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Part 62: Mission 24 - When the Great Power Cleaves the Sky

Welcome back, folks, and things aren’t a whole lot different here. All top aces made exactly one kill last mission, so their positions haven’t shifted at all.

Money wasn’t all that plentiful, either, but it was just enough to bump Kenji up to 50%. His Squad Bonus is now mobility +15, melee weapons’ power +200.

Daiya and Ichitaka are deploying as events, so we switch things up accordingly:
Iczer-3/Zechs (I wanted her to have Accel, and fiddling more with the squads would’ve taken effort)
Dancouga/Hilde (though she would’ve also been a great fit to EN-hungry bots like the Nagahamas)


By the Dairus World…

: They’ve us surrounded…! Have we managed to get in touch with the Daiku Maryu yet?!
: No, we can’t get through to them! (Rebecca)
: It won’t be long before Operation FD makes Her Highness’ world real – a world belonging only to those chosen by her…
: As for the inferior beings found wanting, death is all that awaits!
: The idiocy coming from these puppets…! Out of our way!
: We won’t allow you to sacrifice the innocent Darian people…!

: Blast you all…!
: These damned rebels!
: We’ll be cutting your ambitions right at the root, whatever it takes!
: Allow me to handle this.

You wouldn’t expect a mech with that name to have any other BGM, would you?

: The Dvorak! Proist’s come here in person?!
: Garis… I’m afraid I haven’t the time to indulge you anymore. I shall now head towards the surface, putting into practice the final step in Operation FD.
: What…!

*RUUUUMBLE! Explosions!*

: What’s going on, Kain?!
: We’ve volcanic eruptions happening throughout the Darius World!
: Not just that: there are distortions cropping up across the entire sky!
: Proist, you didn’t…! You took the Darius Core?!
: You are, indeed, very knowledgeable, Garis. Impressive.
: And, yeah, I took the Darius Core! And with its power, everything’ll be MINE!
: My victory’ll be complete! My rule’ll be absolute! AHAHAHAHAHA!
: Proist, you’re insane…!
: The second the Final Death Cross is finished, that’ll be game over! So I think I’ll leave you alive for a bit longer, and enjoy slowly tearing you apart later! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

: Damn it, they used a Death Cross to warp away!
: We’ve to stop the Dvorak and Proist! Troops, we’re going after her!
: Y-Yes, sir!

Cut to Arkholand, Darius XVII has just been informed of Proist’s theft of the Darius Core and is appalled. Doctor Two reports that their world is already starting to come undone without the thing, and the King realizes that his words did not dissuade Proist from her plan.
This isn’t the time to lament, though: they must call for the immediate suspension of Operation FD’s offensive against the people and start migrating into space via the Ark Project. The King isn’t opposed, but they’ll need the Darius Core back to do that. Proist isn’t willing to listen to him, so the only option left will be to borrow the Daiku Maryu’s strength to do it.
Doctor Two’s mulls at the suggestion, and Darius knows why: the boy, Daiya Tsuwabuki, being Two’s son, after all! Regardless, Darius proclaims he’ll also be headed into the surface to cooperate with the Daiku Maryu, and Two’s coming with to help prove that he and his people no longer have any plans to invade us.

Back at JUDA, Ichitaka’s started training to work with Alice to replicate their big attack from before… and it’s not going too well. He can’t get the barrier output to stay on level, which’d result in the dimensional boundary growing unstable. CRAAAAAASH!
That’s Ichitaka’s 10th failure in a row and Noin suggests he take some time off the sim, which he readily accepts. Plus, there are other folks wanting to train, Tetsuya points out. Alice thinks the failure’s on her for raising the barrier’s output too quickly, but Tsubaki points out that it’s not easy to get so in sync with your partner.

Any tips from Kenji, maybe? He can’t give him much, saying it’s probably because he and Tsubaki have been friends since they were little kids. Or, more likely, it’s his perverted nature that helps him pull this stuff off, Shizuna objects, pointing at the Booby Drills incident.
“Th-Then I just gotta let my man’s instinct help me with the control gauges… Hmm, what should I visualize them as?” Ichitaka wonders aloud, and Kyo suggests he give up on that idea. That only works for Kenji because he is who he is. Oh, well.

