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Part 43: Mission 15 (JUDA Route) - Traitorous Blue - Part 1

OK, back on the other side and Michel has won the vote, so we’ll be keeping this route. Still a tight race for the number one spot, but this mission’s flow will end up giving Ichitaka quite the boost. We’ll see how this chart’s faring afterwards…

Quick upgrades, the EVAs got a few boosts in HP and Armor, while Kouichi and Daiya got a new pip in weapons and some other stuff.

Aaand we have a ton of event units: all the JUDA Machinas, plus Ichitaka. As such, we rearrange a few things:

Puria’ll let Dick move around in the air without lowering his %s, while Shinji won’t be stuck with his dinky rifle against airborne enemies when his gatling gun runs empty.

Here we go.

We open up at the Dannar Base, and Reiji’s requesting that Lulu allow him and the folks whose units are already repaired to head over to JUDA. That’s fine, as the Daiku Maryu itself will be setting sail soon – they might as well move in first and start strengthening the place’s defenses.
It’s the Machinas and the Rushbird that are good to go, so they’ll be departing straight away. Cut to everything hopping in their cockpits and all those units are ready to move out; Kouichi does wonder if Emi isn’t a bit uncomfortable, squeezed in the cockpit. Wouldn’t she rather we called a car to pick her up or something?

She’s fine, insisting she come along for the ride – b-but it’s not because of him, mind. She’s just worried about the Linebarrel, what with her having piloted it originally, and, also, she can’t well trouble others to help her out. What, but troubling him’s A-OK?!
That’s enough chit-chat, though, as Reiji tells him to deploy.

And our group makes it over to JUDA; right in time, too, as Maki notes that they’d be pretty much defenseless if the enemy attacked. Shibakusa’s heard of what happened to Shizuru and is majorly bummed out at him outliving more and more younger folk, though Ichitaka tells him to keep his chin up. Shizuru’s not dead yet, and he’s sure she’ll pull through.
But we need to worry about our current problems – Morimoto and Touko know how strong the Jinrais are, so we’ll need to be careful out there. Kouichi laughs that they worry too much, as the Daiku Maryu’ll be here soon and then we’ll kick Kiriyama and his goons’ asses straight into jail.

First things first, Reiji ask Rachel to give one last check-up on the Machinas while he and the pilots head to the briefing room. The Dannar folks’ll handle the Rushbird, and Shibakusa warns the crew to not get sloppy just because some maintenance was done back at the Maryu. Starting off, they’ll backup and take some feedback from the data on the previous battle.

: Reiji’s taking a while to get here…
: He did say he had to report to the president, but…
: Alright, Yamashita, Ichitaka, let’s go and prod him to come over. It’ll be faster that way.
: What, me too? You need to learn some patience.
: You know what they say: make hay while the sun shines. Let’s just go now.

: Eiji Kiriyama… what a stunt he pulled. I never thought he would conspire with the SDF to pull a coup.
: …
: Nor did I ever expect those Jinrais so simply be tools with which to carry out his own agenda. Your friend is quite the ambitious man…
: …
: Couldn't you tell him to ease up a little? You have been his friend since school, no?
: No… What I am is his ally.


: Well, now… pointing a gun at someone’s very dangerous business…

*Door opens!*

: Reiji, come on! Kiriyama’s gonna get here if we—


: !!
: …
: …
: Mr. Ishigami…? Hey… Are you trying to mess with us? You had him play hitman or something?
: Reiji… This is all fake, right…? It’s one of the president’s games or something, right? Isn’t it…?!
: You… You shot him…?
: …


: !! Watch out!

*Kouichi pushes Ichitaka away! Bang, bang!*

: R-Reiji… are you serious?!
: What… What are you doing?! Weren’t you supposed to be the Head of our Special Forces?! Aren’t you one of the leaders of LOTUS?!
: Yes… and this is my final mission as both.
: You will fight me now, Hayase…!


: The Vardant?!
: …! What… What the hell…!
: Reiji!!

Mission 15 (JUDA Route) – Traitorous Blue

: A-Aah…
: Get a hold of yourself, Yamashita!
: Ms. Ogawa, come here quick! The president’s in really bad shape!
: Why, Reiji… Why the hell did you shoot him?! Tell me!
: Oh, the Linebarrel’s actually moving…? That Machina is special, alright.
: What just happened?! Where’d the Linebarrel and Vardant get teleported to, Goro?!
: Their destination was… What…? They’re right in front of JUDA HQ!
: I can’t see what’s going on from here! Let’s hurry to the president’s office!
: Right!

