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Part 63: Mission 25 - A God to Bring Woe and Grief to an End - Part 1

Back again, Kenji has closed the gap with Daiya ever-so-slightly, but it’s still quite the tight race.

In regards to upgrades, a good bunch of the cash I made last mission went towards giving the Dancouga a few pips and, more importantly, getting Goh up to 50% (I’d been neglecting his upgrades a bit).
His Squad Bonus actually changes between the Dannar, Godannar with Mira and Godannar with Anna: all forms get melee weapons’ power +200, armor +150 and movement +1, but the last bit can be EN +100 (Dannar), Accuracy +15 (Mira) or Mobility +15 (Anna).
For Skill Parts, Kouji took Guard and Daiya got Infight up to L3.

Dick, Daiya, Norza and Lee are deploying as events, so we change accordingly. Do note that the Daichi and Tenku Maryu take up unit slots, despite being ships; we’ve 18 slots available now, so keep that in mind.

Also, make note that there’s a not-insignificant amount of water in this stage.

Lady Une’s given Lulu full authority to represent us in the meeting with Emperor Darius. The girl promises to rise to the occasion, but is warned to keep in mind that this might be a trap. Be careful.

By the hangar, Ichitaka and Kouichi are filled with glee over seeing all three Giants of Flame before their eyes. Daiya had told them about the other two before, but nothing beats the real deal! This is our first time meeting most of these people, so this calls for some introductions. Ichitaka does have a warning for Kouichi: “Things are a bit crazy right now, so maybe hold off on asking for autographs?”
Hey, now, whoever would be so shameless to try something like that! “I’m not a fanboy, you know!” Kouichi objects… though that holds little water when, as Nagisa points out, he can’t even look us in the eye when saying it. Whatever the case, we’ll start with Lee, who Noin remembers as piloting one of the Gaiking support units – the Serpent.

He’s got the Vulking now, of course, but is always ready to deploy in his old unit if the situation calls for it. As for the Raiking, it’s manned by the northern general, Norza. That’s quite the old-school rank, thinks Heine, but Kain explains it’s due to him being one of the former Darius generals. He obviously quit the job when he turned against Proist, though.
That’s all in the past for Norza, but Jack can still tell from his stance that he’s a warrior of considerable skill. Would he care to spar later? Sure, when there are no enemies left to keep his blade busy.

Next up is Vestanu, former western general and leader of the Iron Beast Corps. She also couldn’t abide to Proist’s foul tactics and left the Darius Army, bringing her subordinate, Rebecca, along. As for Kain, he’s Norza’s right-hand man.
Puria makes note of how Lee’s also Daiya’s kenpo teacher… though the man himself admits the kid’s already stronger than him. Daiya doubts it, saying he still needs to polish his skill a whole lot more to get on Lee’s level.

Speaking of, Daiya thanks Ichitaka for covering for him while he got the Shinryu Hydro Blazer ready. Kouichi’s proud of him and Alice mastering their new finishing move. Turns out Ichitaka taking a cold shower when he did actually helped him figure out what needed to be done – all thanks to Kenji and Tsubaki’s convo giving him the idea. Well, if he’s grateful, Kenji suggests he can treat him to lunch sometime!
Sounds good, and there’s this kickass ramen stand near his house – they give out student discounts, even! Kenji can hardly wait but, of course, that all depends on how well our meeting with the Emperor goes, and whether we can wrap up the battle with the Darius.

Over by Lulu’s room, she’s getting a visit from Dick. He can tell she’s nervous about meeting the Emperor, and she won’t deny it. The guy’s talk about his people moving into space would be great if true, but the suddenness of it all has her suspicious, isn’t that right?
Lulu’s surprised that he can read her so well but, regardless, if the Darian people really are going to search the universe for a new home, she’d like to help. “Well, wherever you go, I’ll follow,” Dick proclaims. “And when this battle’s over, when your dream’s been fulfilled… I…”
The talk’s interrupted when Rosa calls in; they’re getting close to the specified area, so Lulu has to get back to the bridge.

As we’re arriving, Naoto spots a Giant up ahead. That’s the Darius Emperor or, rather, what Vestanu and the others believed to be the Emperor. The Daiku Maryu moves to settle down next to it.

: I am Misato Katsuragi, LOTUS’ commanding officer.
: Lulu, captain of the Daiku Maryu.
: I am Emperor Darius XVII. The Giant you saw is my facsimile… Or perhaps it is best described as my castle.
: Regardless, as I said previously, I no longer wish for us to fight.
: Still, Emperor, you must understand that it’s hard for us to simply believe you after everything that’s happened.
: And I do not blame you. However, I speak no lie – rather, I swear it upon my name. All I want now is to stop Proist. The Daiku Maryu stands for all of mankind, and that is my request to you.
: And I vouch for the Emperor’s words as another Earthling.
: Dad…!
: It’s been a long time, Daiya.
: Dad… you were alright… Thank God. Now you can come home with me! Mom’s waiting for you!
: … I cannot do that. I’ve a duty as a scientist to help the Emperor.
: Dad…
: Very well, Emperor Darius. If you’re willing to proclaim as much, then we are willing to cooperate with you.


