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Part 51: Mission 19 - Route Split

New route split today, so let’s get right to it. I’d suggest you keep the cash earned in the last mission to be spent after the split is underway. It’ll help you!

So, Durandal’s called over Build Base and quickly explains why: they’ve located where Djibril’s at. While taking him out won’t do anything to put an end to humanity’s history of war, it’ll certainly be a big step. The guy’s at Heaven’s Base, shacked up with several Logos members at Heaven’s Base.
Shinn recognizes the name of the now-defunct Earth Alliance’s HQ; the UN has sent the Blue Cosmos faction a call for the group’s dissolution, but rather than complying, they’ve holed up inside the place. Durandal would rather end this without hostilities, but that’s obviously not going to fly with these people – he expects fierce resistance.
And that, Misato presumes, means he wants us to help with that? Not exactly, as he’s aware of our situation and knows the entire world’ll be in grave danger if Himika’s ignored. Thus, he simply wants the Minerva to attack Heaven’s Base.

Considering that the ship never officially joined our ranks, Misato can’t well turn him down. Durandal’s sorry for imposing on us, but we don’t know when another opportunity like this’ll present itself if it is not seized upon.
… And the klaxons start blaring then and there. The Base’s operator just detected the Bronze Bells’ signal and it’s headed into space. He can’t confirm if it’s Himika, but it seems likely – the signal vanishes right when it reaches Earth’s orbit. Tetsuya figures she’s using some magic to hide herself.
What about Kyo? The operator’s tried calling him when the signal showed up, but so far nothing. Kenji’s worried something might’ve happened to him, but Daiya and Kouji remind that we’ve no time to stay down. Rather, we need to go after her right now!

So we call Lady Une and tell her what’s up. Considering we don’t have a full grasp of where Himika’s at, it’d be unwise to commit all our forces to this. On the flip side, considering it’s Djibril we’re talking about, it’s possible he’ll pull something the Minerva team won’t be able to manage by themselves.
Meaning this calls for us to split up: Misato and Talia will command the offensive against Heaven’s Base, while Jeffrey and Lulu will manage the Himika group. The Rushbird, as always, can go with both:

Help the Minerva Route:
Gundam Wing
SEED Destiny
Mazinkaiser OAV

Pursue Himika
Macross F

Choose the Minerva and Misato argues that the bot is better suited to fight on land. Une confirms and wishes her good luck. Choose Himika, and she’ll figure it’s best to keep all friends together in the interest of calming their mood. A very motherly thought, and, with that, it’s all in Jeffrey and Lulu’s hands.
Whatever you choose, Misato tells everyone to split up accordingly; both will be major battles with the fate of the world on the line. As for Tsubaki, Canaria says she’s sleeping but will be back with us real soon. Shiba would prefer to not ship her out to battle again so soon, but this is probably destiny at work.

Now, Talia has been told to make a pit stop at JUDA as, Misato explains, Durandal said he wanted to rendezvous with the ship and hand them some supplies before the battle starts. Durandal wanting to meet up has Talia worry that he might’ve found out we faked the Archangel’s destruction.
When Rey asks why the frown, she tells him not to worry – she was just taken by surprised by how abrupt his descent to Earth was (Rey doesn’t buy it, but stays mum). Inwardly, Talia ponders that even if Durandal DID find out, the fact is he was opposed to the ship’s destruction all along… but that doesn’t excuse insubordination. What’ll happen now?

Ichitaka’s eager to catch Djibril and put an end to the war, but Athrun shoots him down: taking that guy out won’t mean peace instantly returns. Mira and Noin agree, adding that all we’d be doing would be bringing in the people FANNING the flames of war. It won’t be easy to snuff out those flames, even if we succeed in taking Logos out of the picture.
Plus, Aoi sighs, we might even have other Logos-like groups prowling about, looking to further push war. Johnny sees her point: taking out Logos won’t bring a definitive end to all war since it all comes down to humans’ combative nature.
BUT, doing this will still bring us closer to peace, Quatre and Hyouma think. Humans are rational creatures and, moreover, they’re capable of learning from their mistakes. Hell, if things like the Mimetic Beasts are capable of evolving, Juzo sees no reason why we couldn’t do it too. And above all, Alice figures if you’ve a goal in mind, doing something is always better than doing nothing.

Goh moves in, telling everyone to board the Minerva – we’ll be leaving for JUDA soon. “Yes, sir!” Ichitaka salutes. “… You know, I might’ve gotten used to taking orders from Misato, but nowhere as much as having you in charge, Goh.” The guy’s glad to hear that, but, of course, he’d sooner be out there leading us from the front lines.
Hyouma figures the Godannar misses him, too… and, on that subject, he turns to Alice and asks if there’s been any change with Shizuru. Still nothing, unfortunately – waiting for a miracle might be all we have left. On the flip side, Stella has been improving steadily with JUDA’s treatment.
But that’s a conversation for later, as Shinn walks over and says Shinji and Kouji’s crew are already getting ready to deploy. Goh gasps that this wasn’t the time for chit-chat, though Shinn reminds that the guy was the one who came here to call us over. Whoops.

Wishing good luck to Lulu, the Daiku Maryu and Macross Quarter fly off. The Minerva has to get going too. Forward!

Had you chosen the Himika route, Nagisa’s a bit nervous over setting out into space, and Iczer-1 has some advice: “Space is incredibly vast and full of mysteries… but it is also a terrifying place. We should all keep our wits about us, Nagisa.” When Ichitaka asks, Ozma says we’ve yet to get any new intel on Himika after the signal was lost – hopefully that’ll change once we’re up there.
But we’ll at least have Tsubaki around, and she apologizes for all the worry she caused us. Her head still hurts a bit, but she’s fine enough to fight as soon as we find Himika’s group. Hiroshi and Kenji tell her not to push herself too hard, though: with Kyo and the Jeegs gone, she doesn’t need to head out there with the Big Shooter by her lonesome.

In fact, Ozma makes it easier and orders her to get some rest. Moreover, Klan reminds her of what Kyo said before: it’s likely will soon need her powers as Priestess. And Kouichi figures not being able to fight isn’t reason to get bummed out: we’re going to space! That’s huge!
“We’re not asking you to be as simple as him, Tsubaki, but do keep your chin up some, yeah?” Yamashita asks. If anything, Tsubaki’s grateful for their concern.

Lam’s sad to be leaving Earth, but Bobby points out that we’re not exactly leaving the star system. No need to be that dramatic about things… but Mina harrumphs that he only says that because he’d gotten assignments that took him OUTSIDE the ship. The Bridge Bunnies have been stuck in the bridge since they got here!
No time for grumbling, though, as Jeffrey comes in and has them get ready for launch. Everything’s green and ready to go, so the Quarter sets sail.