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Part 66: Mission 26 - Individual Wishes - Part 2

Two turns after the Katou guys have arrived, Yajima will reach this spot and then…

: This is Apparition, I’ve reached the evac point. Thanks for the backup.
: Yajima, wait! Hand Emi over!

*Kouichi charges waaay into the Katou mob!*

: Stop right there!
: Out of MY WAY!!

: Hmph… you self-proclaimed Champion of Justice… I applaud how strong you’ve gotten.
: That said… victory is ours…!

: …! The Machina with Emi’s gone!
: Meyrin!
: I’ve got nothing! Our sensors are out!
: He blew himself up so the blast would jam us… Son of a bitch…
: God DAMN it!
: Boss…! You bastards killed him!!
: Dmitri sacrificed himself for his beliefs, Sawatari!
: Shut your mouth, traitor! Screw the mission – this is now personal! Raaaaaaargh!

*Casts Valor, Iron Wall and Focus.*

: I can feel his anger from back here…!
: … It’s like he’s turned into a demon bent on revenge.
: But we’ve no time for this. Let’s wrap it all up quick!

And that’s the problem. As good as Kouichi might be, being right in the middle of the Katous might be dangerous for him – especially if you haven’t upgraded him decently. The good thing is that Sawatari is likely too far away to get to him this turn, so you’re not at an immediate threat of his valored attacks.
With the 50% upgrades I’ve given him, Kouichi is more than good enough to handle this. His Prevail’s already pretty high, too, so once it kicks in, pretty much on the bosses will get decent damage in. Just do your best to have your folks up top by the next turn, because by then all the enemies will likely have converged.
Other than that, it’s the same fight we’ve had before, only the enemy’s actually weaker overall after losing both Dmitri and Jack. Sawatari won’t recast his spirits, so just have someone protected get rid of his Valor.

: Duo may have joined you as well, but that does not mean the world will change by your group’s hand alone.
: And if you cannot focus enough to rescue a single kidnapped woman, then you stand no chance of winning the true battle that’s to come!

Wufei: “Power isn’t just… However, justice without power is impotent!”

: I just can’t bring myself to get into this... Playing backup for a kidnapping’s kind of a crummy mission, so maybe it’s because of that…?

If your secret points are low:

: At long last, I get to toy with you again. Oh, how I was looking forward to this day.

Like I said, once Prevail gets going, the mooks all consistently hit for just 10 damage.

: While we were comrades in the past, you ought to not expect any mercy! Such is how I forge my mind and soul… Forgive me.

: Well, haven’t you gotten a lot stronger while we weren’t looking.
: Still, it wouldn’t be any fun killing you otherwise. I’ll let you off the hook for today!

: What did you people do to Yajima?! Tell me!
: You’ve the wrong idea, I think. He’s still the same guy you knew – we didn’t do anything.
: Bull! I don’t buy that for a second!
: The Yajima I know would never do something as rotten as kidnap someone! The Yajima I know… is just the coolest guy!
: (Even with all that’s happened, you still want to believe in your friend… I can’t help but envy your purity.)
More Daiya destruction!

: … I hope we’ll see each other again, LOTUS. And Kouichi Hayase…
: …

Low points:

: Unfortunately, it seems our long-awaited playdate’s at an end. I suppose I’ll just hang back and wait for Yajima’s report with bated breath…

: Sorry, boss… I wanted to get payback for you, but it ain’t happening…!

: Dude, I gotta fight you again…? How many times is that now?
: Be it one, ten or a thousand times, it matters not! I will always be true to what I believe!

Duo: “For just how long are ya gonna stay on that side, Wufei?!”

: … Nothing came of this. I pray that our battles aren’t all for naught!

: If that’s what you think, then ditch them already…
: That won’t happen, though… He’ll follow his heart ‘til the very end once he’s made a decision. That’s the kind of man he is.

: All enemies confirmed destroyed, no signs of straggling troops.
: What about Emi or Nagisa? We got anything on them?
: No…
: What am I gonna do…? My sis left her in my care… and I screwed it up…

Here’re the convos we missed:

: I was so happy to hear that you were alive, Yajima, but now you’re with the Katou Organization?!
: Come with us! It’s not too late, man!
: I say the same to you, Ichitaka. Get out of that robot, and you and Kouichi can go back to your regular lives.
: Damn it…! You’re sounding just like Yuu! Then I’m just gonna have to bring you in by force!


