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Part 58: Mission 21 (Himika Route) - Langoon's Revival! Reclaim the Bronze Bells!

We’re back at the Himika Route, and Ichitaka’s actually been overtaken! Daiya’s huge HP pool just draws in too many enemies and, slightly unlike the Rushbird, the Gaiking can oneshot Super Robot mooks with pretty much anything. Iczer-1 taking off has allowed Kenichi to take third place, though.

And I’ve fulfilled my vow! The Gaiking becomes our first unit to clear the 50% mark, gaining a boosted Squad Bonus: Armor +200, Crit +20. Pretty much everything he needs since Armor is the sole stat that boosts barrier damage mitigation, and more crit means more oneshots.
The Rushbird takes a boost in mobility and accuracy, also reaching 50% stats (not weapons). Elsewhere, Iczer-3 joins with 3 pips in everything, unlike Iczer-1’s four, so she EN, mobility and accuracy. Alto and Voltes take a few things here and there.

Yagyuu’s deploying as an event, making fielding Jack inadvisable. Overall, we’re still pretty much the same:
Iczer-3/Deceive (not great, but it’ll do for now).

On we go!

: Kenji…
: You feeling better?
: I am, thanks. I’ve gotten more than enough rest. But, you know, while I was doing that, I had a lot to think about…
: …
: That was pretty cold of Kyo, huh? He decided to take all this onto his shoulders, and left us just like that. Seriously, talk about unfair…
: … You shouldn’t be acting tough like that, you know.
: …! I’m not acting tough…! Kch…! *sniffles*
: See, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. You don’t need drive yourself so hard.
: I’m here for you. Now and always.


: Ah—!
: Wh-What is it?!
: I… I just felt the energy of the Bronze Bells!

What she felt was Himika using said Bronze Bells to take control of the enormous power that lay asleep within the Langoon. And with this power, nothing is beyond her grasp! Mwahaha!

Elsewhere, aboard a Cthulhu emigration ship, Iczer-1’s already recovering within Sister Gray’s pod. Just a bit of rest has already healed her considerably. Gray figures she must’ve been shocked with how suddenly her sister was sent over, though Iczer-1 doesn’t mind. Rather, it was only with Iczer-3’s timely arrival that Nagisa Kasumi’s priceless life was kept safe.
“In due time, you could rise to lead us, the Cthulhu people,” Gray notes. “I created that girl in hopes that she could take your place on the battlefield.” Indeed, Iczer-1 sees that 3 is very much like her and Iczer-2… “Rather, I saw that she hides even greater potential than us… but…”

Hm, Gray’ll concede that she is still very young, but it WAS her fate to eventually join the fight. Iczer-1’s concern is understandable, but she is certain that fighting alongside the people of Earth will be an invaluable learning experience to the girl.
“I’ll have to sleep for a small while, Iczer-3… Take care of LOTUS, and Nagisa, for me…” Iczer-1 ponders, as she continues to recover.

Speaking of, Ozma’s accosted the girl to ask: she does understand that it was her fault that Nagisa (Kasumi) was driven to that point of exhaustion, right? She does. Then, Ozma wants her to understand that when you’re fighting as a group, doing whatever you feel like only causes trouble to those at her flank. She needs to remember that, or they won’t allow her to deploy with us.
Iczer-3 apologizes and says she’ll be careful next time. She should since, as Yagyuu notes, our next battle will be with Himika herself; the Jama Kingdom’s leader is incredibly powerful, so, is the girl really ready for something like this?
“I am, I am! Besides, if you’re gonna be fighting someone THAT strong, then you have to let me come along too!” Iczer-3 proclaims loudly. Hmhmm, so she’s one of those people that love fighting, Dick ponders.

Not quite, Iczer-3 merely figures that if enemies that strong are left around, it’ll mean danger for Nagisa (Kanou). And since Iczer-1 left both girls and the rest of us in her care, that means she has to fight!
Ozma can see that her heart is set, and in the right place, so he gives her the go-ahead to launch with us when the time comes. “You’ll really let me, gramps?!” Iczer-3 gasps, immediately stunning the guy.
Mido suggest she address him as Lt. Ozma Lee, not gramps. And since he’s in shock right now, she’ll officially confirm the girl’s permission to deploy. W-Who’s shocked?! Ozma isn’t shocked! Pfft!

: This isn’t the Frontier… Is it Earth…?
: What… What am I doing here? Who are those two…?


