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Part 35: Mission 12 - After-School Visitor - Part 2
Oh, and here’s Shinji’s better weapon right now: a big ‘ol gatling gun. It even gets a dynamic kill!

: The Vardant… this’ll be a tough enemy to fight. Still, I can’t just let you through here.
: That’s fine. I’ll just make you back off.

: Factor of the Painkiller… I need you to die for the world that’s to come.
: I’m also fighting for the world… and that’s why I won’t stop! Ever!
: Then, come! I’ll make you sing some beautiful tunes!

: Our main target’s that chubby Machina, meaning we ain’t got time for any others!
: But it’d be really dangerous to ignore the Talisman because of that!
: You’ve an idea of how dangerous I am, I see. Now let me give you some pain to match that!
And here’s Soubi’s best attack.

: So now I’ve to fight the famous Linebarrel, huh? Your regenerative abilities seem pretty high… but I wonder how long that’ll last you.
: The Linebarrel isn’t your run-of-the-mill Machina, guy! You’re about to get an eyeful of the power of JUSTICE!
: Justice this, justice that… You know, you’re starting to turn my stomach!

Kouichi: “Why the hell are you helping out these creeps from another dimension?!”

: Ho-hum, I wanted to mess you guys up, and now I’m the one who got messed up…
: Oh, well. I guess I’ll just wait for my next shot with bated breath.

: Soubi Nakajima and his Talisman… We’ll be fighting him again, it seems.

: What is the Katou Organization up to, Wufei?! I don’t mean to deny your justice, but there’s absolutely no point to this battle!
: You’ll know if it really is pointless or not in due time. Now fight me!
: Wufei!
: That’s enough of your yammering, Quatre!
Quatre: “Wufei… I guess we need to fight after all.”
Wufei: “If you can’t grasp the point of the battle I wage, then your peace is bound to crumble to dust, Quatre!”

: LOTUS! The Spheres being set and Katou’s actions overall are essential to the world at large! I’ve looked into his eyes… and I am fully convinced of it!

: Huh? Wufei… What did you mean by that?
: “Spheres”… Maybe those are related to the dimensional distortion the Katou Organization’s causing?
: (I’m also convinced of something, Wufei. That you’re, once again, fighting for the sake of the world…)
By the by, while clearing out the Stealth S Armas, I took the time to show off ANOTHER Gaikign combined attack. This is the new one he got with Puria when she switched to the Superior Stinger!

After those guys are done, it takes a few more turns to get all the way across the map to reach Masaki.
And while that’s happening, the guy decided to take a potshot at Kouji. Right after this, turn 8 rolls around:

: It’s...! Space-time is settling in its distorted state!

: Huh? What’s that black orb thing…?
: Damn, we were too late!
: Our mission is complete. All troops, withdraw.
: Belay that. I think you’re slightly confused, Masaki. The order now is: “Stay put and carry on fighting.”
: But Commander…
: We can’t leave the Dancouga at large. And with the R-Daigun gone, we must take it upon ourselves to dispose of it.
: But, of course, exercise a modicum of restraint. I’m in no way interested in losing any of my precious captains.
: … Copy that.
: Hm… He still wants to fight?
: Better for us, then. More of them we wreck now, the easier time we’ll have down the road!
: Troops, continue your offensive while still taking care to protect the Dancouga!

: Don’t get in our way, Reiji Moritsugu. That’d be what’s best for the world.
: … I cannot do that. Rather, I’m putting a stop to you!

: I’ll also do my part against you!
: Painkiller, a point-defense model of Machina… Your M.O. with it is inefficient.

: Hey, fatso! I’m coming to pull the plug on whatever the crap you’re doing to space-time!
: And if you don’t stop, there’ll be some awful images coming into your mind!
: Go right ahead – if you can, that is.

: I’ve no idea what you people are up to, but I’m putting a stop to that distortion!
: … The Linebarrel. Kouichi Hayase.
: (I though he was just an average boy… but the Commander assessed him as having “exceeded his imagination”. What convinced him of that?)

