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Part 74: Mission 29 (Earth Route) - The Awakening of the God Beast

We’ll be going on the Surface Route first (though will be keeping Space). Some fiddling around later, here’s how we’re going:


Masaki’s back at Shangri-La, and, with an apology, Katou asks that handle the “last one”. That is to say, the installation at Point Zero. They’ve managed to take advantage of the chaos gripping Earth to install the other Spheres without a hitch, but Katou figures the location for this one will make it especially difficult.
That’s fine with Masaki, who pledges to see it done despite the expected resistance. Once the installation at Point Zero’s finished, they’ll be done with making their preparations – the time for the Gate to open is nigh. Reiji himself is already out in space, ready to activate the Hub Fountain.
With that, Masaki gets ready to set off for Point Zero… the town of Misaki.

At the Daiku Maryu, Kouichi reports that the EVAs have all been fully repaired – took really long time, too, Ichitaka groans. Recent battles, especially the last one, had taken a heavy toll on them, but, as Kouji remembers, Shinji, Rei and Asuka have been pulling all the stops. The EVA kids kicked ass at Operation Yashima, and they did it again with the last Angel.
True, Shizuru admits while she’d initially thought of Shinji as just a “cute kid”, he’s shown himself to be a real man. Shinji stammers a denial, and Asuka sighs that he’s still being so wishy-washy. He’s fought and done more than enough to earn himself the right to be proud, and everyone here’s giving him props, so be happy about it!

The kid isn’t very good at being open with others, Kurara sees, but Sakuya notes that Shinji has undergone some amazing changes. He wouldn’t have expected him to amount to all this when they first met. Indeed, Goh concedes that he also worried that it’d be too much for him… but all’s well that ends well.

But the Team D’s changed plenty themselves, Anna says. When they joined the crew, they were so aloof and uncaring, but they’ve warmed up to the team. Now, their energy and soul burns hot enough to even get Tetsuya Kouji hyped to be fighting with them.
Aoi isn’t so sure, reminding of what she said during their first talk: she’s only really been fighting with the Dancouga because she thinks it’s exciting and fun. Kouji isn’t buying it, saying that’s just her hiding what she REALLY feels. Note, when Daiya was training last time and screwed up, the Team D lent a hand – that shows they care.

Aoi shrugs that that was just a spur-of-the-moment thing, and they’re reading too much into it. “Spur-of-the-moment”, as in it her body just did what felt natural to it, Goh asks? Whatever she might say, everyone here now sees the Team D as people whom we can trust to watch our backs.
But the camaraderie is put on hold as the klaxons go off. There’s an emergency and Rosa summons everyone to the bridge.

We’ve just got warned that the Katous are headed for Misaki. The missing Godannar characters (in order, left to right: Knight, Eris, Shadow, Luna, Ekaterina and Kukrachov) tried stopping their advance, but couldn’t pull it off. That the International Super Robot Team got trounced comes as a surprise to Anna, but, according to Eris, it was due to a certain bot showing up: the R-Daigun.
Shadow explains that it appeared in the battlefield in the blink of an eye and broke their lines apart. We hadn’t seen the bot since the battle at Vladivostok, which begs the question from Alice: why now? Whatever the case, it and the Katous were too much and forced them to back off.

Goh won’t hold it against them, telling his friends to stand down and lick their wounds. With an apology that they couldn’t help us from Kukrachov, Ekaterina asks that we stop their advance. We’re the proverbial last ray of hope.
While Kouichi fumes, Lulu tells Naoto to set the Daiku Maryu towards Misaki on the double. Meanwhile, Aoi knows we’re going to fight the R-Daigun there. Can they beat an enemy that’s trounced them before?

: So, what’d you want to talk with us about?
: Um… you guys all pulled through a bunch of battles even before we started piloting the Dancouga, yeah? What did you do when you had to go up against an enemy that was way stronger than you?
: Hearing about the R-Daigun after all this time’s brought some bad memories back, huh?
: Yes… When we last fought, we were completely outmatched…
: That said, it ain’t in us to just take another loss like that.
: So if there’s anything we can do to help us win, we’re ready and willing to run with it.
: Oh, wow, you HAVE gotten so much fiercer nowadays… It’s a huge contrast with when we first met!
: Alright, I see where you’re coming from… and I got just one piece of advice to give.
: As bad as things may get out there, never, ever, give up.
: I say the same thing. Victory always comes to those who keep fighting, who try ‘til the very last second.
: In other words, “never say die”…?
: It’s your call how you’ll take our words. But, there is something you’re lacking when compared to the other pilots.
: Something we’re lacking?
: And you should already know what that is.


