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Part 32: Mission 11 - Prelude to Battle - Part 3

: I-Incredible… They pierced the A.T. Field!
: Shows that it wasn’t luck that’s helped them defend Earth all this time…
: …

Iczer-1 solo:

: It’ll be very difficult to defeat this one without the Iczer Robo… Nagisa, prepare to deploy.
: Got it. Be careful out there, Iczer-1!

Iczer Robo:

: This planet is home to so much life, and I will not see it destroyed! Even if it costs me my life, we will prevail!
: Let’s go, Iczer-1! I’m sure we can beat that thing together!

: This isn’t like the Vajra, but… is it another living weapon?

: Take this guy out, or the world ends… I’ve no idea what’s going on, but I’m not gonna let this freak run amuck!

: So what you got a barrier! That thing’s gonna be cracked open like a walnut when I’m done!

: My guess is that red ball’s its weak spot. And while I dunno if we can pop its barrier, we’ve got nothing to lose taking a swing there!
: I feel the same! Let’s go and make this Decisive Battle a brief one!

Ichitaka: “Time to give Shinji a hand with his mission!”

: First I get it to start walking…! Then… attack…!

: Ken!
: I know. We’ll pour our energy all in one spot and tear down its barrier!

: Hyouma, I can’t even begin to analyze this one!
: Tch, so this is an Angel…? I think we’re strong enough to take him, but it’s still gonna be a tough cookie…!

: This monster’s got a totally different aura to it than the Demonic and Iron Beasts… What… What am I feeling…?
: … No, I can’t let it get to me! My flame’s telling me to take it out right now!

: S-Say what?! It’s regenning everything!
: We really need to destroy the core or the Angel’ll just keep going…!
: Shinji, target the core. You are the only one who can both neutralize the A.T. Field and attack at the same time.
: But that’s…! You’re asking me to do what everyone in LOTUS couldn’t…?!
: Hold your horses! I’ll handle this!
: This stupid kid…
: There he goes again…
: Shinji, that’s you in there, right?
: Huh… Kouichi?! What’re you doing here?!
: Eeh… a bunch of stuff happened, you know. But that’s not important. Listen, when you were getting transferred, I totally ignored you, right? Do you think you could forgive me for that?
: Ah…
: I’ll go and find a way through this for you. Then you won’t need to do any of this scary business. That OK with you, NERV?
: B-But that’s—
: No… I’ll do it…
: Shinji, you…
: I am scared… and I don’t really understand what’s going on. But my dad… he said that…!
They made it a special animation!

: Shinji!!
: Life support has gone critical!
: Report!
: The sync graph has reversed, pulse is flowing backwards!
: Cut the connection!
: We can’t! It’s rejecting our signal!
: What about Shinji?!
: No response on the monitors – status unknown!
: The #01’s gone silent! (Shigeru)
: Misato?!
: It’s over… Abort the mission! Prioritize the pilot’s safety! Force-eject the Entry Plug!
: Also not working! Nothing’s responding to our commands!
: What did you say?!

: He’s alright?!
: The EVA’s reactivating… but that should be impossible!
: Oh, no…
: It’s gone berserk…?!
: … Victory is ours.

: Angel… confirmed destroyed…
: Wh-What the hell… He just wrecked the thing…!
: The way it’s moving… it’s like a wild animal…
: (Evangelion… Seems it still holds plenty of secrets.)
: The EVA-01 has ceased all activity!
: Recover it and rescue the pilot immediately!

: Radar and sensors are clear. That’s the end of that.
: Angels, huh… We got briefed so fast, I’ve about a truckload of stuff I don’t get about those.
: Not just them. The sudden transformation that Evangelion went through… an actual Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
: We’ve plenty of questions that need answering now, that’s for sure.


: Then how about we go and get you some answers for those?
: Do we head towards NERV, then?
: You don’t mind, do you, commander?
: … It’s fine. LtCol. Katsuragi, I leave this matter in your hands.
: Yes, sir.
: You know they’ll be less than happy if you bring them into the Geofront, Ikari.
: No matter. They’ll have no cause for complaints if there aren’t any major deviations from the script.

: I don’t know this ceiling… Where am I? When did I get on this bed…?