Masaki counterattacking: “That’s quite the inept Factor you chose, Linebarrel.”
Jerk! I just forgot that the big Executor blast still counts as a Beam attack!

Speaking of, Goh points out the Beam immunity – gotta use weapons that aren’t that. Moreover, he sees that the thing can attack over a wide area, so we can’t stay clustered up.

Game, I’m starting to think you don’t trust me. Kill!

: We lost more than our original estimates, but the objective was still met. Retreating.

: What’s the situation, Monica?
: No signs of any hostile. The battle’s over.
: So… Did we win?
: I wonder… They did manage to get that weird thing in place. You could well chalk this up as a loss.
: Still, we just need to trash the thing and it’ll be all good, no?
: I seriously doubt that. The Katou Organization wouldn’t have left it here if it could be so easily destroyed.
: Rachel, can you put together a research team to investigate this orb… the Sphere, I think the called it.
: Yep, they’re already headed your way!
: Then let’s take in the Dancouga and wrap this up fast. Hanging around an Earth Alliance base could come back to haunt us later.
: Woops, I don’t think sooo!

: Wha— They had another stealth Arma around?!
: How do you do, LOTUS? The name’s Riku Ousei, captain of the Katou Organization’s 8th Unit. I came here to test the power of your imagination.
: And seeing how confused you’re looking, I’m guessing none of you could imagine my plan.
: Riku Ousei, you said? What are you going to with the Dancouga?
: Imagine, why don’t you? Or maybe I’ll just tell you, since you’ll see it in a few seconds: the Dancouga is about to get sprayed all over the countryside by my Yaoyorozu’s Shinkahia orbs!
: And you think we’ll just let you do that?!
: Naoto!
: Aye, aye! Piercing Zolmanium Bullets, fire!

: Heheheheheheh…
: What the— It didn’t even scratch him!
: You guys really don’t have any imagination at all. The thing that exploded there was the Yaoyorozu’s special armor – I imagined you’d try something, so I came prepared.
: ‘Course, it won’t hold forever and then I’d be in trouble… So how about I go and pop the Dancouga in a real pretty explosion right now? Buh-byyyeeeee!

: Wuh?!
: It’s you whose imagination is lacking.
: Who said that?! Show yourself!

: You’re… The R-Daigun?! But why? Weren’t we on the same side?!
: Why don’t you go and imagine the why?

: Wh-Wuaaaaaaah!

: What just happened?!
: That red bot from before showed up and saved the Dancouga… At least that’s what it looked like.
: I don’t understand…
: Shinji, you guys OK over there?
: Y-Yes. We managed…
: …
: Yamashita, I’ll come speak with you later.
: Reiji, Yamashita’s… Wait, hold on! You’re injured! Was it when that guy, Jack, attacked…?
: It’s no problem – I was born without a sense of pain, you see. Small injuries won’t stop me from doing my work.
: We’re heading back to JUDA. Recover the Dancouga, Evangelion and Hind-Kind ASAP.

And here are the convos we didn’t get – Yamashita didn’t get a chance for any of his, since they only show up before the event:

: Hey, Horns, you’ve gone a bit on the straight and narrow, haven’t ya?
: Damn straight! I’m not the same man I was before!
: Heh, ain’t that something. Then get here and let’s see how much fun this new you’ll be!


: Linebarrel… I’d previously held back due to my orders, but no more!
: I’ve finally figured out how I really should be using my powers. No way in hell I’m getting dropped now! Bring it!


: Hey, there, Linebarrel boy… I’m here to play again.
: Sorry, but I’m in a hurry. This is gonna have to be the last time we fight!


: The way you fight bugs me like no one’s business, Vardant!
: … A calm and precise analysis of the situation is necessary to accomplish one’s mission. Becoming emotional is the way of failure.
: Drop the act, guy! I can tell you’re just like me!


: Reiji Moritsugu… Your swordsmanship is said to be the best in LOTUS. Show it to me!
: Fine. Let it carve into your mind, along with the horror you’ll feel!