: We’ll be arriving in Misaki shortly. All pilots, battle stations!
: What happens next is all up to you folks. Go give that thing twice what it gave you!
: …

Mission 29 (Earth Route) - The Awakening of the God Beast

: Captain, the Fuji #1, our secret weapon, has been sunk…! We can’t hold the line anymore!
: And who’ll be left to protect the civs if we bail, idiot?!
: B-But…!
: The SDF really aren’t good enough to handle us, I guess. And here I was, hoping to have a bit more fun.

: N-Not yet… I can’t go down yet… It’s our mission to protect this town…!
: And now it’s your turn to hit the dirt!

: Stop right there, Katou Organization…!

: Why don’t you try your hand with me next!
: That’s JUDA’s Machina!

: Deploy all units!

: We’ll handle the rest, gramps. Pull back!
: I-I can’t just run and leave this to you…
: Don’t overexert yourself. There are still some other lives you need to take care of, right? Pull back and watch over them.
: S-Sorry… I leave this to you, then…

: There’s LOTUS. All troops, engage and destroy them. So says Cmdr. Katou.
: Hey, hold the phone… the Glain-Neider’s… it’s right above our school, isn’t it?!
: Everyone hurry! The Katou Organization’s trying to install a Sphere at Misaki Middle School, it seems!
: “Sphere”, as in that thingamajig they put in Vladivostok?!
: We still don’t know what those are, but we can’t just let them set the thing down! Get the Katou Organization off Misaki!
: Perfect… both we and Aoi’s crew can get some payback for their shenanigans in Vladivostok. Two birds with one stone.
: You’ve got some nerve trying to have your way with my town! You better be ready, ‘cause this is gonna hurt!

*Looks at the R-Daigun ahead.*

: R-Daigun…
: I have been waiting, Dancouga Nova… Show me how much you’ve grown since joining LOTUS.
: We’re not losing this time…!

Destroy everything, don’t lose a ship, Kouichi or Aoi.
The Katous have buffed up a wee bit since we last fought. Of note, they’ve started fielding MP Jinrais and these are rather dodgy for mooks – decent firepower, too. But, of course, we’ve fought stronger stuff against the Darius and those were WAY bulkier, so it’s just a matter of getting a few good hits to stick (usually with your Supers).
Soubi and Wufei aren’t around, probably busy discussing the finer details of SEIGI, but Masaki’s right up top and he’s just as dangerous as in Vladivostok. Approach accordingly. The R-Daigun’ll move straight away, making a beeline for Aoi, so be mindful of that – make sure she’s not in position to be mobbed by the Jinrais, or tucked behind Iron Wall (don’t worry about their SP).
Taking away these additions, it remains the standard fight with the Katous. Masaki won’t move, so it’s only Sawatari and Yulianne popping command auras this time – much more manageable. Build up morale and tear down the R-Daigun to get it, and its debuff, off your hair. Once that’s done, clean-up as usual and converge on Masaki (remember to watch out for his MAPW: 5x5 AoE centered on him).

Off we go!

: We’ve learned much since getting wrecked by you and joining LOTUS!
: We can win this now… I know we can!
: So if you think we’re the same people we were back then, you’re in for a rude awakening!
: Talk is cheap. Show me action…!
: You want it, you got it! Here we go!

Let’s take a look at some DKs and attacks with couldn’t before. I don’t use the Blade Gainer enough, but it is quite the powerful machine nonetheless…
And here’s a double-wammy: the Raiking and Vulking’s strongest non-combined attacks.
And I really got a kick of the Vulking’s “AAY, who wants a hug?!” victory pose.

Kill enough stuff and the plot kicks in.

: I’ll concede that you’re all very good, but it is too little, too late.

: Aah… the school’s…!
: It’s enormous… That Sphere’s completely different from the ones they’ve set before…!
: Just what are they planning, setting a Sphere in a place like that…?!
: You… what did you do to our school… That place held so many memories for us, and you…! You’re gonna pay for that…!!

: What…?!
: You do not learn, do you? Beam weapons won’t work against this unit.
: That’s why I’m always telling you to check the data we got on the enemy, man!
: This isn’t over! If I can just close the distance, then…!
: Don’t lose your cool, Hayase! Stop!
: Imbecile. That’ll cost you your life…
: Haaaaaaaah!

*Kouichi starts charging in, but!*

: What…?
: That attack… was it—?!

