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Part 37: Mission 13 - A Reason to Fight - Part 2

So now we need to reduce the Straybird under 30% - shooting it down is a game over. That’s not really a problem, since the bot has plenty of HP:

Straybird (Yuunagi Grife, HL-0 Haruno)
Pilot Skills:
Sword Cut
Shoot Down

Well, what can I say? The Straybird is more offense-oriented than the Rushbird and is somewhat dodgy, though it has ABSOLUTELY no defenses worth mentioning. Its attacks are long range and will do more damage than anything we’ve fought thus far, mind, so come packing some sort of defensive spirit.
Yuu’s a pretty good pilot too, but his Skill list is so very gimped to (probably) showcase that he might not be as resolved to do this as he proclaims.

Regardless, he’s quite far away from our main group, so Ichitaka will be spamming Accel and leading him over. In the meantime, the mooks have already been cut to half and the other half will follow these two turns – the Zamza-Zahs are now top priority lest they MAPW us.

Fast forward!

: Goh left the Dannar in my care – I can’t sully its reputation!


: I need to work twice as hard now that Goh can’t fight!
: Time to show the results of my training with Shizuru and Noin!

Here’s the dynamic finish for Iczer Robo Full Power while we’re at it.
And, hey, did you know that the Quarter also has a DK for when they use the Macross Cannon Buster Cannon as a ship? I didn’t!

And now to deal with Yuu.

: Bro, work with us just a bit… is what I’d say, but I doubt you’d listen.
: ..
: Yuu, Haruno, please! None of us want to fight you!
: If you don’t, then get off the Rushbird. It’s that simple.
: Sorry, Professor…! I’m gonna have to get a bit rough with your Straybird for a sec!

Haruno: “Get off the Rushbird, Ichitaka…!”
Yuu: “It belongs to me…!”
Shinji supporting: “I have to help Ichitaka…!”
Alice: “Straybird, in sight!”
Ichitaka: “We’re up against Yuu… he’s not just going to sit there and let us hit him!”
Yuu: “So this really is your best, Ichitaka…?!”

: Hey! You think just because you really want the Rushbird that right and wrong don’t matter anymore?!
: …
: Your silence speaks volumes, you know!
: No, I’m just not obligated to say anything. We’re going.
: Copy that. Engaging via Variation C of the Anti-Combattler V pattern.

: So that’s a speedy birdman bot? Gonna make for a good prelim to our rematch with the R-Daigun.
: That might be oversimplifying things, but I suppose more experience is never a bad thing.
: We can’t let others gather data on us beyond what’s necessary. Let’s end this ASAP, Yuu.
: Right.
: Well, it’s way easier to fight someone who’s apathetic than the opposite. Here we go, guys!

: We’re only after the Rushbird! If you don’t want to get hurt, keep away!
: We’ve no business with you.
: What, and I’m supposed to shut up and do as told? That attitude tells me you’re a real crummy big brother!

: Ichitaka always spoke a lot about you… But if you’ll be a problem, then I’m gonna have to beat you up! Don’t make me!
: LOTUS… Seems there’re more bleeding hearts in their group than I thought.

: Hah! The stronger the enemy, the more hyped I get to rumble with ‘em! Fly over here, birdie!
: He’s one of those who fights with his instincts?
: I confess that that’s the sole subject I can’t learn. Still, it could be worth our time to fight him.

: Hyouma, that unit has quite the superlative mobility! Keep your eyes peeled!
: Psh, you think I’m gonna get slapped around by some rando coming out of left field? Hell, no!
: We should try and get some live combat data from this one. It could be useful to us.
: Fine, but only so we can take the Rushbird.

: This guy… His moves are on par with Brera’s?!
: Meaning you just have to go at it the same way you did before. Don’t slip up now, princess.
: Who are you calling princess?! And I don’t need you reminding me to watch it!
: …Come!

: Why are you keeping quiet?! If you got stuff to say, then come out with it!
: If you don’t, you’ll wind up doing something you can’t go back on. And then you’ll regret it for the rest of your life…!
: Talking wouldn’t amount to anything.
: That’s a bunch of crap when you won’t even give it a try!

: … Please stay out of our way.
: It’s you who’s in the way… move!

: We really can’t manage them all at once…
: It’ll only get worse the longer this goes. We should try and end this in a single stroke.
: Understood.

: Output rising… and stable.

*Yuu moves faaaar away.