: You are the only one in this world who can unite with the Iczer Robo! Do you not wish to defend your own planet?!
: Absolutely not!
: Then you leave me no choice. You will fight, even if I must force you to! Taaah!
: Huh?! Waaah!!
: Wh-What’s going on?!
: You’re inside the Iczer Robo. Synchronize yourself with me, Nagisa.
: Y-You can’t do this to me! Lemme go!

: What… was that dream?

*Door opens!*

: I see you’ve regained consciousness, Nagisa.
: Thank goodness…
: Ah…! You’re…!
: I’m Nagisa – Nagisa Kanou.
: I-I’m...
: Nagisa Kasumi, right? I saw you on that video letter you sent. Boy, was I surprised – so were Alto and Michel.
: I... I saw you in a dream just now…
: Huh…? Me…?
: Um, but why am I here…?
: You fainted inside that robot you were aboard. We had to bring you to the Macross Quarter to keep you safe from the enemy.
: Really…? So this is inside the Macross…?
: Do you not remember anything? Oh, and I’m AL-3 Alice. I’m something of a military physician.
: Hmm… I remember there being a mess at Mihoshi and… Hrm… Oww…
: Aah, never mind! Don’t force yourself to remember if it’s that painful!
: Maybe your strength hasn’t returned yet? You should keep getting plenty of rest, then. I’ll prescribe you some sedatives to help.
: Mind you, while this ship’s headed into a battlefield, it should actually be safer than at the Frontier. So relax.
: OK…Thank you…

Some time later…

: Nagisa woke up?!
: Hey, this is the infirmary! Quit yelling!
: That goes for you too, Lt.
: Hrm…
: She came to for a moment, yes, but she was much more exhausted than we expected, so we told her to sleep some more.
: “Plenty of rest”, that was mine and Canaria’s professional recommendation.
: Hm… First the Iczelio gets stolen, then I get Nagisa like this…
: …
: Nevertheless, the Iczer Robo won’t move with that Iczelio gone… Best to just let her take it slow and recover.
: Get well soon, Nagisa. ‘Til then, I promise I’ll keep you safe…!
: Will you really be alright by yourself, Iczer-3?
: I’ll be fine, Nagisa-1! You saw how strong I was, no? Iczelio or no, I can fight just fine!
: Hey, don’t talk like nothing can touch you! Iczer-1 never acted like that – not once!
: How’s she supposed to rest easy if you’re still going like that?!
: Ah—…
: Now you’re the one who’s yelling, Nagisa.
: O-Oh. Sorry…
: I’m not my big sis, so maybe I can’t protect you as well as she did…
: But I still have to do this, and I will!

*Iczer-3 runs off.

: Don’t you think you went at her too hard, Nagisa? The girl feels responsible for all this.
: …
: Actually, Lt. Ozma also gave her a talking-to. Said that Nagisa’s like this because of how she fought. And Iczer-3 promised to think things over and change how she behaves in battle.
: Ah?! I had no idea…! And I said those awful things to her…
: You’re the only one who can support her while Nagisa Kasumi’s hospitalized, Nagisa.
: Yes… I’ll go talk to her.


: What is it?!
: We’ve an emergency! All pilots are to assemble at the briefing room immediately!

So, Jeffrey has good news in that we’ve found Himika and co. Great! Where are they? Tsubaki already has an idea: the moon. Rosa’s surprised that she knows, but, yes, we picked up the Bronze Bells’ signal coming from the far side of the moon. Tsubaki says she’s been feeling a great power coming from there, something like the Bronze Bells but far stronger!
Kenichi figures she can sense them due to her being the Priestess of the bells, but that’s not what’s important right now. Shiba calls in and says that that power is what Himika is after. Ichitaka asks what it is, figuring it’ll be bad news if it’s even stronger than the Bronze Bells.
Indeed, it is: what Himika is after is the enormous power that rests within the Langoon, the Great Bronze Bell! See, the Himika and her peers draw their magical powers from the negative emotions of humans, and the Great Bronze Bell will amplify that power tenfold. Himika’s already very powerful on her own, so let her get a power boost and our chances of victory might as well be nil.

Kenji tells Luca to man up: “The hell do I care that they got bigass Bronze Bell?! I’ll just go and tear their whole show down myself!” And how will he fight when he can’t turn into Jeeg, Shiba asks. Well, Kenji says there’s only one way around that: we break inside the Langoon and get both his and Hiroshi’s bells back!
Hiyoshi likes that idea, as it’d not only weaken Himika’s powers, but also enable the Jeegs to fight again. But nothing’s ever simple, and Tsubaki feels that enormous power drawing closer to us!

