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Part 61: Mission 23 - The Warriors' Encounter - Part 2

And it’s dead!

: What the hell?! Didn’t we get the core?!
: That was just a fake, by the looks of it!
: A biological decoy… The Angels really are a mystery.
: Save the admiration for later, Johnny! Where is the real core, then?!
: We’ll just be shooting blind if we can’t get a bead on it!
: … I figured out where it was after my attack. Back off and let me handle this.
: Alright, please do!

: OK, next!

And that’s that. Now we just need to wipe out the Cthulhu and we’ve done this plenty before. As far as stats go, Atross, like Iczer-3, is a slightly worse fighter than her elder sisters. Treat her accordingly, same for the regular Dilos, as this fight’s pretty much a redo of Angel Down.
Even if you’ve already moved Iczer-3 this round, most, if not all, of the Dilos should be too far away to reach her yet. Don’t send her, or the Preventers, too far ahead before your main group comes in, though, or evasion decay might get her shot down – which is a game over.
Finally, there’s a big river right through the middle of the map, so your land-bound units (which is about half of them) will have to make do with the main bridge available. Liberal use of Accel is encouraged – nobody wants giant robots jamming their morning commute.

Most of our troops are either spent or still moving thatta way.

Enemy Phase!

And, yeah, only one in the upper group of Dilos gets to attack anything.

But, when that’s Tetsuya, it’s no big deal.

Player Phase!

The Celleblader also boosts water terrains, so Ken has no problems with going swimming.

: Let us see whether or not you are worthy of my blade…


: My revenge is over. Starting today, I’ll be fighting for everyone else… Watch over me, dad…!
Here’s Ken and Lou’s combined attack. “… Wait for me in Hell!”
Following that, Iczer-3, Shinn and Tetsuya take a kill each while the rest of our group spreads evenly between north and south.

Oh, what the hey.

: Our debut battle as part of LOTUS sure is a tough one. Guess I drew the short straw again…
: Well, whatever. We gotta make up for being late to this party. Here we go, buddy!
This reminds me that I still need to redo W… blah.

Enemy Phase!

Iczer-3, Hiroshi, Jeffrey and Duo get pestered by the incoming mob. Only the latter two score kills.

Player Phase!

And now we go to town on the weakened mooks.

All but, like, five Dilos survive the oncoming slaughter.

Make that four.

: I’m not sure how useful I’ll be with this Taurus, but if we’re fighting for peace, then you’ll get no complaints from me!


Enemy Phase!

I don’t really have anything special to say here.

These things have long since stopped being a problem, and they’re getting oneshotted left and right.

Player Phase!

Whatever’s still left of the Dilos is dealt with, and Hiroshi gets to show off his Panzeroid pants!

Now we set our sights on Atross, who’s only just starting to move after Iczer-3 (though she didn’t attack anyone).

: How do you want to do this? Maybe figure out which of us is the fastest?
: You got it!!
: You’re playing right in her hands, Iczer-3! Are you listening?! Iczer-3!
: She’s too incensed, I think… My voice isn’t even reaching her.

: Guess Iczer-3 also “lucked out” in the stalker department.
: You say that, but aren’t you feeling a bit lonely with how long it’s been since the R-Daigun showed up?
: Don’t be silly, you. Now, we better do something about this kid and get her to stop bullying Iczer-3.
: Oh, you don’t need to worry about that. I plan on making this my first and last battle with her!

: Hey, aren’t you like Iczer-3’s baby sister or something? Then quit trying to kill her!
: I’m a warrior built by Lady Neos. While she may be a Battle Type like me, that hardly makes us sisters!
: She doesn’t even care…! Guess she took after Iczer-2, then!

