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Part 65: Mission 26 - Individual Wishes - Part 1

We’re back and nothing’s really changed, other than Ichitaka falling a wee bit behind.

The Dancouga was next in line to get 50%’d, so there it goes. Aoi’s Squad Bonus is now Crit rate +20, Armor +150, Accuracy +15.
Rest of the money goes for random bits in our squaddie Machinas, Alto and Iczer-3.

Kouichi and Iczer-3 are launching as event units, so here’s how we’re going:


Back at JUDA, Yui just got our message that we’re coming back. Looking at AI Ishigami, she figures he must be happy up in Heaven: the Mimetic Beasts and Jama Kingdom are beaten, the war with the Darius is over. And, actually, it’s pretty weird that she feels the need to report to the guy’s program still.
Her pondering is interrupted when AI Ishigamia screams “AN IDOL CONTEST”! Huh? He’s putting together a bit of an idol contest both to help our battle-weary folks relax and as a victory party. What the frick? Is he running those inane security routines again? We already cleared all those!
No, no, AI Ishigami says it’s wholly unrelated to the security system. He’s being a bit too life-like for Yui, but before she can question about it, AI Ishigami does his “by the time you see this, I’ll likely be dead” and freezes on the spot. Of course.

FYI, this is an idol contest as in literal idol, not pop singer idol – it’s a beauty pageant.

Wee bit later, Yui’s relayed the plan to our leaders. Une concedes that, according to Alice, Franklin and Canaria’s reports, our people have been getting a bit stressed out from the nonstop action. Misato’s a bit uneasy, but AI Ishigami tells her not to be: he’s already got it all planned out, including arranging for some guest entertainers.
Apparently, Yui sees, he’s sent out offers to both Ranka and Eida Rossa, so it seems the choice has been made for us. Une figures it’ll do us good to relax some, so it’s fine.

Absolutely no one expected this Idol Contest stuff, but Iczer-3 doesn’t know what that’s all about. Is it to decide who’s the strongest? Not quite, Ru and Nagisa (Kasumi) explain: it’s more of a popularity contest. Athrun’s not exactly sure we can afford to spend our time with this, but Shinn says he’s too much of a workaholic. There’s no problem with doing stuff like this once in a blue moon.
Athrun didn’t expect to be hearing THAT from Shinn. “I just figured it wasn’t all bad after I saw how happy everyone was at the Diokia gig,” he shrugs, and Luna’s surprised he kept an eye on us despite how busy he was with Stella back then.
Daiya still remembers the event with a lot of joy, and figures this one’ll be even better since we got the contest, plus Eida and Ranka singing as well. But who’ll be taking part in said contest? Obviously, says Puria, they’ll be picking from our girls and she’s already putting together a “Miss LOTUS” sash.

She’s awfully excited for all this, Luna ponders, and that’s because Puria figures she’s guaranteed to win. LOTUS may be a big family in itself, but pretty much all men in the Daiku Maryu crew are in the Puria Fan Club.
As Shinn stares in silence, Daiya thinks Lulu should be our idol – her smile’s gotten the crew through a bunch of tough times. As the girl flushes, Ichitaka sees from the Maryu crew’s enthusiasm that AI Ishigami’s was right on the ball with this project. Shizuna’s worried over him starting to come around to the Prez’ antics…

And, indeed, this is serious business to others in the Gaiking crew as well. Kyoko, the Daiku Maryu’s cook, has had enough of staying holed up in the kitchen – now it’s her time to take the spotlight, and it’s clear as day that she’s the cutest around in all of LOTUS! As for Rebecca, she’s kind of thorn in half. On one hand, it’d allow her to properly introduce herself (a chance she never got), but, on the other, she figures serving Vestanu is all that really matters for her.
Kyoko notices her, and is appalled that a MERE OPERATOR would apparently try for the contest. The gall! Rebecca also spots the “she-devil” and that pushes her to enter the contest: better that than risk her taking the crown!

