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Part 21: Mission 9 (Rescue Route) - A Will to Fight - Part 1

Ooh, now look at this sumbitch. We have a threeway tie for our top aces, but Goh manages to beat out Ichitaka and Quatre due to having a higher level (I’ve no idea what’d be the tiebreaker if they were all 16).

Spent some cash upping the Rushbird, Godannar and Jeeg’s EN supplies along with assorted stats for the non-Vardant Machinas. The Sandrock’s come in pre-upgraded to two bars, so no worries there

Mind, I’ve started feeding Infights to Kenji as Ichitaka already has a handful. Still deciding whether I’ll want to give him, Goh or Daiya that EN-Save we got… Anyone who’s beat this all the way care to opine? I’m thinking Daiya’ll be the bigger EN hog, but I’m not 100% sure…

Oh, and everyone’s deploying as event units today, so wave goodbye to your arranged squads!

Off we go.

Our mechanics are still working on getting all our units repaired after yesterday’s battle. The Machinas’ D-S.O.I.L.s are working but it’ll be a while before they’re all 100% – at the moment, only the Linebarrel and Deceive are in fighting condition. Mind, the non-Machina units are far from being at their best, Shibakusa notes, and can’t really be sent out in this state.
Even Jeeg’ll have a bad time staying together with so many of his spare parts wrecked. Nanae and Morimoto say this was bound to happen as there’s only so much repairs can accomplish when considering all the especially tough missions we had recently – to say nothing of that big Executor blast we took.
Shibakusa and Kyo see no choice but to request leave to take the Jeeg and Dannar teams back to their respective bases to get patched up, and Maki can’t well disagree. He’ll run it by Ishigami.

Cut to some time later and Shibakusa’s telling everyone what’s what; Goh didn’t think their units were in THAT bad a shape, but damage has been building up out of sight consistently. Kyo even fears that if Jeeg doesn’t get some fresh parts ASAP and keeps fighting, he’ll simply fall apart in battle.
Tsubaki can already imagine Dr. Shiba looking at their data and yelling that Kenji’s crazy way of fighting is to blame. What, him? Yes, him – he switches and tosses parts around with such abandon that they can’t keep all the spares in working condition! Shizuna’s with Tsubaki on this, and figures Kenji oughta start using his noggin more when fighting. “Oi, I know, I know! You can quit with the Stereo Nagging already!”
Still, Tetsuya (Kouji) is worried about both these teams leaving for a bit – won’t it leave LOTUS understaffed? It will, but Yamashita doesn’t see another way as we’ll be far safer getting all our mechs fixed up in one go. Alice fears that the teams might get picked off by themselves, but Yamashta says this is still better than risk units breaking down midbattle.

Shizuru approves of his foresight and he chalks it all up to paying a lot of attention to everything Reiji says. Indeed, Alice is rather impressed with the speed with which humans learn – exemplary of the potential that lies within everyone. She’s determined not to fall behind and to keep adapting her AI to her new dual role. Shizuna herself very much likes her dedication and wishes “the dumdum” could learn a bit from Alice herself.
That done, Goh and the others will be taking off and wish us luck while takin care of the place. No worries, says Shizuna – the Deceive’ll be ready to give any goon that shows up a run for their money.

As for the Rushbird, Maki says it’s not as worn out as the other units – possibly because it hasn’t been active for as long as everyone else. Quatre’s Sandrock is still good to go, too, as the Magnac Corps had brought plenty of spare parts along. And, of course Iczer-1 has no problem fighting by herself.
Seems like we got a decent bunch of units, but Izuna still hopes nothing bad happens while the others are away. Mind, Shibakusa says it won’t be long as the Dannar Base crew will be pulling out all the stops to get maintenance done quickly. As for the Build Base crew, they’re only going over to get the spare parts so they’ll return soon.
That’s a relief to Ichitaka and, with that, the teams leave. While normally Ichitaka would be using this time to train, today isn’t really normal – he and Alice are leaving JUDA HQ for a bit. Emi asks to come with, at least to stay outside while it’s all happening.
Ichitaka says she’s more than welcome – he’s sure Yajima would appreciate it too.

