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Part 59: Mission 22 (Himika Route) - The Blade of the Soul, Piercing Through Evil

We’re back at the Himika route – the actually fun route – and Daiya’s sprint shows no sign of stopping. Ichitaka’s actually been caught up by Kenji now, likely due to the former’s attack power starting to lag behind the other protags.

Still, I help him and his buddy out. The Rushbird’s squad bonus is now Armor +200, HP+1500, A in Land, Movement +1; Linebarrel’s is melee weapons’ power +200, mobility +15.
Our Jeegs max out their EN, Alto, Iczer-3 and Kenichi take random stuff here and there.

As for our squads, every Jeeg unit is still auto-deploying, so we’re the same as before:


Evil is swerving all around our people, and Lulu feels it all gathering into the Great Bronze Bell. Iczer-3 feels it too – it’s just as bad as Neos Gold – and Kyo explains that the Jama Kingdom is crystallizing and converting hatred, resentment, and all kinds of negative emotions into power for them to use.
That’s some appropriately dark fuel they use there, Kenji sniffs, but Tsubaki is certain we can counter it by materializing our own wishes for peace and happiness. “You two managed to reclaim the Bronze Bells, so I’m sure you can seal away the Great Bronze Bell,” Hiroshi adds.

In the meantime, Daiya says we’ll stoke the flames in our hearts and help them out all the way; none of us will be broken by some negative emotions, says Alice! That goes double for Kouichi, who’s not willing to let hatred control him again.
Sounds great to Kenji – charge!

Mission 22 (Himika Route) – The Blade of the Soul, Piercing Through Evil

Himika’s rather amused that we’d dare face the might of the Great Bronze Bell – ample proof that we’re idiots to Amaso. Kenji and Ichitaka don’t care, of course: even if they got a power-up from the Bronze Bell, that still won’t make us give in! Things won’t be going their way while we’re around to fight!
Himika scoffs at our sass: we are nothing more than cosmic trash, and we know not our place! Indeed, having gained the power of the Great Bronze Bell, Amaso proclaims themselves to be invincible; Mimashi and Ikima are more than willing to get rid of us themselves, even if it costs them their lives, saving Himika the trouble of having to deal with us. CRY IN TERROR!
Jeffrey and Lulu ignore them, tagging the Great Bronze Bell as our primary target – that antique has to go. “Here we come, Himika! Your gang’s gonna be smoke by the time we’re done!” Kenji yells.

Kill everything, don’t lose any ship or Jeeg units.
Now this is far less of a hassle than the Godannar finale, in that what you see is what you get. There’s a big mob of Haniwas up ahead, with Himika’s three goons right in the middle. In other words, it’s the exact fight you had in the previous mission.
There’s more to it, of course, but this first part of our offensive has no surprises. Only thing I’d suggest is that, like on the other path, you try your best to conserve especially your SP – you’ve two ships and several units with command auras, so you should manage to only pop spirits for the bosses. Oh, and there are some bigger meteors around the area that’ll give +20% to evasion and defense, so keep an eye out for them.
The plot’ll kick in once all enemies are down, so let’s fast fooorwaaard!

And I don’t know if I never took this attack on someone vulnerable to debuffs, but it was only NOW that I realized it turns the range of all your attacks to shit. Might wanna prioritize these.
And here’s Classic Jeeg’s Mach Drills, complete with Micchi showing that she’s nowhere as hotblooded as Tsubaki when shooting parts.

: How could I let myself be defeated here...! Your Majesty, I leave everything in your hands!!

: That was Mimashi, right…? I probably wouldn’t be here if he hadn’t attacked Misaki back then…
: I guess that’s one thing I’m grateful to him…

: Gwargh! You kicked me?! Not even Her Majesty kicks me! YOUR MAJESTYYYYYY!!

: What a weirdo… but he was still pretty strong.

: Heheheh! HAHAHAHA! Sacrificing myself is nothing if it’ll benefit Her Majesty!
: I’ll be awaiting your arrival in the underworld, HUMAAAANSS!

: So loyal until the end… he sure was worthy of being one of her three generals.
: Well, he won’t be away from her long. Himika’ll be following real soon!