*Door opens!*

: Oh, you’re up!
: Huh…
: Whew, that God… For a sec there I thought we had another one go in a coma.
: K-Kouichi… Ichitaka… What are you two doing here?
: “What”, he asks… Didn’t we fight together not too long ago? Or did you forget?
: Ah… you’re right… I was piloting the EVA.
: Fate is a very strange thing, indeed. I sure didn’t expect that two of your friends were with LOTUS.
: I was just as surprised when I found out about it all.
: And… there was that Angel...! What happened to it?
: Um, you kicked its ass? What, you don’t remember that too?
: I don’t, no… I passed out before I even knew what was going on…
: (Passed out? It couldn’t have been some system controlling the pilot, right…?)
: Well, if you can’t remember, that’s probably for the best. Having memories of the time you went crazy is the sort of stuff that haunts you forever – trust me.
: We’re still investigating why the EVA acted on its own after you lost consciousness. That being said, before it all went down, you were fighting very well for someone with no prior experience.
: …
: Hm? What’s up?
: … I remember something. When the Angel attacked me, I thought I’d died… I don’t want to go through anything like that again.
: Shinji…
: (Of course he’s scared… we got him aboard the EVA and straight into live combat without really explaining the situation... But we’ll still need him to fight what’s to come…)
: Think you can stand up, Shinji?
: Huh? Y-Yeah…
: Then come with me and your friends for a bit, please.

The SEELE fellas aren’t really differentiated from each other here, so I can’t tell you who is speaking…

: The 4th Angel attacked and was eliminated, the Third Child has been acquired and the EVA-01 was rolled out… LOTUS’ activities and their influence over the Third aside, things are mostly proceeding according to plan.
: Though the tremendous cost of repairing the #01 was beyond our expectations.
: A rather small concern when faced with the suspended Unit #00.
: Slight imperfections are acceptable if it’ll be ready to engage the 5th Angel when it emerges.
: You needn’t worry. Now that the #01 has been assigned to active duty, the #02 and its assigned pilot are undergoing tests in Germany.
: Make sure that the construction of the #03 and the others also proceed as planned.
: It is your mission to see that NERV and the EVAs are put to proper use. We hope you will not disappoint.
: Indeed. Eliminating the Angels is but a single part of our covenant with Lilith.
: The Human Instrumentality Project… Our ultimate goal is to see it brought to fruition.
: Understood. May everything proceed in accordance to SEELE’s script…

: “Mostly according to plan”, indeed.
: The general outline is still the same, but there is a 13th variable not depicted in the Dead Sea Scrolls.
: So a deft touch is required. What do you have in mind?
: I’ll be assigning the EVA-01 to LOTUS. I find it unlikely that their actions will align with SEELE’s will in any way.
: More so than the Alliance or the old OZ, certainly. But what about the schedule?
: It does not matter. The script may have been devised from the information sent to us, but it is being distorted. If we cannot confirm the reason why, then…

: What do you think? It’s a pretty nice view, no?
: It is.
: That’s our town, Neo Tokyo 3. And you kept it safe.
: I… kept it safe…?
: You did, Shinji. This beautiful landscape is only here because you fought for it.
: But even if I wasn’t around, LOTUS was still here, no? I’m sure you would’ve figured out a way to win eventually…
: Still, it is what it is. Your memories might still be a bit fuzzy, but it was you who beat the Angel.
: And you bailed me out there, too. If you hadn’t stopped me, I reckon I would’ve had a real bad time.
: So thanks, Shinji.
: Huh…?
: Please, Shinji. Help us and keep this town safe… keep the entire world safe, even. The EVA needs you.

Back to Gendou’s office, Fuyutsuki’s explained to Lady Une that while the Evangelions were said to have been made to fight the Darius, they were actually to fight the Angels all along. The Darius appearance, around the time of the Second Impact, made for a good excuse for all the cash being moved around.
Une wonders if this was actual reason why the old UN supported the development of the Dancouga and the mass-fielding of Armas, but Fuyutsuki figures at least that Igor Concern – or, better put, F.S. himself – doesn’t share this objective. As proof, Gendou points out that the Dancouga was nowhere to be seen in the battle with the Angel.

But we don’t have the full picture of all that’s going on, mind. With the Katou Organization having already been active by the time the Second Impact hit, the reconstruction that followed it resulted in technology from “the other side” spreading across the entire world.
As a result, we saw the development of various new weapons: far more durable and powerful MSs, the Dancouga and its mission to prolong conflicts, etc. All of that’s very much in accordance to Logos’ desires, Gendou says, but there are likely other forces at work behind all that – forces we haven’t been able to ID.

