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Part 46: Mission 16 (JUDA Route) - Operation JUDA Reclamation - Part 2

: LtCol. Katsuragi, how are things on your end?
: The infiltration team is having a hard time getting inside. It’s just as difficult for the diversion team…
: This isn’t good… Fatigue and stress will be reaching dangerous levels among the pilots as this battle continues.
: We’re not equipped to hand a war of attrition against them…!
: Stand firm, everyone! Just a little bit more!

: Finally, Stage 100…
: I’d like to think this is the last one... it’s a nice, round number.
: That karaoke round was pretty fun, though! You’re a great singer Miu-miu!
: Eheheh…
: Is everyone ready? I’m pressing the switch.


: ... I could say with confidence that you are, indeed, my dear comrades... but it’s best to be safe than sorry. I will verify your identities one final time.
: You pigheaded sonuva…
: So let’s begin right away! Your last test will be… Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors!

: … Why? What did I do to deserve this…?
: Well, we can’t have these young girls walking around butt-naked, right? Bear with it, OK? (The girls get towels, but Izuna isn’t as lucky, see.)
: Just think of this as a random accident and put it behind you, yes?
: I can’t believe that moron of a president’s messing with us even beyond the grave…!
: Very good…
: Ah?!
: D-Does that mean…
: Congratulations… you’ve won!

: Finally… Finally, we’re done! We’ve won! Oh, YEAH!!
: Now that you’ve cleared all of my one hundred traps, it is proven beyond any shadow of doubt that you are members of LOTUS! The final lock has been opened, and I bid you all welcome!
: Oh, what great games we had today. It was certainly worth all the effort it took to put them together!
: Them’s some big words when we were the ones actually having to go through all that!
: … Now you must hurry. You are the only ones in position to do something about this predicament.
: Huh…?
: Hm, he’s right – time is short. We need to go right away.
: Hmhmm. Let’s hurry!

*Everyone runs off.*

: …

: And there’s the cue for my grand entrance. The entire world will watch as I ply my justice!
: Eiji Kiriyama has finally come out…!
: More like we finally forced him out here…!
: My dear fellows of LOTUS, what business brings you to my JUDA?
: JUDA belongs to Ishigami and we’re yanking it off your hands right here, right now!
: (He isn’t playing the hostage card until the very last second, just as we figured he would.)
: (Things are mostly going according to plan so far.)
: Oh, dear… And here I was just wondering if I didn’t have it in me to compensate you guys a wee bit for that.
: Have it your way, then. I’ll give you all an eyeful of my slick moves!
: Hah, you underestimate what a bunch of middle-schoolers can do!

: The EVA has its A.T. Field, so if I can just stall him a bit…!
: What’s the matter, Evangelion? Put up more of a fight than this, why don’t you… This is our climatic showdown, you know!

: So Milliardo, the big bad rebel, is set on opposing my coup, huh?
: An illegitimate government will bring nothing but suffering… and I will not tolerate that!

: I ain’t putting up with you calling the shots, or with your slimy face! Come here!
: Did you already forget the ace up my sleeve? Or are you too kill-crazy to care? My, the role of villain fits you like a glove.
: (Yeah, just you wait… You’re gonna be bawling your eyes out real soon!)

Get Kiriyama under 50% HP to trigger the plot. It’s very possible to get an extra kill here, but I didn’t care enough to do it.

: Hmhmhm… not bad at all, LOTUS. But our battle’s just getting started.
: He’s really not going to make this easy on us…
: Now open your eyes and I’ll show you the power of my justice – the justice of New Japan’s ruler!

: Go right ahead… I’ll fight your “justice” with everything I got!
: Hmph... We’ll see for how long you’ll be giving me sass.

*Kiriyama blasts towards Kouichi and grabs him!

: Ah, crap!
: Kouichi!
: Stop! He’s got him immobilized…!
: Not even you can dodge a point-blank shot, I bet. And your buddies won’t risk firing either!
: You coward…!
: This is your very last chance, Kouichi, my boy. Would you kindly wield the Linebarrel’s power in my name? We can rule the entire world, you and I.
: I’ll only use this power for good! That’s the promise I made to Yajima, and why I refuse to let you beat me!
: Really now? Oh, well. You’ll have plenty of time to rue your integrity in the next world!
: Hrk…!

