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Part 68: Mission 27 - The Enemy We're to Fight - Part 2

Still can’t lose the Gundams, but we’re making good progress. The Destroys are, obviously, the bigger threat, but Kira magnanimously shaved off half of their HP, so your guys should easily be able to take them down in one or two big hits.
Do it quick, too, lest they get a chance to MAPW.

Strike Freedom Gundam (Kira Yamato)
Squad Bonus: Accuracy +5, A rank in Air

As usual, Kira’s one of the – if not THE – best Reals in the game. The Strike Freedom packs a hefty punch, it’s got long range attacks, regen EN, has an S in air, plus that same fan-fire, smart-targeting MAPW he had in W (and he learns Soul, so that’s some good money).
As you might see, he doesn’t know Hit & Away, so that’s priority one to be fixed, but, that aside, Kira’s likely the pilot with the highest aggregate of stats in the game, and the only to give Iczer-1 and 2 competition in that department.
Whatever misgivings you might have with the series, there isn’t a mechanical reason NOT to use him. The Strike Freedom is simply great.

Infinite Justice Gundam (Athrun Zala)
Squad Bonus: Mobility +5, melee weapons’ power +100, A rank in Space

Same deal as above, only slightly worse. The Infinite Justice is the melee counterpart to the Strike Freedom, and it is just as fine. Use it as a leader or as a very nice squaddie, but you are especially encouraged to deploy the boys together to get more bang for your buck.

Having Kira blast these guys to also further damage the Destroys. The Daggers and Windams all get oneshotted, for a total of 6 kills.

When the number of enemies falls below 10…


: We’ve new heat signatures on approach! Searching database… we’ve a match!

: ?! It’s the group we were after…!

*Looks at the mob.*

: Captain, there’re some models we haven’t seen before!
: We’ve fought these troops once, but still know nothing about them… what are they after…?
: That Fighter unit… These’re the guys who took the professor, no doubt about it!
: Then, the Archangel has been pursuing them just like us…!
: Yeah, and I reckon this is a good chance to check if they got anything to do with GreAT! We just gotta nab one of them!
: We’re hailing the Unknowns on all possible channels, but they’re not answering!
: Come, LOTUS… Show us how much strength you can still muster after exhausting yourselves.
: All units, ignore the Alliance forces. Our target is LOTUS alone!
: Psh, looks like they’re gunning for us.
: Fine by me! I’ve no idea who they are, but if they’re looking for a fight, they’ll get one!
: Who are those… no, it doesn’t matter. I can’t let this opportunity pass me by. Launch the shuttle right now!
: You can run wherever you’d like, it won’t help. Just concede your defeat!
: Silence! I still have you and one final ace in the hole to play!
: “Ace”…? You’re still scheming…?!
: Heheheh… The monsters here on Earth and in space won’t be around for much longer!

: We’re detecting something launching from the main island’s 2nd district! It’s… the Seiran family’s shuttle!

: Damn it, he’s making a run for it again?!
: … You won’t get away from me, Djibril!

: Always so quick on his feet…
: We’ll just have to let him handle Djibril. Orb needs our help!
: Sounds good. Psyche yourselves up, people, and let’s carry on!

Start angling your forces thatta way, but do finish off the Destroys. They’re still the bigger threat, though the Imperial (big red one), Strike and Cannon Valleys pack a decent punch while also boasting a respectable amount of HP for mooks (15k+). The Imperial Valley itself has 60k.
Still, their defenses aren’t the best, so that HP pool won’t last long against our high morale troops.

The little ORF-59 Reeves are fodder, pure and simple.

Only 6k HP.

: Their maneuverability is… Murrue, we were right…!
: Hm. Every time we fight, their capabilities are higher than expected, and their tactics are changed ever-so-slightly.
: They can do so much… So why… why is violence the only thing in their minds?!
: Kira Yamato…

And when the turn flips…

: …
: Yuu?! Why’re you here?!
: Pay me no mind, Ichitaka. Focus just on the enemy before you.
: Huh?! Yuu…?
: Data collection complete… As we feared, the technology applied to those units is…
: Hrm…! I won’t let them keep using my grandfather’s intellect for evil…! Haruno, we’re putting a stop to them!
: Roger that!