*They run on over.*

: … What?! Mr. Ishigami!
: Ready the ICU right away! We’re level S and need emergency treatment – maximum priority!
: Whuh?! What happened, Yamashita?!
: …
: You’re not going to explain anything…? That is how you’ll answer us?! In that case… COME ON!!

: Why… Why are they fighting?!
: We have to stop them…!
: You can’t. Your Machina’s motor systems have all been suppressed.
: He’s right – the Machinas are inoperable! The D-S.O.I.L. System’s been infected with some kind of suppressor!
: Then why’s the Linebarrel up and about?!
: You’re asking me?! It’s infected by the same suppressor too, even!
: Alice, we gotta hurry to the hangar! The Machinas might be down, but the Rushbird oughta work just fine!
: Right!

Well, frig. Losing Kouichi’s a game over, of course, but neither he nor Reiji have the firepower to overwhelm the other’s regen.

Just to be safe for the time being, cast Invincible with Kouichi and stand by.

Enemy Phase!

Here he comes.

: You’ve always relied too much on the Linebarrel’s superior specs… That may work against random worms, but nowhere else.
: Shut your mouth! Take your lecture and shove it – I’m done listening to you!
: That’s fine, because I’m also done talking… Come.
Reiji attacking: “Ramble about ‘justice’ as much as you’d like, it’s nothing but hot air if you can’t make it real.”
Kouichi: “Fine, then! Here I come, Reiji!”
Reiji taking little damage: “You’re no better now than you were during our last fight, Hayase.”

Player Phase!

: To all LOTUS troops: lay down your weapons and surrender!
: Fighting back right now would be pointless – if you do as told, we guarantee your safety.
: Domyoji?!
: Mr. Moritsugu, I’ve come to take control of JUDA as per His Excellency’s orders. There’s no need for you, yourself, to fight – the Linebarrel’s alone and my Jinrai is more than capable of dealing with it.
: Alright. You handle him, then.
: No, it’s not just the Linebarrel!

: Hm, that was sooner than expected. And in that case…!

: Domyoji, you…!
: I can’t let you get in the way of things. My men will keep you busy.
: And you’ll be dealing with me now, Kouichi! Come and see how an actual pro fights!
: The “Hayase Corps”, my foot… You won’t be running your mouth for long, you lying son of a bitch!
: Bring it, Kouichi!
: Alice, has our SOS to the Daiku Maryu gone out yet?!
: It’s not working… They’re jamming our communications!
: (Guys, please, get here quick… I really don’t think the two of us will last long. I’ve got a major bone to pick with those two liars, but we’re just not gonna make it by ourselves…!)
: Everyone’s stabbing us in the back today…! You’ll both pay for this!

The Jinrais aren’t that TOO big a threat compared to other stuff we found, but the enemy still outnumbers us 4:1. We better start thinning down that difference.

They’ve strong enough to pop 1.1k damage per hit on Ichitaka, and that’s not even accounting for Domyoji or Reiji. Be very ready to heal with Alice.
Kouichi deals with both.

Enemy Phase!

Reiji will absolutely NOT leave Kouichi to Domyoji, but he thankfully misses. The new guy moves in next.

: All you do is rely on your strength and speed. Didn’t I tell you that you’re not beating me like that?
: Shut UP! Why are you with the SDF?! Hell, why are you one of Kiriyama’s goons?!
: Told you that, too: I’m all about having fun! And that’s enough questions. Here I come, Kouichi!

He’s sturdy-ish, but no more than the other Linebarrel midbosses we’ve had.
Ichitaka, meanwhile, is still punching and weakening the Jinrais.

Player Phase!

*Beep, beep!*

: Are they here?!

: The Katou Organization?!
: Having some fun, are you, Reiji?
: Oi, what gives? What’re Horns and his bigass friend doing out there?
: The Daiku Maryu hasn’t made it over yet, though.
: Perfect. We’ll take care of everything before they even get here.
: Oh, must we? It’s not always I have a chance to take my time and give the folks at JUDA a taste of Hell.
: Hmph…
: Now’s time to get some payback for Vladivostok… and for my wrecked Yaoyorozu!
: …
: We’ve the five commanders, the Gundam… and several MP Armas!
: Are you kidding me… The Katou Organization’s working with them, too?!
: I don’t think you got time to gape, Kouichi. Question is what’re you gonna do against all these enemies.
: I’ll destroy each and every one of you, is what!!