Cut to the Cthulhu Fortress, Sepia reports that Iczer-Σ is ready to deploy whenever – Iczer-2’s up and about as well. Then it’s time to make their desire to destroy Iczer-1 a reality and Sir Violet commands them to fight to their hearts’ content.
Still, she does remind them that their enemies on Earth are more than just Iczer-1; Sepia’s aware, having also tagged us as one of the causes behind Cobalt’s defeat. Their primary target remains Iczer-1, but Violet warns them not to get tunnel vision and make bad calls.
Sepia confirms, but still promises to destroy both the traitor and our folks as well. Sir Violet is looking forward to it, so off goes Sepia. “I’ll defeat Iczer-1 – my sister…!” Iczer-2 proclaims.

By the Jama Kingdom, Himika’s noticed Jeeg and friends splitting up and easily figures they’re headed home to lick their wounds. Amaso and Mimashi know that to mean that Jeeg’s off to get new parts at Build Base, making this a perfect opportunity to attack the place and steal the Bronze Bell.
Himika has a better idea, though: they can use this opportunity to destroy JUDA, our HQ, in one fell strike! Once the place is ashes, it’ll be so much easier to take the Bronze Bell. Mimashi and Amaso both start begging Himika for command of the operation since Ikima has yet to return from his search for Hiroshi Shiba’s own Bronze Bell.

The two minions can’t come to an agreement, so Mimashi inches over and whispers at Amaso to listen up: with Ikima gone, it’ll just be him and Himika all alone. Will Amaso let this chance slip through his fingers? Fine, he “magnanimously” agrees to stay and protect the queen.
Himika allows it and will grant Mimashi some Haniwa Phantoms – this is a rare opportunity they have, so he better destroy all the humans.

En route to the funeral, Emi asks Ichitaka what kind of person Yajima was: “he was a really righteous guy… the kind everyone could count on and looked up to. I remember how hard he worked to get strong in order to protect Kouichi… Risako always looked so happy with that.
He explains that those three had been friends since they were kids – before he even met them – so whatever he’s feeling probably pales in comparison to what Kouichi’s going through. That explains to Alice why he was so enraged after Yajima’s death.
They’ve arrived, so Yui lets them off to say their farewells.

: …Damn, you dumbass. How could you go and die like this, Yajima…?!
: …
: Yajima… Yajima…

*Door opens.*

: Y-Yajima…
: Kouichi! Thank god you’re safe! Yajima said he was going to speak with you and this happened…
: I was so worried you might’ve died too!
: Risako…
: Come on, Kouichi. Don’t stay way back there…
: Yajima… That Machina… it was here because I became a Factor… I’m so, so sorry…
: Kouichi…

: Did you say your goodbyes?
: Yeah. Though it was a closed casket since they couldn’t find a body…
: … All of this is my fault. Yajima’s dead because I misused my power… Even his body got…
: If I hadn’t been so angry, if I hadn’t fought like that, he…!
: Kouichi…
: …
: H-Hey, where’re you going?!
: Anywhere…

*He leaves.*

: Kouichi, wait! Ms. Ogawa, I’ll go and talk to him; Alice, help me keep track of him!
: OK!
: I’ll come with you… I’m the one who pushed him to this point.

*Off they go.*

: Kouichi Hayase… I hope you’ll manage to pull through this…

: (Yeah, I… I could never be a Champion of Justice. I was just wasting my time fighting those guys, huh…)


: Oow! Watch where you’re going!
: Sorry! I wasn’t paying attention…
: Hmm. Well, since you apologized, I might forgive you… Just kidding! Hahahah…hahah…
: …Hm.
: Something wrong? You’re not hurt, are you?
: N-No, I’m fine. I just got a lot on my mind…
: Well, listen, my name’s Nagisa Kanou. You look like a student from around here, right? Can I ask your help with something?
: Eeh, I guess… Doubt I could help, though.
: Hey, now… I might not look like it, but I’m a sophomore in high school, alright? Maybe you could be a bit nicer?
: S-Sorry, I thought you were another middle-schooler… What do you need?
: It’s my first time in this town, see. I’m trying to find my way home but I just don’t know where anything is! Ooh, my mom and dad must be so worried…!

