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Part 18: Mission 7 (Rescue Route) - Chaotic World - Part 2

I know Reiji said to prioritize escaping, but screw it – let’s just spread out and clean house as there are only a handful of mooks left. Like Trowa, let the Zamza-Zah come to you and swarm it.
Here’s the rundown:

: The Minerva’ll be a sitting duck if we let this monster get its claws on it! I can’t let it through – no matter what!

: Nagisa… I’ll stand and fight, in the defense of both your home, Japan, and of this planet!

: Good or bad, I always get even, ya hear?! So grit your teeth ‘cause it’s payback time!

: This battle’s the Zamza-Zah’s showcase! I can’t let things get any worse!

*The Zamza-Zah charges after Shinn!*

: Urk! What the—?!
: That’s an anti-Darius unit, huh? So what! We’ll see how this overhyped MS handles the Zamza-Zah!
: Claws, deployed! Your weak frame’ll be scrap metal by the time I’m done!

: Aw, crap, he got him good!
: Shinn!
: I’m… I’m not…!!

: Haaaaaaah!!

Shinn: “I’m not dying like this!!”

: Wh-What?! Gwaaaaaargh!!

: Shinn, are you alright?!
: Yeah, don’t worry about me. Keep opening a path to the Minerva!

And so we did, Ichitaka nabbing another couple of kills. Here are the convos we missed against the Zamza-Zah:

: Just gonna keep this thing at bay and the Minerva’ll have a way easier time making a run for it! Pinning tactics, Alice!
: Right, let’s go and grapple it into submission! Our strength should be plenty to match it!


: This unit’s dependency on its defensive gear is as clear as day. And pilots of this caliber cannot stand up to my Vardant!


: I might not be able to take this thing on with raw power but I can with mobility!

The ship reaches the evac point, so Talia recalls everyone and orders full speed ahead.

Luna wants to know what happened to Shinn that he’d pull ace-level moves like that; even Kenji’s impressed, having thought he was really screwed when the enemy grabbed him. In truth, Shinn doesn’t really understand what happened there. One second he was desperately trying to find a way to survive that and, then, his mind suddenly cleared up.
Did he just flip out completely and connect with a desperate hit, Luna and Shizuna wonder. Shinn doesn’t think so but, regardless, Rey was very impressed with what he did today. Yamashita hopes this’ll dissuade the Alliance from coming after us and Ichitaka wonders what we’ll be doing now. Despite this victory, we still have plenty of problems all around.
Reiji figures the reason we were STILL unable to get in touch with JUDA was due to the Alliance’s warmongers jamming our calls. That said, he has an idea to turn this in our favor.

That’d be via Lady Une, who asks that we send all comm records available. In the meantime, she’s arranged for a carrier to come and give us a ride back to JUDA. Talia’s also gotten word that the other half of LOTUS helped stop the Alliance’s nuclear strike against the PLANTs. Was it really alright for us to do that?
Une tells her not to worry as the use of nuclear weapons was a clear violation of the Junius Treaty – we were well within our rights to intervene. That’s a relief to hear. Mind, while Une will be doing her best to assist the Minerva, she doubts she’ll be able to actually hold back the Earth Alliance.

Talia understands her situation and is nonetheless grateful for her help. And while Une can’t help us overtly right now, they need only ask if they need anything. Well, at the moment, Talia would only like Une to send her regards to the SMS folks if she stops by the Frontier Fleet – she didn’t like how abruptly she left them with all that went down.
Lady Une’ll handle it and, with that, signs off. Reiji thanks Talia for the help she’s given us – short-lived as this might’ve been – and she’ll only asks us to stand firm in our defense of world peace. An odd thing to ask when war’s breaking out, yes, but still.