Micchi also steps out of a nearby sim, surprising Kenji that she’s also training. Isn’t that pushing it at her age? Still, she can’t well let the kids leave her in the dust. She’s worked up quite the sweat, though, so she and Tsubaki head off to the bath… and Kenji better not peek, OR ELSE. He won’t, not wanting to get dunked in boiling water again.
Ichitaka figures hitting the shower to cool off his head might help, too, and Noin agrees: he’s bound to just repeat the same mistakes if he doesn’t take a breather every now and then. She suggests Alice do the same, seeing that she’s drawing closer to “overheating” status.

But before she can leave to cool down, Duo comes in: since Alice’s still in charge of managing the team’s health care, she needs to compile his personal data as well. Frig, off to the infirmary she goes. Duo wasn’t even in a hurry, but Alice’s too much of a workaholic. At least Rachel doesn’t think health care duties’ll impede the combat side of her AI from cooling down (though it’d be better if she were taking it slow).
Seems to Duo that he came at a bad time, but Noin tells him not to worry about it. Rather, hurry over to Alice before his delay stresses her out.

By the lounge, Goh explains to the worried Ru why Ichitaka and Alice looked so worn out when she passed by them – they’re working even harder than usual. Daiya’s got his training, too… though he can only do basic fitness work-out nowadays. When Shinji asks, he explains it’s to help strengthen his flame.
What the kid really wants, though, is to be learning from Lee. You see, the guy’s a master of the Shinryuken kenpo and was teaching Daiya before all this went down. He’s still fighting down in the Darius World, of course, which is all the more reason why Daiya can’t ease up now.

Or, rather, he was in the Darius World, because Misato gets on the mic and says we’ve pinged the Daichi Maryu and Tenku Maryu’s distress call – a large mob of Darius troops have appeared on the surface! Now that’s a surprise for Daiya. Proist’s also been spotted up here, so we’re moving to intercept right away.

Mission 24 – When the Great Power Cleaves the Sky…

: Where… Where is this?
: The surface; somewhere close to the North Pole, by the looks of it.
: Excellent. This frozen land shall serve as your communal grave, right as my dark flames burn all to cinders.
: Hmhmhahaha! Her Highness’ conquest of the surface has begun at long last!
: Daichi and Tenku Maryu! This is where all your lives come to a screeching halt!
: Silence! Vermin like you aren’t good enough to beat me! Come!

Losing anyone’s a game over and there are plenty of units. Our guys’ll come in next turn, so simply hang back and let the enemy come in both to save time. All of our current guys are massively tough, of course, but there’s no reason to rush them ahead (especially since that’d mean risking Proist or her goons deciding to attack sooner, rather than later).

Daichi Maryu (Vestanu)
Pilot Skills:
Flame L5
Commander L2
Prevail L5
Support Attack L2
Support Defense L2
Spirit Commands - Vestanu:
Iron Wall
Spirit Commands – Rebecca:
Squad Bonus: Accuracy +5

Tenku Maryu
Pilot Skills:
Flame L3
Support Attack L2
Support Defense L2
Spirit Commands:
Squad Bonus: Mobility +5

Big, bulky, hard-hitting ships which also have combined attacks with Norza (Tenku) and Lee (Daichi). The Daichi’s a more ranged-oriented ship, though its strongest attacks are post-movement. Bread and butter weapons are pre, though.
The Tenku doesn’t really have a preference, carrying one pre-movement and one post-movement attack – slightly stronger than the Daichi too. Each carries and S in their respective terrains, so accuracy isn’t bad at all.
As far as functionality goes, the Daichi Maryu is better due to have two pilots with better spirit commands (Vestanu is a flat-out better pilot than Kain, too), but the Tenku Maryu has it beat in raw attack power. FYI, the ships are big EN guzzlers, so don’t go too crazy there, but if you’re deploying Norza and/or Lee, you might as well deploy their respective ships for the combined attack.