*Time passes.*

: Isn’t that just awful? Who comes up to a person and tells them to fight?
: But I did do it… I fought and saved Anna – she’s my friend, by the way.
: Wow.
: Still, I’m done with all that awful business; I even ended up in a hospital after the last time. When she tried asking me to do it again, I turned her down then and there.
: But she wouldn’t take no for an answer. She kept going “fight, fight, fight”, so I decided to just make a run for it.
: Isn’t that a huge waste, though?! If you’re able to save others, why not do so?!
: No way – I’m just a regular girl. My fighting the other day was just an accident or whatever.
: But… what if you could’ve saved a friend and didn’t? Him getting hurt would be on you, and I’m sure you’d regret it…
: What a weird thing to say. Are you really alright? You can talk to me if there’s anything, you know.
: Ah… no, thanks. I don’t deserve any of that…
: Hmm, you really are a weird kid.
: Ah! And you’ll never believe where they were keeping me! Listen to this: it was at that company—
: There you are, Nagisa. Oh, and Kouichi too.
: Quatre? You tailing me again?!
: Huh? Who’s the cute foreigner?

*People walk over.*

: Haah, haah… Finally caught up with you…! Damn it, Kouichi… you got really fast…
: Quatre… and Nagisa?! What’re you doing here?
: Whoa, it really is her! When’d she slip out her room?!
: What’re you all doing here…? You gonna ask me to fight again?
: Huh? Why are you…?
: I told you, I’m not doing it! I’m done pretending to be a Champion of Justice!
: Is that really how you feel, Kouichi?
: It is… It’s my fault the town go so messed up and Yajima died.
: After Emi talked to me… I realized that I don’t have what it takes to use that power…!
: (He… he’s like me… They’re pushing him to fight…)
: …
: It’s true that we can’t say you were using your powers the right way…
: Yeah, which is why I’m not getting back in the Linebarrel…
: But you still saw that what you did was wrong. That’s very important.
: Huh?
: A few years ago, I was grief-stricken over losing my father and that pushed me to make a terrible mistake, to pilot a certain MS... So I know exactly what you’re going through.
: Quatre…
: Then that’s all the more reason why you should understand, no? We’ve no right to handle any power!
: But you’re wrong, Kouichi. I have to keep on fighting because that’s the only way I can atone for what I did. And that’s why I don’t want to see you run away from this – you should now be able to use your power for what’s right.
: B-But, I…
: (He couldn’t protect his friend… that’s why he said what he did…)
: (… No, I can’t let this get to me. I said I wouldn’t fight, and I won’t. I’m just a regular girl… Besides, I need to get home – my mom and dad are worried!)

*Beep, beep!*

: This is Quatre.
: We’ve an emergency; Cthulhu invaders and Haniwa Phantoms are moving in on Misaki.
: Oh, for the love—… Of course they actually would attack while our guys are away…!
: You’re in danger there. Meet up with Ms. Ogawa and return to JUDA ASAP – you’re to deploy immediately when you arrive, so prepare for it.
: Yes, sir!
: Is Kouichi there with you?
: Lemme save you the trouble: no, I’m not fighting.
: Kouichi!
: …
: Well, I guess that’s that. But the priority now is for you to get out of there and find someplace safe. As for the rest, please hurry on over!
: And Nagisa Kanou’s there as well, right? I know you might think this is a trick, but it’s dangerous there – would you come back to JUDA with them?
: Is there going to be another battle? What’s gonna happen to this town?!
: We really should hurry or we’ll all be in big trouble. Here, I’ll bring you to our car.
: Hup!
: Whawhawhaaa?! What’re you doing?! Put me doooown!