: Hm…? They were hostile in every single one of our past encounters, but this time…
: They might’ve had a change of heart – or maybe not. But they don’t seem to be against us today at least.
: Do not engage the Straybird, people! Dispatch the unknowns and then we’ll hurry out after Djibril!
: Yes, ma’am!

You don’t need to babysit the Straybird, but it’s advisable to attack the Valleys ASAP lest Yuu take your cash!

Oh, and here’s Athrun’s best weapon:

: I’m done hesitating to put my power to use! We can’t let mankind’s future be plunged into darkness, so I’ll take this new blade in hand and defend Orb and the world itself!

And the last of the Alliance mooks falls to Kira.
I’m surprised they gave his regular rifle a DK.

With all that done, it’s just a matter of plowing through the Valleys real quick. Like I said, they’re stronger mooks than most, but still mooks. The Imperial Valley’s more of a HP-boosted midboss, so not all that dangerous if you just pack a few defensive spirits.

: Djibril’s gone, so we’ve no more reason to hammer at Orb. Rather, I’ll now protect it!
: The Linebarrel… your “potential” is beyond our jurisdiction, but…

: Holding back to check how they move is too risky… I’ll just have to wreck them as quick as can be!
: The Frontier Fleet’s proprietary VF-25… Its performance truly is strikingly superior to the VF-19…
: The speed with which they’ve progressed in less than two decades is very much worth noting…!

: Like Shikinami said, if they’re looking for a fight, we’ll have to give them one…!
: The Humanoid Decisive Weapon, Evangelion… information on this one is abnormally scarce. Just what secrets does it hide…?

: What’re you people after?! If you’re trying to turn this entire city into a battleground, then you’ll answer to me!
: The unit’s output is reaching heights far beyond what our spy at NEX reported… Is it a unique property of that “Flame”?
: We thought we’d gathered enough data, but it seems further observation is required.

This convo only plays against the Reeves, but screw it.

: The unit’s power is greater than it was before. How much will you grow…? How exciting, this.
: These’re the same guys that took Prof. Grife at Misaki, right?
: There were only a few pictures to go by, but they sure look like the ones.
: We might’ve been able to stop them if we’d made it over sooner…
: So I guess that’s a bit on us, too. We better help Ichitaka out with this and see if we can’t make up for it!

: We’ve little data on the Iczelio – too little… But it appears we won’t be able to collect any more.
: Yeesh, why’s that guy staring at me… Sicko!

: Well, don’t you got the worst timing in history! Djibril only got away ‘cause you turned up!
: If you are not piloting the Mazinkaiser, then you are worthless to us. Go and find some corner to yell from.

: I never seen you folks before, but try to mess with us and you’re gonna get it!
: We’ve no idea what they’re after, so don’t go too crazy, Kenji!
: Steel Jeeg… Let us have a look at the extent of your Bronze Bell’s power.

: The Voltes V…! How I hoped this would happen. I’ll be sure to enjoy facing you!
: Damn it, we were so close to catching Djibril!
: Hiyoshi, if you’ve time to fume, then you’re better off focusing on bringing an even faster end to this battle!
: He’s right. Our main concern now should just be Orb’s safety!

: This pilot’s displayed that unusual power before. Let’s see how he’ll do against the new units…!
: What the… he’s looking at me?

: The Combattler V… It’s been active for over half a year already, so I’d expect the necessary data to have been collected, but…
: Guys, the enemy’s strength is a complete unknown! Normally, the best approach would be to try and observe them for a bit…
: Relax, Kosuke! The Combattler’s invincible! Whatever these guys are, we’ll make sure this ends with a V-Sign of Victory!
Here’s the boss’ strongest attack.

: It’s very unlikely the Plasma Drive alone was strong enough to eradicate the Mimetic Beasts… Maybe a different approach’ll let us get some answers.

