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Part 41: Mission 15 (Alliance Route) - Our Path - Part 2

: Bring it on, Valkyrie! You won’t be bringing down my Destroy with your buzzing around!
: You got a big mouth, eh? Then you better not cry for mommy when you’re on the receiving end of an attack straight out of a snap-roll!

: Did you get all this power just to do crap like this?!
: Blah, blah, blah…! Weapons exist only to wreck stuff!
: Then I got a news flash for you…! That power is so you can protect what’s dear to you!

: You should’ve just kept fighting Mimetic Beasts, Combattler! Why the hell are you buddying up with those space monsters?!
: The Combattler’s a defender of peace, and we won’t just sit and watch as you run amuck!
Huh, I didn’t know they had these Zeong-like weapons.

: The Voltes is more than capable of tangling with this one! We’re not letting you go on with these atrocities!
: Let’s see you try, aliens!

: Urk! Damn it, I didn’t even get to do anything and I already gotta back off…?!

: This sensation… it’s…!
: It really is coming from the “white baldy”…! Feels like fate going out of its way to bind us together, but I think it’s about time to put a stop to that!

: Urk!
: If you still want to fight, then…!

: Hrm…! I can’t go on…!
: Huh? This presence… It can’t be!

*Kira moves closer to Neo.*

: What?!
: Open your cockpit! I’ll help you get out of there!
: You…!
: Hurry!

: A-Argh…
: I knew it… You’re…!

*Kira moves back to the Archangel with Neo in his hands.*

: What is it?! Did something happen?! (Murdoch)
: This man’s the pilot of that Windam – he needs to get to the infirmary!
: Huh?! W-Wait a minute…! Is he—!
: …
: We can’t be sure yet, but I think so, yes.
: Alright. Leave him to me, then.

: All enemies confirmed destroyed.
: Meyrin, open up a comm channel with the Archangel.

*Beep, beep!*

: Captain, the Minerva’s hailing us…
: Now is not the time for us to talk. Not yet, at least.
: Huh? But…
: Is it because of me?
: Hm. Granted, we’re not about to antagonize them either. But until we’ve clarified that matter, we can’t…
: I suppose so…
: Recall all troops. We’re leaving the area immediately!

: The Archangel’s withdrawn!
: ?! But why…?
: Oi, what’s their deal, giving us the silent treatment!
: Job done, they set out with nary a word… I guess that’s a pretty hero-y thing to do.
: Maybe, but they’re more like a guerilla group. We won’t be able to turn the other cheek forever, don’t you think?
: I’d be nice if we could bring them to our side, but I guess it’s too soon to tell either way…
: The Archangel, the heroes of Jachin Due…

And here are the convos we didn’t get today:

: I’m putting a stop to your rampage right the hell now, Alliance MS!
: I’d like to see you try! This Destroy’s awesome!


: What’s going on?! Neo! NEOO!
: Might have to get a bit rough here, but that guy from the Minerva’s counting on us! Just hurry up and get back to normal, damn it…!


: Hahah! The firepower on this thing’s just crazy! We got this whole city burning in the blink of an eye!
: The Alliance must be getting pretty antsy if they’re deploying weapons like this...!


: He’s coming for me…! I have to kill him…! I don’t want to die! I DON’T WANT TO DIE!
: This girl’s not herself, that’s for damn sure…! Then my only option is to stop her by force!


: That robot’s so powerful… Can we actually save the pilot inside it?
: … Still, I’m sure Shizuru would go for it! I need to work extra-hard for her, too!


: Have you all but lost your heart, your capacity to feel compassion or sorrow?!
: Yeah, I did! Any heart I had sunk deep into the ocean when Auel died!
: That’s not true! And I’ll make you remember the kindness you’ve thrown away!


: Now this one looks like a pretty exciting fight…! Not always we get to hunt game like this.
: Seriously, I’m even working up a sweat here.
: Let’s wrap this up quick and find a nice, cool room to chill out…!
: Not even you’ll be beating me, Dancouga!


