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Part 54: Mission 22 (Minerva Route) - Heart Break - Part 1

Welcome back to the Minerva route split, last time (and today, especially): pic related.

Ichitaka still has a massive lead, but we won’t be keeping this path, so it doesn’t matter.
Any cash earned last mission goes to upping our guys’ EN and weapons.

This was actually Take 2 of the mission, because I forgot to start recording while running through it the first time. Only noticed it like 1/3 of the way through it.
So, I had to redo it... only to forget to set up Tetsuya Kouji and Shizuru since they AREN’T event deployments. Only Shinji, Rei, Mira and Anna are. Again, I noticed it way into the mission and I was not about to redo it again. So, we’ll be going like this:


Let’s get this done with.

We open up with Shibakusa having a heart-to-heart with the Dannar: “We’ve got a major showdown coming and you’ll be stuck here. I’m sure that’s the last thing you want, too. Shizuru said she’d be using the Core Gunner, and Goh can’t fight… but we at least made sure you’re in tip-top shape. That way you can help us out in future battles.”
Morimoto comes on over and says their work is finished, annoying Shibakusa. He told them to find shelter! Nanae and Touko didn’t like the sound of that either, as, one, running off would shame their mechanic spirit and, two, they can’t leave the elderly behind.
Shibakusa is NOT ELDERLY!

Shinobu’s also supposed to have evacuated, but he explains to an angry Hyouma that he can’t find Goh anywhere. Alice says he’s likely at the command room since the infirmary is currently unusable, and Shinobu hopes she’s right. As he leaves, Juzo chides Hyouma for snapping at the guy – the approaching battle has even him uncharacteristically on edge.
Ropett warns him to be careful, as mental stability will affect their ability to combine. Their bot falling apart in the middle of the final battle would only mean trouble for everyone else, Chizuru adds.

“Fine, fine, I get it! …Erm, but I guess that doesn’t sound too believable if I’m still yelling, huh…” Hyouma groans. Kouji adds another reason for him to calm down: we don’t want Hyouma to also trigger the Rabid Syndrome. Everyone’s working to keep each other calm when they get too incensed.
Mind, Alice says we’ve no confirmed infections on anyone outside of Goh, but that’s no reason to let our guard down. In essence, Tetsuya surmises, Hyouma doesn’t need to be all serene about it, but he’d do well not to get too agitated about things – just do it like Rei.

Speaking of, Misato has new orders for her: she’ll be playing defense again. Misato apologizes for always foisting that on her, but she couldn’t think of any strategy that didn’t rely on the A.T. Field, so it’ll have to be her. Shinji comes in right then, having heard that the #00 will be shielding the Minerva.
Misato confirms, adding that the #01’ll be attacking in tandem with our other units. She’s not happy with it, but Shinji’ll need to carry on fighting as he has. With that, it’s almost time for the mission to start, so they leave for the command room.

: As I previously said, the Super Mimetic Beast is currently headed towards the Dannar Base, absorbing the remaining beasts as it goes.
: Here’s a more recent image of it.


: It’s grown even more gigantic in this short span of time… What a troublesome creature.
: My friends, this will likely be the last battle we’ll have with the Mimetic Beasts. Will it be us who’ll survive, or them?
: Your actions will determine the fate of mankind! I ask that you carve that thought into your hearts and give this mission your all!
: Aye, aye! We’ll be ending things with you today, Mimetic Beasts!
: We… We have to put an end to this battle as quickly as possible.
: Oho? I’d tagged you as a quiet sort, but you’re actually manlier than that. Got a bit of a fighter in you, eh?
: D-Don’t make cracks about me, please. All I’m thinking of is doing whatever I can, the best way I can…
: Hah… Now that you mention it, Shinji did grow into a real man over this.
: Not you too, Kouji.
: And, with that, you’re dismissed. Head to your respective units and prepare to deploy!
: Our long battle with the Mimetic Beasts will end today…
: Yes, it will. Wait for me, Goh – I’ll fight hard for you too.
: Please do. And, above all, come back safe…!
: Absolutely. I’d never die with you watching… I promise!

Mission 22 (Minerva Route) – Heart Break

: The enemy group has just broken past the Dannar Base’s last defensive line!
: We’re expecting the Super Mimetic Beast to have regenerative abilities beyond any other we faced. Don’t let your guard down for an instant!
: You got it. It can regen all day, we’re still gonna pound it into the dirt!
: Here it is: the climax of our battle with the beasties…!
: Let’s do this, everyone!

Mission Objective: Destroy the Super Mimetic Beast
Mission Failure: The Minerva, Goh Okusaer, Combattler, EVA-01 or 00 shot down.