: Sucks that you need to take off – we barely just met.
: Yeah… I would’ve liked to talk with Athrun again, too.
: And what’re you going to do once you’re back in Japan?
: We’ll just keep an eye out, hoping our glaring’ll stop folks from trying to take advantage of this mess.
: And I do got a bunch of personal stuff to take care of, like helping Alice with her adjustments or getting in touch with a missing friend of mine.
: Well, there’s a lot riding on LOTUS’ shoulders, so you keep up the good work, Ichitaka.
: I-I will. Thanks.
: Yo, Ichitaka, why’re you getting all red for?
: W-What’dya mean “why”?! Wouldn’t you get a bit bashful if a girl like Lunamaria cheered you on some?!
: Psh, a legit cool guy will never, ever, lose his poker face.
: Really, now? Show me how it’s done, then, sensei!
: “Sensei”? … Well, whatever works. Now let’s see…
: I’m counting on you, Yamashita.
: …
: Well, dang. He didn’t even flinch.
: Hrm, that’s kinda annoying, actually! What about you, Shinn? Feel anything?
: How should I know?!
: Heh, you see what I meant now?
: Wow, you really weren’t kidding…
: Yamashita, we’re getting ready to leave. I need your help with a few things.
: Y-Yes, sir! Gladly!
: Look at that huge smile…
: Didn’t think he had it in him, getting all giddy like that…
: Ichitaka! Yamashita’s displaying symptoms of—
: Don’t say it… though I can’t really say you’re wrong on this one.

Cut to Aprillius One, the PLANTs capital colony, Durandal is on the phone with someone and working to set up a formal meeting. But calls will have to wait, as he’s got a visitor: the recently arrived Athrun.
He apologizes for taking the chairman’s time and Durandal wonders what he’d like to talk about. Junius Seven? The war? Both or, better put, about the Earth Sphere as a whole. A nondescript time later, Durandal understands how Athrun feels but the fact remains that the PLANTs were on the receiving end of a nuclear strike.

The situation’s currently calm since things ended with no harm done but the people are understandably angry. Still, considering what LOTUS did today, will the PLANTs agree to support them? Durandal is more than willing to make it happen, but, first, they must restore order in the homeland – if not, they’re risking other incidents like Junius Seven.
The PLANTs need to rise above the present hardships and, with that in mind, Durandal’s cooked a little something up.

He flips a switch and shows a video of “Lacus Clyne”, proclaiming her sorrow over the Junius Seven drop and the Earth Alliance’s attack. She shares in the people’s shock and indignation over, once again, being the target of nuclear weapons but she begs them to control their flaring spirits. If they lose control to their hatred, they’ll only beckon a new war.
Athrun’s gobsmacked but Durandal’s having this message transmitted across the colonies in the interest of calming the people’s anger. Of course, he figures Athrun, of all people, can see what’s up. Indeed, this isn’t Lacus. Durandal confesses to be a bit embarrassed over doing this but he needed the major strength of Lacus’ presence – just as he needs Athrun’s strength.

Back at Onogoro Island, Kira’s just returned to his home. He reports to Murrue that things are very busy throughout Orb now that they’ve officially joined up with the Earth Alliance. He didn’t expect this to come from the Junius Seven drop.
Waltfeld (with the scar) sees the world entering a state of flux and figures they made the right call to reassemble the Archangel crew.

Kira’s surprised to hear that but Lacus, the real one, says the whole crew was irked by the current state of things. Worse, Murrue says they’ve just received a letter from the Cagalli: she’s getting married.
Waltfeld doesn’t think something like this’ll do anything to appease the worrying populace but Lacus isn’t so sure. Cagalli’s marrying Yuna and the people will likely rally behind this union.
But that’ll have to wait, as the alarms go off – they’ve got some visitors, it seems.

In the waters near Orb, Haruno’s keeping the Straybird camouflaged while she and Yuu ponder their investigation in Orb. They couldn’t find anything significant, so where should they go next?
Yuu isn’t sure yet and, as the alarm sounds, Haruno pings several heat sources ahead.