: Oh, dear, Reiji… Are you going to fight me?
: … Of course I am. Come on!
: Do go easy on me, hunk…


: An artillery Machina… Meaning you can’t really do anything if I close the distance, right? What if I just don’t sit still, even?
: I can’t leave this spot…! Reiji told me not to!


: Whaa?! A man? But… my sensors are picking up an Arma…
: You cannot free your mind of bewilderment… Then die!


: Time passes, and your slow ass is always lumbering around. I’ll make this quick!
: Close-range battles might not be my thing, but I’m another proud member of our Special Forces! I’m winning this!


: Start shooting, boy. Do you think you can hit me?
: Getting a kick out of me, eh…? You better take me seriously, or you won’t live to regret it!


: The Machina with the Reflector Cores… I’ll be ending you, and stopping your data collection!
: Not happening! What you’ll be doing is getting a taste of the Hind’s full powe!


: Gather intel from the battlefield and provide artillery support… That’s the job Reiji personally assigned me, and I will see it done perfectly!


: You won’t be conquering any of the world while we’re still around!
: You’ve got poise, girl, I’ll give ya that. But you still ain’t messing with our Op!


: Imagine, oh, powerless one. Imagine your suffering and defeat at my hands!
: I won’t be beaten, and I won’t surrender! Here we go, Painkiller!


: Hmm… Reiji had someone cover him? Now that’s rare.
: Do you know him…?
: We’ve at least known each other for longer than you have, girl.


: Wh-What’s up with you fighting us on foot, pops? That’s some bad joke right there!
: Your confusion is understandable, but I will still spare you no quarter!


: That’s the captain of the 4th Unit, sis!
: I know, I know! Blast him with the Nerve Crack and we’ll sort ‘im out later!
: Your illusions ain’t gonna mean jack if the cords can’t touch me! Get over here!


: I can’t let them get any closer to the Glain-Neidr!
: Too bad for you, we’re real stubborn – you’re not stopping us!
: We’ll be bringing an end to your operation!


: And what could a non-combat Machina do to me? Could you at least make for a little bit of fun, I wonder?
: You’re really gonna be sorry ya underestimated us! Izuna, show granny a big, ol’ nightmare!
: Got it! Here goes!

At JUDA, just as Ishigami was calling the Dragon’s Hive to inquire about the red Dancouga, he received a message from Tanaka’s boss transferring the Dancouga Nova to LOTUS. Quite the surprise. Tanaka does apologize for the suddenness of it all, but the transfer should’ve occurred a long time ago – things took longer than expected because of the bosses, see.
Ishigami isn’t mad in the slightest, considering how often Team D already helped us on their own, but the timing of it all is at least curious. Tanaka can’t well answer that, what with him not being in on the take.
Either way, Ru (the shrink) will also be headed our way soon, and Tanaka needs to get going – he’s got another call. Ishigami did notice something odd in this conversation: Une said Tanaka answered to F.S…. but he just mentioned having “bosses”. Who’s the other one?

By the infirmary, it’s up to Alice to tend to the Dancouga folks, much to Aoi’s pain. Still, she’s got to get it all patched up quickly. At least the silver lining, thinks Kurara, is that no one got hurt too badly. Still, they made it through only by the skin or their teeth and it was a complete loss – Johnny and Sakuya aren’t happy.
Since this is a rare chance to speak to them outside of battle, Goh would like to ask why exactly they’re fighting in the first place – none of us know much about the Dancouga or its mission. Well, as luck would have it, Aoi says they don’t know either. They just get orders on what to do, and even their handler gets those from the top.
Then, Miu asks, they wouldn’t know why the Dancouga suddenly started going all champion of justice, instead of just prolonging conflict like before. Johnny says they wondered that shift themselves, but haven’t gotten any answers yet.

And speaking of sudden changes, Ishigami calls in to relay the news of their transfer to LOTUS. It happened out of the blue, sure, but Ishigami points out that he and Lady Une had been trying to make this happen for a while now.
Kurara sees no issue, considering they’d already been ordered to fight with us several times before, but Aoi’s still annoyed that the boss (as always) made this call without caring anything for what they want. They’ll just have to make do with that as part of their mission as CHAMPIONS OF JUSTICE, Ishigami shrugs.

