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Part 67: Mission 27 - The Enemy We're to Fight - Part 1

Daiya’s getting farther and farther ahead as the top ace. Now it’s an 11-kill gap that Kenji needs to cover.

No 50% update bonuses today. I opted to spread the love around, giving the Frontier folk some boosts since they’ll likely be event deployments down the road and I don’t want them falling behind too badly. Iczer-3 and Shinn also got some extra pips here and there.
As far as Skill Parts are concerned, Kouichi took our new E-Save and is our next recipient of Infights, with Daiya already at L3.

Finally, for squaddies, we’ve Shinn, Ichitaka and Athrun (in this goddamn ZAKU) launching as event units, and we’ve only 16 slots available, so here’s how we’re going:
Kouichi/Puria (for the better rank in air)
Iczer-3/Deceive (*shrug*)

Here we go.

Kouichi and Emi have made it back, explaining that apparently Katou only had her taken as a way to lure the kid over. Cursory analyses haven’t shown anything wrong with her, either. That’s strangely gentlemanly from a known terrorist in Johnny’s eyes, but he figures Kouichi turned down the guy’s offer again.
Kouichi’s surprised they already knew what Katou wanted, but Izuna says it’s not like the guy didn’t make his interest in corporate poaching when he waltzed into JUDA. Regardless, Kouichi confirms and makes note that he had some words with Yajima. When Quatre asks if he’s really joined the Katou Organization, though, he doesn’t answer.


: We’ll be reaching our rendezvous point with ZAFT soon.
: Here’s hoping we’ll manage to catch Djibril today…
: The hell’s Orb thinking taking in a guy like him? Seriously, the country’s gone full crazy since the Junius Seven drop!
: H-Hey, Kenji… Maybe be a bit considerate…?
: …
: O-Oh…! My bad, Shinn…
: That’s weird… What’re you apologizing for? Djibril’s is a baddie, so if Orb’s taking him in, that means they’re bad too, no?
: Iczer-3…!
: It’s fine; she’s just saying the truth. The Orb politicians don’t give a damn about the people living in their country.
: Shinn…
: Still, Rep. Athha worked hard to try and make things better. You know that, I’m sure.
: … She’s not a whole lot better than them. She’s off doing her thing, chasing some mystery organization, instead of working for the country she’s supposed to lead.
: Speaking of, we haven’t heard from the Archangel since our last encounter… Hopefully they’re in one piece.
: When we get to Orb, we’re likely gonna have to deal with not just Djibril’s forces, but the country’s troops too, right? I’d love if we could get those Archangel folks to help, but it’s not happening, huh…
: We’ll just have to manage our forces appropriately and make do, I guess...
: … A few units could also stay in reserve. Shinn, you’ll be on standby.
: No, I want to come with you guys. If we’re to attack Orb… then that’s what I’ll do!
: Shinn… could you really do that? Could you attack them…?
: Yeah, I can. What about you, though?
: I-I…
: Alright, let’s stop it at that.
: Athrun, Djibril’s in Orb, so we don’t really have a choice here. But if you jump into the fray with doubt clouding your mind, you’ll drag not just yourself down, but also those around. You understand that, right…?
: …

: (I… What am I doing? I took a vow back then, so why am I…!)
: Here you are, Athrun.
: Goh…
: You’re still not sure about attacking Orb, huh…
: And you? Are you OK with that…?
: We’ll be fighting our fellow humans. I don’t think I’d ever be “OK” with that.
: Then why…?
: Once, I had to kill a friend. It was a helpless situation, really, but I wanted to try and save him… Still, I don’t regret what I did.
: Why…?
: Because it was my decision. And a decision that you, alone, make is one that you can take upon yourself. It lets you move on with your life.
: I, alone…
: You’re still young, unlike Ozma and me, so I guess that’s easier said than done for you. But… if you’re here, right now, because you chose to, then see it through.
: …

Cut to the Archangel nerds, they’ve just pinged ZAFT converging around Orb. Looks like a battle’s inevitable, so Murrue asks if the ship still can’t set off. Murdoch says no, the engine repairs are still ongoing, but is interrupted when Cagalli gets on the mic and says she’ll be setting out ahead of the pack.
Murrue argues that that’s crazy dangerous, especially since Kira’s off in space right now – she should at least wait for him to come back. “Orb’s about to be set ablaze once again! I can’t just sit on my hands and wait! Besides, I’ve the Akatsuki my father left me…!” Cagalli fires back and sets out then and there.

As Murrue groans, it’s Neo’s turn to call over. Apologizing for bugging her while she’s busy, but he’d like to know how long it’ll be before they let him go. The POW life doesn’t jive with him, and he might be willing to work to buy his freedom… but, no, Murrue sees that he’s healing and says he’s free to go.
Huh? Really. There’s a Skygrasper in the hangar, so he can use that and take off. Neo’s confused if she’s legit, but Murrue just sobs: “You… You’re not Mu…”

Neo’s taken her up on the offer… though the thought of making the lady cry and taking off REALLY leaves a bad taste in his mouth.