: …?! Its outer frame is…!
: I saw it too. It is nigh-imperceptible, but there are some similarities to the Rushbird and Straybird…!
: One of the 40 meter robots we left in Misaki… but now it is no more than a relic of the past. I wager it’s already been deemed unnecessary.
: …! Here it comes!
: Not giving us time to make sense of things, eh? Let’s get to it, then!

: Not bad at all, LOTUS! But this all fell within our estimates!
: D-Converter – maximum output! Let’s get this shakedown started!

*The Imperial Valley blasts off after Kira!*

: What…?!
: Hmhmhm… Yours may be a new model, but it is still a straight upgrade from the original Freedom! It’s not a match to my unit’s mobility!

*This cheeky mook runs circles around Kira. Heresy!*

: Urk! How is it so fast…?!
: Rising temperature detected around the enemy unit! Space time is beginning to be distorted!
: Not good…! If that unit runs out of control, this whole area’ll go up in smoke! We’ve to stop him, Haruno!
: We can’t – it’s already going critical! Simply shooting it down won’t be enough!
: Kira!

: Hrgh…!
: You…!
: Why’re you so surprised? You’re the one who showed me how wonderful it was to keep others safe! That it was worth risking your life for!
: Shinn, you…
: You said you wanted to defend Orb, and this entire world, right? Then you can’t go down like this!
: You’re right… we can’t let ourselves be beaten! We fight to keep others and the world safe, even if it costs us our lives!
: Pfeh, and just what can a single unit do?!
: Stop right there!

: What…?!
: Now! GO!!
: Athrun!
: I’m on it!
Athrun: “We can’t waste the chance Shinn gave us!”
By the end, Kira: “Thanks… Athrun.” > “You should thank Shinn as well, Kira…”

: I-It can’t be…! What the hell are you people…?!

: A continuous flurry of synchronized attacks …! How’d they improvise that…?!
: Athrun…
: Kira…
: The first unit went for the enemy’s engine, stopping it in its tracks, and the other two used that opening to tear it apart in tandem…
: I suppose they saved us today.
: …
: Yuu… I’m sure you’ve realized it by now, but we cannot stand up to the enemy alone…
: … Shut up, Haruno. This is my battle, my problem. I won’t have anyone else interfere with it…!

: Ah! The Straybird!
: And, once again, when he’s gotta run off, he bolts. Reminds me of a certain pilot.
: (Yuu… What’re you trying to do…?)

: All of the Alliance and Unknown forces have been eliminated!
: Apologies, but could I ask you to come see me? I’d like to talk about Djibril and the unknown attackers.
: Understood, Rep. Athha.

Few convos we missed today:

: … Here I come, Wing Gundam.
: Don’t worry. It’s only natural for obstacles to be pushed aside. I’m not about to pay this any mind, either.


: …
: As unsociable as ever, aren’t we? Careful: you might get me thinking you actually turned on us.
: The situation doesn’t really allow me to chat. Don’t take it personally.
: Right back at you, buddy-boy. Let’s get this show on the road, then…!


: You’re still hanging out with Djibril?! What the hell’s wrong with you?!
: I am just a nameless dog of the Alliance. And that is enough for now.


: How can you be fighting to buy Djibril time to escape…! Don’t you see that both him and his organization are done?!


: I won’t let you sow any more sorrow…! That’s what I got this power for, and it’s how I’ll use it!

Durandal is “so surprised” at seeing the thought-sunk Archangel showing up today, and Talia takes responsibility for not seeing through their “ruse”. She’s ready to face the music, if need be. Nah, it’s fine. Durandal won’t hold her to it, simply being amused at the ship living up to its tough-to-kill reputation.
Moreover, the good work Talia and the Minerva crew have done in Berlin, Heaven’s Base, and with LOTUS’ over battles far offsets this. He wants the ship to carry on cooperating with, and to leave it to the Preventers to find Djibril. They’ve an agent in pursuit, so he’ll let us know as soon as we’ve a fix on the guy.
As Talia confirms and signs off, Durandal’s deep in thought: “The Archangel… I suppose I still have use for it, as a necessary force for this world...”