Come one, come all, to the grand opening of the Mimetic Waterpark!
I wouldn’t classify this mission as being hard, but it is VERY annoying. There are a metric fuckton of enemies you’ll have to fight (more coming), plenty of Land Type and Type #13 beasts to slow you down with their large HP pools and, of course, water. Water, everywhere.
Do not send your guys out to meet the enemy. Just don’t. There’s no skill point rushing you and spreading out your troops is a recipe to either get bitten by evasion decay or lose EN to the smaller beasts. This is a mission where energy and SP conservation is the name of the game – coming into the end stretch on fumes will likely mean a hefty repair bill.

With all that in mind, I’ll say “screw you” to all that water and simply have my guys plant their feet on this plot of land. We’ll only leave here once it’s time to engage the Super Mimetic Beast, so the enemy’ll be forced to come in in waves and meet me on my terms.
Play very conservatively here, be patient, and you might have things done by turn 14-15. As always, prioritize the smaller beasts to stop them from draining your EN. Had I not forgotten to set the G-Zero Gunner here, I’d at least have a unit that could reliably hit underwater targets, but no…

Super Mimetic Beast
Pilot Skills:
Break Morale Limit
Commander L3
Prevail L6
Support Attack L2
Attack Combo L2
Mech Features:
10% HP Regen
30% EN Regen

Big huge enemy with a ton of HP and packs a mighty punch. It’s got a MAPW that hits anything in a 6x6 area around it, and that Command Aura is another big reason why you wanna let the enemies come to you. Also, its strongest attack is range 3-8, so it’ll absolutely be sniping at you on approach – docking everyone inside the Minerva’ll make things easier for you.
Now, you might be able to kill it in one round if everyone’s in position to use their best attacks, but it’ll be a tight squeeze. Best approach, I think, is to assume you won’t make it and do it in two turns.

First things first, though, we’ve a ton of enemies to deal with, so let’s get to it. Fast forward!

Enemy Phase!

The EVAs are your best friends this mission because anything outside the boss is very unlikely to pop the A.T. Field. Set them up front.

Most beasts are still on approach.

Player Phase!

Get the little guys!

The first wave of them gets killed by Rei, Anna and Aoi.

Enemy Phase!

Fat Boys still like to snipe.

Quatre’s got the range to counter, though. Two to him and Hyouma

Player Phase!

Shinn’s Arondite hits well enough underwater, mind, so you want him to get that morale quick.
That’s all the Fat Boys down.

Enemy Phase!

Crap, I got greedy!
Rey can take beams, though.

As the Land/Flying combo come in, our team brings down the fliers and focuses on the bulkier Land Types.

Barely enough, but we’re good. Once you kill enough…[/i]


: What is it?!
: Energy spike coming from the Super Mimetic Beast! It’s… A space-time shockwave!
: Hrm?! My meters are…!
: Something’s wrong with my controls…!


: All hands, brace for impact!

: What happened?! Move, G-Zero Gunner!
: The Plasma Drive’s level is…!
: Nothing is working – the nuclear fission engines are also faltering! Not even our super-electromagnetic energy can handle this…!
: No one can move…?!
: All deployed troops have been immobilized!
: What?!
: … The #00 can still move.
: Yes, it looks like only the EVAs haven’t been immobilized! How…?!
: My guess is the enemy did something to mess with our units’ drive systems.
: Then why haven’t the EVAs…?
: I get it… it’s because they aren’t actually robots, but man-made humanoids…!
: How’re we looking, Kosuke? Can the mechs bounce back from that?!
: Yes, but it’ll take them several minutes at worst. On the other hand, if we’re hit with another of those attacks before then…
: And it ain’t like the Mimetic Beasts are just gonna sit there. Things just went south in a big way…!
: Our EVAs are still moving, so we’ll try and draw their attention…!
: That’s crazy, Shinji! Even the EVAs and their barriers can’t take these many guys!
: Still, this is what we can do… what we have to do... We’re the only ones who can keep you all safe!
: Shinji…

Another reason you keep your guys back and bunched up is this: let them get immobilized in a bad spot and it’ll be all that much harder to keep them alive if they’re swarmed.
There isn’t anything we can do to speed things up, so we hold back and wait. Your guys can still attack, but most of them are stuck where they are. As before, try to keep Shinji and Rei up front to draw in the enemies.

Player Phase!

: Damn it, more of them! Are we still down, Kosuke?!
: Still nothing! We need more time!

*A Type-13 Mimetic Beast rushes Rei down!*

: !! Ayanami!

: …!
: Hrk! This time I’ll protect her…!

: Ikari!
: We gotta do something, or he’ll…!
: I’m still up…! We’re the only ones who can move! And I’m the only one who can protect both Ayanami and the Minerva… So that’s what I’ll do…!
: Well said, Shinji!