Shiba confirms that she’s saying, pinging that powerful Bronze Bell signal we’re getting heading towards the Frontier Fleet. Monica hooks us up with a video feed of the Langoon, and it’s goddamn huge, but Kouichi likes that it’s coming this way. It’ll save us time!
That’s be great, but, as Yamashita points outs, we still have no idea how we’re actually going to beat Himika. Have Kenji and Tsubaki manage to think something up from Kyo’s previous words? “Absolutely nothing!”

Maybe our best shot is just to fire a bunch of Reactive Munitions at the ship from long range, Domyoji wonders. Whatever the case, Jeffrey knows we can’t let them close in on the Frontier or the PLANTs, so he orders everyone ready to deploy.
Kenji’ll be heading out in the Big Shooter, and Tsubaki insists on coming with as the heiress of that ancient power. Jeffrey’ll allow it, but asks them not to bite off more than they can chew. Kenji promises to be careful, having learned from Ichitaka and Iczer-3 what happens when you’re not.
Hiroshi’ll also be aboard the Big Shooter, handling the piloting until they reach the Langoon. “And you fight in whatever way you think is right, Kenji.” Sounds great; and with Shiba wishing us good luck, we set off.

Mission 21 (Himika Route) – Langoon's Revival! Reclaim the Bronze Bells!

: Foolish humans... you’ve willingly come to greet your deaths?
: But there shall be none who’ll dare oppose me once they lay eyes upon my new power…! They, and their fleet, shall all be ashes!
: Are we all clear on the plan? Kenji, Tsubaki and Hiroshi will enter the Langoon and get the Bronze Bells back from them!

: And that’s where they’ll be breaking in from, yeah?
: Right. But, of course, the enemy isn’t going to make this easy, so everyone’ll be covering the Big Shooter ‘til it gets there!
: Yes, sir!
: Go for it and make it good, Kenji!
: I got your backs, too! I Not like I can just pooh-pooh someone else’s stolen power source!
: You finally have your hot date with Tsubaki, Kenji. Be nice with her, you hear!
: Heh… at least they’re lightening the tension some.
: Hmhm… Is everyone good to go?
: Hell, yeah! We’re gonna be winning this, even without the Jeegs! And I’ll keep you safe, Tsubaki, don’t worry about a thing!
: OK!
: Engage!

Get the Big Shooter into the marked spot without losing either ship or the Big Shooter. This is pretty much a retread of our battle in Aso, except Ikima, Amaso and Mimashi are deployed right from the start.
Our forces are more limited than before, but the strategy is still the same: build on morale on the front Boya Kaengus, watch out for the Dai Kaengus and their SP draining attack, and just go to town. Make good use of all the command auras you’ve available while jumping right into the fray, and look for opportunities to use Jeffrey and Canaria’s MAPWs since the enemy’s so numerous.
Killing everything will automatically bring the Big Shooter into position, but things’ll actually progress faster if you actively bring it in yourself.

Oh, and Hiroshi is a great pilot who can take very good care of himself, even if the Big Shooter remains rather weak.

Here we go!

: Hiroshi, the enemy’s dead ahead…!
: Relax, Tsubaki! I’ve no problems taking the line all the way to the finish!
: “Taking the line”… Are you a racer too?
: I’ll tell you about it later! Our priority now is breaking through their defenses!

: I didn’t expect there to be this many enemies… The Jama Kingdom is really laying out the red carpet for us, huh?
: Even just covering Kenji’s crew’s gonna be tough like this!
: Mido, Saotome, this is the decisive battle of the war with the Jama Kingdom!
: So focus and let’s jump into the fireworks one more time!
: Aye, aye!

: Open your eyes, and take a look…! Whatever you decide to throw at us, we’re still gonna find a way through this!

: You still fight even when there’s no chance of victory? You humans truly are fools!


: We’re gonna escort you guys all the way to the Langoon! And once you’re there, nab the Bronze Bells and get back to fighting ASAP!

: Ghosts and evil spirits all around… I’d really love if the Laplace Wall could also absorb occult stuff like this, I tell ya…!

While all that’s going down, know that the AI REALLY fancies Daiya’s boosted HP pool. He’s taking no damage, and oneshotting everything.
With that, Iczer-3 has some chances to show off her tricks:

: My sis must be so sad now… I gotta work hard!
: Wait a minute, Iczer-3! I’ve to apologize to you!
: Huh…?
: I’d no idea how you really felt, and I was so mean to you. I’m so sorry, Iczer-3…!
: No, the truth is I really did screw up. Still, I’m really happy that you forgive me, Nagisa-1!
: Now I just have to be patient and wait ‘til Nagisa’s back with us!
All in one video for your convenience.