: What?! An attack?!
: Over there! Something’s headed this way!
: It’s the four generals’ Galeans! And Proist!
: So it WAS a trap!
: No! I ordered none of this!
: Father… I’ve come to welcome you when I heard that the King Darius had reached the surface… but, pray tell, why are you in the company of the Daiku Maryu?
: Proist! I… I want to put an end to your offensive against the surface! It was with that in mind that I met with them to secure an alliance…
: End my offensive? Why do you want that? All I’ve done was to create a beautiful world, of beautiful people, just for you…!
: Oh, I see… It was you. You people fed my father lies, didn’t you…?
: You filthy surfacers! I’ll slaughter the lot of you!


: All hands, execute Plan D! Move to engage the enemy!
: Your Majesty, it is dangerous to say here! Come with me!
: Where’re you trying to take my father, Doctor Two?!


: Emperor! Dad!
: Watch out!

*Jump and grab!*

: Urk…
: Are you well, father of Daiya?
: Thank you, sir. I’m fine… but the Emperor is…
: Aah! Father!!
: Pro…ist…
: I was trying to rescue you! Why didn’t you stand still? I wasn’t going to attack you…
: …
: Father…? What’s the matter, father? Why won’t you speak to me?
: Aah—AAAAAAAH! FATHER!! You… you…!
: You vermin!! It’s because of you that my father died!!
: What the hell?! Any way you slice it, you—
: SHUT UUUUP!! You… You’ll all pay for this!!

Mission 25 – A God to Bring Woe and Grief to an End

Now in stereo!
If you’ve got some 50-ish minutes to spare, do listen to Dvořák’s full 9th symphony.

: That’s!
: Hmhmhm… The Chou Maryu Final Dvorak is made perfect at last!
: What an intimidating visage… It sure deserves its title…!
: And now, you filthy bacteria, shut your traps and listen to my grand symphony!
: Launch all troops! Hurry!

: I can’t believe this… the energy readings we’re getting from the Dvorak are far stronger than the original one’s!
: I suppose she wasn’t just showing off when she said it was perfect.
: But we can’t let her scare us! That selfish girl needs to be put in her place!
: Take a look, dad! We’ll take Proist down and protect both the surface and the Darius World from her!

Mission Objective: Destroy all enemy units
Mission Failure: Any battleship, Gaiking, Raiking, Vulking or the Kill Jaguar shot down
Pretty much a retread of the previous fights, only with some added stuff for you to watch out for. First and foremost, the terrain’s kind of against your grounded troops: there’s a river running straight across the battleground, the northern corner’s sea, and there are forests everywhere. Anyone that can’t fly will be moving slower than most (remember your good friend Yanma).
Proist will still hang back for a long time, but her goons will all rush in from the get-go. Keep an eye out, as the Galeans can hurt and even a Super may be in trouble if they decide to focus fire (to say nothing of how the Darius mooks pack a heftier punch than most).

As for the Final Dvorak, it’s everything the original one was, but better (except its regen, which is worse). Proist is still a monster of a pilot and the thing’s still got plenty of accuracy, range and power.
But what you REALLY wanna keep an eye out is her new Hellfire Bullet MAPW: it’s got that +30 accuracy modifier but, worse, it is now a targetable 4x4 AoE anywhere in an 8-tile radius around her. It can’t hit point-blank, but that doesn’t really matter because she’ll be raining it down on your guys as they approach.
I can’t really give you any big tips here outside of try to keep your guys as spread out as can be. Easier said than done, of course, as there’s a bevy of enemies in the way and only so much room to move around due to the water and forests. Worst case scenario, pack you reals inside a ship and ferry them over, though they should all be capable of taking at least one hit on the chin.

Let’s get to it.
Gee, Asuka, how come Gendou lets you have TWO knives?
And I’ve finally managed to find an opportunity to show off Rey’s strongest attack.

Aha, got the Valeon’s attack to connect. I kinda wish we could hijack a couple of these Darius Giants for us to use…

Lee’s HP draws in a bunch of enemies, so never be afraid of answering with his Corona Blast to neuter a few of them for a turn.

: Alright! That’s one of her generals down!
: Hmhmhm… useless.

: What?!
: She can regen even other units?!
: Which is why I said it’s useless! You’re powerless! It’s impossible for you to stop me!
: We can, and we will, Proist! I’m shutting down all your plans!
: If we go for the four generals, the Dvorak will simply restore them as it did just now. Think before you attack or we’ll exhaust ourselves!
: Aye, aye!