Don’t rush the Katous because you will not survive. Stick with the nearby Jinrais – Ichitaka takes two, Kouichi takes one.

Enemy Phase!

Oh, brother…

: Your skill is as middling as ever. But there’s no reason for you to die here, so why not surrender?
: Not happening…! I’d never throw in the towel to the president’s shooter!
: I took up a duty when I got the Rushbird, and I’m not turning my back on that now!
: Have it your way, then… Come on.

Domyoji connects a decent hit on Kouichi, but it’s nothing he can’t regen.
The Katou mooks are moving in, but not are close enough.

Player Phase!

: Is everyone alright?!
: The Daiku Maryu!
: Hrm, they got here a bit faster than I imagined.
: But they’re only packing half their usual forces – it’s all good.
: The Katou Organization’s involved with the coup… I didn’t expect that.

*Looks at Reiji and Kouichi.*

: What’s going on there? Why are Kouichi and Reiji fighting each other?
: Can you explain what the situation is, Mr. Moritsugu?
: Screw his explanations! He’s a traitor! He shot Ishigami!
: What?!
: It’s true…! The Vardant’s… and enemy unit and we must look at it as such…!
: Daiku Maryu, do you copy?! Our Machinas are inoperable and Mr. Ishigami’s in critical condition!
: … Understood. Troops, engage and destroy the Jinrai platoons, the Katou Organization… and the Vardant!
: But Lulu!
: … Our mission is still the same. Drive back the enemy troops right away and protect JUDA.
: I guess there’s nothing we can do about it; this is reality and we have to make peace with it.
: Reiji… I can’t believe it…
: Save being upset for later; the prez is doing real bad right now, so let’s finish this quick!
: Come and face me, LOTUS.

OK, now we got some more breathing room. Losing Kouichi or the Daiku Maryu’s a game over, and the Katou crew will reach our frontline units before our main group, but they can manage themselves.
This fight’s pretty much the same as the brawl in Vladivostok, so deal with the Katou guys accordingly. Mind, you might be tempted to get Reiji out your hair right away, but I advise against it because:

Secret Alert!
Continuing the mission 12 secret, you’ll want to have Kouichi destroy Soubi again. This must be done BEFORE you take out the Vardant.

Oh, and Riku’s also in there but he’s in a completely baseline Stealth Arma, meaning he has the consistency of plywood and a bunch of our guys can oneshot him.

No need to keep Domyoji around, though.

: You, too, Domyoji?! What’re you doing?!
: Surrender already! I promise I won’t shoot if you do!
: Meaning you’re not going to stop, are you…?! Goddamn it!
And Kouichi takes him out with a quick slice, while everyone’s heading over.

: You live up to your fame, LOTUS…
: I’m going to keep everyone safe! That’s… that’s what my JUSTICE is about!
: (Heh, damn… Guess I didn’t actually need to hold back here.)
: This is Domyoji speaking. I’m detecting abnormalities on m Jinrai’s systems. I’m unable to carry on with the assault – retreating.

: The SDF’s commander has pulled back? But…
: Right… His force is too small for a proper attack on JUDA…
: If Eiji Kiriyama’s the kind of man Ritsuko takes him for, then we’d best assume there’s more to this.

Enemy Phase!

And here come the mooks. Ichitaka and Kouichi both take a kill, leaving a buuunch of Armas in the red.
Reiji absolutely LOVES to chain attack folks, mind, so he cuts them a bit. The Katou bosses are starting to move in.

Player Phase!

Now we get to work.

Daiya also moves over for a oneshot kill.

Kouichi capitalizes on the mooks’ poorly thought out offensive, scoring a triple kill. Ichitaka, Dick and Zechs follow on the other weakened guys.

Enemy Phase!

Clever girl…

: I’ve no sympathy for those who shoot their friends in the back, Mister Vardant.
: Oh, I’m sorry. That’s your thing, isn’t it?
: Quiet, you…! I’ve never shot to kill any of my friends – not once…!

From what I’ve read in the wikis, Dick once ended up shooting Puria in the back in order to beat an enemy… he thought she could’ve dodged it (she didn’t, and has been miffed with him since).


I’ve set up an Iron Walled Ichitaka to run defense and he manages to tangle with both Jack and Yulianne for some nice damage.