: Not bad, humans. You too, Iczer-3, though that’s what I’d expect from another Battle Type!
: Huh…?
: You’re the same as me, no? You were born to fight!
: No way, that’s not who I am!
: You don’t even know what you are, do you? Take a look. Aren’t we so like each other?
: I saw that, but then I realized something: outside of our looks, we’re very different!
: And on this subject, Lady Neos had plenty to say about you guys. Some of you were given life just to fight too.
: Kch…!
: And wasn’t it the same for the Jama Kingdom? They were born to do battle, and now they’re gone – both times by the hands of humans.
: Urgh, enough with your blah, blah, blah! What’re you getting at?!
: That we’re all the same: us, the Jama Kingdom… and you folks.
: Sure, the Zentradi were originally created to fight, but I don’t really care for you labeling them all just because of that.
: Our ancestors eventually met with other civilizations, and managed to find a different path than war!
: Right! You’re suggesting everyone’s life is decided at the moment they’re born, and that’s a load of bull!
: Hmph… I guess you really are idiots. We’re warriors and, as such, the only thing that matters is who’s stronger!
: Quit talking crazy at my friends! Now you’ve made me mad… I’m gonna mess you up!

: Someone born to fight… You’re letting your birth define who you are, and that’s what’s pushing you to this…
: I don’t remember ever asking for your pity. I fight because I like to fight.

: On the outside, she doesn’t look all that different from Lou… But she really is as strong as Iczer-3.
: You’re right, Goh. Her appearance may be of a kid, but inside she’s a weapon!
: Hey! You’re being mean to Iczer-3!
: Ah… I-I didn’t mean it like that! What I wanted to say is that you can’t underestimate her…!
: What are they thinking, bickering with a battle raging around them…? Well, I don’t mind, so long as they make for a good match!

: Iczer-2 and Iczer-1, Atross and Iczer-3… Is pitting look-alikes against each other part of someone’s plan or something?!
: I don’t really care if it is or isn’t. Just being able to fight Iczer-3’s enough for me!

: My targets are only Iczer-3 and Nagisa Kasumi. I don’t care about you.
: Maybe you don’t, but I do! I’m not just gonna hang back when someone’s gunning for my friends!
: “Friends”? Psh, what nonsense… With the exception of Lady Neos and Big Gold, all others are just enemies in my eyes.
: That tells me you just don’t know how important friends are… I’d never have gotten as strong as I did if I didn’t have my friends and my teammates…!
: Come on, then. Show me that strength of yours!

: Way these things usually go, I figured we’d be getting an Iczer-4 or Iczer-0 after 3… Guess I was wrong.
: We’ll see how long your chatter lasts against me.

: Damn it, think… How was it that I fought that Cthulhu during Angel Down…?
: Looking a bit frustrated, aren’t we…? But thinking won’t do you any good against me, so let’s get right to it.

: I can tell they’re fearless just by looking at them. That’s quite the steely resolve they have.
: Whatever you might look like, you’re with the heartless mob that attacked Mihoshi. I don’t hold back against people like you!
: And I wouldn’t want you to! We duel!

: Can’t you just keep out of this? I finally have my chance to fight another Battle Type and I want to enjoy it!
: I can kinda get where you’re coming from… but that don’t mean I’ll leave Iczer-3 hanging in the wind!

: I’ve no idea how strong you are, but I know for a fact you’re not good enough to take on the #02!
: Well, look at you, being all hard working. Still, you really should have a better grasp on your own limits!

: Sorry, kid, but I don’t hold back on my slaps! Brace yourself, ‘cause your butt’s gonna be deep red by the time I’m done teaching ya a lesson!
: “Brace myself”? I’ve no reason to do that against you.

: I’m a Battle Type! I am not being beaten like this!

: That girl… she really thinks fighting is her only purpose in life…
: The way of the warrior… rather, of destruction, was instilled in her since the moment she was born.
: An adept of Shurado… I did not expect this young girl to hold such a spirit.
: But she only thinks like because they filled her mind with bad stuff…!
: Those two shouldn’t be fighting each other…! I have to stop this!

*Open door!*

: Huh?! Wait! Where’re you going?!
: There is always only one winner! Come and face me!