Vulking (Lee Jian-xing)
Pilot Skills:
Flame L5
Sword Cut
Prevail L3
Support Attack L1
Support Defense L1
Attack Combo L2
Spirit Commands:
Iron Wall
Squad Bonus: HP+1000, 1000 Barrier

Raiking (Norza)
Pilot Skills:
Flame L6
Sword Cut
Commander L2
Prevail L5
Support Attack L1
Attack Combo L1
Spirit Commands:
Fighting Spirit
Squad Bonus: Mobility +5, 15% chance to auto-dodge an attack

Not only are Norza and Lee very fine pilots, their units are also great. Lee’s Vulking is very hardly (serious, it’s got more HP than the Gaiking and it’s at 30% upgrades), while Norza’s Raiking is surprisingly dodgy for an L-sized robot. Both, like their ships, carry S ranks in their respective terrains to help with those %s.
Their attack types are pretty much the same, each bot having mostly pre-movement weapons outside of one spammable melee weapon and a combined attack. Like their ships, they will quickly run out of EN if you don’t watch it.

Of note is how both units carry a debuff attack: Norza’s will drop the target’s mobility, which isn’t too hot, but Lee’s Corona Blast has that lovely attack-down debuff. Since we’re starting to meet with big bosses, it’s always good to have this handy in a pinch.
Considering their similar ranges and whatnot, I’d say both men could work very nicely if paired up, but you can easily fit the Vulking and Raiking with, respectively, anything tanky or dodgy.

Now, let’s fast forward to the next turn since, like I said, I had them all stay put to let the enemy come in.

: The Daiku Maryu…! They’re here!
: Father, are you all right?!
: I am, yes!
: Lee, Norza, we’ve come to back you up!
: Psh… I wanted to end this before you arrived, but I suppose what’s done is done.
: Daiya Tsuwabuki! I figured you’d dropped dead ages ago, and here you are still kicking!
: So that’s Proist, the head of the Darius Army?
: Oh? I presume these troops are the protectors of the surface, yes?
: That’s good, ‘cause my Dvorak’ll crush EVERYONE who dares mess with me!
: Proist’s taken the Darius Core for herself, and if nothing’s done, both the Darius World and the surface’ll be in great danger! We’ve to defeat her and pry the Core out her hands!
: Roger that. Run interference on the enemy and bring down their forces, people!
: Skull Leader to all units! That “Dvorak” mech’s a whole lot more powerful than the rest, so keep your heads on a swivel around it!
: We’re gonna close the book on this fight today, Proist!

Now you just gotta keep your ships, Daiya and Ichitaka alive. Your guys on the other side of a river and at a rather hefty distance away, though, so keep the Maryu teams hanging back. Next turn, we’ll converge and start dealing with them. Playing defensively is recommended since there are plenty of them and they’ll already be coming in waves – the rough terrain slows your forward push down, too. Once the way is clearer, then you move after the bosses.
Furthermore, on top of the usual mooks we’ve fought before, the Darius are deploying a couple of Zelgaia ships and some new Giant units. They’re among the hardest-hitting mooks we’ve fought so far, so be careful around them; focus fire quickly once they’re in range, and get them off your hair.

Proist’s generals are the standard midbosses in terms of tricks and stats (though they’ve an annoyingly high level of Support Defense, so be ready with Fury casts), but they are also worth 15k bucks each. That’s an easy 120k if you get Luck/Bless casts for each, so keep that in mind (if you can squeeze some for the bigger mooks, so much the better – save one for Proist, naturally).
But, of course, your biggest worry here by a mile is the boss lady herself:

Dvorak (Proist, the Crown Princess)
Pilot Skills:
Flame L9 (!)
Break Morale Limit
Commander L4
Prevail L7
Support Attack L3
Attack Combo L3
Mech Features:
20% HP Regen
30% EN Regen

Proist is a monster of a pilot. Not only are her stats the highest we’ve seen so far, the combination of Prevail L7 and Flame L9 also makes her VERY tough. Thankfully, the Dvorak only has 60k HP, which offsets that a bit.
Special notice should be given to just how absurdly accurate this girl is with pretty much anything: everything sans her strongest attack has +30 and +20 modifiers, which paired with her huge Accuracy state, Flame and Prevail means your Real’ WILL need Alert or she’ll very likely connect (and possibly oneshot them, because she’s also very crit-happy).