: This is what Himika’s power is like now that it’s been boosted…?!
: We better hurry, Kenichi! The Big Shooter needs to make it, or there’ll be no recovering from this!
: Right! Our main job here is to clear out any enemies directly in their path!

: Hihihihahaa! I’ll be painting this sector red with the blood of all you humans!

: All your heads will roll today, and then I’ll present them all before Her Majesty!

: Bunch up as many mooks as you want, you’re still not stopping us!
: Everyone knows CHAMPIONS OF JUSTICE are at their strongest when facing adversity!

: Kenji, Tsubaki! You’ll have to go with the Raikouba from here!
: Alright!

: Hold on tight, Tsubaki! Ooooryaaaaa!

: Show your face, HIMIKAA!
: Kenji, I’m feeling a huge power nearby!
: …?!
: Hmhmhmhm…!
: Himika!

: You came here despite your defeat being all but certain? I’d call you foolish, but that would be an understatement! I’ve already laid claim to the tremendous power of the Great Bronze Bell with the two Bronze Bells!

: Behold! Your Bronze Bells have completed their task and are disappearing. Hahahaha! AHAHAHAHAHA!
: Oi, cut it with that stupid laugh!
: …Excuse me?!
: The odds were often against us before, and we still fought!
: Yeah, and we sure as hell ain’t losing now…! That’s why were right here, gunning for you!
: We will beat you, Himika! We have to!
: Neither of us are just gonna let you do your thing!
: The gall... Here is the very gateway to the underworld, and it already bows to my will. Do tell, what could you possibly accomplish?!

: Gwaargh!
: Kenji!
: You will die without ever knowing the true significance of the Bronze Bells!
: No… we’re not! You’re not beating us! We’ll kick your ass, and then Tsubaki and I’ll go back to Earth together!
: That’s right, we can’t lose to you! I’m sure our path’ll be clear so long as that wish is in our hearts!
: Nonsense! The only path you’ll trail is the one towards Hell!

: Rrrgh! We… We’re gonna protect Earth! NO WAY WE’RE DYING LIKE THIS!!
: You won’t… beat us…! The power to give form to emotions… That’s the power I inherited!

: Ggh! Wh-What?!


: …! The… The Bronze Bell’s back in the Raikouba! I can turn into Jeeg, then!
: We did it…!
: Impossible…! My accursed energy… This entire area is awash in hatred, resentment and negative emotions…How?!


: Kenji, my Bronze Bell’s also back! Hurry back out!
: Damn you all to Hell! You won’t escape!
: Hahah, just try and catch us, ya witch! Come on, Tsubaki!
: OK!


Back outside…

: Kenji and Tsubaki are safe, guys!
: And we got the Bronze Bells with us, ‘course!
: Whew… I was on pins and needles the whole time!
: Hehehe! Now it’s our turn to go to town!

: Multiple enemy reinforces have appeared!
: But I don’t feel Himika’s presence…
: We’ll worry about her later! First order of business is getting rid of her mooks!
: I’m going out there too! Open the hatch!
: Huuh?! But we’re in space!
: Hatch, open!


: Here I go!
: Y-You! Hiroshi Shiba!
: Yoooo, that’s sick!
: Micchi!
: “Micchi”…?
: Okay, Hiroshi!

: Grandma?!
: Baruba!
: Jeeg parts, set up! SHOOT!!


: Whaa?! He doesn’t even need a bike to do it?!
: You can still fly your Big Shooter, grandma?!

*Micchi flies over to them.*

: Sorry for the late arrival.
: Kenji, Tsubaki, are you two alright?!
: Kyo?! That’s my line! You’re OK?!
: Prof. Shiba and Baruba saved me. I can’t revert back to my Takeru form, but I’ll carry on fighting as Kyo Misumi!
: Kyo… thank goodness!
: Damn, you coulda at least have called us!
: Seems I had you all worried. I’m very sorry!

: We’re going too, Tsubaki!
: Okay!

: Woow! We got the old and new Jeegs together!
: Oooh, that’s so AWESOME!
: You guys’re finished now that I can transform again! Gimme a hand, Baruba!
: Grooowrr!

: The wind’s turned in our favor, captain!
: Yes, it has! Let’s rout the enemy troops and go after Himika within the Langoon!
: You’re getting far too excited for your own good!
: You might’ve reclaimed the Bronze Bells, but it’s already too late! Her Majesty is already headed there!
: Not that it’s any of your concern, since we’ll erase the lot of you from the face of the universe!
: You took the words out of my mouth! This is the end of the road for you, Jama Kingdom!