: What’s going on? Is he running?
: No, he’s not.
: I agree – the guy’s gearing up for an attack.
: Then, Alice, gimme an estimate!
: O-OK!
: Too late.

: Hrk! I couldn’t even react to that!
: You lack the support of a proper combat AI, meaning every single move you make is flawed. You two cannot win against us!
: While you’ve been going about your everyday lives, we’ve thought only of saving the Professor!

*Faaaar away!*

: Monica!
: Their unit has massive speed and maneuverability for a manned model!
: I knew it… Going easy on him is simply putting us in danger.
: Nagumo, you see how strong he is, right? Just let us take care of him as we should.
: Gch… Is there really nothing I can do…?!
: No, don’t throw in the towel yet!
: It’s fine, Kouichi… Taking a look at things, it’s clear that what Yuu said was right from the get-go.
: Oh, don’t give me that! What do you want to do right now, huh?! Are you really fine with just calling it quits like this?!
: Kouichi…
: We gotta prove to Reiji that our justice isn’t in the wrong, don’t we?!
: Y-Yeah, you’re right!
: That’s enough of your nonsense.


: Urgh…! But I’m not gonna be able to do jack if I can’t keep up with that speed of his...! Any ideas, Alice?!
: If we can close the distance with him in the time it takes to charge his attack, then…
: That won’t work – he’ll just blast away to another spot!
: Let’s end this in the next run, Yuu. Is that fine?
: Do it. We’ll break his spirit with this strike.
: Understood – initiating charge.
: … Alice, is it possible to control the Rushbird’s barrier manually?
: Y-Yes, I can somewhat manipulate its energy absorption functionalities…
: Then the only way I see for your unit to attain greater speed than the Straybird would be propelled via a high-pressure energy blast. According to my calculations, the Linebarrel’s Executor would be best suited for this…
: Oh, I get it! If the barrier absorbs the thermal energy, leaving only the kinetic energy through, then…!
: Now that’s a wild and reckless plan… I like it.
: Nice one, Kosuke – that’s why you’re a legit genius! Let’s do it, Ichitaka!
: Yeah! Time for the gamble of a lifetime!
: …
: What’s up, Alice? I’m gonna need you to handle the barrier, while I concentrate on bashing him into the dirt!
: But if I make any mistake in how I control the barrier, we could both end up dead…
: If the barrier’s too strong, we won’t get any extra speed and we’ll be easy pickings for Yuu; if the barrier’s too weak, we’ll be on the receiving end of the Executor’s shot. Even a specialist would find this difficult – there is absolutely no way an amateur like me could do it…!
: !!
: It’s not about what you can, or can’t do! You just have to do it!
: Take me, for example! Controlling the Plasma Drive is like trying to play the piano and cook at the same time, but I’m doing it!
: (Control Parallelism… associating… Cooking… Maybe like this, I…)
: Understood. Many thanks, Anna. I… I’ll give it a go!
: (“Stop whining”… She also said that to me before…)
: Well, looks like everyone’s on the same page now. Let’s get to it, then!

: Kouichi, keep the Executor’s output steady at 97% and fire on my signal, please.
: Gaah, I got my own set of limitations to work with too? … Well, guess I better bring home the goods after acting all confident!
: Charge complete in T minus 8… 7…
: You two got this, Kouichi, Alice…
: (Not too strong or it’ll burn, not to weak or it’ll be undercooked…)
: … You’re done.
: Now, Kouichi!



*Ichitaka's blasted towards the Straybird!*

Alice: “We’re closing in on the Straybird – fast!”
Ichitaka: “Thanks a bunch, Kouichi! This is the resolve we have, Yuu!!”

Alice: “I won’t be beaten either, Haruno!”


Yuu: “What…?!”

: …!
: We did it, Alice! Didja see that, Kouichi?!
: Hell, yeah, I did!
: ……
: It seems we underestimated them somewhat. We must retreat and reorganize.
: Hrm…
: Hold on, bro! What… What happened to the Professor?! Do you know anything?!
: That’s none of your business…! Next time we meet, I will be leaving with the Rushbird…!

: Bro…
: Signal lost…
: Easy come, easy go, I suppose…
: We’ll need to discuss how we’ll deal with him in the future – we can’t afford to do whatever strikes our fancy every time.

I enjoy the fact that the bot’s barrier actually has plot significance and isn’t just a feature that’s there. On the flip side, Kosuke, wouldn’t it have been safer for everyone to have used, like, a Dankuuhou instead of the city-slicing beam sword? Or maybe had the Rushbird hitch a ride on the Great Booster?