The Dvorak, of course, comes with a directional MAPW which is both very accurate and will tag everyone in a 3x7 area with the Attack Down debuff. Do your best to approach her diagonally. Finally, her hardest hitting attack is point-blank range – keep that in mind.
Good thing is that she’s way back and is one of the last units to start moving, so build up morale, let her come to you, and then swarm for a one-turn kill. Don’t let her get a move with Prevail running or bad things could happen.

Considering the bevy of bulky mooks we’ll have to contend with, and my defensive approach to this, let’s fast forward some.
Mind you, we’re still waiting for the enemy to get in range, so when turn 3 comes around…

: Yuu, they’re…
: Fighting the Darius Army apparently.
: Do we engage?
: …No, this is actually a good opportunity for us. We’ll see whether the Rushbird displaying that power before was just a fluke, or…

And now we can get to work.
It’s only now that I’m starting to realize how much damage drops off in longer chain attacks.

These Giant mooks have some slick attacks, too. I’ll have to try and get the Valeon’s to connect sometime.

Something about how the DK is the enemy apparently spontaneously combusting just tickles my funny bone.
Small fuckup here, not seeing that Micchi was about to defend him. But at least we managed to get one of the strongest mooks’ attack on tape as well.

: Her Highness…
: Is under our protection, her four new generals!
: Bid this world farewell!
: And plummet into the abyss!
Why are their bots themselves a Sentai team…? Regrettably, they’ve no combined attack.
All four of them make a beeline for Kain, who takes some not-insignificant damage, but nothing to worry about. Proist is heading in, farther back still, so the best plan is to have all four down this turn, so that we can bumrush her on the next one.
If you can bypass the generals’ support defense net, they fall easily enough.

: A direct hit? Inconceivable! I humbly beg your forgiveness, Your Highness. Retreating!

: I’ve taken too much damage… I humbly beg your forgiveness, Your Highness. Retreating!

: Curses, my controls are failing! I humbly beg your forgiveness, Your Highness. Retreating!

: M-My Galean can’t take much more…! I humbly beg your forgiveness, Your Highness. Retreating!

Yes, they all say the exact same thing other than the first part. But that’s all of them down and with just a handful of units to spare, so we wait one turn (Proist tries MAPWing, but I was ready for it) and get to work.

: You’ll pay for all you’ve done with your life, Proist!
: Spare parts like you dares give me crap?! Say my name with the honor it deserves, maggot!
: Bitch…! I’ll spread your ashes across the surface, Proist!


: You’re an even crazier boss than advertised! Do you seriously think it’s OK to kill anyone just to get what you want?!
: You’re too stupid to get it, aren’t you? There’re two kinds people out there: those chosen by me, and trash! And I don’t give a damn if trash drops dead!
: You…! You won’t get away with this!!
Norza: “I’ll cut your sickening laugh short…!”
Proist: “You’re not worthy of being my spare parts anymore!”

: My dear father is a naïve fool. Had we unleashed the Final Death Cross and invaded in earnest, we would have long since brought this to a close.
: Sorry to say, but the Earthlings aren’t as stupid as you might think!
: Now, I’ve a beef with your group from even before the War of Giants, and it’s high time you answered for it!
Here’s her strongest attack.

: My friends and family live up here, and I’m not about to let a monster like you run amuck!
: Those are fine words, Daiya Tsuwabuki…
: But what the hell do I care about the cries of worms?! It’s time to cut you down, Gaiking!
: My flame can’t be put out, Proist! Get here and take a look!


: The fate of both the surface and the Darius World will be decided with this battle. Daiku Maryu – forward!
: Aye, aye, ma’am!
: Garis’ pest of a daughter… You and your ship’ll be a pilot of slag by the time I’m done!
: You might burn my body to ash, but all our souls have been poured into the Daiku Maryu! And you’re not strong enough to break those!
: Proist… this ends now!