: (She really is strong… What’s going on with me? My heart’s racing.)
: How do you like it? There’s nothing better than fighting for your life, is there?
: Ah…!
: Hah, I knew it. You are a Battle Type like me.
: I told you I’m not like that!
: That’s enough, both of you!
: What? Who dares try to stop our battle?!
: Nagisa?! There’s a battle going on! Why’s she standing on the ship’s deck?!
: Hmph… So that’s Nagisa, Iczer-2’s potential partner…
: And if she does become her partner, I won’t be needed anymore… Nagisa… you rotten human!
: She’s not rotten! She’s someone very dear to me! Someone who makes me so much stronger!
: Oh, really? Then I’ll take the time to make sure this “very dear someone” can never get in the way of my battles again!

: !!

: You alright, Iczer-3?!
: I’m fine… What about Nagisa…?
: I’m here, Iczer-3! I’m okay!
: AHAHAHAHA…! What a moron you are! What were you thinking, jumping in front of that beam?!
: I’m not like you, that’s why…!
: You’re still going with that…?
: Because… Because I’ve Nagisa with me!
: How many times do I have to tell you before it sinks into your thick skull? We are Battle Types… we fight, and that’s it!
: Atross… Please, listen to me.
: Excuse me…?
: What’re you still doing there, Nagisa?! It’s too dangerous!
: It’s fine, Michel… I need to talk to her.
: Atross. You were also born from the Iczelio, like Iczer-3 was, weren’t you?
: I know nothing about that. I am the daughter of Lady Neos – she gave me life!
: Wrong! I can feel the warm light inside your heart… It’s the same light Iczer-3 has!
: Silence! I’ll just kill… you and… Wh-What? My body… I can’t move…!
: What… Why am I feeling so weird… ?
: Atross…
: The Icze…lio…? S-Stop…!

: Gaaaaaaaaaah!!

: Oh, wow! You beat her, Nagisa!
: No, no… Actually, I think we might be friends someday.
: What, with her? No way!
: Hahah… But never mind me. Are you really alright?
: Hmm, I’m actually kinda tired… and my body really hurts… I think I need… a bit of sleep… Night-night, Nagisa…

: Iczer-3…?!
: Get her to the infirmary, quick!
: We’ll handle the rest of the battle!
: Okay!

The battle’s already over!

: All enemy forces, including the Angel, have been confirmed destroyed.

: Huh…? The battle’s…?
: Guess we took a bit too long.
: And that’s mission complete. Returning to ship.
: …

I forgot to have Shinn attack the Angel, so here’s his line:

: The destruction left throughout this coast is all because we couldn’t stop the Junius Seven drop…!
: And I’m not about to let more tears be shed because of me!

Duo finally catches up with Quatre after so long – he’d no idea they were coming to meet up with our squad. In truth, their transfer was expected to happen tomorrow, but they caught wind of the Angel’s appearance while transporting the #02 and decided to do something about it.
And there are plenty of folks around they don’t know, so Duo asks Quatre to introduce them to everyone. Nearby, Shinji’s apologizing for their late arrival, but Yamashita says it was just bad luck things went down when they did. Kouichi’s way more focused in the EVA-02, loving its boss-like color – red really is the manliest of colors!
Ichitaka ponders that that the pilot’s way of fighting was also very different from the other EVA pilots. Shinji figures the pilot must have received some intensive training, but Rei hasn’t heard anything about it.

Asuka struts on over, liking that they can see how the difference between them extends beyond their units’ coloring. For one, the #00 and #01 are, respectively the prototype and test models – not the #02, though! It’s the first true-to-form, combat-oriented EVA in the world!
Yamashita recognizes her voice from the battle and Misato officially introduces her as the #02’s pilot. She’ll also be working part of LOTUS from now on. Goh thanks her for the assist with the Angel, but Asuka says she didn’t do it after their praise: “I was just carrying out my duty as one of the elite few.”
Seems to Misato that her personality hasn’t mellowed over since they last saw each other.