: Are you hurt, Shinji?
: Goh! Mira!
: Goh?!
: The Godannar and Neo Okusaer?! Who’re piloting them?!
: It’s me and Mira!
: You idiot! If you deploy now, you’ll—!
: I know, but I can’t just watch this and not do anything!
: The future of mankind’s on the line here, and Shinji has it right! I got to do whatever it is that I can do here!
: Heh, I figured he’d turn up eventually if I waited by the Godannar.
: Whatever the case, we’ve to keep our friends and the Dannar Base safe!

: Here we go, Shinji!
: Alright!

Shinji, Rei and the Combattler aren’t essential anymore, but now you need to keep Goh safe (he can move just fine). Proceed as you have, and let the new wave of Mimetic Beasts come across the map.

And make sure you heal Shinji up.

That’s the first batch of enemies down.

Enemy Phase!

Cut a few down to size.

Player Phase!

: I have found you at last, the king of the Mimetic Beasts…
: Blade Gainer! And Lou! You here to start trouble with us again?!
: I haven’t the leeway to bother on you. In fact, surely you realize that we’re both living on borrowed time…
: …! You too…?
: I’ve only a few remnants of life remaining, but I’ll gladly burn them all away here if it lets me crush this beast!

*Ken and Lou cast focus.*

: Hmph… Have it your way. I guess we’ll see whether it’s our lives or his that run out first!
: Come on, Mimetic Beasts! None of us fear death, and now you’ll get an eyeful of the power that gives us!
: Goh, we’re detecting another energy spike within the Super Mimetic Beast! If it fires off that attack again, the Godannar’ll also be immobilized and then it’ll be all over!
: We estimate another three minutes before it fires! You’ll have to destroy it by then!
: Yes, ma’am!

Hahahahaha, no. You’re not on an actual timer, so ignore what the game says and hold your ground. Not like you actually could kill the Super Mimetic Beast with just Goh, Mira, the EVAs and Ken’s group (barring massive upgrades).

Oh, and keep this in mind:

Secret Alert!
Do not let either Ken or Lou to get shot down. If you had Goh or Anna destroy Lou in mission 10 (rescue route), you can skip this.

It’s not really difficult, actually, because both have boss HP still. Better still, many of the beasts up there will gang up on Ken, and he can easily carve them up (I suppose that’s bad if you’re keeping this route and want cash).
Just make sure you keep a few Trust casts at the ready, because the Super Beast WILL hurt them, and Lou’s tendency to support defend means she’ll take a lot of punishment.

Carrying on.

: Two minutes until the second space-time shockwave!
: We have to beat the Super Mimetic Beast quickly…!

Annoyingly, the beasts seem to prefer Rei to Shinji.

: None will stop me… I do this for Lou’s sake, as well as my own…!


: The king Mimetic Beast, the one that killed my dad…! I finally have you…!

: We’ve less than a minute until it fires another space-time shockwave! Hurry!
: Copy that! I’ll do whatever it takes!

Player Phase!

: Damn! Lou, we’re combining!
: Roger, Ken!

: Are you—?!
: Remember always, this heinous sight… These are the final moments of someone who’s lived for vengeance!

“My vengeance… ends here…”

*The Blade Gainer’s absorbed into the Super Mimetic Beast!

: The Super Mimetic Beast’s stopped attacking! It looks like the organ that generated that space-time shockwave’s been damaged!
: All of our units are recovering their controls as we speak!
: It’s great that we can move again, but…
: Lou is…!
: Raaaargh! LOU!! You… you monster! GAAAAAAAAH!!

: Goh!
: Compose yourself, Goh!

: Insania ratio’s jumped past 170! He can’t…! Goh… he’s triggered the Rabid Syndrome!

*The Godannar turns hostile!*

: It… it’s happened…
: But… Goh! Please, calm down!
: Goh! Come on!
: It ain’t working! He’s gone completely crazy!
: Anna, do you think you could get through to him?!
: If we were combined and I could talk to him face-to-face, I’m sure I could…!
: Still, combining with him like that is…
: Wait just a second, professor. We’re putting together a program that should let us override the Godannar’s controls!
: Right, we’ll give Anna the chance she needs!
: OK, then step one is to immobilize the Godannar. In the meantime, we’ll make the necessary changes to the combination routine.
: You all heard him! Cover the Goh Okusaer and immobilize the Godannar!
: Urk…! That’s the hero of the War of Giants, for you… His fighting spirit alone hits like a hammer!
: Hrm… And we’re supposed to stop him just by ourselves…?!
: The hell’re you cowering like that for?! Haaaaah! Come and fight me… GOOH!!
: Now it’s my time to help you, Goh. I’ll put a stop to you… but as your friend!
: I swear I’ll save you…! Wait just a bit, Goh!