Once everything’s dead…

: Hmhmhm… AHAHAHAHA!
: The hell are ya laughing at, Himika?!
: I’m simply amused at how quickly Ikima and the others perished! Ahahahaha!
: And that’s funny to you?! They were your allies…!
: You’re telling me your kind really doesn’t know love, companionship or anything?!
: No matter, I’ll give you ample display of my might. Rise, evil spirits! I command you to gather and take up form before me!
: What’s she doing?! Something’s off – I can feel it!


: What was that?!
: That wasn’t just malice… those were ghosts!

: A mass of pure evil… is it pouring through from Hell itself…?!
: Anyone have a magic sword to cut these down? Because I think we’ll need one…!


: HAHAHAHA! Can you still prattle about love in a universe that produced so much enduring hatred? Hell is awash with these souls!
: Why don’t you take a closer look? You might even spot some familiar faces in there! Hahahahaha…!

: Uuuuuuuuuh!
: The hell?!
: I can feel it… hatred from all around the universe is massing inside him!
: So it’s an amalgamation of evil spirits…?
: Hahahaha! Every last one of you’ll die here!
: The Susano-o’s grows as it devours grieving, hateful spirits, and your planet is a treasure trove of those! Its strength shall be limitless!
: Uuuuuuuuh!
: That guy’s scary...!
: Seriously, even I’m getting chills down my spine…!
: Hrm…!
: Don’t let ‘em push you around, people!

: ! Kenji…!
: Even if we gotta tangle with all the evil and bad juju in the universe, so what?! We’ll fight back with enough positive vibes to kick its ass! That’s how we’ll keep Earth safe!
: … He’s right. We’ll be going nowhere fast by feeling blue.
: Muster your resolve once more, troops. We’ve an exorcism to see to!
: I said it once, and I’ll say it again: bring it! Your evil ain’t breaking my spirit!

Pilot Skills:
Break Morale Limit
Prevail L7
Support Attack L2
Attack Combo L2
Mech Features:
10% HP Regen
30% EN Regen

The Susano-o is the strongest enemy we’ve had to deal with by a mile: it’s got massive stats everywhere, good skills, armor, accuracy, 100k HP, power, etc, etc.
It’s also jampacked with stuff you need to be wary of: first and foremost, it, like the Super Mimetic Beast, has a MAPW that hits in a 6x6 area around it (thankfully it takes 130 morale, and it’s unlikely to get there); its weakest attack (3-8 range) drains SP and second strongest (2-6 range) decreases your attack power. So, attacking it at point blank is best if your guy can’t dodge.
The big Prevail, HP Regen and MAPW (with a +30 accuracy modifier) means you really wanna try to beat it in one round, and your guys are certainly capable of doing that – just make sure everyone’s in range to use their best tricks. Do that, make sure everyone’s protected, and you’ll be fine.


It’s invincible!

: Surely that’s not all you’re capable of! Your struggles won’t amount to anything if attacks like that are your best!
: Hate to say it, but that thing’s strong…!
: It’s pretty much a being of pure, inexhaustible energy, so conventional weapons won’t help…!
: … I’ll find us a way!
: Tsubaki?!
: Find us… What’re you up to?!
: It’s being fed energy from the Great Bronze Bell! If we can cut that stream, then…!

*Tsubaki flies towards the Great Bronze Bell!*

: Tsubaki, that’s crazy! What’re you doing, Kyo?!
: Don’t worry, Kenji… Whatever may happen, I’ll keep her safe.
: It might really be crazy… but it’s something only I can do!
: But!
: Kenji… I’ve already died once at Aso. My life span is also reaching its end – that’s why I entrusted the Bronze Bells to you and Hiroshi.
: …! Are you…?!
: Get ready, Himika! I’m going to tear your secret weapon, that lump of evil, to pieces!
: The audacity… There is nothing a child like you can do!
: Takeru may have eluded death before, but Hell now beckons the two of you!!

: Aa—
: N-No…
: Kyo... Tsubaki...
: You son of a bitch...! AAAAAAAAAAARGH!!