*Alice runs off with Nagisa.*

: Kouichi, please. Come fight with us – we need your power!
: Consider it a request from me, too. Quatre and Ichitaka are the only ones who can fight right now.
: Sorry, Emi. I need more time to think… I can’t make another mistake.
: Before he died, Yajima’s last words were that… what matters is just what I want to do.
: Kouichi…
: Guys, the car’s coming. Over here!
: Kouichi, I get what’s on your mind, but at least come hunker down at JUDA! We’ll throw a few punches for you while out there!
: O-OK…

Mission 9 (Rescue Route) – A Will to Fight

: Iczer-1 and her partner are around here… Open fire, Dilos Thetas! Destroy them all!

: Hmhmhm… hahahah! Luck is on our side, it seems! Her Majesty spoke of these people, though I didn’t expect to see them attacking here.
: Who goes there?
: I am Mimashi of the Jama Kingdom and I have come to crush the humans’ headquarters. I presume you’re also after the same… We should fight together.
: Hmph… nonsense. My only goal here is to eradicate Iczer-1! If you do anything to oppose that…
: Understood; I won’t. And, in return, I tell you not to interfere when our nemesis shows his face!

: Hold it right there! That’s enough outta both of you!
: There you are, Iczer-1…
: Iczer-1, if the Cthulhu are back in action, then…
: I presume they have appointed a new commander to replace the late Cobalt.
: But won’t it be too difficult for you to fight them without the Iczer Robo?
: But I must still do so – for both Nagisa and her planet.
: Them bots got a whole lot more size than you, though, so if things go south, you better back off real quick.
: Thank you for your concern, Shizuna.

*Beep, boop.*

: Everyone read me? We’ll have the other Machinas repaired soon, so hold on for a bit!
: And the Dannar and Build teams have also reported that their repairs are done. They’re headed this way as quickly as they can!
: This one’s looking like it’ll be a long fight, Alice, so take care not to overheat yourself!
: My AI has been developing its combat functions nicely; I should have no problems overall!
: We’ll be deploying soon, so keep your heads on a swivel, troops.
: You listening, Kouichi? Just sit right there with your thumb up your ass and watch us work real smooth-like! Better that than having you crazy ‘zerker tagging with us!
: …
: Bah, you’re a real letdown, Kouichi. Guess we’re gonna have to run the “Champs of Justice” business ourselves. Off we go!


: Hold on, sis! Something’s coming!
: This signal… it’s just like Iczer-1’s?

This BGM isn’t in the game, but screw it. It’s too good to be left out!

: You’re…
: A good day to you. I’m Iczer-2, your little sister…
: Iczer-2… my sister?!
: Right. I am the daughter of Big Gold, so I’m your sister.
: Big Gold…? That can’t be!
: I have been created to end you… no more, no less.

: She’s fast…!
: Very impressive, dear sister. You’re quite good…
: How’s she so fast?! I barely even saw her move!
: I’ll handle her. The rest of you please go for the Dilos and the Haniwas!
: Okey-dokey! Let’s get to it, folks!

Losing anyone’s a game over, so exercise a wee bit of caution. You’ll likely want the Rushbird to trail around Iczer-1 just to act as a safety net against Iczer-2, and do note the abundance of forests around. Setting your units there (ground level, not flying) will be an easy +15% bonus to their evasion and defenses.

Pilot Skills:
Sword Cut
Shoot Down
Ignore Size Difference
Prevail L5
Support Attack L1
Attack Combo L1

Remember when I said there were only a handful of folks who could match or beat Iczer-1 in raw stats? Iczer-2’s your main worry among those as she surpasses 1 is pretty much everything that matters except Skill. Her skills are also, as you can see, quite good.
That’s somewhat balanced by the fact that, like Iczer-1, she hasn’t got much in range – only her Iczer Beam reaches beyond point-blank and it’s only 1-3 – so approach from a distance (packing Strike) and you’ll be relatively safe.
If you have to move in point-blank, though, absolutely pop a defensive spirit because her strongest attack will HURT.