Either way, we’ve another target to kill!

: This one’s kind of like a giant protist… And while it’s looking as tough as the last one, at least it’s better than the Vajra in that I can see its weak spot right there…!

: Don’t suppose there’s a magazine with info on the Angels, right, Johnny? Some “Men’s UMAs Monthly” or whatever?
: I’m not subscribed to it, unfortunately, but they haven’t run any articles on the Angels anyway.
: The hell, that’s an actual thing?!
: Whatever – this is still just another mission for us. And we’re going to tackle it like the pros that we are!

: Think you’re gonna weird me out with your freaky looks? Not happening!
: I’ve had crazy stuff like ghosts and reptiles come my way, and I never even got chills while beating them to kingdom come!

: Kosuke! Is this Angel’s A.T. Field as strong as the last one’s?
: Yes, it is. So when you go attack it, give it everything we’ve got!

: Dunno how proud you are of them super-sharp tentacles, but you’re gonna learn that chopping Jeeg up don’t mean squat!

: Target in the center… And then…
: That’s it, just like you practiced, alright?
: Yes…

: Haah, haah…
: What kind of technique is that…?
: I-Isn’t his fighting kind of all over the place? He was trained, right?
: You see a lot of recruits get like this. Normally, they wouldn’t be allowed to sortie, but…
: Eh? Why’s the new guy’s bot all lethargic?
: Uh, oh… Think it’s because of your punch?
: Z-Zip it, you!

: Daiya, it seems the Angel’s weapons are limited to his tentacles, but don’t let your guard down! We don’t know if it has other tricks up its sleeve!
: No idea what it might pull, huh? Heheh, now I’m even more excited for this!

: Is it down?!

: No, we haven’t stopped it yet!

*Shamshel rushes forward.*

: Shinji, watch out! Evade!
: Huh?!

: Gaaah!

*The EVA-01 is knocked north of town.*

: Shinji, are you alright?!
: The Umbilical Cable’s disconnected!
: The EVA’s switched to its internal power supply!
: How damaged is the #01?!
: Nothing major – it’s still functional!
: Hrrm…!

*Shamshel goes after him again.*

: Captain, he’s in big trouble!
: Ready the Piercing Zolmanium Bullets! Draw the Angel’s attention!
: Lulu, wait! There’re people right by the EVA-01…!
: Ah—Aaaaah…!
: Eeek…!
…!! It’s…!
: Shinji’s classmates?! What are they doing there?! They can’t engage with those two nearby!

*Shamshel steps over.*

: Gch!


: Why aren’t they attacking…?! LOTUS is just sitting there!
: They can’t attack because we’re here…!
: The #01’ll be running out of energy soon!
: Shinji, bring those two into your cockpit! Pull back once they’re aboard and let Rei handle the Angel!
: ?!
: Do you two hear me?! Get in inside the EVA, quick!
: G-Get inside…?!
: Hurry, Touji!

*In they go.*

: Wh-What the?! The thing’s filled with water!
: Ooh, where’s my camera…?!
: Alright, they’re in. Pull back, Shinji! Rei… cover him as best you can.
: Yes, ma’am.
: Hey, new guy, didn’t you catch that?! She told you to run off!
: I can’t run… I can’t run… I can’t run…!
: Ah?

: Yow, he threw the Angel right off!
: The power an adrenaline rush at work, maybe?
: That’s enough, Shinji! Retreat via Extraction Route #34!
: (Fighting scares me… and piloting the EVA even got me hated by others – it’s awful.)
: (But… running now would be even worse. Everyone here has it just as bad; and that girl, Ayanami, might also end up getting hurt again.)
: (If I ran, no one in LOTUS would accept me. Dad wouldn’t either…So I—!)
: I can’t run…!

*Shinji charges after Shamshel.*

: Shinji, that was a direct order! Retreat! Shinji!
: The #01 only has a few seconds left of energy!
: Haaaaaaah!!

: The EVA-01’s powered down.
: We’ve confirmation that the target has been completely destroyed.
: Haah… haah… haah…
: (Ikari… Ya’ve been this scared all along? And ya kept on fighting…?)
: Attaboy, Shinji!
: *Sniffles*… aah…
: H-Hey… Shinji?
: LtCol. Katsuragi, recover the #01. The civilians need to be brought to safety, too.
: You’re right. Bring back the #01 immediately!