: Gwooooooh!
: Kenji, stop! Calm down!
: They’ll pay! THEY’RE ALL GONNA PAY!!

: Get away from it, Kenji!

: HAAHAHAHA! Ultimately, humans are nothing but fools! For all your proclamations about justice, you are quick to lose yourselves to anger and hatred!
: That’s bull! Being considerate to one another, doing what’s right – that’s what it means to be human!
: I’ll concede that your emotions are powerful, indeed. However, it is when those are transformed into hatred that their full power is manifested!


: Kenji…!
: Do you understand now? Hatred is the mightiest force in the universe! Hahahahah!
: There’s no way hatred’s the strongest! Absolutely not! Humans are much better than that!
: Nonsense. It was precisely by the idiocy of humans that my warrior has taken form! Behold the depths of their sins, and know them to be true!
: Go, Jeeg! Consign your very being to boundless hatred and be reborn as a demon!

: Kenji’s temperature, blood pressure and heartrate are increasing rapidly! He’s…!
: Don’t let anger lead you on, Kenji! Control yourself!

: Urgh…! Kenji…!
: Are you alright, Hiroshi?!
: Kenji, you gotta pull yourself together!
: He can barely remember his own name, I’d wager! Such is a human: no more than a dimwitted animal!
: Do you see it now? At your core, there is no difference between your kind and ours!
: What do we do…?! Only Kenji and Tsubaki could seal away the Great Bronze Bell…!
: If Kenji won’t stop, then there’s only one option left for us!
: We’ll have to… fight Jeeg!
: Huuh!?
: You’re telling us to beat him?!
: I can’t do it! That’s still Kenji!
: I want you to trust me here! If anything, we need to first pummel him into submission!

: Back when I’d hit rock bottom, everyone helped pull me back up!
: So now I’ll be there to help pull you off that vortex of hatred, Kenji!

: Kenji, please! Wake up!
: This is the worst possible moment for you to let those evil spirits get the better of you!
: Hahahah! You waste your breath! If you care for your friend so, why not put him out of his misery and end his life?
: We won’t play your games, Himika! We will bring Kenji back to normal…!
: Everyone attack! If we can immobilize him, then maybe…!
: Guess we can’t afford to hesitate…! All troops, move to engage Jeeg!

This route gets in on that action, too, though Kenji actually has way more HP than Goh – 8000 is a pretty big leeway, though, and his armor’s not that high. This is where you start spending that SP you’ve been hoarding, as Kenji’s got a lot of Prevail, hits hard and is quite dodgy if you’re not packing some spirits.
Don’t go too crazy, though, because we’ll still need a healthy amount of EN and SP for after he’s weakened!

: I know all about how humans hold both good and evil in their hearts!
: So show us that you can beat that hate into submission, Kenji! Don’t let your bad side take over for good!

: Even if we’ve to tangle with all the evil in the universe, we’ll fight back with our positive vibes and keep Earth safe! Those were your words, Kenji!
: So how can you just let yourself be consumed by those negative emotions?! I know you’re man enough to soldier through that! Get to it!
: Gwuurgh…!

: Curse you, Himika… She turned Kenji’s feelings against him…!
: But there’s still a little perv somewhere in there, so maybe we could work that angle? He might surprise us and get back to normal!
: I wouldn’t be completely against that if it looked like it’d actually work…

: Uooooh…! UUAAAAAAAA!
: We really gotta fight Jeeg… Holding back against him would only get us dead!
: I know, I know! We’ll have to fight seriously… but only so we can save him!

: Damn, what kind of creepy flame is that?! It’s so different from ours and Proist’s… Is that also ‘cause of his hatred…?!

: What’re you doing, letting some evil spirits put a leash on you, Kenji?! I know you’re not a wimp like that!
: Ichitaka, we should just trust in Hiroshi for now! I know we’ll find a way around this if we do!
: Uurgh… Do I really have to fight him…?!

: Don’t let those spirits control you, Kenji! You are still alive, and that life is your own!


: Kenji, I know how much you cared for Tsubaki and Kyo!
: But think of how sad they’d be to see those feelings turn you into Himika’s puppet!