: We’ve reached Lacus Clyne’s home. Remember: the orders are to eliminate her, no matter the cost! Open fire!

: Their on-foot crew didn’t fly, so now they’re attacking with mobile weapons…? The underground bunker can’t take this for long.
: They’re coming after me, I think…
: But why now? (Chandra)
: It’s not that strange, when you consider all the terrorist groups the world over. (Newman)
: Word around the grapevine is that those terrorists are laying low for now, though…! (Miriallia)
: … I might not have a choice…

: These are the seeds of peace. You will not burn them away.
: It’s… a Gundam?!

: Stealth disengaged. Shifting to combat mode.

*The distinctively not-Mobile Suit unit blasts away.*

: Locked on target.
: We’ve found one at last…!
: Damn, we’ve interceptors! Shift to plan B!

*The MSs start closing in on the orphanage but the Gundam stops them.*

: Zero predicted you’d do that.
Heero: “I won’t turn the other cheek to those who’d deny peace.”
Mook: “Wh-What’s the Wing Zero doing here?! Gwaaaaaargh!”
Heero: “Mission Accomplished…”

: Rrgh, fire! Fire! Destroy them all!

: Aah!
: Lacus!

*The Straybird intercepts the other group.*
Yuu: “That unit is working with ZAFT…?!”
Haruno: “We can make sense of this later, Yuu.”

: Your party’s come to an end.
: Data collection complete… and, unfortunately, the enemy’s looking like a drone. Should I move to at least recover the wreck after it is downed?
: That’s your call. First order of business is dealing with the other MSs.
: Do you copy, Gundam pilot? We are not your enemy. Repeat, we are not your enemy.
: Understood – neither am I.
: Grr… Bring out the backup troops!

: They’re going all-out… this might take a while.
: The future won’t turn out as you expect.
: What?

: That’s…!
: Th-The Freedom?!
: …
“I’ll fight with the Freedom again… to protect Lacus and our peace!”

*All enemies get blasted and sink into the ocean.*

: Damn it…! Just as we’d finally found a clue—!
: No, he missed any and all vital parts. If that was actually intentional, then it was nothing short of amazing.
: This is the future he chose, hm?
: This battle’s over. Please surrender.
: We… we can’t carry on… But we won’t lose what’s left of our honor!

*Everything blows up – the different unit included.*

: They self-destructed?!
: Urk… why?
: …


: This is…! Relena’s…?
: Is something wrong? Um… Heero Yui, wasn’t it?
: Kira Yamato… You’ve someone you want to rescue, don’t you? Then do it. I won’t stand in the way of you living true to your heart.

: He’s gone…
: Wow, who would’ve expected the Wing Zero to come around here…?
: And you, pilot of the black unit. Do you hear us?
: Our thanks for saving us. If you’re willing to tell what you’re after, we could help you in return.
: There was an unknown unit in that MS group – we were chasing after it.
: Yuu, there might still be something we can use. Let’s go and pick up the wreckage.

*The Straybird dives where the unknown bot blew up.*

: I don’t suppose you know anything about that mech?
: Sorry, but we’d never seen anything like it before today
: I don’t think it’s a ZAFT model, though… Some secret force, maybe?
: I don’t know. But whoever they are, they’re very good at covering their tracks.
: What will you be doing now, then?
: I also have someone I want to rescue. So I’ll just be following my own path.

*The Straybird pops its camo and vanishes.*

: Sorry, Murrue… I need to get going as well. Cagalli’s waiting for me.
: Kira?!

Kira’s business is over by the wedding, which is already underway. And, by the by, Cagalli’s tears are of happiness. Of course, of course. But the whole ceremony goes to hell when the Freedom flies over and quickly nabs Cagalli.
The panicking Yuna demands the thing shot down and his wife rescued, but the troops can’t well start blasting lest they hit the girl. Kira brings Cagalli into the cockpit (nice dress!) and, despite her protests, tells her to hang on.