Fine, Aoi’ll go along with it so long as stuff’s exciting! “Exciting”? Pretty much, yeah: all of Team D look back on the lives they lead before being scouted/kidnapped to be the Dancouga’s pilots and think this job is WAY more exciting than what they did. Well, they’re a lot more blasé about things than Alto expected.
Why does he think that? Kurara needs only take a look at the hot blooded Tetsuya (Tsurugi) and Hyouma glaring over to see why. They are kind of breaking the mold, huh? Well, Aoi’s “sorry” to have dashed their expectations and, on that matter, the loss to the R-Daigun isn’t hitting her particularly hard. They’re still annoyed, mind, but not broken over it.

Goh’s not feeling that “I WON’T LOSE NEXT TIME!” vibe coming from them, but Aoi assures him it’s not like that. Like she said, she’s excited for another round with the R-Daigun. Now, she turns to Alice and asks if they’re free to go.
Well, she’s patched them up enough, so it should be fine… In that case, Emi beckons them to come with – she’ll show them to their rooms. With them gone, Shizuru ponders their uninterested attitude. Kouji’s not about to complain about molds being broken, but it still a bit weird to him.

Reiji, meanwhile, is taking Yamashita to task, asking why he left his post. He was worried about Reiji, yes, but the guy himself doesn’t remember ever assigning him to support him – that was Miu’s job. Plus, it was his actions that led to Shinji violating his own orders to help him. Surely Yamashita can see that.
Speaking of Shinji, while Misato’ll say that he did a good job fighting today, she also can’t praise him much for it. Things turned out fine in the end, yes, but that doesn’t justify what he did – were that the case, Yamashita wouldn’t be in this situation either. Shinji’s looking rather sullen now, but Ichitaka tells him to keep his chin up – he did good. The boy’s determined to keep working at it, at least.
That’s all Reiji had to say (Yamashita’s really bummed out), but Kouichi isn’t letting it end like that: “What’s so bad about folks worrying for their friends”?! It hampers the execution of their mission, that’s what.

Kouichi isn’t taking that answer, but he’s interrupted when Tsubaki runs in. She tells him and Ichitaka to stop fawning over the Dancouga and come help her buy another batch of sushi for Ishigami... Oh, Reiji and Misato are here too? Yes, but they’ve already said what they needed, so Misato sends them off.
And, hey, Shinji considers himself a proper man, right? Then he should go and help Tsubaki carry the groceries as well. Alright, he’ll try, and, when asked by Ichitaka, Yamashita slowly says he’s good to help.

Mishima has just gotten back to Cathy regarding some stuff she asked him to look into. Both Brera and the Galaxy Fleet are tagged as confidential, and he didn’t have clearance to look into them – he’s “very sorry” he couldn’t be of help. And what about the info we discovered about the Katou Organization being the vanguard of an invasion from their own world?
Mishima professes to have been very surprised by the revelation that it is possible to make a controlled jump from one world to another. That’s given them a glimmer of hope and Prof. Kentarou’s looking into it.
But that’s not what Cathy was asking about, of course. What she wants to know is why there isn’t any information on the Frontier’s databases about Katou’s parent organization being from their Earth? Because it’s top secret, obviously – in truth, even Mishima isn’t fully aware of the situation.

What he does know for sure is that, at some point after the Frontier set sail, their Earth came under attack from an unknown force and the conflict drew to a stalemate. And what did he do when he found out about that? Well, the Frontier’s government obviously got in touch with the New United Nations Government, but the guys simply ordered them to keep going about their business – it would’ve been dangerous to stir things up further.
Only a very small number of people, including Pres. Howard, have been able to contact Earth after that, and even then they don’t get decent responses. Do note that, with contact with the Earth government effectively cut off, the approval of the use of Reactive Weapons was left at the discretion of the fleets’ highest authority.