As Asuka comes in and sees them glaring at the sign-up box, she sighs that putting women on display like that’s so old-fashioned. Anyone who enters this must be seriously lacking in pride. Kyoko, quickly switching from her hostile inner voice to a much more friendly tone, says she’s just trying to make everyone happy! That’s a load of crock, of course, and she’s just trying to keep Asuka from entering as well. It works, though, and the girl tells her to do whatever she wants.
Nearby at the lobby, Klan, despite tolerating Miss Macross, isn’t too keen on an event where only the guys get to have fun. Misato tells them not to worry, as the boys’ll be doing their part for the event as well.

Now, back at Ishigami’s office, Misato has a special assignment for Kouichi and Emi. Circumstances have forced her hand, and now she’s left with no choice but to rely on them. It’ll be a heavy burden for them to carry… but she really needs Kouichi and Emi to MC the contest and organize the side shows!
Um, why them? Ishigami. He said, and she quotes: this is supposed to be a skit, starring Kouichi, where he helps his worn-out friends get back in the game. The kid sighs over getting picked out as the resident party planner, but Misato thinks he can handle it since he’s not doing anything right now. Toodles!

She runs off before Kouichi can say anything, leaving AI Ishigami to cheer him and Emi on: they must scrounge up the courage to face hardships or there’ll be no victory against the Cthulhu or the Katou Organization. Big words from the guy who put them in this position in the first place!
“By the time you see this, I’ll likely be dead. By the time you seeseeseesesesesesesesesssssssss”… welp, Ishigami froze again. Kouichi turns to Emi, and it seems they’ll have to do the job…

Cut to the Cthulhu fortress, it’s that time of the week again: Iczer-2 is JUST about healed up, so now it’s Golem’s turn to head out there, destroy Iczer-3 and bring Nagisa Kasumi.
As she confirms and sets out, Neos sees that Atross didn’t care to show up, vying for revenge against Iczer-3. Not that it actually matters, as Neos’ expectations there were rock-bottom from the start. From Golem, however, she’s expecting to hear good tidings. Hohohohoho…

Ranka’s just arrived at JUDA, and is very impressed at the huge rooms Alto and the others have. No time to look around, though, as Grace wants to check out the stage right away. As she leaves and Brera steps outside to keep watch, Ranka sighs at how excessive he is. The door opens – did Brera hear her?!
No, it’s actually Eida, who felt the need to come over and apologize for foisting that movie business on her way back when. Of course, Ranka did a very good job with it. And it wasn’t just her acting that impressed Eida, but her singing as well – she was blown away even when she heard her at the island.
Ranka appreciates the praise, but is also a bit bashful over Eida hearing her back then. She shouldn’t be, as her heartfelt tunes really left a mark in Eida’s spirit. Again, Ranka’s thankful, but that’ll have to wait: she needs to get over to the stage.

Wishing them both good luck, Ranka leaves Eida to mull. Her current situation has made things a whole lot more unmanageable – she’s a bit jealous of the girl, actually. Ranka’s pet, Ai-kun, hops on over to seemingly comfort her. Aaw.

And Ranka’s off singing. The LOTUS crowd’s pretty fired up, which is impressive to Hiyoshi: just the few of us are being equivalent to a few hundred folks in enthusiasm! What matters to Ranka, of course, is whether Alto’s listening, and he actually is. And enjoying the music, even!
Seeing his smile fills her with energy and she redoubles her efforts. Nearby, Grace has her wicked face on: seems like the given situation is a very important factor in boosting her Emotional Index. Even as the “training” stage’s coming to an end, she’s still collecting mighty fine results.

Kouichi’s really having fun, but the same cannot be said for the rest of the guys: they’ve been assigned to work backstage and are scrambling to get everything ready for the idol contest up next. Why’s Alto all mad for? Kouichi even saw fit to coincide his break with Ranka’s show…
That’s hardly the point, though, and Alto tells everyone to get to it – time is short. The stage is already set, thanks to a worn-out Kenji, but Boss tells him to suck it up. At the very least all the upcoming eye-candy’ll make it all worthwhile… Kouji’s a bit disappointed there’ll be no swimsuit completion, mind, but the live concert and all makes up for it!

Ichitaka only wishes we could also have had Sheryl here for this, and asks if Alto’s heard anything of her. Not really (it’s not like they’re a thing!), but Kouichi heard that she turned down our invitation.
Details are sketchy but it seems she’s done singing. Alto can’t help but wonder what happened.

