like they can make it out!
: There’s a bit of time left, so I wanna help anyone I still can!
: “A bit”… the debris’ crossing the threshold right now!
: …

*At the Girty Lue’s bridge…*

: OK, this should be enough footage. Not that we could have kept on monitoring for much longer, of course.


: Damn, this is real. What’s gonna happen to us and Earth now?
: Is… Is everyone going to die?
: Hey, Neo… ZAFT was trying to break Junius Seven, weren’t they? Shouldn’t we have helped them?
: …