So our units move north a bit to both draw in Iczer-2 and find cover in a nearby forest.

Enemy Phase!

And, good for me, Iczer-2 could only reach Ichitaka for her BEAM attack.

: The Rushbird’s all about being sturdy. Only way you’re getting to JUDA is over our wrecks and that ain’t happening!
Ichitaka: “Your eyes can keep up with her, right, Alice?!”
Alice: “Don’t ask the impossible of me, if you would!”

I’m actually surprised that hit as it was a 50%.
The other mooks are moving in but nothing else is in range.

Player Phase!

We’ll keep Iczer-1 right next to 2, safe next to Ichitaka. By the by, with Focus and inside the forest, 2 still has a 20% chance to hit her.

: Come, Iczer-1!
: (Iczer-2… my sister. Her offensive capacity is even greater than mine…?!)

Iczer-1: “If you’re also an Iczer, then you must realize who you truly should be fighting!”
Iczer-2 taking damage: “Let’s enjoy this bout for all it’s worth, my sister!”
Counterattacking: “It’s my turn next, dear sister!”

These Boya Kaengus are still so weak.

We’ll want to give Quatre some levels here to learn Bless ASAP.

: I’ve had my share of fighting in losing battles, but this is one we can’t afford to lose! Go, Sandrock!

It was only now that I realized Quatre’s Shotels don’t have the best ratings against aerial targets. Frail or not, these mooks won’t be oneshot by the Cross Smasher.

I’d rather the mooks attack our stronger folks, so I’ll keep the Deceive back.

: You good to go, Izuna? We’re only dealing with bots today, so don’t worry about holding anything back. Can’t screw things up with that dumdum watching!
: Understood, sis. No one’s getting through here!

There we go.

Enemy Phase!

As Ichitaka nabs two kills from the Boya Kaengus, the Dilos are getting closer.

: I’ll simply have to make do with my own strength until Nagisa comes around …!

We’re good on that front, though.

Player Phase!

: I believe it’s time we finished this, sister…
: !!
: Haah!

*Iczer-1’s thrown waaay back!*

: AAH!
: What’s the matter, Iczer-1? Surely that’s not all you’ve got.
: Urk…
: Get up! I can’t stand weaklings… if you don’t get up, then you’ll die!
: Hrrm… I-I’m not finished…!
: Better, dear sister… Now you’re worth killing. Sepia!
: Yes!
: Call forth the remaining Dilos Thetas and command them after Iczer-1.
: Right. Come, Dilos!

: Gaaah!
: Hmhmhmhm…
: Damn it, she’s in a lotta trouble! We gotta help, Izuna!
: Aye, aye, sis!

*The Dilos gets blasted away and the Deceive moves in after Iczer-1.*

: Are you OK, Iczer-1?!
: Shizuna, Izuna…
: I see you’re well-liked, dear sister. However, blindsiding us won’t help you for long.
: Go, Dilos! Bring down that worthless Machina!

: Waaah!
: Aaah!
: Izuna! Shizuna!
: I’ll help them!
: Oh, no, you will not!

: Rrgh…!
: Aahahahaha! We are not the only ones you’ve to worry about!
: Now just sit back and watch as your companions suffer.
: Damn it, isn’t there anything we can do?!
: We’re too badly outnumbered. If we had at least one more unit…!

: Take a look at the transmission, Kouichi. They’re all going to die if this doesn’t change. Our Machinas aren’t ready yet – only your Linebarrel is.
: Is… Is that a threat?
: Don’t be silly. This is… a sincere plea for your help.
: !!


: Back off, Mr. Ishigami! We don’t need that guy’s help!
: We can handle this, sir! Don’t force his hand, please!
: Alice, watch the Laplace Wall. I’m gonna try making a break for it again!
: Roger that!


: Urgh! Damn it, I can’t!
: Are you OK, Ichitaka?!
: Th-They’re…
: Kouichi…
: Hrm…! I… I know that whatever I feel’s likely just a sorry excuse for righteousness… And I know that I don’t have what it takes to be a Champion of Justice…
: But… but how could I just walk away from this? If I don’t do something, they…!
: Then… become a Champion of Justice.
: Huh…?
: Do it right this time. And be a real Champion of Justice.
: …I will!