: O-Okay! Following Ranka and Eida’s pulse-pounding show, it’s time for us to kick off the LOTUS Idol Contes-gck! My tongue…!
: Stay calm, Kouichi!
: Hah, he’s having a bit of a hard time up there.
: Takes experience to handle it, I guess... What about you, Vestanu? Something wrong?
: I see neither hide nor hair of Rebecca… I was hoping we could all take this rare opportunity to relax but…
: We haven’t seen her either… Actually, Lulu’s gone too. You don’t think…

Some time later…

: Next up is contestant #8: Rebecca Catherine! … Who?
: (You’re being rude, Kouichi!)
: (When I agreed to this, I did not think I’d be subject to such public disgrace…)
: … She’s from the Daichi Maryu, I’m pretty sure…
: Do you know her, Athrun?
: She’s a Darian woman who works at the ship’s bridge. She seldom has a chance to step outside, so not many of us have had a chance to speak with her directly.
: Oh, wow, Athrun. How’d you manage to keep track of everyone like that?
: It’s nothing major, really. I just figure that’s the kind of stuff I should remember.
: Hm…
: Well, any CO has to pay attention to the folks around him. That’s just Leadership 101, you know.
: 101, huh… I guess Misato and the others are just as amazing, then.
: Um, moving now… It’s contestant #11: Miu Kujo!
: (Miu… I can’t believe you let Domyoji and the others talk you into this…)


: Huh? She’s not coming out?
: Maybe the clothes were a bit too much for her…?
: What did you do, Domyoji?
: Hey, now, don’t look at me like that. As the leader of the Hayase Corps, I just had a little something readied – all to boost team morale, you see. But it was all up to her whether she’d go with it or not.
: Domyoji… you bought those clothes for Miu? O-Oh! Here she comes!

: I-I’m Miu Kujo… And while Eida and Ranka are a tough act to follow, I figured I’d sing something of my own…
: (A nurse costume… God, just kill me now. But if this’ll help me catch Kouichi’s eye, then…)


: A n-n-nurse—?!
: Don’t be distracted, Kouichi! You pervert!


: Kouichi has a nosebleed… That’s a sign that a new finishing move is incoming!
: It doesn’t work like that! (JP wiki says this is a joke on Da Cider and Queen Sideron)
: Yow, I think that’s a bit too intense for Kouichi…
: Furuya?! What’re you doing here?!
: They let all the Hayase Corps tag along to help with the show, ya know. Took the time to apologize to Shinji for all the crap I gave him, too.
: Really? That’s great to hear... Wait, “all” the Hayase Corps? Does that mean Risako’s here too?
: Yeah, we came in together from her place. Something’s been off with her today, though.
: Should I examine her? I might be able to help.
: Sure, I’ll take you to her.

: Eerr, next is contestant #14: Lulu Arges… Hey, that’s Captain Lulu, ain’t it?!
: Lulu?!
: Take a look at this, everyone.
: It’s… origami?
: It kinda looks like… the Daiku Maryu?
: The Minerva and the Macross too!
: These were sent over by a group of kids. I don’t really care about the contest, but I wanted everyone to see this. There are people everywhere rooting for us, and that’s something that might slip our minds as we fight all these enemies.
: Lulu…
: Sorry, I know this isn’t the best time for this kind of talk. But we still can’t let ourselves forget that we’re never alone, even when things are at their hardest…

* *

: (Psh, you and your pretty speeches… This was supposed to be my show, and I just got one-upped before even getting out there.)
: (But... that’s what makes you the captain of the Daiku Maryu. I guess I can concede this one.)

The D Team’s touring the mall, but they can hear the party going on nearby. Actually, why isn’t Aoi taking part in the contest? As she reminds them, she used to be a model before all this (not that Kurara ever read those magazines, mind), and figured having a pro join in would go against the spirit of the thing.
That’s fair enough, but Johnny reminds the other three that they're supposed to be stocking up on stuff. What about him, then? He’s already wrapped up his part, so he’s free to relax over lunch. Well, that’s our resident high-octane businessman for Kurara - efficiency is his middle name.
Sakuya, Aoi and Kurara take off to finish their assignments and head back to the party.