: You’ll oppose me as well…? It’s only logical for the powerless to simply yield and follow… surely you are aware of that, no?
: I am… or, rather, I might’ve tricked myself into thinking that way because it was easier.
: But I was wrong…! Because even if you’re powerless… you can’t run away!

: I know this is your first trip to the surface, but I don’t care to let you see the sights. We’re putting a stop to you here and now!
: What foul tunes this little bird sings…
: Death is all a canary that’s forgotten how to sing deserves! And I’ll snap your neck with my own two hands!
: You won’t be getting any songs from me! Rather, all you’ll be hearing are our cheers of victory!

: Be very careful, Hyouma! By my analysis, the Dvorak’s comprised of over 500 parts!
: They may not be too powerful individually, but we’ll be in big trouble if we get mobbed by the lot!
: And it’s also got some major regen as a bonus. We can’t take ‘em bit-by-bit!
: That don’t mean it can regen forever, though. Find me anything that looks like a core, Kosuke, and what’s what we’ll go for…!
: Hmhmhm. You poor moron… Do you honestly believe you have the leeway to succeed at that…?

: I’ve read plenty about elitist blue-bloods in history books, but I don’t think even they had anything on her.
: I’m above your puny standards! It’s my destiny to rule the world – me and my father!
: I really don’t like folks who force others to dance to their tune…
: Say, Aoi, there’re big parties whenever princesses take the throne, right? How about we give this nasty piece-of-work our gifts right now?
: Sounds great. One full-course of everything the Dancouga’s got, coming right up!

: That fire there… It’s giving me vibes as bad as the Jama Kingdom’s big demon-thing…!
: Cower in fear, insect! Run from my flame like the beast you are!
: Bzzt, wrong guess. See, I’m the kind that gets stoked the more dangerous it gets!

: The Darius World’ll turn to nothing unless you’re stopped… to say nothing of all the damage the surface would suffer. More than enough reason to end you no matter the cost!
: And you think I give a damn about the Darius World, when all that’s left there is garbage?
: The elite have already come to the surface with me. And there’s no room here for anyone I didn’t pick!
: No one who’d say such things has a right to rule others!

Vestanu: “Just what do you take the Darian people for?!”
Proist: “Vestanu… you always were a beautiful woman… BUT! You’ve betrayed me too!”

: However many Giants of Flame you may gather, they are all but powerless face the Dvorak…
: And as hard as a lackey like you might try, you’re still just wasting your breath!
: I think not, Proist! We’ll see how you like when I blow away those black flames surrounding you!

: Your tyranny brings nothing but pain to your people! You’re the worst kind of stateswoman there is, Proist!
: Please, you are so very mistaken. My chosen people will survive, and theirs will be the Heaven I’ll create.
: So there’ll be no one in pain! Because all others will be DEAD!
: That’s another reason why I can’t let it happen, then! I’ll free the innocent Darian people from you!

: I’d like to say I’ve seen plenty of what the dark side of the world’s hiding…
: But I’ve still never met anyone as insane as you before!
: I beg your pardon…? Did you just call me “insane”…?
: Looks like I’m gonna have to teach you where you stand in all this!
: I know exactly where I stand, Proist! It’s you who doesn’t, but I can fix that!

: How can you be so mean? You got even this forest crying!
: An artificial human, I presume? Well, beings like you…
: Oughta take both your opinion and that sentimental bunk, and shove it!
: Hey! Iczer-3’s our friend, so don’t talk to her like that!
: And? That tincan and all her buddies are just trash that didn’t deserve to come with me! But we’ll see how sassy you’re feeling after I’ve ripped out your tongues!
: Like I’d ever let a crazy monster like you beat me up! I’ve got a whooping with your name written on it!