And here’s Soubi.

: How about I give you a taste of pain? Maybe with that you’ll start to see how the world’s actually like!

Away with you.

Oh, that’s not a good choice for you.

: Today’s the last day of your sorry lives, LOTUS! Now try and imagine how your deaths are gonna play out!

Bam. After that, Daiya and Zechs take, respectively, four and one Armas.

Player Phase!

Only the midbosses remain now and our morale’s looking good, so we’ll take half of them this turn, the other half later. Remember that, if you’re doing the secret, you need to have Kouichi destroy Soubi before you drop Reiji!

Here we go!

: Now that I think about it, we’ve been doing this song and dance for a while, huh? But it’s time for you to exit stage left!
: I’m not the rookie I was anymore, and you evildoers aren’t running loose on my watch!

: Rrrgh, these pests are really starting to get on my nerves!

: Kouichi Hayase… How does it feel to watch as your dear justice falls to pieces?
: That’s where you’re wrong…! Our justice isn’t beat just yet!

: Urgh…! Talk about violent… You’ve washed your hands of “justice”, and now you’re a full-on force of destruction, huh?
: !
: I’ve wrecked this city once, but never again! I won’t go down that path even if I’m betrayed by an ally, or if my friends are shot!
: My justice isn’t so cheap that I’d my throw it away that easy!
: (Hmph... So that violent thug matured into a violent man?)
: … Alright, alright. I’ll back down nice and easy this time.
: But sooner or later I know you’ll understand how foolish your justice is… and how wonderful the true justice advocated by the commander is.

: Why is a guy like him always going on about justice? But that’s not how someone who’s on the side of justice should be like… Isn’t that right, Mr. Ishigami?
: Kouichi…

: I care not for this…
: Now that Reiji Moritsugu’s joined this side, I’ll have to reconsider what to do with myself…

: Oh, how I loved seeing Reiji on this side after so long…
: Let’s get to it, then, boys! Now’s my turn to play with you!

: And that’s that… Now maybe I should find a place to see how strong “he” is?

: I trust you won’t let something like this destroy you, LOTUS…! Show me what you’ve got!

: I bet no one imagines that inside this common Arma is a captain…
: And that neglect’s just the opening I need to destroy them!

: Kch… They’ve got me cornered… But I still have some work to do.
: Keep on fighting to your heart’s content, LOTUS. Heheheheh…

: That Arma could have fought some more…
: I presume the pilot was the captain of the 8th Unit that we met in Vladivostok…
: Then we should keep our wits about us.

: I’ve nothing more to say to you, Wufei.
: Good, Quatre. Then all that remains is for us to pit our strength against one another! Prove to me that you’ve enough power to save the Earth Sphere!

: Reiji Moritsugu’s also joined us… Can it be that he…?

: Reiji…! You were always so severe, but I always thought you were the one who cared the most for all of us!
: Too bad you didn’t think to remember what I taught you about pointless chit-chat, hm?
: … Fine. Then, I’ll bash you into the dirt with everything I’ve got – just like you taught me!

: The situation’s wholly against you, LOTUS! None of you will leave here in one piece!

: The Linebarrel’s Factor must be very distressed after Reiji Moritsugu’s betrayal… This is our chance to claim his Machina!
: Did you say “distressed”…? I’m 200% PISSED, is what I am!

: Hrm! How could I let this opportunity slip through my fingers…!

: It was you who let me go on ahead of the pack, Captain. The fault of much of this falls on your shoulders.
: …!
: Trusting your crew isn’t necessarily bad, but you don’t seem to have an eye for risk management.
: I won’t make any excuses for what I did… I’ll just defeat the enemy that’s in front of me!

: You’re far too kind to be an agent, Quatre. That’s a major weakness of yours.
: But kindness is what keeps sadness from spreading throughout the world! And I thought you knew that!

: You… You really betrayed us…?!
: What do you hope to get by turning to another for answers?
: If you’re really a traitor… then I have to fight you…!

: I know that look… It’s very much like Zechs’ when he decided to take everything upon himself…
: …
: This pressure… I guess I don’t have the leeway to mull over this…!

: Why the hell are you doing any of this, Reiji?! It doesn’t make sense!
: It’s not like you to fret so, Kusanagi. Didn’t I tell you before that sitting still in the battlefield is asking to be killed?
: Yeah, you did… then I’m done thinking about this! Imma be fighting you for real now!