Not long after Johnny sits down, Eida walks on over and asks to speak with him for a bit. That’s fine, but what surprises Johnny is that she apparently knows him by name. How come? Well, last year there was this big time ad campaign she had her eye on, but the whole gig got swiped from under her nose by another agency. Oh. Johnny didn’t expect her agency to have been his competition back then.
Eida confesses that it was annoying to be blindsided by another idol taking her spot, but couldn’t exactly be mad over the girl simply having a better manager. Still, she wanted to know who was responsible and searched the internet for a name: she got both that and a picture to match it, so that’s how she recognized him right away.

Whatever the case, since he’s here, does that mean he’s with LOTUS? O-Oh, no, he’s just the caterer. Alright, Eida won’t question that… though she does wonder, does he always wear those glasses? Pretty much, but he often takes them off for big, important moments.
He’s got them on now, so that means this isn’t one of those times, Eida figures. Maybe they can change that, though.

: Whew… it’s finally over. Who knew MCing could be so hard…
: Today’s experience may help temper your mind. Do not waste it.
: You take this way too seriously, pops. I just wanna grab something to eat and head straight to bed…

*Door opens.*

: There you are! I brought cupcakes, Kouichi!
: Oh, you got the best timing in the world! Thanks a bunch, Risako!
: And I need to hand these out to the others, too. You’ll lend a hand, right?
: Huuh?! Why me…?
: BECAUSE, while I don’t know what you’re doing in this LOTUS, you still had me worried sick.
: B-But…
: Here you go, mister. I don’t know much you’ll like it, but give it a try!
: !!
: (Such a lovely lass…)
: Fine… Guess I’ll take some to Quatre or whatever.

*Door opens again.*

: …
: Ah…
: …
: Ya… jima…?
: We need to talk, Kouichi – elsewhere. Risako, you and Jack Smith wait here for a bit, please.
: Hm…
: …

: … What’s… What’s going on?
: I heard what happened to you… How, after my death, you joined JUDA and LOTUS…
: And I’ll be the first to admit that you’re doing a lot better. But is this the Champion of Justice you wanted to become?
: What the hell… Where have you been…?! If you were alive, why didn’t you at least call to let us know?!
: This isn't about me!
: !!
: I’ve also heard of what LOTUS has been up to, stopping the war between the Earth and PLANTs, defeating the Jama Kingdom and Darius Army.
: But, tell me: what is all this partying for? There are still tons of miserable people across the world, the battle is still ongoing! And you say you’re Champions of Justice… Do you honestly think them having all this fun is just?!
: I won’t deny that I was an idiot before, and that you died because of that…
: But so much has happened since then! For one, I’ve also come to realize that even breaks like this are important…!
: Do you think this is a game, Kouichi? How can I trust someone as weak-kneed as that to take care of Risako?!
: Much as you might say you’re a CHAMPION OF JUSTICE, it won’t mean jack if you can’t actually save the entire world!
: …!
: You don’t have to push yourself to do this anymore. This wasn’t supposed to be your fight to begin with. I don’t need you to avenge me, either – just quit the Linebarrel and go home with Risako…!
: Enough! What’d you think you know, huh?! How many towns have been burned to the ground, or how many people have been hurt or killed?!
: This isn’t about revenge, and it’s been ages since I’ve stopped fighting because of that!
: Think this through, Kouichi. It was the power you got that killed me, wasn’t it? Something like that isn’t capable of saving the world!


: !!
: Wh… Why are you fighting? And what did he say about killing…?
: Emi, Risako?! What’re you doing here?!
: We were looking for you two… Then we heard your voices, so…

*Wrrrrrrr! BOOM!*

: The enemy…? You see that, Kouichi? LOTUS hasn’t the time to be having fun!
: And this isn’t the time for a lecture, either! Take Risako and get outta here, Yajima!
: I-I… gave him the Linebarrel’s power…
: Don’t just stand there, Emi! We got stuff to do!
: Emi Kizaki… You’ll be coming with me, I’m afraid.


: Aah?!
: What’re you doing, Yajima?!
: Yeah! Let her go!
: Just forget about all this, Kouichi. Leave, you and Risako…!
: What are you up to, Yajima?! Wait… you’re not…!
: Apparition!