Now, Asuka takes a look at the chosen #00 and #01 pilots – Wonder Girl and Daddy’s Boy, as she dubs them – and Shinji bids her a “how do you do”. “Are you stupid,” the girl harrumphs, “Right when you were needed the most, you weren’t even there! ‘How do you do’, he says! Aren’t you even a little be ashamed you couldn’t fight the Angel with your EVA?!”
Shinji’s a bit dazed, and Asuka shoos him away. She doesn’t wanna talk with him, only with the other Pros of LOTUS that she heard so much about. And speaking of, where’s the girl that gave her sass during battle? The infirmary? Asuka asks Emi to show he where it is, and off they go, Misato sighing that the girl’ll take some getting used to.

Hilde and Duo had asked her to try and play nice, but that obviously went in one ear and out the other. Quick round of introductions from them, and Dick has heard of Duo, the God of Death. “I think we’ll get along swimmingly, you and I,” he says. Hopefully, but Duo hopes LOTUS can be retired as soon as can be – there’s just too much war going around the world these days.
When Goh asks if Asuka’s always like that, Hilde nods right away. See, the girl’s huge amounts of both dutiful and prideful, so she’s always very, shall we say, severe with everyone else. She might be fated for some very tough battles, but can see that, in the girl’s eyes, fighting and beating the enemy gives her life. She revels in it.
Shinji’s a bit surprised that there are people who actually enjoy piloting an EVA.

: …
: So, that girl, Atross, was born from the Iczelio they stole…?
: That’s what I think, yes. I could feel it.
: We should ask Iczer-3 about it when she wakes up.
: Um… Will she be alright?
: There isn’t really anything we can do right now.
: Oh, no…!
: Easy. What she meant is that she doesn’t need any treatment. She fell asleep to try and recover quicker – she’ll be back to normal soon.
: Iczer-1 also did that. I guess we’ll have to remember to let her rest after she’s tired herself fighting.

*Door opens!*

: Hmph… taking a nap right after a battle? Someone’s not taking this seriously.
: Don’t be like that, Asuka. She’s still a little girl, and she needs to recover—
: Doesn’t change the fact that what that Atross said was right. Iczer-3’s a warrior – a weapon!
: You’re out of line, Asuka!
: I am not. If you’re a warrior, then you must behave like a warrior and always be ready to fight!
: Okay, stop!
: !!
: You’re right that she’s a lot stronger than most of us… But she’s also a kind, gentle girl…
: And? Kindness won’t do anything for you during battle.
: Wrong! And if you ever met Iczer-1, you’d know. She was a warrior through and through, and so strong… but she was also a very kind person.
: Ken also told me once… that it’s possible for strength and kindness to coexist.
: Jack Smith’s also a kind man… and he is also very strong.
: So I don’t ever want to see you looking down on Iczer-3 again!
: Oh, brother… so many strong, actually living, people, and they’re all these devil-may-care types.
: That’s not what they were trying to say, Asuka.
: I can tell. Still, that doesn’t mean I’m fine with this daycare you’re running.
: But I’m assigned to LOTUS now – the so-called defenders of the Earth Sphere – and I really don’t care to see weak-kneed folks here... That’s all I wanted to say.

*Out she goes.*

: Asuka… she keeps such a wall around her heart. I wonder if she’ll open up someday…
: The same could be said for that Cthulhu, Atross. I hope so, if she really does have that light inside her heart, if we really can become friends, like Nagisa said…
: …
: That’s one question I’ve no answer for.

: (They're not like me… I’m special…)
: (You’re gonna have to go it alone, Asuka…!)

Back at the Cthulhu Fortress, Neos is annoyed at Atross’ failure. The girl cries out that she’s feeling weird and asks what’s going on, but Neos first wants to know why she didn’t destroy Iczer-3. “I couldn’t do it! When I saw that human, Nagisa, I…” she starts, but is cut short. Is she going against Neos’ command? A warrior fleeing from war… absolutely disgraceful!
Atross asks what the Iczelio is, as Nagisa said it gave her life, but Neos tells her to get lost and not to show her face again until Iczer-3’s gone. As she goes, Atross is very confused: “Why… Why couldn’t I bring myself to fight? Nagisa… the Iczelio… I don’t understand anything!”