Oh, yeah, there’s also that. Until you get rid of Proist, she’ll simply heal her goons to full; also, she’ll spawn eight fresh enemies whenever their numbers fall under 12 (only thrice, though).
FYI, the generals will only give out cash the first time you kill them, so don’t get clever and try to farm them. Feel free to take the mooks if you’re not strapped for resources, of course.

Here’s the Daichi Maryu’s strongest attack (DK included) outside of its combined one.

As I’m moving in, of course, Proist starts firing. Shinn, Quatre and Domyoji take some decent damage, but overall our folks are fine.
The second time she does it, though, the Big Shooters, Yagyuu, Alto and Michel lose some 80% of their HP. Still fine!
I suggest leaving Iron Walled ships behind to draw the attention of the generals.

We also get this nice little set-up.


And now for Proist herself.

: Now this isn’t an enemy we can beat the regular way…
: The other shoe dropped, eh? I’m the strongest being alive. You don’t have a one in a million shot at winning this!
: Doesn’t stop me from rolling the die. And, whatever the case, ours isn’t a “regular” group.
: That’s how I know this battle WILL end in our favor. You’re right that our odds aren’t one in a million – they’re a million in a million!

Dick: “I’m not letting you get even one fingernail on my goddess!”

: The Daiku Maryu dares fight the Chou Maryu? You idiots don’t get that you can’t win, huh?!
: Kch…! W-We…!
: Remember, Lulu. You’re not facing her by your lonesome.
: We’re all here with you!
: Go, Lulu!
: Guys… thank you! She won’t break me!
: Angle the Daiku Maryu towards the dead center of the enemy forces and charge! Our bonds will crush her!


: We’re still here, and you’re not wasting everything dad and Emperor Darius did on our watch!
: Daiya Tsuwabuki… It is time to pass judgment onto you. Your sentence…

: Enough… Would someone please kill them… bring me some measure of peace…
: Give this heartbroken girl a GODDAMN BREAK!
: If that’s how you feel, please stop attacking! Let’s calm down and talk! I’m sure we can—
: Don’t tell me what to do, worm! Maybe I oughta kill you first!
: Not while I’m around! I’m gonna give you your just desserts, and then Nagisa won’t have to worry!

: I’m surrounded by garbage who can’t even do as told!
: I hate them… I hate the masses, I hate you, your friends, your pets, your families AND your filthy kind! I hate everything, including this stupid world that refuses to BOW DOWN TO ME LIKE IT SHOULD!
: And as long as you let yourself get caught up on that stuff, you’re not winning this!
: Love, and being loved… that’s what keeps us firm! A wacko chick like you ain’t taking us out!

: You took my dear father from me! And right when I was about to become the true empress before his very eyes!
: It was by no one’s hand other than yours that things ended like this, Proist!
: If you’d done as Emperor Darius asked of you, none of this would’ve happened!
: SHUT YOUR MOUTH! My father and I are the only ones who deserve to mold this world!
: What good are all those other maggots?! All they do is suck in air and crap out even more worthless spawn!
: No room for sympathy with this one, that’s for sure…! The Dannar and I’ll sweep away your dark flames!

: I’ve just had a fun little idea.
: I promise I won’t destroy one country in exchange for your own father’s life.
: Now make your choice! Your father, or all of a country’s people?! HAHAHAHAAH!
: My dad’s protecting me from this awful, cruel world... That’s how I looked at it, but I was wrong.
: Now… now it’s my turn. Yes, there’re a lot of bad things in this world, but there’s also a lot of good. And I want to keep that world safe!

: I’m sick of toying with you… It’s time for all your pointless lives to get incinerated!
: There’s no such thing as a pointless life… All life’s the same, whether you make something out of it or not!
: And, you? You don’t get to deny any of them!

: A beautiful nation, of beautiful people… that was the paradise I would have made for my father and me…
: If you wanted make a beautiful nation, then you should’ve started by bettering yourself, Proist!
: What did you say…?
: I said that your heart’s hideous! And it shows with everything you do!

: Once more into the fray, Tenku Maryu…! We’ll carry on fighting until the Raiking’s run out of energy!
: You knights were all completely worthless…! Nothing but a mob of fools who dares rebel against their master!
: My master is, and has always been, Lord Norza! I’d never pledge my allegiance to someone who disregarded the Emperor’s will!

Kain: “For all of the Darian peoples!”

: After oh-so-many experiments, you were given the honor of serving as my spare parts… But, alas, how the mighty have fallen! You are now simply a rabid dog, who’s long forgotten who his master is!
: And, of course, had you simply defeated the Gaiking in the first place…
: Then I wouldn’t have KILLED MY FATHER! A weakling like you doesn’t deserve to be my spare parts! The trash heap is all you’re getting!
: I won’t deny that I might’ve been your spare parts in the past. But now it is different!
: What’s different?! Trash is still trash! There’ll be nothing but your ashes when this is over, but not before I gouge out your eyes with all my power!
: Hmph, you are simply clueless. Victory does not go to the strongest… but to those who refuse to surrender until the very end!