Mission 26 – Individual Wishes

: …

*Yajima flies across town.*

: He’s not with LOTUS, I suppose. Ignore him, Dilos, at least while he does not stand in our way.
: Show yourself, Iczer-3! Your end has come!

: Eida, you’d best stay at JUDA’s shelters! You’ll be safe there!
: Johnny…
: I’ve to go!

: What was the hold up for, Johnny? Figured you’d straight-up turn that lunch into dinner while you were at it?
: When it’s time to scramble, you’ve to be ready to go in twenty seconds tops. Wasn’t that what “Men’s Hotblooded Soldiers Monthly” said?
: My apologies. I promise I’ll make up for the annoyance!
: Alright, I’m here! Who called me?!
: There you are, Iczer-3. I am called Golem, the strongest warrior in the universe…
: Iczer-3, she’s another of Neos Gold’s four generals! Be careful!
: (So that’s where Nagisa Kasumi’s at. And with that in mind…)

: Don’t you run from me, granny! What gives?!
: Be patient, Iczer-3! You can’t let yourself play her game – she’ll turn up eventually!
: I know, Nagisa-1!
: Yajima! Give Emi back!
: Kouichi… why won’t you listen…?
: Are you for real…?! It’s Yajima piloting that thing, and he’s now a Factor…?!
: We’ve footage of what happened. He summoned that Machina – the Apparition – and took Emi Kizaki.
: And that’s the Stray Machina we tried capturing way back…
: After it killed Yajima in its rampage, it was recovered by the Katou Organization, which means…
: That he’s with them…?!
: That’s right. It was Katou Hisataka who made me into the Apparition’s Factor, and, in exchange, asked me to capture Emi Kizaki – something I now see as being the right thing to do.
: I dunno what kind of lies he’s been feeding you, Yajima, but nothing that guy does is the “right thing”!
: What happened?! We were all so happy to find out you were alive, and this is how our reunion plays out?!
: …
: Troops, the Cthulhu are making a beeline for Iczer-3! And since Emi’s still trapped aboard the Machina, you’re forbidden from shooting it down!
: Everyone forward! Attack!

Mission Objective: All enemies destroyed.
Mission Failure: Any battleship, Iczer-3, Linebarrel or Apparition destroyed.

I could send people up top to chat with Yajima, but that’d be a waste of time and resources. He won’t even come after us! So, we’ll just divert our forces south to clear out the Cthulhu – same as usual.

: You three ready? The civs might’ve been evacuated, but that doesn’t mean we’re in the clear! We’ve to clear out the enemy ASAP and make things safe for them all!
: Well, someone’s gung-ho today.
: What’s up, Johnny? Something good happen while we weren’t looking?
: I’m afraid I can’t tell you. I want those beautiful memories to stay safely within my heart.
: Something’s off with him. Think he ate something crummy?
: Who knows? But I think we all agree that the quicker we end this, the better.
: Let’s get to it, and make it a good one! You never know who might be watching!

When turn two rolls over.

: C-Captain, we’ve Cthulhu reinforcements! And it’s the Iczer-3’s sister model!
: I see her, Arthur. It’s been since the battle with the 7th Angel…
: …
: Hm? But something feels different…
: It seems she’s not as certain as before in regards to fighting. Did the Nagisas’ words get through to her…?
: We’re ending this today, Iczer-3!
: I don’t wanna! Nagisa said we could be friends, so you stop this!
: To Hell with you! I can never again show my face to Lady Neos unless I end you! Come and fight, Iczer-3!
: Aah, you stupid girl! If you’re gonna be like that, then fine!
: Oh, no…! I need to stop this – they shouldn’t be fighting!
: I’ll help! Let’s go!
: OK!

Secret Alert!
Make use you kill Atross with Iczer-3.
She’s exactly the same as before and won’t even recover HP, so it shouldn’t be hard. It’ll take her a while to get here, though, so we’ll just hang back and keep building morale.
Oh, and now we can see the “weaker” of Daiya’s weapons. Every single Gaiking the Great trick has a DK!

: If I can’t talk you down, then I’ll slap you around ‘til you get the message!
: Rant while you can, Iczer-3! That cheeky mouth of yours’ll be permanently shut soon!