Mission 27 – The Enemy We’re to Fight

: The Minerva and LOTUS are here… Get to work, Yuna Roma. Just stick to the plan… you don’t want to end up a loser in this conflict, right?
: O-Okay…


: Of all the idiotic… You’d sacrifice an entire country just for your self-protection?!
: There’s still time. Just stop and surrender!
: Don’t be ridiculous. I simply need to reach space, and there’ll be no enemy strong enough to give me pause. And, actually, shouldn’t you be more concerned with your own well-being…?
: …
: Captain, we’ve an incoming transmission from the Orb Army!
: From Orb? Put it through!


: This is Yuna Roma Seiran, speaking as representative of the Orb Government. We have told you time and again, this man you’re demanding we surrender, Lord Djibril, is not here!
: To say nothing of the fact that this blatant armed coercion is a major attack on my country’s sovereignty…
: They’re going to stick with that story to the bitter end, huh? How do they even figure a lie as inane as that would stick?
: I suppose our hands are tied, then; it’s too late for us to indulge his farce.
: If they’ll answer our request with lies, then we’ll muster our prayers for justice and enduring peace and take a stand! Drag Lord Djibril from Orb’s hands!
: Yes, sir! Troops, open fire!

Wreck everything, don’t lose a ship, Ichitaka, Shinn or Athrun.
This mission’s as simple as the rest, with only the Zamza-Zahs posing a modicum of a threat. The water’s out of your way, too, so you won’t need to worry about it. Handle it as you did previous engagements with Alliance folks: build morale on the piss-weak Daggers and Windams, and trash the bigger mooks.
As the power creep flows in our favor, Daiya should now be able to oneshot any of these units, while everyone else should be a oneshot.
Oh, and we’re starting to reach the levels where people learn Valor, so keep an eye out for that!

: The future I’ve always longed for… It is close, so close at hand…!

When turn two rolls over…

: Lord Djibril… I’m taking Relena back!
: Hah, I knew he’d turn up.
: Heero…!
: The knight in shining armor takes to the stage again, huh? But I also accounted for that!

: …
: That Gundam’s…!
: Go, nameless pilot! Give them what they deserve for all they did to you!
: Trowa… I’m not holding back.
: And I wouldn’t expect you to... Come, Heero.

Can’t lose Heero either, but that’s not a problem. First, because he’s very survivable, and, second, because the Wing Zero’s unlikely to see that much action as my highly-mobile torrent of destruction squishes the enemies to mush.

: I don’t want to fight… but I have to. I… what am I supposed to do, Kira?

: I can kind of understand you getting in bed with the Alliance to keep war from torching the country again… but what is the goddamn point of sticking up for Logos now?!
: You’ve abandoned your dear founding principles and now you do nothing but make your people miserable…! If that’s the kind of country you’ve become, then I’ll…!

Time for the last of Daiya’s new tricks, this one’s his second best weapon. I’ll never tire of watching these things get oneshotted.

When you either kill all enemies or turn four comes…

: What’re my troops doing?! If this doesn’t change, and soon, Orb will…! Aaah, what do I do…?!

*Beep, beep!*

: We’ve a heat signature closing in! Unknown affiliation!

: A golden MS…?!
: Hmm... That’s quite the bold color for a front line unit to have.
: (Father, I…)


: Cagalli…
: That’s my father’s voice…?!
: Should the time come where you are in need of power, then I leave this in response to that desire…
: It is a blade meant to defend… Take it in hand, whenever you deem it necessary.
: A blade meant to defend… A golden MS…!
: If you are set in what you must do… then follow your chosen path…

: (Father… I’ll take up the will you’ve left me, and wield this golden blade in the defense of my people…!)
: I am Cagalli Yula Athha, daughter of Uzumi Nara Athha! All of you, cease fighting immediately!
: Cagalli…!
: Ah, Cagalli! Cagalliii! You’re finally home, my honey! I’m the one commanding our troops!
: Yuna… Do you acknowledge me as the real Cagalli Yula Athha, Representative of the United Emirates of Orb?
: Of course, of course! I do! I can easily tell that you’re the real one!
: Then I now command our troops with the full authority of that title. Arrest Yuna Roma Seiran on charges of high treason!
: Wah?! Cagalli, wait!
: Furthermore, to the entire army, I say: our country will not tolerate Logos’ presence within our territory! Drive any and all of their associates out of Orb!

I’ve the sinking feeling that had I not killed all Orb troops already, they’d have turned neutral… whoops!

: Blast that Athha girl, sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong…!
: Fine! Then I’ll just destroy them AND this country in one fell swoop!

: Seems they’ve decided to throw caution to the wind to get rid of us.
: Troops, the Minerva’s moving to engage the Alliance forces and carry out Djibril’s capture!
: Are you sure about this, captain…?
: The Chairman’s orders were simply to get him. He didn’t say anything about fighting Orb, so it’d be a waste to do that if we don’t have to. I trust that’s fine with you, too, Rep. Athha?
: Yes, and I thank you for your wise decision.
: You heard her, people! Team up with Orb and push back the Aliiance!