: Grrgh…! Uoooooh…!

*Kenji twitches about.*

: How…?! He’s on his last legs, but he’s not stopping…!
: UOOOOOoooOoOOoooo!

: Kenji… Is there really no way to save you…?!
: Hmhm…HAHAHA! Oh, how do I enjoy the sight of you killing one another! Please, do finish him off!
: …!

: I’m so sorry for worrying you guys!
: Tsubaki!
: Captain, we’ve visual on both the Big Shooter and Baruba!
: They’re alive…!
: Kenji, I’m here and I’m safe! Baruba saved us!
: Grrrrr!
: We’re all safe…! So go back to being the Kenji I know!
: Tsuba… ki…
: Wake up from your nightmare, Kenji!
: Please, come back! KENJIIII!!


: Kenji!
: Tsubaki… I heard your heart loud and clear! Same goes for all you guys’… Tsubaki relayed all your feelings to me!
: Hahah… He’s himself again.
: You’re gonna have to work hard to pay us back for that, Kenji.
: I’m really, really sorry! And I will repay ya – with interest, even!
: Are you good to go, Kenji?
: Yeah, absolutely!
: You’ll still continue with this exercise in futility?! Surely you’ve grasped the gulf between our powers!
: I didn’t, and I won’t! Let’s do this, Tsubaki!
: OK! Jeeg Parts – Shoot!
: Build UUUUUUP!!

: Steel! JEEEEEEEG!!
: Grooowr!

: Hahahaha! However many times you rise to oppose me, nothing will change! The negative emotions under my control will swallow you whole!

*The Big Shooter moves into Kenji’s team.*

: Kenji, I’ve to get there too! We’ll fight together!
: Alright! We’ll show them how strong our spirits are!

And now we’re in the home stretch: wait a turn to recover your moves and throw everything you’ve left at Susano-o to kill him in one round!

Before we cue the music, here’s his two best attacks:

: Anger, hatred, evil… You actually think some piece of crap made outta that can take us down?!
: Eat this, monster: the power of a positive middle-schooler!

: If you’re taking strength from all hatred in the universe, then we’ll take ours from the trust we feel in each other!
: And the Voltes will not be beaten while those feelings hold steady!

And now we go!

Stormbringer is 100% uncut hotblood and you should listen to it!

: You might have all the hatred in the universe inside you, but we’re not letting that break us!
: There isn’t anything we can’t wreck by bringing our hearts together!

: I feel them… Ikima, Mimashi and Amaso are inside this monster!
: We’re overflowing with power…! Power with which to fight in Her Majesty’s name!
: And with it, nothing can stop us! Even Jeeg’s just another worm!
: Hiroshi Shiba! This is where your life comes to an end!
: Hmph… I’ll admit that you’re persistent, if nothing else. Come on, then! I’ll send you to where you belong!

We’ll see the Jeeg Panzeroid later, when I can kill with it – I was too scared of its EN cost to use it on a mook!

: Gotta fight a vengeful ghost, huh? Well, the theater taught me exactly how to deal with these!
: Monsters in the wings - Your approach will end in tears - Just as fallen leaves - Crumble to motes of dust - So too will you disappear!

: Ichitaka, that monster’s what the Jama Kingdom used the Great Bronze Bell for! It’s pretty much the ace up their sleeve!
: Meaning, if we kick its ass, they’ll have zip left!

: I can’t let this blob of bad juju, or whatever it is, scare me..! My big sis left Earth and Nagisa-1 in my care!

: Himika… you’ve taken full control of the Great Bronze Bell’s power…?!
: But we know of a power that’s a lot greater than that!
: That’s right, Tsubaki! And that’s how we can stand up to this overwhelming evil without any hesitation!


: I’ve no idea how much hate you got inside, but it doesn’t matter ‘cause all of it’s about to go up in smoke!
: It’s useless! The malice within humans is endless… The more you struggle, the more negative emotions you’ll birth! You’d best accept this fact!
: Pfft, you ain’t scaring me with that! We got the Priestess of the Bronze Bells on our side! So your Ghost of Baddies Past here is about to get a one-stop ticket back to Hell!