*He runs off.*

: There he goes. It’s just you now, Nagisa.
: Huh?
: I’m sure that, on some level, you’ve already realized… both the strength that hid inside you, and that your parents—
: No, NO! I don’t! My mom and dad are alive, and I’m going to just go back to my normal life!
: If that’s the choice you make once you’ve accepted the truth, then I won’t stop you.
: Whether you believe anything or don’t is entirely up to you. So I’ll just tell you a bit of reality as it is.
: I don’t wanna hear anything… Help me, Iczer-1…!
: I’m afraid both your parents are already dead. The Cthulhu killed them when they attacked your town, before you even boarded the Iczer Robo.
: That’s… That’s a lie! Daddy, mommy…!
: You’ve heard news of all those missing people these past months, didn’t you? That was the Cthulhu’s doing. They infect humans and use them to attack others.
: Once infected, the hosts cannot go back to being humans, so Iczer-1 could only kill and eliminate the corpses. That’s the truth behind those incidents… and it was through those people that the Cthulhu found you back then.
: …!!
: So they set about to infect both your parents and your friends in order to kill you…
: Iczer-1 noticed what was happening, so she hunted down those humanoid Cthulhus. She saved your life.
: She… She never said anything about that…
: Because she knew what a heavy blow it would’ve been to you. She told me she would explain it all once your physical and mental injuries had fully healed… even if that made you hate her.
: Iczer-1…
: She’s now fighting with all she has to avenge your parents… she needs your strength, but refused to make a fuss.
: I think she’s just waiting… waiting for you to fight of your own free will.
: I’ve to get revenge for my mom and dad… No. I just have to help her…!

*Off she goes.*

: Nagisa…
: Everyone holds both justice and evil in their hearts. I’d rather not shove childish notions of justice in people's faces, but I'm glad she turned out to have the heart of a Champion.

: Ahahahah…! Is something the matter? Surely you two can do something, no?
: Ugh… uurk…
: Hrrgh…
: Kch…
: And we won’t even need to use the Iczer-Σ... How disappointing.
: Sepia, how about you go and finish them off?
: Right!

: That’s enough outta you!
: I’m here too!
: Huh? You’re…!
: …Nagisa…?
: K-Kouichi...
: I... told you we… don’t need your help. What’re you here for?!
: I don’t really know why…
: Hm?
: I dunno if I’ve what it takes to fight, or if I can make good use of this power, or what’s waiting for me down this road… But, right now, I just want to help you guys. Of that, I’m 100% sure!
: And I… I was wrong about you, Iczer-1. I thought you were a monster who’d come to drag me into some fight and ruin my life... but that wasn’t true.
: What do you say, Shizuna, Izuna? What’d ya want me to do?
: Urgh… Please… whoop their asses…
: And come help us…! Lend us all a hand, Kouichi!
: You got it! Now you just let me handle this!
: I wanna help Iczer-1 too! I… I just need more power to do it! A lot more!
: Come! Linebarrel!!

: Please… Iczer Robo!

*Both bots charge after the Dilos mob!*

*And pull Iczer-1 and the Deceive closer to JUDA.*

: Ah—!
: Oho…
: You’re not killing my friends!
: Haah… haah…
: Hmph. So that’s how it’ll be, huh? Your partner’s beckoning you, Iczer-1.
: Na-Nagisa… You summoned the Iczer Robo by yourself…?
: Iczer-1… I’m ready to fight…!
: Truly, Nagisa?
: Yes; I want to help you. I couldn’t live with myself if I just watched you all get killed.
: Why don’t you unite with the Iczer Robo, dear sister? That’ll also give me a far more enjoyable battle…
: …
: Nagisa, I’m coming!

: Very good… Sepia, the time has come to fulfill the promise we made. I’m summoning the Iczer-Σ!
: Understood!