: Thanks for taking care of Kouichi while I was out, Quatre…
: But you’ve done enough; I’ll take care of him now. You should get back to your actual mission.
: What do you mean by that…?!
: …


: Kouichi, I told you to take Risako and leave! Why won’t you listen to me?!
: Because you took Emi! Whatever your reasons, that’s going too damn far! What happened to the Yajima I knew?!
: That attitude is why I say you’re weak-kneed! If you fancy yourself a Champion of Justice, then you can’t afford to hesitate!
: Shut up! How am I supposed to just look the other way when my friend’s getting in bed with evil?!


: I’d rather not hurt my old friends if I can help it… Can’t you just back off without a fuss?
: Well, isn’t that kind of you. How about you first hand over Emi, and then I’ll back off?
: I can’t do that. I’ve a duty to fulfill the mission given to me.
: Then I guess we’re done chit-chatting! Put up your dukes and let’s get to it!


: I’ve had it up to here with all you grannies doing your thing! We’re taking Emi right back!
: Don’t make promises you can’t keep, girl! I’m afraid you’re in for a major reality check!


: I heard that they’re putting the finishing touches in our plan… So this mission will succeed, even if it takes my life to make it so.


: Let’s get this party started! Anyone who wants to die can step right over!
: Sawatari, our orders are to play back up for the Apparition. I can appreciate your eagerness, but keep your head in the game.
: Hah, there ain’t gonna be anyone to hound the guy if we wreck them all! That’d be A-OK with you, no?
: Oh, I suppose you’ve a point. We’ve been hunkering down for so long… I could stand to cut loose a bit myself!

]This, Iczer-3 and Dmitri’s lines, of course, are only if you fight them before Yajima takes off.


: What elegant moves, those – like a beautiful flower. I think you’ll make for some good fun.
: Hah… I may fly like a butterfly, but I sting like a bee. Don’t take me seriously, and you won’t live to regret it!


: We finally see each other again. Well, you’ve a dose of agony that’s long overdue. Do try to scream as best you can, yes?
: It’s always the same with you…! But if you think you’re going to walk over me, you’re in for a surprise!

If I had to guess, these Soubi lines are low point-exclusive.

Back at Ishigami’s office, it seems clear to our folks that Nagisa’ll be taken to the Cthulhu HQ, home of Neos Gold. Problem is, says Lulu, we still have no idea where the place is actually at. The PLANTs and Frontier folk have been searching since the battle with them started, but found absolutely zilch. We’ve no way of tracing them, either, so Micchi ponders that we might have no choice but to simply wait for them to make their move.
But what about Emi? No clues either… that is, until Rebecca calls in and tells Vestanu that the kidnapper’s sent a message over! Indeed, it’s Yajima and he asks that we show this to Kouichi: Emi’s safe, and if he wants to have her back, then he needs to come, alone, to the specified location.
Rachel runs the coordinates and finds a desert island in the Sea of Okhotsk. Despite the meeting with Emperor Darius being legit, Cathy thinks we should expect this one to be an actual trap. Lulu agrees, knowing how eager the Katou Organization is to nab the Linebarrel. First things first, Misato summons Kouichi over.

Cut to Shangri-La, seems that Kouichi’s taken them up on their offer as Masaki pings him headed towards the target area. Katou imagined we’d agree – that’s how LOTUS is.
He sets out, both to see to Dmitri’s funeral and to meet with Kouichi at the spot. Masaki’s to handle the rest.

Wufei’s along the way and Katou asks if he still hasn’t changed his mind on all this – the Organization IS trying to take over the world. Is that something he can imagine himself doing? “I admit that there’s a difference between the words you speak and what I felt in your gaze,” Wufei says. “On the other hand, said gaze is still the same as when we first met. So I will easily work with you to the bitter end.” Katou’s sorry to put him in that spot.
Their moment’s interrupted when Sawatari stomps over. He understands why Dmitri did what he did, but still needs an outlet for the anger boiling within him and wants to know when they’ll get another mission. Not for a while, actually, as Katou wants them to preserve their strength for a bit.
Sawatari isn’t happy that they’re doing that again, but Katou tells him to be patient: the final battle is nigh. With that, he leaves, though Wufei’s not holding his breath for Kouichi to give Katou a positive answer. And that’d be just fine, too.