: The Tenku Maryu’s too good for a mook like you to use!
: But I am nothing if not merciful, so I’ll give you a choice: surrender to me, or hand the ship over to me. Choose!
: I choose neither! I am a proud warrior, sworn to serve Lord Norza…
: And I’ll readily take a Maryu as part of me if it’ll help his cause!
As I found out, Proist’ll only use this attack at range 2 unless her morale’s really low.

: Oh, yeah, that’s a proper “boss of the Darius Army” face you got going there.
: By which you mean that the ruler looks appropriately ruler-esque? I see even that’s within your grasp, yes?
: Close, but no cigar. What is meant is that you got the look of someone who CHAMPIONS OF JUSTICE gotta run into the ground!

: I’ll create a new world with my Dvorak. You trash need to just accept it and bow down to me!
: Who do you think you are, a goddess or something? I won’t let someone like that do their thing!
: You won’t “let” me?! Do you actually think an impudent, worthless maggot like you has the right to say what goes?!
: Alright, I’m done talking! Here’s where you Darius’ plans get ripped to shreds!

: If you think the Dvorak’s going down from that, think again! HAAAAAAAH!!

: Damn, look at that thing regen…! What’re we gonna do now?!
: Think back, Daiya! Remember what I taught you about the Shinryuken… the Dragon Stance!
: !!
: Ooh, right, the Dragon Stance! I can compress the Hydro Blazer energy if I get it right …!

: Like hell you will!!

: Uwaaah!
: I’ll keep her at bay, Daiya! You do that Dragon thing meanwhile!
: A-Alright! Take care!
: What’re you up to?!
: I’ll cover the Gaiking from those black flames and try to create an opening for him! I’m sure the Rushbird can pull it off!
: But, Ichitaka, we’re not strong enough to be capable of…!
: … Wait, are you considering that attack?! Absolutely not! There are so, so many problems with that idea!
: Back during one of our fights with Yuu, you associated barrier control with cooking, right?
: That got me thinking, and I had an idea. Do you remember what happened last year, when we were going home after the Professor’s birthday party?
: Ah…?! Um… At that time, I’m quite sure the Professor…
: Yeah, yeah. Just try and remember that feeling, and I’m sure we’ll pull this off!
: …! … Alright. Converging energy into the Laplace Wall!
: Give us the green-light, Misato! I know this wasn’t the plan… but we know we can do it!
: … If you say so. We’ll bet our chips on you two.
: (Those movements…! You’re going for it, Ichitaka…?)
: (If you’re actually set on fighting with that bot all the way to the end, then show me… Show me how strong you are!)
: You’re pushing your luck, WOOORM!!

: Now!
: Your flames burn too hot for your own good, Proist!!

Ichitaka: “Alice, we’ve got to keep Daiya safe!”
Alice: “Right! We’ll be successful this time!”

Alice: “Initiating distortion…!”

Ichitaka: “HERE IT IS!!”

Alice: “The energy’s fully secured!”

Alice: “We're ready!”

Ichitaka: “Take some of this dimensional energy! I call it: DIMENSION STORM!”

: Whaaat?!

: The Dvorak’s regeneration’s faltered!
: Well, damn, he actually did it!
: Now, Daiya! GOO!
: Alright! Open your eyes and take a look! This is the technique Lee taught me! HAAAAAAH!!

: He used kenpo with the Hydro Blazer?!
: Yow, he handled that huuuge flame like it was nothing…! Now that’s a real deathblow!
: Attaboy, Daiya!
: Impossible…! How could the Dvorak be defeated?!
: How’s the world look from down there, Proist?! You and your plans are done now!
: Heheheh… Don’t get so high on yourself over this tiny victory. I’ve the Darius Core, and so long as I do, I’m invincible! HAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
: What?!

: Stop right there! Proist!
: Her signal’s vanished from radar! We can’t pursue.
: We came so far, only to have our prey slip between our fingers…!