: …

: Gwargh! Wh-What the?! Where’d that come from?!

: Thanks a bunch, whoever that was! You’re done now, Kiriyama! JUDA’ll be ours again!
: Tch!

*Back at JUDA…*

: TORYAAAA! And that’s the last of them!
: We’re set to activate D.S.A.!
: Copy that! And now…!
: OK, D.S.A. installation is all green. Let’s get our Machinas back…!

*Beep. Power up!*

: It’s working! The Deceive’s back online!
: Same for the Painkiller!
: Kickass! Now there’s just the main system at the prez’ office left! You’re up, Emi, Prof!
: Alright, let’s hustle on over there!
: While we’ll get outside and help close off this whole thing, Izuna, Shizuna, Miu!

: Yeah! They pulled it off!
: Here come the star players! Ya better grit your teeth for a whooping, Kiriyama!
: I-Impossible! All of JUDA’s Machinas should’ve been offline due to the suppressor!
: Oh, you really shouldn’t count on those crummy tricks to always work against Girl Genius Rachel Calvin!
: Hmph… Fine. Making a miraculous comeback is the mark of a Champion of Justice, as you’ll see very soon!
: Took the words right out of my mouth! Come on!

The Machinas are a bit too far away and I wanna get Kiriyama off my hair right now, so…

: Your tricks are as dirty as the Darius’, and I’m not putting up with any of that!
: I’ve heard stories of the Darian Crown Princess, but, FYI, I do not subscribe to Monarchy. So, please, don’t tar me with the same brush as those villains.
: What I am is a righteous hero fighting in the name of the people. Those people will revere and be guided by me!
: And who the hell said that’s OK?! You are just like Proist in how you ignore what everyone else wants!

: Oh, I have the perfect headline for this one: “His Excellency educates a misguided youth on what true justice entails!”
: God, you just can’t stop twisting the facts to suit you, huh? But I’m putting an end to that today!

: You better give it up, Kouichi. If not, you’ll not only lose, but do so as a minion of evil.
: Laugh while you still can, ‘cause it won’t last long…! Here I come, Eiji Kiriyama!

: How... How dare you do this to me!
: Keep at it! He’s almost down!
: This calls for some retribution…! I’ll destroy that which is so dear to you!
: Watch out! He’s taking aim at JUDA HQ!
: You’ll rue the day you opposed me, KOUICHIIII!!

: !!


: Bwahahaa! Serves you right!!

*Boom! Boom!*

: What?! JUDA’s intact?!
: Emi, you alright?! Is everyone OK?!
: Yes…! Yes, we are!
: We’ve also restored the system in the president’s office!
: And don’t worry about the TV crew that got left behind in here. They’re fine too.
: Kouichi...
: He wanted to protect them.
: Heh, he left us all in the dust there.
: Kiriyama, you really are one twisted guy!
: Hmhmhm… I’d prefer you use the term “creative”, Kouichi. In fact, my creativity will literally blow everything sky high!
: “Blow everything”…?!
: What’re you up to, creep…?
: Oh, don’t tell me all this excitement addled your memory. I’m staring at one pretty little switch, and with one press, I can command all the Jinrais throughout Japan to open fire.
: S-STOP!!
: Nah, I won’t, moron! And I did hope you’d protect the world in my name… Too bad.
: Bye-byyyeee!!


: Eh…? What’s going on?!

*Press again! Alarms!*

: Why isn’t the attack order going through?!

: In your own words, Eiji Kiriyama, “too bad”.
: All the deployed Jinrai drones have been deactivated.
: I-It can’t be… Then you were, from the start…!
: What kind of Champions of Justice would just ignore hostages?!
: How’d ya like our acting? Pretty dang good, huh?
: And now it’s curtains for you, Kiriyama!
: It’d be best if you surrendered. There is nothing you can do to turn this around.
: “Nothing I can do”…? Don’t be ridiculous, boy!
: Did you honestly think the Jinrais were the only card up my sleeve? Not! At! All! This entire city is already surrounded by my tank platoons!
: Oh, no…! They’re using the Katou Organization’s stealth tech!
: Then… Misaki itself is his ultimate hostage…?!
: Yes, and it’ll all come crashing down! Let’s try this again: bye-byyyeee!!