: …
: …
: …
: Katou Hisataka… What did you do to Yajima…?!
: Nothing at all. Back when it all happened, the Apparition had lost its Factor and immediately set out to find a new one. It chose him.
: All we did was recover the unit, though it took a while for the D-S.O.I.L. to restore him fully.
: …
: Now, when I first extended you an invitation, you cited Yajima as your main reason for saying no. That obviously shouldn’t be an issue anymore.
: You’re asking me to join you again…?
: Oppression is a necessity for imagination to come into being. Struggling to escape from it is how imagination is born. And what kind of oppression would be best suited to play that part? That’d be death.
: That doesn't make it OK to kill people…!
: I’m certain you’ve seen it plenty of times already: people who’ve given up on their imagination, who can only be protected by your group, who simply wish for things to stay the same…
: By its conquest of the world, the Katou Organization will purge such people. We’ll allow only those willing to struggle for their lives to give shape to humanity’s future.
: Those who’ve give up on their imagination are no different from Machinas, and do not deserve being protected.
: Give me a goddamn break…!

: Do you have any idea what’s it’s like to want to struggle but not being able to? Can you imagine being someone who can do nothing but simply cling to your dreams like an idiot…?!
: I can, because I used to be like that…! I was lucky to have been given this kind of power…! My idea of justice might be a whole bunch of nothing, but I still want to try to be a Champion for all those who are as powerless as I used to be!
: … I see. You may have Emi Kizaki back. I trust that’s fine with you, Yajima?
: Kouichi… do you really mean what you said? You are seriously trying to be an actual Champion of Justice?
: Yeah… I’ve been trying really hard since you died. I’ve done a lot of thinking, too.
: …
: Then let’s settle things one more time, Kouichi. Let’s close the book on our past!

: This power of yours is too much for you. Just turn back on this idiocy, damn it!

: I am a idiot, sure. But I’ve thought long and hard in my own idiotic way… and I’ve figured out what I want to do!
: I wanna learn to make better use of this power, so I can protect those that are dear to me… and to help those who can’t help themselves! That’s what my justice is about!
: But I’ve earned some power of my own. I can keep you safe again…!
: … I can’t go back to Risako anymore. So I want you to take care of her! Just leave the Linebarrel and move on!!

: Urk…!
: You don’t have to fight anymore. There are plenty of others who can do it for you… This is for your own sake…!
: “My own sake”…? Just come out and say the truth…!

: This has never been about me… The one you’ve really wanted to be safe, the reason you’ve always looked out for me…!
: It was all… for Risako’s sake!!

: Gah…!
: I can remember the day you died like it was yesterday…! “What matters isn’t what you should do, but what you want to do,” that’s what you told me!
: And what I want to do is be a Champion of Justice! What about you…? What do you want to do, Yajima?!
: …
: You’ve changed, Kouichi… Actually… in a way, you’re still the same person you were back then. It’s just as the dragon Gundam’s pilot told me.
: Huh…?
: Go. I’ve to think… about what I want to do.
: You won’t go with him? Will you come with me, then?
: I’m grateful for what you’ve done for me, and I helped you for it. But that never meant I joined your team.
: Heh… fair enough. Kouichi, Emi Kizaki is at a lodge over yonder. Take her and head home.
: I will…!

: He really has exceeded my imagination. We may even shorten Stage 2 thanks to that.
: … Take care of my sister.

Back at JUDA, Une’s just informed us that Djibril’s camping out at Orb. This info came straight from an infiltrated Preventer agent, and while they’ve gone through the UN to demand that they turn the guy in, there’s been no response.
With Cagalli still missing, diplomacy’s going nowhere fast. Much as she’d rather avoid it, if Orb’s set on giving Djibril shelter, then force may be the only available option. Thus, like with Heaven’s Base, Une figures LOTUS’s firepower to be essential for the operation’s success.

Misato concurs and will have our group set out as soon as we’re good to go. Lady Une apologizes for putting us in this spot, knowing how busy we are with Emi and Nagisa’s kidnapping, and thanks us for the assist.
As soon as she cuts the comm, AI Ishigami tags the Linebarrel coming back – with two Factor signals aboard. Seems like Emi’s safe, Talia sighs in relief. At least that’s one of the girls, so Misato’s glad we’re not looking at the worst case scenario.

Speaking of Nagisa, Golem has had her locked up in the meantime. Neos Gold is, indeed, happy with her success: even should Iczer-1 return, she’ll be severely weakened without her partner.
And considering how Iczer-2 sought Nagisa Kanou in the first place, and they were going with Kasumi as a replacement, this should be perfectly fine. Mommy Big Gold is sure to be elated when she hears of this as well.
As Golem’s dismissed, Neos calls out to Iczer-3: it won’t be long before Iczer-2’s fully recovered, and that will spell the end for her and all of humanity. Look forward to it. Ohohoho! Mwahahaha!