: We’ve all enemies confirmed destroyed. I think we can shift back to yellow alert.
: Yuu… Where did you run off to?
: Well, he sure wasn’t like you told us. Even if he didn’t want to work with us, I was real surprised when he started firing.
: First things first, we should leave the area and give room for the people to leave the shelters.
: We’ll guide both your ships into NERV’s docks. It might be a bit cramped in there, but we’ll be happy to have you.
: Roger that.
: Um… Is Shinji alright?
: Physically, he’s fine… Less so mentally, though…
: Speaking of, he was acting kinda weird today.
: Sorry about that. He’s just been through plenty.
: LtCol. Katsuragi, I’d like to request permission for several pilots to enter NERV HQ.
: Hmm, I didn’t run that by the Commander, so—
: Permission granted.
: (…! Commander…)
: You’ve my gratitude. I’ll contact your people once we’re in.
: Heh… So that’s how it is.
: Eh? What is?
: Hey, that works for us! We can go and check up on Shinji!
: (That’s exactly why Reiji got us permission…)
: (And it went right over the kids’ heads, huh?)

And, quickly now, here are the handful of convos we didn’t get:

: We’ve an Angel in our hands, so nothing but our strongest attacks will have any effect. Please be careful.
: You got it – we’ll throw everything we have at it!


: You guys wonder why the Angels are all coming to this fortress of a city…?
: Wonder later. We need to take it down before it does even more damage!


: I’ll pave the road for you, Shinji! Back me up, Emi!
: I’m not your private operator, so please don’t get any wrong ideas about this!
: … That said, I can appreciate the way you’re trying to encourage Shinji. Paving a whole road… It’s wonderful that you’d go so far for him.
: And you tell me not to get any wrong ideas… but I’ve no time to fire that back at her. In we go, Linebarrel!


: I reckon you thought you were gonna blindside us with these, but I’m actually an old hand at fighting MSs! And I’m ready to delivery your usual dose of death!

: Why did you ignore my orders up there?
: I’m sorry.
: Not to mention how incredibly dangerous it was to fight with your friends aboard the EVA!
: I understand.
: This better not happen again, understand?
: Yes.
: Are you even listening to me?
: I am – every word… But what does it matter? We’ve won. I’ll pilot when you tell me to, and that’s good enough, right?
: I don’t really have a choice, anyway. I have to pilot the EVA – that’s the only reason why dad called me here. So, yes, I’ll pilot. If that’s what everyone wants, then that’s fine with me.
: What about you? Is this what you want?
: I know I’m not cut out for this… and I’m sure the others do too. Still, Ayanami was hurt, and you and dad—
: Okay, stop! This doesn’t have anything to do with anyone else! Whether you want to carry on piloting the EVA or not is a choice for you, yourself, to make.
: If you don’t want to, then you can just leave. You’re free to go at this however you want, so do that.
: …

*Misato leaves.*

: (It’s my choice to make…? I…)

: Apologies, but this is as far as you may go.
: I see… Well, thank you for the help.
: Dang, I guess that’s it for us. We can’t look anywhere else.
: Where’s Shinji at, I wonder?

: That voice… was it Kouichi? (He’s farther down the hall.)

: Yamashita finally got off his funk, and now we got Shinji’s having his own problems…
: Why’d you need to bring that up again, huh? And, FYI, I just got a bit shaken up from what Reiji said.
: He’s got a sharp tongue, that’s for sure. Still, while he doesn’t come out and say it, don’t you think that he acts like that because he cares?
: It’s said that Noin is so hard on her trainees because she doesn’t want them to die. I’m sure it’s the same with him.
: Speaking of, what about Shinji’s dad? I dunno what to make of that guy and his blunt attitude.
: Must be the same case as the others, no? He wouldn’t have let us in here otherwise.
: Yeah, the guy’s gotta be all tough ‘cause he’s the boss, but he still can’t hide that he cares for his son.
: We don’t really know what’s going through his mind, but I’d like to think that too.
: Well, it only makes sense, right? Every dad cares for their kid.

: (My dad… cares for me…?)