: That’s...!
: They still had another trick up their sleeve?!
: I’m detecting the same energy readings as the Iczer Robo. But the output… theirs is even higher!
: Ahahah… Do you see this, Iczer-1? It is my other half: the Iczer-Σ!
: Iczer-Σ...!
: We’re going, Sepia. Your power should far exceed that of the Earthling girl… In other words, their Iczer Robo is of no consequence!
: Right, Iczer-2. I’ve long waited for this and now I will destroy the Iczer Robo and avenge Cobalt!
: Iczer-Σ... Can I best it with how battered I already am...?
: No… Nagisa’s here fighting with me, along with my friends of Earth. I’ve nothing to fear from anyone!
: … I won’t run anymore. Kouichi also chose to stand and fight… and if I’ve the power to do the same, then I’ll use it to defend Earth with all of you!
: Ichitaka, Quatre, sorry for the headache I gave you guys.
: I should apologize as well for trying to press you into joining our battles…
: Forget about it… And Shizuna, Izuna, I’m gonna pay ‘em back twice what they put you two through!
: Kouichi… I’m counting on ya.
: Oh, enough with all that mirth! Come forth, soldiers of the Underworld and Haniwa Phantoms!

: You think you’re gonna scare us with that?! Come on, Kouichi – this is where we turn this whole thing around!
: Yeah!

Whew, now that was a lot of stuff going down. Nagisa’s finally joined us for good, which means Iczer-1 now unlocks her ability to summon/desummon the Iczer Robo over 130 morale (not in this mission – she’s stuck on the Robo).

Now for the actual new addition to the team:

Linebarrel (Kouichi Hayase)
Pilot Skills:
Sword Cut
Prevail L2
Support Attack L1
Attack Combo L1
Spirit Commands:
Squad Bonus: Melee weapons’ damage +100, mobility +5

Kouichi, as you’d expect from the protagonist, is pretty good all around his stats. All that exposure to Super Robot shows gave him a case of Gekiganger syndrome in that his spirit commands aren’t really tailored for dodginess but he’ll make do (a barrier’ll be a nice safety net). That said, with a D-S.O.I.L. base level of 95, Kouichi’ll regen more than any other Machina pilot (nearly 28% and that’s before the D-S.O.I.L starts rising).
And as everyone’s been telling us throughout these missions, the Linebarrel’s really, really good. It’s got a crapton of power, good accuracy, defenses, mobility and even range now that the Executor was unlocked.
The plot says you WILL have to field him and, really, there is no objective reason not to.

Oh, and just like the Iczer Robo covers Iczer-1’s lack of range, the same happens for Iczer-2. She’s rather bulky with that Prevail L5, too, so keep that in mind. Like before, don’t attack her at point-blank unless you really have to, and, in that case, pack some defenses.

Let’s put the kid to work.

: You’ve got a lot of nerve to torment my friends like that… and you’re gonna get it all back with interest!
When did Ishigami slip him that suit…?

Quatre and Ichitaka tag team a Dilos into the ground.

Ichitaka himself weakens this one, setting it up for Iczer-1.

: My sincerest thanks for your resolve, Nagisa. Please entrust your strength to me!
: OK!

Boosh. Shizuna, meanwhile, slaps a Boya Kaengu some.

Enemy Phase!

Of course.

: Sepia, now is the time to bring peace to Cobalt’s soul!
: Right, Iczer-2. We will destroy the Iczer Robo!
: Synchronize yourself with me, Nagisa. Do that and the Iczer Robo’ll know no defeat!
: Got it, Iczer-1! I’ll do whatever I can!

Iczer-2 attacking: “This place will be your grave, Iczer-1!”
Iczer-1 attacking: “Indeed, battle is inevitable when dealing with her…!”

After that, the closer Boya Kaengus start attacking/dying to people: two to Iczer-1…
And one to Quatre, which allows us to see the dynamic finish of this.

On the other side, the Dilos are mobbing our Machinas.

No kills but Shizuna and Kouichi do a lot of damage to them.

Player Phase!