Kill enough stuff, or when turn 3 rolls over…

: The Katou Organization!
: Urgh… And there’s Wufei with them, just like Quatre said.
: What are you doing, Factor of the Apparition? Wasn’t your mission to capture Emi Kizaki?
: Sorry, but the situation wouldn’t let me just pack up and leave.
: Did you answer your question?
: … I did.
: Save the talk for later. We’ll cover you, so hurry back to the commander (If your secret points are low: “Enough faffing about. This is our fun time, so get going already.”)
: Roger that. Pulling back.

*Yajima starts retreating across the map.*

: Yajima, stop!
: Give Emi back to us!
: Oh, no, you ain’t dealing with him. We’ve been looking forward to this for all this time we’ve been working in the shadows, see.
: We’re not about to be beaten by people who fight for reasons like that!
: Ooh, what an intense boy we’ve got here… But we’re 100% serious today! This is all to make our ideals a reality…!
: It’s clear that we’re stuck with them…! Then hold nothing back and let’s get to it!
: Bring it, Katous! You’re gonna get an eyeful of how much we’ve grown since our last fight!

Off we go again. Word of the wise: start moving your guys up top now (in hindsight, maybe even have a couple head that way even before this happens), because soon you’ll have ample reason to dash up there.
While that’s going on, though, we’ll deal with Atross now that she’s close.

: There should be a warm spirit somewhere within her like Nagisa said!
: And, in that case, the key to all this’ll be Iczer-3! If we can just get them to talk, Atross might also realize that!

: Everything you do reeks of doubt. Do you seriously think you can win against us like that?
: I’ve no doubts! None! I will destroy Iczer-3 today!
: And who are you to say anything? How soft you’ve become, so obediently following the orders they give you. Where did all your pride go?
: Whaaat?! You better not be calling me a lackey, because I’ll make you take that garbage right back!

: Only way I can ever come back to Lady Neos is by destroying you all…!
: Helping her cause is my entire purpose in life!
: Is that really true?
: What?!
: You could live your life anywhere, no? It doesn’t have to be with the Cthulhu.
: Th-That’s not possible! I was created by Lady Neos, so of course I must live for her!

: …! What’re you doing, Iczer-3?! Why are you not attacking anymore?!
: Because I want us to stop. This fight isn’t fun!
: What?!
: And more important than that, you know about the Iczelio, don’t you? Give it back to me!
: I told you before: I don’t know! Now fight me, damn you!

: No! I don’t wanna do this anymore!
: Idiocy! Take battle away from us, and what would we have left?!
: Plenty! There are tons of other good stuff out there!
: She’s right! Even today, I thank my ancestors for giving me a chance to have a life beyond endless battle!
: …
: I ain’t gonna say that a brawl here and now can’t be kinda fun, but there’re a bunch of others ways to have a good time!
: U-Urk…
: Atross, please, stop!
: !!
: Listen to us, Atross. You two shouldn’t be fighting. You’re a mirror of Iczer-3… That makes you pretty much twin sisters, no?
: Huh…?
: No, I… I’m Lady Neos’ daughter!
: I can feel it, so I’m sure you’ve noticed it as well. The only one happy that you two are fighting is Neos Gold herself!
: She’s the spawn of Big Gold, so she’s been telling you lies to get you to kill Iczer-3!
: …
: Why don’t we all fight together, instead, Atross? Please!

: I can grant you that wish.
: The Cthulhu general!
: How did she get there?! None of our sensors pinged anything…!
: Nagisa Kasumi, I now take you to Lady Neos’ side!
: !!

: Get back!



: Nagisa!
: I’m detecting a distortion in space-time! That was… a warp beam?!
: Hrm, that meddling pest got in the way. Still, Nagisa Kanou is Iczer-1’s partner… she should satisfy Lady Neos just as well.

: Nagisa-1…!
: She protected me…
: Why…? That girl, Nagisa, and Iczer-3 the other day… why would they both willingly throw themselves into the fire…?
: I don’t understand! None of this makes sense!!

: The Cthulhu warrior’s withdrawn from this airspace! Her signal’s gone…!
: Tsk… Slipped right through our fingers…!
: Focus on the remaining enemy forces, troops. Clean them up ASAP!
: Roger that!