: That said, I still don’t think Reiji needs to talk to folks like that.
: Um…
: Heey, Shinji! We were looking for you!
: You saved the day again. Guess we really do need you around to beat the Angels.
: But, I…my classmate’s sister hurt in that other battle. And it was because I piloted the EVA…
: You’re looking at this the wrong way, Shinji. It’s because you piloted the EVA, that she only got hurt.
: Yeah. If you hadn’t, everyone, including us, might’ve wound up dead.
: Remember what I told you before? That the whole world’ll give us crap if we fail, so it might feel that this work isn’t worth the hassle?
: We’re not asking you to gloss over past screw-ups – like Kouichi does, with that time he tore through a town – but at least don’t torture yourself over it.
: Seriously, he was downright mean that day, calling us all phonies and whatnot.
: Sh-Shush, you two…! I do regret all that, and I’m trying to make up for it, OK?!
: Still, in my opinion, it’s actually very good that you’re thinking of the people who got hurt and the things that got destroyed.
: You’re wrong… all this time I’ve just been scared of getting hurt while fighting…!
: Shinji…
: I don’t understand how you’re all willing to fight with someone like me…
: Because that doesn’t matter.
: …
: What do you want to do, Shinji?
: I… I..
: I want to stay with you…! I’ll pilot the EVA and make my dad…!
: Then that makes you part of our crew.
: Okay…!

By the command center, Fuyutsuki ponders Shinji acting beyond what was predicted (they seemingly expected that). Might it be due to “the variable”? Still, Gendou says all that did was accelerate the Schedule – next, they’ll push him to get a bit closer with Rei. The plan is still the same.
“These poor children, their fates lying predetermined face a hitherto unseen script,” Fuyutsuki sighs. “How cruel it all is.”

Maya reports to Misato that Shinji’s friends have been examined and are ready to be sent home. That said, before they left, they asked to speak with Shinji.
The kid’s surprised to hear that, and Daiya wonders what’s up. Didn’t one of those guys punch him a few hours ago? Well, we might as well go together – and if they try running their mouth again, Kouichi’s got a few choice words for them!

: Huh? Punch… you?
: Yeah, and don’tcha hold back or I ain’t gonna feel right.
: That’s just the kind of guy he is, you know. Consider it a favor to him.
: But…
: Go for it, I say – he literally asked for it. Or, if you don’t feel like it, I could do it for you.
: And who the hell are ya? I’m apologizing to Ikari here, so butt out!
: I think that’s for the best, Kouichi. Besides, you’re a Factor, remember?
: Hurry up and do it already!
: Hrm… Hah!


: Oof…! Alright, now we’re even! Sorry I socked you there, Ikari.
: Guess we’ll see you around! Thanks again for saving us today!
: Hey, wait! At least tell me your names.
: Touji… Touji Suzuhara.
: And I’m Kensuke Aida. Pleased to meet you.
: Make sure you give us a holler next time you’re coming around!
: And good luck with that “Defender of Peace” job!

*Off they go.*

: All’s well that ends well, right, Shinji? That’s that problem taken care of.
: Yeah.
: (I wonder if I’ll ever be able to talk like that with dad…)

Back to the Quarter, Reiji says Ichitaka won’t be punished for his violation of orders today in deference to a request from Goh, though warns that he’ll get no more free passes. Moreover, Ozma warns that letting amateurs try crazy stunts is a recipe for disaster, so “if you wanna go beyond the impossible, then get yourself way stronger.” (Ozma’s VA is Kamina, FYI.)
While Ichitaka confirms, Nagisa asks if he has any idea why Yuu attacked us. He doesn’t, of course, still finding it all hard to believe. Still, what’s certain is that he wanted the Rushbird, though we don’t know what for.

Kosuke wonders if maybe it’d give him some clue towards finding Grife, but Ichitaka figures Maki and Rachel would’ve found it if it was there. It’s very likely to Alice that Yuu and Haruno know a lot more than we do, and Ichitaka sees that they’ll need to get some answers out of them the next time we meet.
Mind you, Ozma warns that not only will today’s trick not work again, they wouldn’t let him try again in the first place; in other words, Ichitaka need to beat him legit next time and that means training, training, training. Alice, of course, is ready to help with that. That’s good, and Noin wants to get going as soon as we’re back at JUDA.