Akatsuki - Oowashi Frame (Cagalli Yula Athha)
Pilot Skills:
Sword Cut
Shoot Down
Shield Defense
Prevail L4
Support Attack L2
Support Defense L2
Attack Combo L2
Mech Features:
Anti-Beam Shield
Yata-no-Kagami – all beam damage reduced to 0
Spirit Commands:
Fighting spirit
Squad Bonus: Armor +100, A Rank in Air, Debuff Immunity

Now that’s a much better unit for her than the Strike Rouge. The Oowashi Akatsuki’s packing some decent firepower (though its strongest is pre-movement) and decent bulkiness. Against Gundam units, though, it becomes nigh invincible due to the Yata-no-Kagami. Range isn’t the best in this form, aside from the strongest weapon which is 2-6, but she can absolutely hold her own with SEED’s bonuses pushing her along.
The Oowashi Akatski’s also got an S in air, so it’ll be tougher to hit than most. All in all, a solid unit that you can even set as a leader if you want to.

Carrying on!

Ain’t about to give you a chance to MAPW me.

: This is where it ends, Gundam!
: … I’d like that, but the other shoe has yet to drop for the people in charge.

Had Daiya learned Valor yet, that’d have been a major oneshot.

: … I’m done already? Very good, LOTUS.
: (Sorry, Heero. I couldn’t make you an opening… but my mission continues.)

: Huh? The Gundam’s running off?
: Forget him, and focus on dealing with the remaining Alliance troops!
: Roger! We’re almost there. Let’s make it happen!
: Rrrgh, that useless Gundam! In that case…!

Turn five…

: The Archangel…! But it’s hurt real bad…
: Cpt. Ramius, what were you thinking?! The ship’s in no condition to be here!
: But we couldn’t well let you run off by your lonesome.
: I apologize for that… But, I—

: …!
: How stupid are you that you’d charge into a battlefield battered like that? Die…!

*The mook starts closing in.*

: Oh, no, you don’t…!

: Huh…?!

: The Skygrasper?!
Sorry for butting in like that.
: Y-You’re…! But why…?!
Because I don’t really care for Djibril either. You’re gonna have to put up with me for a bit more, I’m afraid!
: Alright, now we’re cooking! With all these forces fighting together, we’ll have Djibril in chains real quick…!
: Damn you all… Send out the Destroys!

: The Alliance’s deployed their giant MSs! Incoming artillery strike!
: But at that angle… its shot will hit right where the civilian shelters are!
: No, it won’t! The Akatsuki’ll stop it…!

: Hrk…! I guess blocking even the impact of the blast’s a different story…!
(Th-This… I’ve seen this before…!)
: That’s enough, Cagalli! Not even your unit can handle all that! And if you die, Orb’ll—
: No… I can’t, I won’t back down! I won’t let this nation… these people be ravaged by war again…!
(?! That’s it…! I… I’m!)

: Tch! Uurgh…!
: Cagalli!
: Haaaaah!!

*The Skygrasper flies by Cagalli.*

: Lt….?!
: It finally came back to me…! Who I am… and why I’m here!
: Did… Did your memories…?!
: I’ll keep you safe. After all…
: I’m the man that makes the impossible possible!
: Mu…!

: What are you all doing?! Destroy her already! That armor isn’t covering her cameras and thrusters, I bet!

: High energy reading coming from the Destroy! It’s prepping to fire all its weapons!
: Stop it! The Golden MS and the Archangel’ll both be destroyed if that barrage hits!

: The Freedom…?! No, it looks different… What unit is that?!
: The gnawing pain we felt that day isn’t something we wanted anyone else to experience…
: That’s why it’s my wish to defend Orb… to defend the entire world!
Kira: “It’s the giant MS from before… I won’t let it also set Orb ablaze!” > “The Strike Freedom carries all of Lacus’ wishes…” > “And, now, I’ll make those wishes come true…!”

: Kira Yamato…
: Kira, is that your…

: That is his wish. And I’ve granted him a new blade with which to make that wish real.
: The Eternal…?! Why did you come here…?!
: Athrun, I’ve something I want to give you. Come aboard, please.
: Me…?

: This is…!
: The Infinite Justice Gundam… Another new blade, for you to use.
: A new blade… But I’m…
: To be afraid is to shut out all else. It leads you into thinking there’s nothing you can do, and to simply give up and let that be the end.
: But power is just that: power. Is it something you want? How would you use it? That is something you, alone, must decide.
: It’s my own decision…


: Because it was my decision. And a decision that you, alone, make is one that you can take upon yourself. It lets you move on with your life.

: …
: Justice… We’ll fight together again…!
: Athrun Zala, Justice – launching!

: Seems our deliveries are all done. What now? Do we tag in as well?
: No, we shouldn’t stay here. We’ll leave the rest in Kira and his allies’ capable hands.
: Roger that. Pulling back!

: The Eternal… Does that mean it is not yet time for it to take to the front…?

: They’re still sending out more…?! But it looks like their numbers are dwindling!
: We’ll wrap this up, Cagalli! Go and look for Djibril!
: Alright. Lt. Flaga, come with me!
: Aye, aye! Take care of things, people!