: Whaa?! Those blasts are…!

: Sucks to be you, guy!
: It’s that guy from the SDF…?!
: Domyoji!
: Yo, Quatre… Sorry for being late to the party!
: Yeah… I did find it weird when I didn’t see you around…!
: I took care of all his troops, Kouichi. Get in there and wreck that no-good sonuvagun!
: You’re betraying me?!
: Sorry, “Your Excellency”, but I’ve been rolling with the Hayase Corps since the get-go!
: Domyoji… you…!
: So I’m here and ready to get to work! Your orders, my beautiful commander?
: Um… Makoto Domyoji, is that right? Okay, you’re more than welcome!
: Do you see this, people of Japan? Eiji Kiriyama, leader of New Japan, apparently tried to destroy not only the city of Misaki but also several urban areas and laboratories throughout the country!
: You can’t…! Didn’t we have a deal that you’d only show my good side?!
: Oh? But weren’t your exact words to “keep the crowd hyped all the way ‘til the end”?
: Sorry. I’m an investigative journalist, so I’m not too familiar with the way variety TV works.
: And now the whole country got a real clear shot of what a bad egg you are!
: You’re finished, Excellency!
: H-How did this happen… does that mean…
: That I’m now the VILLAIN?!

*Kouichi moves back in after him.*

: Damn straight! Your “justice” is 100% wrong!

Kouichi: “There isn’t a shred of justice in anything you’re doing!”

: No… my… justice was…

: Mistaken, is what… Just like I once did…
: Kouichi…

And now it’s just a matter of cleaning up the surviving Jinrais – I’m guessing sunken cost fallacy stops them from calling it quits? Now, for a quick look at the new addition to our crew:

HFX-19 Jinrai (Makoto Domyoji)
Pilot Skills:
Sword Cut
Shoot Down
Prevail L2
Support Attack L1
Support Defense L1
Attack Combo L1
Spirit Commands:
Squad Bonus: Melee AND Ranged weapons’ attack power +100, Terrain rating in Air: A

Dude, this guy’s the real deal. Enables flight and boosts all weapon types? He might just be the best offensive squaddie we have. Domyoji, as you might expect, is a great pilot (stats just a small step below Reiji) and will make a good fit with pretty much anyone.
His sole weakness is that the Jinrai is severely limited in ranged options: everything is point-blank, barring his weakest attack which is 1-3. Treat him as you would Iczer-1 or the Vardant.

<Insert here a bunch of Jinrais getting torn to bits in increasingly crueler ways.>
Of note, here’s Domyoji’s strongest weapon and the Dynamic Finish for Lulu’s Killer Bite:

And Kiriyama had words for the other JUDA Factors if we managed to get them over to him:

: You might have retaken your Machinas, but that won’t affect my victory in the slightest!
: And, actually, it is the perfect opportunity to force you all to submit to me!
: Yeah? Well, it’s really not gonna be easy for you!
: None of us would ever waste all the hard work our friends put into this!
: And we’ll be freeing this country for your clutches!
: So ya better get ready for what’s headed your way, Eiji Kiriyama!
: That’s enough of your nonsense, fellows of JUDA! My Pretender will give you all a harsh dose of reality!

: And that’s the end of our operation. Great work, everyone! The captured facilities are also sending their thanks.
: (So that’s LOTUS… the elite force of the UN that has even that Dancouga in its ranks…)
: You also went through a lot today, eh? Catching Kiriyama’s attention is never a good time.
: Not at all… I managed to eventually get the truth out, so I’m happy.
: Um… If it’s not too much of a bother, I’ve a few questions I’d like to ask.
: Oh, an interview already? No wonder you’re so well-known as an on-the-scene reporter, Ms. Isabelle Cronkite.
: Very well, we’ll pass your request along to LtCol. Katsuragi.
: There’s still plenty for us to do in the aftermath of our operation, though, so I trust you won’t mind waiting a bit?
: Not at all, and I’m grateful you’d arrange this meeting in the first place. I’ll be right over there…


: She also helped us plenty today.
: Yup. Not only by clearing up what was actually happening throughout Japan, but also getting the people on our side.
: Alright, folks, there’s still plenty to do before things are back to normal. Let’s return to JUDA.
: Wait a minute! This is…!