Regardless, that’s all she wanted to ask Mishima about, and he has another appointment to take care of. “I apologize for how abrupt this was, Leon,” Cathy nods, but he just hopes that was enough to alleviate our concerns as we need to keep up our good work on the front lines.
With the call over, two things bother Cathy: one, he didn’t correct her for calling him by his first name while on official business (as he usually does), and, two, he was clearly lying to her face regarding Brera. Mishima’s not his normal self, clearly – he seems anxious, excited. And while Cathy doesn’t know what he’s hiding, she’ll do what she can to find out.

And Quatre’s just finished reporting on what Wufei’s up to. He doesn’t think he’s turned traitor, rather, he’s hoping the guy’s infiltrated Katou’s group like Trowa and the Alliance.
Une would like to believe that too, but we’ll just have to see. With that, she asks Ishigami to gather up everyone as she has something to tell us.

And so he does. What’s it all about? Well, Une has some bad news for us: it’s not circulating in the media just yet, but intel’s just came in that Relena’s been missing for a while. Last anyone heard of her, she was going to lodge a formal protest with the Alliance for their attempted nuclear strike on the PLANTs.
Does she have any suspects, Kyo asks, and Une says it’s very likely the Alliance is behind it, though they haven’t any solid leads to move on anyone yet. Still, Zechs already sees Djibril’s hand behind it all.
Next up, regarding the “Sphere” the Katou Organization set up in the previous battle, Sakon relates that the research team we sent over reported that the space inside the thing is wholly closed off to the outside – there’s no way to interact with it. And while Rachel mentions that they could confirm that there’s some object inside it, they don’t know what it is.

Sakon hypothesizes that that Sphere could be kind of like a Death Cross Point to the Katou Organization’s main force, something that’ll enable them all to come to this world? Well, Maki says these could be the “certain steps” that Katou mentioned – they set up a surveillance system to watch the thing around the clock, just to be safe.
Not knowing what’s up with that thing makes it twice as ominous to Ichitaka.

Only one last subject to touch on: Ishigami would like to explain his relation with the Katou Organization. Tetsuya himself wanted to inquire on that, and Kouji asks if what Masaki said about succeeding him as the captain of the 1st Unit was true. Ishigami knows that we’re likely asking ourselves if he used to be one of Katou’s men – would we like to know the truth?
Very much so, as Dick wants to clarify whether he’s a traitor to the Katou Organization or to us; and while Goh understands that secrets are par for the course at the top of big groups, this is something that needs to be clarified. Fair enough, so here’s the truth: Ishigami used to be one of the top officials of the Katou Organization, and all the Machinas JUDA currently has (barring the Linebarrel) were stolen by him when he left their fold.
Nagisa’s appalled that their boss turned out to be one of the bad guys, but Izuna asks her and a dumbstruck Kouichi to hold on. He’s not with them anymore, which is why he helped Lady Une with LOTUS and all, right?

Ishigami begs out forgiveness. He didn’t want to keep it a secret for so long, but this isn’t something easy for him to speak of – back then, he seriously believed that Katou would bring peace to the world. “Oh, how young and foolish I was!” Ishigami howls, and no one knows what to say to his over-the-top melodrama.
Still! Ishigami says that even if mistakes were made, anyone can take their remorse to heart and start over! Kouichi protests that he can’t handwave all that away just like that, and Shizuru agrees: he can’t just act so nonchalant when he could’ve come clean about it all this time.

Tetsuya (Tsurugi) isn’t also 100% convinced by Ishigami’s story, though he says we’re all free to gun him down if he ever turns traitor. There’s no need to be so distrustful! Lady Une says she can vouch for him… though she admits one could easily take her, a former OZ operative, of being in cahoots with him.
Daiya does raise the point that the Daiku Maryu’s Captain Garis used to work for the Darius Army; Iczer-1 herself is also a traitor to the Cthulhu people. And Johnny also figures we can’t give Ishigami too much crap for being nonchalant, since that’s pretty much how he always is.