By the Orb Army HQ, Cagalli’s just decked Yuna. She doesn’t intend on putting the whole blame for this on him, but, seriously, what the hell is this? Despite their differences, she at least expected him to share in her desire to keep their country safe. Yuna cries that he did, which is why he sought Logos’ influence. Cagalli has troops take him away before she wrings his neck.
Mighty kind of her for the guy that made a mess of her country, Duo sighs, but Athrun says the guy WAS trying to stop war from breaking out. Problem is he got tunnel-vision. Cagalli figures Yuna understands the huge mistake he did, and, maybe, that’ll help him grow into a better person.
Some people won’t admit their mistakes, though, namely Djibril. He still has Relena and Noin worries what he might do if we don’t find them soon. Cagalli says Orb must make amends after helping the guy, and promises her nation’s full cooperation to our cause.

There’s still the matter of the unknown group, though, and Kenji got the idea that they were using us for something of a test. What for? We don’t really know, Murrue sighs – not their goals, not their background. There’s only one thing she’s sure: their units get stronger with each encounter, and they’re using our own technology to do so.
As Ichitaka and Tsubaki gasp, Goh wonders how people could reverse-engineer our tech from just compiled data. That’s some major tech know-how they must have available.

Regardless, when Misato asks, Murrue says the Archangel’ll work with Lacus and continue their investigation into that unknown force. Neo Mu will also be coming along, and, yes, he’s remembered everything: who he is, who he loves, all of it.
Cagalli proclaims she’ll be joining them as well, entrusting Todaka and Kisaka to handle things here in Orb. Kira wonders if that’s the right thing to do, and Cagalli stomps that it absolutely is. Or doesn’t he trust her direct subordinates to be capable of this?
Goh explains that Kira’s just worried: the Archangel is still hurting, and they’ll be going after the Alliance. It’ll obviously be very dangerous. And, in that case, Athrun offers to come with – the Justice, Freedom and Akatsuki should be capable of standing up to whatever Djibril throws at them.

Shinn wonders, however, what’ll become of the Minerva with him gone, but Athrun’s sure the ship will be fine: “The Minerva still has you, no? You’re also a fully-fledged member of FAITH, so now it’s your turn to take charge and keep them safe.”
Can he do that? After all these times he’s watched and learned from Athrun as he thought, yes, he can! He’ll rise to the occasion! Seems like he’s legit, Heine laughs, so he wishes Athrun good luck out there.
Goh likes seeing how clear the ZAFT boys’ hearts are looking, but Ichitaka isn’t really listening. “The units that group used… It looked like Yuu had figured something out about them,” he thinks. “And their abnormal ability to analyze and work with our tech… You don’t think the professor…?”

: Our on-site crew has just sent a new report on LOTUS, and…
: Oh? They managed to stop the D-Converter right before it ran amuck…?
: It really does look like we were right on the money. LOTUS has much “potential” gathered in their ranks. Our options just keep on multiplying.
: How should we proceed?
: There’s been no change to the plan. Your top priority is still to carry on compiling data on them.
: As you command.
: Meanwhile, I’ll take this opportunity to head up into space. I’ve come to realize that with the professor’s brain on our side, finishing that also shouldn’t be just a dream anymore.
: Roger that. It shouldn’t be long before construction of the Humanoid models is complete. What should they do afterwards?
: Carry on as usual, and feel free to keep scanning his brain waves until everything is finished.
: Yes, sir…
: And now, my dear friends of LOTUS… What kind of powers will you show me next?

Cut back to us, Makoto’s gotten in touch with the Daiku Maryu with some urgent recall orders. They’ve pinged something with a blue pattern hanging in Earth’s orbit. They’re still trying to get details, but Misato agrees to the request.
As the call ends, she needn’t even ask before Lulu agrees to it: LOTUS is headed towards Neo Tokyo 3, on the double.