Pilot Skills:
Prevail L6
Spirit Commands:
Squad Bonus: Accuracy +5, melee weapons’ power +100

Old Big Shooter (Miwa Tamashiro)
Pilot Skills:
Commander L1
Prevail L3
Support Attack L2
Support Defense L2
Attack Combo L1
Spirit Commands:
Squad Bonus: Experience earned +10%, EN+50

By himself, Hiroshi is Kenji, but better. All stats are higher and his weapons are stronger than the new Jeeg. On the flip side, he doesn’t have as much flexibility as Kenji: he lacks his Jeeg Bazooka for cheap and powerful long-range attacks, and even his rocket punch costs 10 EN. In other words, you need to be way more mindful of his EN supply than you are with Kenji (though his Mach Drills with Micchi is still ammo-based).
That said, Hiroshi is a tremendous big mook/boss killer, having both the Bronze Bell cheat code and, best of all, a combined attack with Kenji! It’s very expensive at 60 EN, but it’ll tear a huge chunk of health off anything it touches.

Micchi herself is a slightly worse Kyo, but she’s still good at what she does, which is stick with Hiroshi and refuel his EN tank. Like with the new Big Shooter, you’ll want to keep her as his sub for both the resupply and easier access to the combined attack.
Do note that the years have made Micchi inch away from the standard support-oriented spirit list, so all you’re getting from here is Hope (at 36). But we already have plenty of full support subpilots, so that’s not a big deal.

Now, where was I?

: Fifty… or even a hundred years may pass, but I’ll never stop hounding you! I’m ending this here and now, Jama Kingdom!

: Blast! I’m not dying yet!

: Is he going to gear up for a rematch…?
: I don’t think that’s what it was… Is he just gonna watch everything go down from the Langoon or something?

: I’ll give you ample proof that my teamwork with Hiroshi’s going strong even after all this time…!

: Curse you, humans! I’ve no choice… I must retreat to the Langoon!

: Dang, we let him escape…!
: But he ran off into the Langoon. We’ll be facing him again soon, I bet…!

: Hmph… There’ll be no victory for you while the Langoon remains under our grasp!

: What’s with that guy? Why’s he acting so smug when we got him running?
: Maybe they’ve something else up their sleeve.

: You were injured, weren’t you, Kyo? You can’t be pushing your body so hard right now! I’ll pilot for you!
: No, I could never rest while everyone else is fighting…!
: Don’t worry about my health, Tsubaki! Let’s just go at this like we always do!
: … Alright. But if it gets too difficult, I want you to tell me right away! I’m ready to take over whenever!

: Ya got any idea how worthless I felt having to watch my friends in trouble, and not being able to do anything about it? Well, I’m gonna take it all out on you guys now!
And here’s the rocking DK for Baruba Jeeg. Seriously, that looks like a Heavy Metal album cover.


And here’s the crazy powerful combined attack between the Jeegs.
Oh, what the hey, have Hiroshi’s Jeeg Breaker too!
In both cases: “WHO’S NEXT?!”

: We’ve confirmed that all Haniwa Phantoms have been destroyed!
: Tell all troops that we’re moving into the Langoon before they’ve a chance to send more reinforcements! Any units that need to resupply are to return to the ships at once!
: Hell, yeah! I’m coming to give you what for, Himika!

*Beep, beep!*

: Wait! This is…!
: What’s wrong? Did something happen?!
: I’m pinging a gigantic Bronze Bell signal! It’s coming from the Langoon!
: What?!

: A-A shockwave…!
: Hey, what gives?! We’re in space!
: The energy flowing out the Bronze Bell is making space itself tremble, I think… This could be very bad.
: The hell?! Is something happening there, then?!
: It… it can’t be…!


: Look at that huge bell…!
: I feel a chill down my spine... What’s going on?!
: That’s the Great Bronze Bell! I’m seeing it on my monitors too!
: The Great Bronze Bell…!
: Its energy readings are off every conceivable chart… Nothing we’ve seen even comes close!
: Psh, whatever! That don’t mean jack!
: Kenji…
: They can get any power they want, we’re still not losing this!
: Same goes for any other enemy we gotta fight, right, Jeff?
: Well said… we’ve got the Earth right at our backs. The PLANTs and the Frontier Fleet too!
: We’ve a ton of things we need to keep safe…!
: Tsubaki, Kenji… This will be our final battle with the Jama Kingdom. And you two are our trump cards. We’re counting on you!
: You got it! We’ll pry the path to our victory wide open!
: Hold on a lil’ bit more, Himika! We’ll be there real soon…!