: You won’t be beating the Vardant like that…!

: He’s still going…!
: Guess he didn’t earn that “immortal” nickname for nothing…!
: What’s the matter, Hayase? I can still fight, so why aren’t you attacking?
: Why… Why are you doing this?! Was everything we went through just a huge lie?!
: The president, Yamashita, Miu, Ichitaka, Shinji… everyone trusted you!
: I… So did I!!
: 17…
: What?!
: That’s the number of opportunities I’ve had since this battle started to deal a fatal blow to the Linebarrel.
: Wha—
: You truly haven’t changed at all since we last fought. Will you cry again once you’re beaten today, I wonder?
: SHUT UP! God, you’ve always been like this!
: You’ve never given a shred of trust to any person here – everyone’s trash in your eyes! Do you get a kick out of treating people like dirt?! Does that make you happy?!
: …
: Kouichi…
: You really are scum – you’re completely unfeeling to the pain of others!
: What about you, then? Can you feel this one kind of pain I, who cannot feel physical pain, could experience?
: But even if you do feel the pain of others, if you cannot save them from that anguish, then there is absolutely no point!
: Your game of make-believe ends here!

: Re…i…ji…!
: The Linebarrel’s stopped transmitting any and all signals! The Factor’s gone into cardiopulmonary arrest…
: The D-S.O.I.L. isn’t working, either! He’s… Kouichi’s dying!
: Kouichi!!

: …
: Kouichi! … Hrk!

: (… I remember… my father’s last words… The Linebarrel… I’m the only one who can…!)
: Emi…?
: I’m…!
: Where’re you going, Emi?!

Back outside…

: …
: Reiji! You… you killed…!!
: Daiya, wait! Look!
: …
: Emi?! It’s too dangerous there – run!

: The Linebarrel… it teleported?!

: You’re piloting it now, Emi Kizaki?
: The Linebarrel’s reactivated?!
: Stabilize fields! Activate counter-nanomachines!
: Engage real-time teleportation in response to target’s movements at intervals 6, 7, 2, 3, 5, 8!
: Th-That’s!

: W-What the?! The Linebarrel’s turning black!
: Oh, no… Has it gone berserk?!


: …!
: Huh? Is Kouichi safe?!
: No, it’s not him…
: It’s teleporting in real-time with the Factor aboard?! But that’s… impossible!
: But, then, that means Emi was also the Linebarrel’s Factor?!
: She can’t be! There’s only one chosen Factor per Machina at any given time, no?!
: Oi, what is going on?!
: Haah… haah… haah…
: …


: Ookay, that’s all the fun I’m letting you have!
: He really was just hiding…!
: Hrk…! I’m stuck…!
: He’s…!
: Everyone knows to keep an ace up the sleeve ‘til the last second! You’re not cutting yourself loose of these reinforced wires so easily!
: Get to it, Reiji Moritsugu! I don’t like it, but I’ll let you finish off the Linebarrel!
: Fool…
: You… you’re just like how Kouichi used to be! You’re convinced that you’re better than others… and it’ll be that hubris that destroys you!

: Whaat?!


: Hrm…
: Haah… haah…
: There’s no reason to continue this, hm…?

: Reiji, wait!!
: … We’ve lost his signal. He’s gone.
: Haah… haah…haah…
: Emi… are you alright?
: Yes… I can keep fighting… please let me… At least to fill in for Kouichi…!
: Just make sure you don’t push things too far, Emi! The D-S.O.I.L.’s still very unstable!
: (Is she really another Factor of the Linebarrel…?)

Linebarrel Mode B (Emi Kizaki)
Pilot Skills:
Sword Cut
Prevail L2
Support Attack L1
Support Attack L2
Attack Combo L1
Spirit Commands:
Mech Features:
Override (オーバーライド) – 50% chance to dodge any attack, allows teleportation movement on the field

Emi’s a pretty good pilot overall, having stats pretty much around Kouichi’s level – her evasion is WAY higher, though. The Linebarrels Mode B loses the Executor shots meaning its range sucks, but, in exchange, lets Emi use the massively powerful Override attack and skill.
… But we don’t actually get to play around with it because I killed everything before downing Reiji. You’ve already seen its two bigger weapons, though, so I reckon it’s cool!

There’s actually MORE to this mission, but I think we’ve gone on long enough (I’ll save the missed convos for later). Second half’ll be up in two days, I think.

See you all then!