: Damn! He’s boarded the Daiku Maryu…!
: Lulu!
: The ease with which the Katou Organization retreated was just so we’d lower our guard?!
: I presume you are the commander of LOTUS?
: Temporarily, at least. Misato Katsuragi of NERV’s operational department.
: … I have a small request to make.
: Huh?

As it turns out, Jack has quit the Katou Organization and wants to join LOTUS. Misato argues that he was our enemy not too long ago – we can’t well trust him just like that. Jack says he only joined Katou to train himself, and the boss man himself promised he could leave, no questions asked, whenever he found another path he’d rather trail.
Dick can’t help but be impressed that the guy even foresaw his underling’s eventual betrayal, but Jack says he is not betraying anyone: this is all so he can have his duel with Reiji. It is not BUSHIDO to strike down one’s ally, and since Reiji is working with the Katou Organization now, then Jack will throw his lot with the opposition.

Yagyuu applauds his conviction, and Jack himself is pleased to see that LOTUS has plenty of men and women blessed with the samurai spirit. In normal circumstances, he’d look forward to facing us in battle, but Reiji takes priority.
Well, Lulu doesn’t take him to be a bad man, and Yagyuu herself doubts he’s the type to lie. If they say so, the Misato figures it’s OK to let him join… maybe. With that done, there’s an incoming call from Lady Une.

Cut to a little bit later, and Misato’s already cleared Jack’s position with Une. He’s good to go, and appreciative of our generosity. He’ll stand ready to lay his life on the line when it comes time to fight Reiji. Shizuna’s a bit dumbfounded, but alright…
As for the Macross, Misato says they’re doing fine and headed our way now that their mission’s complete. She’s also heard that the Minerva will be cooperating with us – details will have to wait until we’re back together, though. And, so, Misato relays command back to Lulu, so that she can handle things, and takes off.
Shinji can see that she was pretty tired, and Alice isn’t surprised. She hasn’t slept at all since she started working on today’s operation. Still, she didn’t let herself waver in front of everyone else; Rosa says both she and Lulu will have to hold strong in their work, despite the hardships.

When Rachel asks, Jack says that there wouldn’t be any point in him passing along whatever intel he has on the Katou Organization. He’s certain that any bases he knew of have been relocated, and data banks erased. “Furthermore, I’m not about to be so dishonorable to my old comrades,” he notes.
Fine… can he at least tell Sakon what that black “Sphere” from the other day is about? Only Katou and Masaki know that, unfortunately, so he can’t help us there. Seems like the Organization’s grand scheme is kept confidential from even their captains, so Sakon’ll have some thinking to do.
Yamashita wants to ask what is Reiji’s relationship with Katou and, from what Jack’s seen, the two men are old friends. Crap.

And Kouichi is finally back in his room, exhausted after the battle and having to do an interview with Isabelle. There’s just one the bothering him, though: he’s sure that whoever sniped down Kiriyama wasn’t with LOTUS, so who the hell was it?

Finally, by Shangri-La’s bridge, Yulianne sighs how unexpectedly quick Kiriyama was defeated. That was all his twisted justice amounted to, unfortunately, Katou shrugs. Reiji himself has just arrived, and Katou bids him a warm welcome to the team… and, as it turns out, the mystery shooter is also there!
Katou praises his fine work, and while normally he’d already be given a new assignment, there are some preparations that must be done first. So, Katou gives him leave to take some time off and visit home.

But what comes next, Sawatar wonders – hopefully not a huge farce like today was. Farce or not, they needed Kiriyama to buy them time, so it needed to happen. Regardless, they’ll be working in secret for a bit, and not even Wufei has issue with that. It’ll be a good opportunity to see what is truly going on in Reiji’s head.
Masaki himself is to carry on with the plan, taking every step to keep LOTUS in the dark.