They fly out into the ocean and dock inside the surfacing Archangel. Kira suggests Murrue that we book it – we’ll need some time to figure out what’s distorting this world. That was quite the crazy stunt he pulled there but Kira couldn’t just sit back and let Cagalli cry.
But she’s a head of state – do they not see the problem with them kidnapping her? Still, Cagalli’ll have to save this talk for after their escape. Off goes the Archangel.

Over by Casa de Djibril, Lady Une’s just called and does take the time to thank him for speaking with her. It’s their first time chatting, even. But, regardless, what does the head of the UN’s own intelligence agency want with him? She’ll get straight to the point: what does Djibril have to say regarding not only the Alliance’s attack on LOTUS but, also, the attempted nuclear strike against the PLANTs – a clear violation of the Junius Treaty?
Djibril has “no idea” what she’s talking about, and begs she not take such an inimical stance towards Blue Cosmos that it extends beyond the confines of the parliament. Une sniffs that she’s well aware of how far Djibril’s influence reaches and figures he’s also aware that the Preventers are VERY good at their intelligence-gathering job.

Is she siding with the PLANTs? Because that’d be a bad idea. Djibril tells her to look at the current state of the world and, furthermore, the PLANTs broke the Junius Treaty first when they developed unsanctioned anti-Darius weapons. Or did she think he wouldn’t notice that?
Moreover, it was thanks to LOTUS’ intervention that the Minerva managed to evade capture. Way Djibril sees it, not only does Une not have a right to bitch at him about that, she should be the one facing an inquiry and being held accountable.

Sadly for him, no, that won’t be happening. LOTUS was acting well within our authority to protect the Minerva as key witnesses towards the Junius Seven drop. They what now? Maybe Djibril didn’t get the memo due to the MYSTERIOUS jamming that’s been going on but we have all that on record. Should she fax him a copy, maybe?
The Minerva’s crew has agreed to testify before the UN parliament… but, obviously, that's depending on everyone, Blue Cosmos included, actually wanting to figure out the whole truth about the Junius Seven incident.
Djibril fumes, dropping his pretense of cordiality: “you’ll rue the day you turned against us.” Pipe down, lipstick boy, the lady’s talking. There’s a bill currently making rounds in the parliament to tolerate the Frontier Fleet’s presence – under surveillance, of course (ours, as we’ll see in the other path).

If the bill passes without any issue, Une will not only let the attack on LOTUS slide as an unfortunate accident due to the comm interference, she’ll also deem the failed nuclear strike as the reckless actions of the on-site commander, based solely on unconfirmed intel.
“I sincerely hope you’ll strive to make wise, pondered decisions regarding not only this matter but also any future endeavors. And, with that, I believe our business is done. Good day,” Lady Une signs off (likely dropping a mic over by her office).
Djibril, almost certainly making this face, growls at the phone but quickly recomposes himself. Once the old men have been forced off stage, and both the offworlders and monsters are dealt with, he’ll put her in her place.

Back at Aprillius, Durandal presents Athrun with a FAITH badge. It wouldn’t do to have him operate within the regular chain of command, right? With this, he’ll have the authority to act solely by his own beliefs.
Durandal takes him to be the kind of man who’ll stand by his convictions and fight when needed. Athrun hopes to be like that and Durandal is sure he can. Athrun’s to make use of the power he’s been given whenever he deems it proper – not in the name of ZAFT or the PLANTs, but of a peaceful world for everyone.
Durandal knows that sounds very grandiloquent but Athrun’s willing to take him on the offer. Now, he’ll first be rendezvousing with the Minerva as he has high hopes for both him and the ship. He thinks it might come to play a similar role to the Archangel’s in the previous war, and Athrun’s to give them a hand with that.

Meer thinks Athrun looks good in ZAFT’s traditional red coat and he, himself, is hoping she’ll do a fine job as Lacus’ replacement.
With that, Athrun boards his new Savior Gundam and flies off.