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Part 70: Mission 28 - Route Split

And we are back, to the same old rankings. Ichitaka’s still breathing down Kenji’s neck.

No 50% upgrades today, but I’ve set up Iczer-3 and Shinn to get it next mission. Little bit else went into the Nagahamas.

The final, thank god, route split of the game is upon us, so I’ll save the squad arrangements for after that.

We open up with Misato informing Lady Une that the EVAs are just about fully repaired, though it’ll take a bit longer to get them ready to fight in space. Djibril hasn’t been found yet, but Une would like us to have people up top for when he is. Misato agrees and suggests we split our team: one to stand guard over space, one over Earth.
The Minerva and Quarter’ll be heading into space, which is perfect for Jeffrey as the SMS team could so with some full-scale maintenance at the Frontier.

Cut to the hangar, Asuka is booored – there’ve been no Angels, no Cthulhu, no nothing to fight. Ichitaka doesn’t see the problem, since we’ve been fighting precisely to have these uneventful days become the norm again. Sounds like ages ago when he and Kouichi spent time watching vids of their favorite bots. Much has passed since Ichitaka went to see Grife and Kouichi got squished by the Linebarrel.
Same goes for Shinji, who still can’t fully believe this is what his life is like now. Will those days ever come back, Kouichi wonders? Michel sighs, saying that there are some things you can’t go back on once you’re in there. Alto asks if that was directed at him, and he says no… well, maybe.
Ippei figures he means Ranka; is there any indication that she’s struggling in her show business life? Not really, Alto THINKS she’s fine. Iczer-3 isn’t really listening, wishing Granny would crop out so she could beat the location of Nagisa out of her.

But that’s for another time: Misato comes in and informs that folks’ll be heading into space. No Djibril yet, but we’ll be ready for when he sticks his lipsticked head out. The Earth team’ll be on standby at JUDA in case anything happens here… though Daiya hopes we’ll get nothing. As always, Ichitaka gets to go on whichever group.

Stand Guard in Space Route:
Gundam Wing
SEED Destiny
Macross Frontier

Stand Guard on the Surface Route:

Choose the space route, and Misato suggests we rest while we still can. That doesn’t feel too right for Luna, noting that the PLANTs have search parties looking for Djibril around the clock. Duo sees it the other way: we’ll rest now, and work extra-hard when it’s go-time.
And since he’s such an old-hand at that philosophy, Hilde declares his go-time to be now: he’ll be helping her gather intel. So much for relaxing…

Some time later, the Quarter’s already left Earth. That’s Ichitaka’s first real chance to really look at the planet without any hostiles or falling colonies hogging his attention – it’s a real gem, Luca thinks. Might not be that big of a deal face the vastness of the universe, but Nagisa knows that the Cthulhu or the Frontier Fleet haven’t run into any other world like it throughout their travels. Sister Gray said the same thing to Iczer-3, too.
Michel’s not feeling the vibe, though: they’re heading to the Frontier and won’t be working for a bit, so this may be the time to get him over to Sheryl. Kenji pokes him back to reality – he was just thinking to himself. Date plans, asks Juzo? Michel says it’s about our guard schedule, so that’s half-right.

But whatever’s on his mind, Kenji tells him not to take it all upon himself, having noticed him looking the same way he did before that friendly fire mess happened. Klan assures everyone that she’s making sure Michel’s keeping his head together – there’ll be no more hiccups from him. At least with her on watch, Megumi feels more at ease.

Over by Michel’s room, he apologizes for needing to have her bail him out. She notes that that only happened because he’s got a terrible poker face: everyone could see the worry spread across it. Sorry, sorry.
Regardless, Cathy gets on the PA and says she Quarter’s approaching Island 1, so what will they do now…

Choose the Surface Route, and Kouji and others take Misato up on her suggestion to get some rest. Emi’s worried, though: the Katou Organization’s still going strong, so it’s likely we’ll have to fight Yajima again. Kouichi doubts it, declaring that the guy isn’t with those guys anymore.
That sounds like certainty to Kurara, and it is. Last time they spoke, Yajima said that he hadn’t really joined Katou’s team and that he had some thinking to do. Guess that’s insight only years of friendship provides, and Ichitaka’s very glad to hear it as he didn’t want to fight the guy either.

Vestanu calls on Lulu to get our patrol missions set up – never know what might happen. Norza agrees, saying that idle days quickly erode one’s skill. With that in mind, Goh figures we could try some mock battles as a way to unwind. Plus, in Aoi’s opinion, it’ll do good to warm up both themselves and their engines.
Tetsuya likes their spirit, and Ichitaka’s raring to go too – the Katous can come try their hand whenever they want!

: …
: Is something wrong, Yamashita?
: We’ve been at it for so long, and we still don’t know what the Katou Organization or Reiji’s goals are… Is it really to take over the world?
: … Tsk, guess I really do still want to believe in him. I told myself I’d get over what happened, but… I’m just pathetic, huh?
: There is nothing to be ashamed of, young Satoru Yamashita. It is only natural to have faith in one’s lord. Never forsake that faith, I say, and your thoughts will surely reach him.
: Kain…
: Yamashita… no one here knows Reiji better than you. So keep trying to figure him out, and I’m sure you’ll find an answer eventually.
: Shinji… thanks. Heh, talk about a role reversal here… But, yeah, I’ll wait for him to show up again. And when he does, I’ll tell him everything!