Ishigami bawls that everyone’s so mean – hasn’t he been working so hard to help them all become good friends? All of his pranks were especially planned, out of LOVE, for that! “Hey, your parties are fine and all, but I’m gonna pass on the pranks!” Ichitaka objects.
Fine, no need to let this revelation change what’s been working just fine. Kenji at least is glad that folks eased up, as he couldn’t handle everyone being on edge… mind, Mido figures he could still stand to actually be a bit more serious about things. Blah, why do stuff always end up biting him in the ass? Maybe it wouldn’t be like that if he changed his ways, Tsubaki says.

Finally, Ritsuko calls in right then to let us know that they’ve finished repairing the EVA-00 – Ishigami likes, as it’ll make for another boost to our forces. Moreover, she tells Misato that Rei’s all healed up and ready to fight, so she’ll be coming over as well. That’s great news, especially considering how hurt the girl was last she saw her.
Ishigami’ll set up transport for Neo Tokyo 3 tomorrow to pick them up, some supplies and to finalize Shinji’s transfer to the new school. Misato thanks him, and is anxious to see Shinji make new friends there.

Cut to Shangri-La, Masaki’s congratulating everyone on the good work today successfully setting up the first Sphere. Sure, but Sawatari knows this means they’ll be working to get more of the things placed throughout the world. Yulianne asks if he can’t explain to them what the Spheres’ are being set up for, but Masaki just goes silent.
She and Wufei ask why the silent treatment. Is this above their paygrade, maybe? Sawatari himself is also curious as to what Masaki and Katou are up to. Furthermore, Dmitri and Soubi point out that all of them are here in this Organization because they’re endorsed Katou’s cause as their own; surely it’s not asking much that they also be in on the take, right?
Being somewhat mysterious about things is good as it leaves some room for their imagination to run wild, Yulianne concedes, but the incessant secrecy can lead to misjudgments like Riku’s. And as a result, they lost the Yaoyorozu.

Masaki assures them that Katou will explain everything when the time is right – he couldn’t take that away from the commander. Sawatari and Yulianne sniff at being given the run-around, so Masaki concedes to telling them something: the Spheres will set the future of this world in the proper path.
So be at ease and know that Katou’s ideals will not betray them!

: Soubi Nakajima… I see now the reason for your contempt towards justice...
: I also saw something today: you ranting about your own justice again.
: But the Commander is leading us to “true justice”, no? Will your personal justice take you down the same path as it, I wonder?
: I don’t know if it’ll be the same… but I am fighting in the name of true justice.
: Well, don’t worry – I won’t dismiss your dear justice. We’re comrades, after all.
: Hmph… Me, comrade of a man who’s forsaken the illusion he called justice? Don’t be ridiculous.
: Excuse me…?
: Does your brain still work? Then use it and ponder the essence of yours and Katou Hisataka’s justice…!

*Wufei leaves.*

: …

Cut to Katou’s office, he’s apologizing to Riku for not having imagined what he was going to do. Riku takes the blame upon himself for going against his orders and deploying without permission – all because he deigned to imagine what Katou himself wanted.
Katou says his imagination isn’t to blame, though Riku will have to work with a regular Arma for the time being. That’s fine, and the guy leaves to try and improve his imagination.

Katou gets called on the phone by, strangely enough, a woman named Vladimir. She called to explain the R-Daigun’s intervention – she didn’t want it to happen, but there was no other way.
See, while Vladimir would have liked to have finished the Dancouga off then and there, “he” wouldn’t have been too happy about it. Regardless, she says her plans are already 80% complete, so they’ll be laying low for a bit.
That’s fine, and Katou asks her to wish the pilot a good vacation. Vladimir doubts the girl will actually rest, what with how busy she is. True enough, Katou laughs.

Finally, at the Dragon’s Hive, Tanaka ponders how the Dancouga will be facing even harder battles now, but F.S. says they MUST grow stronger and stronger if they’re to prevail against “them”.
“If they do not ascend as high as they must,” F.S.’s hidden friend mulls, “it will mean the end for everything.”