: Ichitaka… Your strength’s as clear as day…
: Voice file found.
: Apparently, one time when the Professor was drunk off his feet, they both had to support him on their shoulders in tandem. They drew upon that past experience and applied it to their joint-control of the dimensional distortion… Not a feat a combat-specialized unit like me could pull.
: …

: Well, we may have lost her, but at least we can now catch our breath.
: No, it’s still too soon to relax. Countless Darius Army troops have come to the surface.
: All due to that massive Death Cross she caused, right.
: The Final Death Cross, she called it.
: And did you see how confident she was? I get the feel she’s got another trick up her sleeve.
: Something even worse than the Dvorak…? Damn you, Proist…!

*Beep, boop!*

: Captain, an urgent transmission’s come in.
: Urgent…? Put it through.
: I am Emperor Darius XVII, and I wish to speak with the captain of the Daiku Maryu.
: ?! Th-The Emperor…?!

: Ichitaka… how much you’ve grown. I thought you were just messing about, but it seems I was very wrong.
: What’ll we do, then, Yuu…?
: We won’t be trying to get him to stop anymore. I doubt his life’s at risk with all that power at his disposal, either…
: But what about the Professor? The Straybird isn’t enough…
: … Look at how much he’s grown. We should also stop trying to cut corners, and simply do what we can with what we have.
: I know what I must do… and that’s start over.
: Roger that. I’ll be with you whatever you decide…
: (Go and follow your path, Ichitaka… Unwavering, as you’ve been all along…)

So, what does the Emperor want? He wants us to stop his daughter. What she’s doing is not in either of their world’s best interest, but he lacks the strength to do anything himself. Lee isn’t amused by this guy coming in to ask OUR help after all how much the people of Earth have been hurt by the Darius, and Shinn agrees. Wasn’t the Emperor the one who signed off on the invasion way back when?!
Darius takes their censure on the chin, but the fact remains that his world is now facing destruction, and he confirms to Sakon that it’s due to the Darius Core theft. They’re running the risk of all of the Darian people perishing because of it That’s not what anyone here wants, Garis notes, but the question remains: what will the Emperor do once the Core’s returned?
If we can stop Proist, then he swears to permanently suspend the invasion of the surface – especially due to how they’re now planning on setting off into space aboard their arks. As Lulu gapes, Alto realizes that those would be the ships they used to get to Earth in the first place.
Whatever the case, Darius is headed towards the surface right now, and he’d like to confer with us in person. Kurara’s a bit antsy, wondering if this could be a trap, but Darius has a way of proving his bona fides: Daiya’s own dad can vouch for him!
The hell? What’s the guy even doing with him?

It’s the truth, though, and the aptly named Daiya’s Dad steps in front of the screen. He doesn’t say much, only relaying us data of their expected warp point and requesting that we rendezvous with them. Before signing off, Darius proclaims that he does not wish for a continuation of hostilities and hopes that, if anything, we’ll believe him on that.
When Tetsuya asks, Misato thinks we actually should take them up on their offer to meet. Aoi protests that this is the guy behind an offensive that’s been running for DECADES, and while Misato agrees it could potentially be a trap, she kind of doubts it. Sakon feels the same way: with the Darius World being at the risk of coming undone, it wouldn’t be too farfetched to believe that the Emperor’s wish to recover the Core is genuine.
And what does Garis think? Well, as another Darian, he can’t bring himself to turn the other cheek while even one of his innocent compatriots dies. Then, as far as Kouichi’s concerned, this is a no-brainer: “Saying no to this isn’t what CHAMPIONS OF JUSTICE do!”

Granted, Nagisa (Kanou) sees no reason why we couldn’t also keep ourselves ready in case it IS a trap, and Sakon’ll see that we’re as well covered as can be. One thing that worries Goh is the Emperor having Daiya’s Dad along with him – what’s going on there?
Daiya confirms to Norza that that REALLY was his dad, and Micchi ponders that the guy might be a hostage. If so, we should go with the meeting if only to look for a way to set him free. Whatever the case, Kenichi adds that both sides have much to lose, so that levels the bargaining table; if the guy is a hostage, that’s our best shot at freeing him.
Misato decides to go with it, then. It might finally be time to put an end to our battle with the Darius for good, Kouji hopes. Meanwhile, Daiya’s deep in thought: “Dad… Have you actually been helping Emperor Darius…?”