Inwardly, though, Alice is a bit worried: “Haruno’s a full combat-specced AI, unlike me… It was pure luck that we managed to overwhelm the today. I’m nothing but a hindrance to us defeating the Straybird and getting them to talk… If Ichitaka’s to win this, I…”
Nagisa notices Alice staring out into nothing, and asks if there’s a problem. The girl’s reaction is as distraught as Anna, so Nagisa can see there’s something and is always willing to listen. And if it’s a subject she couldn’t wrap her head around, Nagisa suggests she go and talk with Ropett or Iczer-1 then.
Alice thanks her for the advice, and it was just her way of thanking her for the regular check-ups. Thanks to that, Nagisa realized she’d been putting a bit too much weight – looks like she’s gonna have to start going on a diet with Chizuru and some other girls…

Back at NERV, a nondescript time later, they’ve just finished readjusting the EVA-01 and Shinji’s free to go. As he does, though, he spots something in the distance: Gendou and Rei talking and, even stranger, the guy’s actually smiling. He never smiles for Shinji…

So the two EVAs have been successfully loaded onto the Daiku Maryu and the ship’s ready to leave. Yanma’s happy with this at it means we’ll be able to deal with the Angels wherever they might show up. More important to Boss and co is finding Rei, mind.
She’s elsewhere in the hangar, just getting acquainted with Megumi, and Dick is already trying his moves with the “cold-eyed beauty”. Does she like white lilies? They suit her to a T, symbolizing “purity” and “virtue”. All that earns him is a stare, so maybe she didn’t care for his pick.
Alto and Daiya suggest he stop, lest he fancy getting stuck in detention – maybe he and Michel getting a time-out would give our girls some tranquility. That’s a no-no, so Puria tells him to shush and apologizes to Rei on behalf of her crewmate.

Shinji does take a chance to ask what she was talking with Gendou before they came aboard the ship – they seemed to be pretty chipper. “He was just asking me to work hard carrying out my mission with LOTUS,” she says… which bums Shinji out, as Gendou didn’t speak with him at all.
Regardless, can he ask her one other thing? Doesn’t she get scared of piloting the EVA? He heard that she got injured pretty badly after some experiment, so he was wondering if she’s really fine. “I’m fine, yes,” she answers matter-of-factly.
But Shinji worries about the ever-present risk of his EVA going berserk again, of them dying at the hands of the Angels. “Aren’t you Cmdr. Ikari’s son?” Do you not have faith in his work?” Rei asks; “I try to have faith,” Shinji answers back, “But I’m not really sure on that yet.”
Why? Why not, with a father like that?

And that earns Shinji a slap before Rei walks out the room. Michel asks what the sound was – it echoed through the whole hangar – and Boss tells what happened. Now that’s odd, as Rei struck Michel as a very docile type when he was checking her out. Maybe she’s more tomboyish than we thought, Juzo wonders.
No, Iczer-1 was watching and explains that Shinji just said something that struck Rei as unforgivable. What, the thing about having faith in Gendou or not? Why did Rei get so angry about that, Miu wonders? Who knows, but, if you ask Daiya, a son not trusting his father is a very sad thing – that trust is supposed to be unwavering, come high or low.

On the flip side, Dick heard of how the kid was sent away and neglected by Gendou for many years now. And, when they finally meet up again, daddy-o doesn’t really seem to care that much? It’s not too unreasonable that there’d be trust issues here.
Sakuya’s also heard stories and they say Dick also didn’t get along with his father. Pretty well-informed for a rookie... though Dick immediately recognizes the Kamon surname and knows that they’re in the same boat. Sakuya makes do as a free-spirited homeless man, mind, and thinks this subject best left untouched.

Regardless, Dick didn’t mean to diss Daiya’s philosophy, but father and son can quickly drift further apart once separate. Kenichi disagrees: “However far away from each other they get, the bond between a father and son never breaks! I’m sure it’s the same for Shinji and his dad.”
That’s what Daiya’s talking about and is certain that Gendou believes in Shinji – they’ll work it out. This talk might sound good on paper, but Alto figures the reality is that the kid was pushed away by Gendou.

We’ve quite the heated debate in our hands, Shizuka sighs, and Shinji's once again bummed out over being the cause of that. Shizuka tells him not to worry, as those guys could always use a chance to express their feelings and think about how things are with their fathers (good or not-so-good). That’s not a bad thing.
And with all this talk going, Ru finally steps onto the scene and requests to speak with Shinji – Shizuka assures him that the girl can manage whatever ails him. That’s right, she’s a professional at her job!

Elsewhere, Yuu and Haruno are reassessing their plans. First priority is to take the Rushbird, second is to give Ichitaka a taste of utter defeat.
In the meantime, Haruno will use the data accrued today to adjust their tactics. As for Yuu, he’s inwardly thinking only one thing: “The Rushbird is mine…!”