: Sorry, Risako. You shouldn’t have to help us clean up.
: No, it’s fine… Work helps get my mind off things…
: And I’ve some Chinese food ready for when you get worn out.
: Hm… thanks.
: Come on, chin up! Your cupcakes were a huge hit! They’re really good!
: Hrm… Waaahaaah!
: Risako…
: Why… Why would Yajima do something like that?! He was always so nice, always taking care of us…
: I’m sure there’s a good reason… And Kouichi’s coming back with Emi, so we'll ask him about it later.
: Okay… then I’ll just wait here until I can speak to him face-to-face.
: Risako…

*Door opens.*

: Nagisa! They said Ranka’s about to go home!
: We also have to get ready for our next mission, so let the staff handle the rest of the clean-up. Let’s hurry on to JUDA.
: Alright, I’ll be right over.

*Everyone else leaves.*

: Hey, Nagisa… Atross was really born of the Iczelio, huh?
: Sorry for keeping quiet. I wasn’t sure, but I should’ve run it by you…
: But you were still right. We can become friends… and then we can rescue Nagisa-1 together. That’s how I feel, at least.
: You’re right, Iczer-3. I’m sure we can.


: …?!
: Something wrong?
: …No, it’s nothing. Let’s get going, Iczer-3.
: Okay!
: (Was that one of Nagisa Kanou’s memories…? No, it was… her consciousness…?)

Ranka’s show was a big hit, though it’s a shame we gotta take off so soon after it. The girl’s more than satisfied with just cheering us up, though. Shinn just hopes he’ll get a chance to actually hear her sing next time instead of being busy working backstage. Fan Club member of not, that left him a bit sour.
Ranka’s surprised to hear that they were the ZAFT soldiers Nanase said had joined her club. As a matter of fact, Nagisa points out, pretty much everyone in LOTUS is a member. Ranka hopes the other Nagisa’s doing fine, and Alto promises we’ll bring her back in one piece as soon as she’s found. Trust him: he’s got a good luck charm for protection.
Well, as Kouji knows, Alto has a perfect track record of successful rescues, so that’s reassuring. Hyouma spots Brera leering Alto’s way, but notices that something’s changed a bit with him. Brera harrumphs that he’s just carrying out his given mission. Alright, then.

It’s only a shame that the rest of the crew couldn’t be here to see Ranka off, but she understands how busy we are. It’s already great that so many of them took the time to come over.
Michel laughs that they’re apparently the ones with way too much free time on their hands. Klan calls lies and slander, which reminds Ranka that she has something to give the Zentran woman: some video letters. Grace relates that they’re from Nyan-Nyan employees, as well as friends from Mihoshi and college. Klan recognizes the latter as the one containing the analysis of Sheryl’s medicine.
But it’s time for Ranka to get going, and she’s looking forward to doing this again with us; hopefully Alto’ll be free to see everything next time. As he tells her to say “hi” to Sheryl for him, Michel’s already off to call Alice.

Over by Klan’s room, the results are in: apparently Sheryl’s meds were receptor blockers, apparently part of an experimental treatment for some “V-Type Infection”. It can’t cure the disease, but it mitigates the symptoms. Side effects, however, include sporadic fevers, vomiting, cold sweats… precisely what Sheryl was displaying before.
In other words, Sheryl’s got that V-Type Infection and Alice asks if Klan’s file has anything on it. Not a whole lot: it’s a bloodborne pathogen, only a handful of people have ever contracted it, and it can be fully cured by a serum made from some creature… IF detected early. Sheryl’s disease is too far along for anything to save her.

Klan objects that research is still ongoing – this isn’t hard fact yet. Still, it is what it is and Michel doesn’t think it’s our place to tell anyone – especially Alto. Alice wonders if Sheryl knows, and Klan would think so: the video letters from their friends mentioned a rumor of how Sheryl was seen around their library’s medical thesis archives.
Should they really not tell Alto about this? Klan, as a woman, can imagine how much Sheryl must want to see Alto again as she deals with this. Which is precisely why Michel thinks he should hear it from her, not us. That said, there’s something we can do: wait for a chance to get back to the Frontier and, then, head on over as fast as we can.