Une’s a bit surprised that the guy knows about Logos, but lets it be and asks them to explain what the Angels are. Furthermore, why are they assigning the EVA-01 to LOTUS? Gendou says that the Angels need to be defeated or there’ll be no future for anyone – it’s all there in the report he gave her.
As for her second question, the eradication of the Angels is NERV’s mission and they’ve all seen that LOTUS is capable of standing up to the things. Assigning it to work with us simply seemed like the best way to increase their odds of success.

”But don’t you think the suspended EVA-00 alone won’t be enough to defend NERV HQ?” Une asks. Gendou stops short for a split second – is she aware of Dogma and its secret? She knows only a few things, after an independent investigation of the Preventers.
Then she should understand that there’s more to this than what she sees, and Gendou says he’s only doing what he deems best face it all. He sees no problems with sending out the #01, and, plus, he’ll also be assigning the #00 to us after it’s reactivated.
Of course, Une’s a bit iffy with taking the bot after it went ballistic. She wants to make sure that the #01 can be worked with, and Ritsuko’s on hand to help with that. While the events of the last battle are still under investigation by NERV, she explains that there’s always a non-zero risk of the Evangelion running berserk due to its inherent characteristics.

But if it puts such a heavy burden on the pilot that he can snap and lose control, couldn’t they have made the EVA a drone mech like a Mobile Doll, Lady Une wonders. Unfortunately, Gendou explains, someone needs to be aboard for the EVA to generate its A.T. Field, which is in itself necessary to neutralize the Angels’ and allow engagements up close.
Ritsuko also adds that since we don’t know what kind of abilities any Angel might hold, the A.T. Field is the bare minimum defense the EVA has against them. Une sees that it all comes down to NERV’s mission to defeat the Angels. Fine, she accepts the EVA-01 and Gendou’s son into the team.
As the call ends, Fuyutsuki’s amazed by the Preventers’ intel-gathering capabilities. Or maybe there’s a mole in NERV? Still, Gendou knows she’s not an enemy, so it matters not what she does. Plus, he already imagines it’s “him” who’s feeding her intel.

Aaay, welcome to the job, Shinji and Misato (Ishigami’s got poppers, even)! Kouichi’s so very happy to have his buddy back, Shinji explaining to Shizuna how they went to the same school.
Of course, Naoto’s also being celebrated today as the 48th crewmember of the Daiku Maryu – he’ll be taking over as the ship’s pilot until Rongo’s back to full. The kid’s stammering a whole lot, annoying Puria. Say it like a man! HE’LL BE WORKING AS THE DAIKU MARYU’S HELMSMAN! GOOD TO BE HERE! Better. Daiya’s a bit sad his friend ended up getting dragged into this, but is also glad to have him on board.
Ozma’s watching on as we add more kids to the team, and Zechs suggests that he could always train them to alleviate his concerns. Ozma’s figures it wouldn’t do for a newcomer like him to try and drill the others, but Alice says he needn’t worry about standing on ceremony with this group.

Case in point, Misato’s happily introducing “her baby” to everyone. Shinji’s still a bit shy, but Kouji tells him to come on over – Quatre figures we’ll all be great friends. Naoto himself is already a fan, amazed at how much ass Shinji kicked in the last fight – Shinji’s his role model now (that alone gets a smile out the kid).
Shizuru herself likes the new additions – Shinji and Naoto are so cute, it’d make anyone want to protect them. Did she give up on the older men of the team, Shizuka quips? The age gap might be a problem, mind. No, she didn’t mean it like that.
Regardless, Shizuka didn’t come here to have a laugh; she just wanted to check up on Shizuru, what with her having to learn how to work the Godannar, training Anna and whatnot. What, who does she think she’s talking to? This is nothing to Shizuru!

Now, with how big LOTUS has been getting, Ishigami thought there’d be a lot of people around who wouldn’t know each other. So, he had an idea for something of an icebreaker: we’ll have a biiig welcome party, and, as a little game, everyone’ll showcase their secret talents!
The whole event’s tonight, with Yui helping set it all up. Alice doesn’t quite know how to make sense of the weird turn things took, and Ichitaka wonders if he could go with some card or magic tricks…

Turns out JUDA’s got a whole shopping center within the building as a way to allow company employees to find whatever they might need without having to go all the way into town, Miu and Yamashita explain. And Ichitaka sees that they’ve got stores of pretty much everything, from regular groceries to luxury items.
That makes this the perfect place for folks to find stuff with which to showcase their skills:

: Okay, let’s kick off our welcome party for the newcomers to our LOTUS family! And I’d like to begin with a toast to everyone’s health and LOTUS success… Cheers!
: Cheers!
: *Chug, chug, chug*… Haaaah! Whoo! Now this is living!
: M-Misato…
: Now how about we start with our talent show?
: Guess I’ll go first, then! I can recite all the stations in the Tokaido railway by heart! Tokyo, Shinbashi, Shinagawa, Kawasaki…
: All the stations prior to the Second Impact…? It takes quite the expert to pick that.
: We’re up next! Let’s rock!
: OK! Hello, there! I’m Izuna!
: And I’m Shizuna! We’re twins, but we don’t really go outta our way to look so much alike, see…
: Still, every day someone comes over asking “Are you the boy? Is Izuna the girl?”
: Yep, yep.
: I guess it’s ‘cause I’m loudmouthed, always frowning and walking all awkward-like… No wonder folks think I’m a guy…
: Yep, yep.
: You’re not supposed to agree with me, stupid! Flying Drop Kiiiick!


: Ooow…!
: Daaaah! Jumping! Piledriver!


: Gaack!
: Wh-What are they doing…?
: I think they decided to mix up Manzai with wrestling for something of a comedy brawl?
: Well, it’s something only someone with a Factor’s healing abilities could do…
: Carrying on, we’ve Rachel Calvin versus Kosuke Kita! The genius girl versus the brilliant boy!
: I’m winning this one, Kosuke!
: I say the same!
: We’ll be asking questions from the grad school world championship quizzes of the past ten years. First question: who is known for the discovery of superc—
: Heike Kamerlingh Onnes!
: Correct! Second question: what diagram plots the absolute magnitude of sta—
: The Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram!
: Correct!
: Not bad, Kosuke.
: You, too. But this competition’s just getting started!
: They’re not even listening to the whole question before answering…
: I’ve the sinking feeling they’ve memorized all questions ever given in those tests.
: What the Christ…
: Let’s keep going with sweet Emi Kizaki’s magic show! And assisting her will be our very promising rookie, Kouichi Hayase!

: Good luck, Emi, Kouichi!
: Yup, leave it to me!
: Good evening, everyone! For my trick today, I’ll be sawing Kouichi in half!

: Ooh, the old sawed body trick…? Impressive!
: When did she get her hands on a prop that big…?
: No! As you can see, I am not using any props at all!

: W-Wait a sec, Emi! Aren’t you really gonna cut me in half if you go with that?!
: Don’t worry. I saw this show on TV and, much to my surprise, the severed body was as good as new when they put the box back together.
: N-No, that was a trick! Emi, stop!
: Dang, Kouichi’s really selling it!
: I’m not acting! SOMEONE HELP MEEEEEE!!

Some time later…

: How’re things, Shinji? You settling in with the whole LOTUS ambiance?
: I am, yes. Everyone’s looking like they’re enjoying themselves, too…
: Though I was a bit surprised that you guys have parties like this.
: You thought we were messing with you?
: … Kind of…
: Listen, our work here doesn’t really allow for any screw-ups. We’re expected to succeed, and if we don’t, the whole world’ll give us crap for it…
: Most folks would probably say this isn’t worth the hassle. But, still, no one else could pull it off – only we can.
: … I’m quoting Mr. Ishigami here, but I think it shows what we are, and why breaks like this are needed.
: Here you are, Shinji. Having fun?
: Ah— I am.
: Hmm, yes, you’re sounding a lot more relaxed. Come on, then! Let’s go party, party, paaartyyy!
: Guess you gotta, Shinji. I’ll see you around.
: (Misato… and LOTUS… They’re actually good people…)
: (Ok, maybe I went a bit too crazy there… Still, a big party like this is totally where people’d get like that. Y'know, being transparent and all.)

*Off they go.*

: Now that I think about it… I don’t see Reiji anywhere. Where is he?
: What’s up, Yamashita?
: Wah! … Oh, it’s you, Alto. Don’t sneak up on people like that. (Alto and Reiji have the same VA)
: I wasn’t sneaking – you weren’t paying attention. If it was Reiji—
: Do you need something, Yamashita?
: Ah, Reiji! Where have you been? We got this whole party going on, and you ditch us like that?
: We've just received a message from Kiriyama Heavy Industries - an invitation for the unraveling of their newest prototype.
: Kiriyama…? It’s a new Arma, then?
: … I think so. The CEO, Eiji Kiriyama, was very vocal of how it’d “change the course of history”.
: Aah?
: I should go and report this to Mr. Ishigami. Try not to take things too far tonight.
: Y-Yes, sir!
: (… If Eiji’s on the move, then…)