: Oh, YEAH! We got ‘im! How’dya like them apples, Himika?!
: Hrrrmm! This isn’t over yet! IT IS NOT OVER!!
: What is she doing…?!
: Susano-o! Feast upon the malice that pervades this world! Take in all that evil will!

: What?!
: How the… Is that thing immortal?!
: The Susano-o is an embodiment of malice and hatred! So long as those exist within the hearts of men, it will endure!
: You might’ve gathered up all those emotions, but your plans’ll still fall through!
: Idiocy! Whatever ideas you lot might have, hatred shall always be the mightiest force of all!
: You’re wrong! It is our heart, the love we feel for one another, that’s made humans who they are! It’ll never be beaten by malice!
: And now you’ll see the power of that human heart! Let’s go, Kenji!
: Yeah!

: Th-That was!
: He looked like a proper God of Steel! The Steel God Jeeg!
: W-Wooooow…!
: How did you muster such power, brat…?!
: Because I’m not alone – I surrounded by people I love, and who love me! Let’s get in there, Tsubaki!
: Yeah!

: Good luck, Kenji, Tsubaki…

: Not once did I expect you to make it so far! But now my patience has run out! DIE!!


: Gaaah!
: Aaaah!


: Kenji, do you hear me?! Pool yours and Tsubaki’s strength together again!
: Kyo? Okay…!

: Wh-What the…?! This sword just showed up outta thin air…!
: It is Sakahoko, the blade of the soul! Only an heir to a Bronze Bell may have it!
: “Blade of the soul”?!
: Kenji, Tsubaki! Let your heart unleash its power and seal away both Himika and the Great Bronze Bell!
: You wouldn’t dare! If you do so while inside the Great Bronze Bell, you shall be sealed away yourselves!
: Ahahaha! This is it, Himika! That’s game over for you!
: What…?!
: I ain’t got a problem with getting sealed away! What about you, Tsubaki?
: Same! I came here ready to carry out my duty!
: Your words ring hollow! Could you truly sacrifice yourselves so readily?!
: Hell, yeah, we can! Grab my hand, Tsubaki! We’ll show her what our hearts are all about!
: Okay! Let’s unleash Sakahoko’s power!

: Wh-Why…?! How can you give up on your own lives…?!
: Because there’re a whole lot more emotions in a human heart than just anger and hatred!
: There’s also so much kindness, friendship and love! Those are always there, even when they’ve no reason to be!
: Hrk…! It’s inconceivable that anger and hatred would be bested by such nonsense…!
: The hell do we care about what you think?! Time to end this, Tsubaki!
: … We’ll see each other again, right, Kenji?
: Yeah! Absolutely!
: Okay!
: Oh, lost soul! Sleep here forever!

: This cannot be happening! I cannot be defeated by something as feeble as the heart! GRWAAAAAAAAAARGH!!

*Back outside…*

: Kenji! Tsubaki!
: They…!
: Did they do it…?!

: The Great Bronze Bell’s signal has completely vanished! It’s been sealed away successfully!
: What about Kenji and Tsubaki?! I don’t see them on my sensors!
: There’s… no sign of them.
: No…! Kenji, Tsubaki, Kyo…!
: Are they... not coming back?


: What…?!
: We’ve a ping on radar! It’s the Raikouba!

: Kenji! Tsubaki! You’re safe!
: Yup! Made it by the skin of our teeth!
: Welcome back, all of you. And very well done!
: The threat of the Jama Kingdom is now finally over. Let’s head home – to Earth!
: Sure thing! But… you mind giving us a minute before that?
: A minute?
: I just wanna take a look at the stars with Tsubaki before we head back. That cool with you?
: Kenji…
: Go for it, I’ll tell the captains. This peaceful night sky is only here because you’ve made it real.

: We made this night sky real, huh…?
: Through our hearts and all that we feel for our friends… and one another…
: What say you? Wanna fly around a bit?
: Sure… and do you think we could take our time heading back…?
: … Yeah, that’d be just fine.