: I’ve no time to waste on you! MOVE!
: He’s a very pure young man. Hopefully no one will try and take advantage of that…


: Why’d you make Stella pilot… She didn’t want to fight anyone! Don’t you see how scared she is?!
: That’s just what happens in war…! I, personally, didn’t want this to happen…!
: That’s bull, and it doesn’t justify any of this!


: You’ve been bugging us since Armory One, you combined prick!
: You were one of those guys, then?! If you hadn’t attacked back then, we wouldn’t have this war in our hands!


: A head-on assault with an MS like mine would be suicide… Then the only option left is…!
: Look at him, running all over the place… Gimme a sec and I’ll spray you all over this city!


: Weaker attacks won’t do anything against this MS…! Are we just gonna have to make it run out of energy?
: You up to something over there? Stopping to cook up a plan’s only making you an easy target!


: Seems some force keep bringing us and the ship together. But that ends today!
: All turrets, target the leading unit! Disrupting their chain of command should also impair the large MSs!


: That unit has the size and firepower of a Mimetic Beast…! But I still have faith in the Freedom’s own power!
: You really got in our way last time, Freedom! But not even you can stand up to this Destroy!


: I have to stop this MS… I can’t let them burn down our future!
: The Freedom… he’s a bad man…!


: Worst case, ignore the other enemy units and focus on the large MS! Give me all gun batteries set upon it!


: We don’t know how much our Laminated Armor’ll hold against that. Concentrate all firepower dead ahead and let’s end this before it drags on for too long!
: Yes, ma’am!

: This is what’s left of Berlin…?!
: It’s awful… How could they do something like this?
: How many people were killed because of their insane agenda…?!
: Is anyone alive out there?! Say something, please!
: Kch… What was the point of any of this?! What the hell did we come here for?!
: Tetsuya, Goh, can’t we just get out there and tear down the Alliance's army?!
: I know how you feel… but that’s not possible.
: Why?!
: Because we’re not allowed to intervene in transnational conflicts.
: We’ve jurisdiction to stop indiscriminate attacks on civilians like today, but, as I’m sure you’re aware, cannot act beyond that.
: Plus, according to intel ZAFT sent us, it looks like even the Alliance army is being manipulated from the shadows by this organization called “Logos”.
: Logos? What’s that?
: Merchants of death, looking to fill their own pockets from war.
: “Merchants of death”…
: They’re even worse than terrorists. At least those guys are willing to dirty their own hands.
: So things’ll calm down if we take those guys out the picture?! Let’s get to it, then!
: Patience; Lady Une’s using all resources at her disposal to try and look into Logos. She’ll brief us on what to do after she’s uncovered enough.
: In the meantime, we’ll work with the Minerva’s crew and do whatever we can to help locals make it through this.
: Let’s get going, Ichitaka. Assisting this relief operation’s just as important as fighting.
: I know, I know…! But I’m just so pissed with the Alliance…!

: Hrm…hmm…!
: Stella! Stella!
: Her condition’s worse than I expected. Her blood pressure keeps on dropping…
: But you can save her, right?!
: To be frank, there’s too much we don’t know about the Extended. I don’t think she’ll last long if we keep her here…
: What can we do, then?!
: We’ll bring her to the Dannar Base and try to find a way to treat her. I can promise you that we’ll all try our best to save her life.
: The Dannar Base…
: Urk… Shinn…
: ?! Stella, you’re awake?!
: I’m sorry, Shinn… I…
: It’s fine, don’t worry… I promise I’ll keep you safe, Stella!
: Thank you… Shinn…

: Are we still unable to contact the Chairman?
: We are. I’ve been trying over and over, but so far nothing.
: Hmm… But he should have new orders for us…
: If that’s what you want, I got them written down right here.
: What…? You, again?
: I was told to pass them on to you after the Minerva got to Berlin.
: Why is the Chairman taking such a roundabout way to contact us? If he’d told us about Berlin via our satellite comms, we might have made it here in time.
: Well, this area is under the Alliance’s control. Maybe he was worried the call would be intercepted?
: From what I’ve heard, even the Macross Quarter’s external communications are being partially jammed.
: That may be it, yes…
: Anyway, what do our new orders say?
: ?! What…! “Operation Angel Down”?!
: Huh?! Does that mean…!
: Yes, it does… It’s an order to sink the Archangel!