Golem smirks at the failure – not only did she not steal Nagisa, she also fell victim to the humans’ influence. Neos doesn’t appreciate that, as they wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place if her Four Generals could actually do their job. Golem promises to take responsibility for her peers’ failures, killing Iczer-3 and returning with Nagisa Kasumi. Good, but she ought to remember the price she’ll pay for a failure.
She leaves, Neos fuming at how she’s surrounded by incompetent worms. She wouldn’t have to rely on them if she could only recover the strength she lost fighting Iczer-1… Whatever the case, it’s clear the Iczelio is rejecting her command (though she doesn’t know why), so she might have no other choice but to wait until Iczer-2’s fully healed.

Kaji’s finally made it back to NERV after that crazy job they put him to. The 3rd Angel and the EVA-05 have been disposed of as planned, and the Marduk Plan at Bethany Base has been set back indefinitely. Seems like everything’s mostly going according to the script, huh?
And, in regards to the newest files on SEELE, Fuyutsuki says that construction of the #06 has been delayed – the 13th variable is likely the source of the distortion, indeed. Whatever, the case Kaji’s also brought what Gendou asked, the twining between God and soul… though he doesn’t know how useful the thing will be at this juncture. God only knows if this “key” can open the Doors, Gendouu figures.
Before Kaji goes, though, he asks him to pass on a message to Lady Une: “Send me Ishigami’s reports.” Hmm, well, in the eventuality that Kaji runs into her, he’ll let her know. With him gone, Fuyutsuki ponders Chief Inspector Ryoji Kaji – can he be trusted? Gendou thinks so, taking him to be the same as them: someone who’s worried for this world.

Some time later, we’re back at JUDA and Misato asks if Asuka’s getting along with the LOTUS crew. The girl, of course, doesn’t really care for any of that – fighting’s more than enough – and why does Misato care in the first place? Um, because she’s our commanding officer, so of course she cares, Ichitaka says.
Well, Asuka tells “Birdboy” that a whole squad getting along doesn’t automatically mean stuff’ll be better, but Shinji begs to disagree. For one, he figures he’s changed for the better from who he was before, and it’s thanks to his LOTUS friends.
What, he’s still here? Asuka figures he and Wonder Girl’ll be getting the boot soon – don’t need any other EVAs in both this team and in defending NERV HQ. Actually, no, Misato says both Shinji and Rei are still going to be working here. Why?! Because Gendou figures that’s for the best, because we don’t want to be short on hands, because those are Lady Une’s orders… there are plenty of reasons why. Asuka seems annoyed.

Right then, our folks come in: Kouji invites Asuka to come eat something with our crew, and Daiya points out Ishigami’s old policy that sharing a meal’s the best way for folks to know one another (a policy he agrees).
Maybe getting some food’ll put her in a better mood, Kenji figures; there HAS been scientific evidence showing a correlation between hunger and irritation, Rachel points out. Asuka passes, saying she wants to be alone, but Misato vetoes it: team harmony is always important, so she tells her to go.
Is that an order? She can take it like that, as Misato figures, for all her merits, Asuka’s communication skills are kind of lacking. She’s going to be fighting beside all these people, so she should try to make friends with them.

Fine, fine, she’ll go. Daiya spots Lulu nearby and invites her to come with; she’s a bit busy, though, but says she’ll catch up in a bit. What’s she up to? Well, she broke this cup her father really liked, so now she’s cleaning up the mess and picking up the pieces.
Well, if we’re talking about cleaning, Alice is more than ready to help out. So is Daiya, figuring the three of them’ll have this sorted out real quick. Thanking them, all this camaraderie reminds Lulu of her friends back in the Dairus World. It’s said that no news is good news, so she hopes everything’s going fine down there.

And, with this, the game has enabled us to upgrade units to 100%. On the flip side, it costs an extraordinary amount of cash to fully upgrade anything; remember, the weapons count, so we’re looking at about 800k to 1.1mil for any of our decently upgraded guys. I’d likely have to save for, like, three or four missions to do that right now.