: Yeah, I figured your unit would still feel a real bullet just fine, beam immunity or not!
: Yajima…!
: Kouichi… I’ve thought about what I wanted to do…
: And I reconsidered a few things: what your new power actually means to you, what you’re using it for…
: …
: And I thought that if you got yourself in a bind, then I should be there to keep you safe… because that’s what I want to do.
: But, Yajima, I…
: I know… you’re not someone who’s just going to be protected anymore.
: So when I get myself in a bind, I want you to protect me back, Kouichi.
: Yeah… you got it, Yajima. I’ll watch your back come hell or high water… That’s what a Champion of Justice does, right?
: Right… I’ll be counting on you, Kouichi.
: Hey, hey! You two ain’t the only ones who wanna take care of their buddies!
: We all feel the same way…!
: Hear, hear! I don’t wanna ever have to go to a friend’s funeral again!
: Sorry about that, guys…
: Come and get it, then, Katous! We’re keeping our town safe from you!
: One extra Machina won’t help you change the tide of this battle. You’ll simply die alongside the traitor.

Don’t need to watch over Kouichi anymore. Proceed as usual.

Apparition (Yajima Hideaki)
Pilot Skills:
Factor (baseline value: 70)
Shoot Down
Hit & Away
Prevail L4
Support Attack L1
Support Defense L2
Attack Combo L1
Spirit Commands:
Fighting Spirit
Mech Features:
EM Camo: activates at 130 morale. 20% chance to trigger double image, mitigated by Skill stat.
Squad Bonus: Ranged weapons’ attack power +100, Accuracy +5

Like all the other Machinas, the Apparition’s pretty good. As you might expect, it’s a pure sniper mech, but it does its job well. He’s got Kouichi beat pretty much on all stats (unsurprising, since it’s a well-established fact that the kid IS coasting on the Linebarrel being broken), but he’s not the most survivable of the bunch if the enemy gangs up on him.
As a sniper, it’s always better to have him hanging back behind our front line guys, so set him up accordingly. He only has two weapons: a 1-3 range post-movement shot, and a 3-8 range pre-movement one. All are ammo based, so you can spam his big weapon without much care.
All in all, another good squaddie mech for our range-focused guys.

Speaking of weapons, here’s Yajima’s best trick:

: Maybe I was the one who let this new power get to my head…!
: But if there’s one thing I know for real, it’s that I want to protect both this world and Risako…!
: So I’ll be fighting together with Kouichi’s crew! That’s the answer I found!

: We can’t well trip at the finish line, you know. Sorry, but I’ll have to put you down hard and fast!

: Those mooks bored me halfway to death! Y’all better make for a more fun time than them, ya hear!

: What’re you up to, setting that Sphere in Misaki?! Is it part of your plan to conquer the world?
: You’ll have your answer, soon enough. Just sit tight and wait for it to happen.
: Sorry, but we don’t have the time to wait around. I’m gonna have to make you come clean with us!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Gaiking’s little shield in action!
And let’s get this one out of the way as well: the DK for Norza’s Giant Cutter combined attack.

: Blah. I wanted to cap off this mission with a win… oh, well. See ya!

: Dealing with you should be up to Team D, but I can’t do anything about that if you’re headed my way!
: They didn’t take the R-Daigun seriously, either. Do you think actually think you’ll do any better?
: It’s you who’s not taking me seriously, but don’t worry. I’m about to give you a crash course on what happens when you do that to Kouji Kabuto!

: The Dancouga isn’t the same one you fought before. If you think thing’ll end as they did back then, you better think again.
: You should be worrying more about yourself than about them, Godannar…!

: Hey, didn’t you break up with the Katou Organization?! You saved the Dancouga from them that one time!
: I did save them, but that doesn’t mean things are as you imagine them to be. It’s that simple…!

: I cannot go down yet! I’ll keep going until I’m 100% sure…!

*The R-Daigun rushes the Dancouga down!*

: …! It’s still really dang fast…!
: You’re mine!

: Is this the best you’ve to offer?! How do you figure you can defend Earth like that?!

: Crap, the Dancouga…!
: You’re done… And what a disappointment it is to see that the Dancouga Nova can’t do any better…
: The thing really is tough as nails…
: Is there just no way for us to win this…?
: We need to do something, or…!
: We’ll end up losers again…
: Don’t give up!
: …!
: We told you before: victory always comes to those who keep fighting, who try ‘til the very last second!
: The moment you let your heart be beaten, is the moment any enemy’ll get the better of you!
: So pull yourselves together! Show the enemy how loud your spirits roar!
: You’re right…
: I don’t want to lose this… not here, not now…!
: I can’t let myself be beaten here…!
: I won’t have it…!
: I don’t wanna be a loser…!
: (What is my purpose in life…? Is it for someone? For something? I still haven’t found anything of the sort… so I can’t let this be the end…!)
: (This isn’t all my life’s meant to be… I’m not dying here… absolutely not!)
: We… we’re not going to lose to you…! We can’t!!

: The Dancouga’s glowing…?!
: Wh-What…?!
: What’s going on…? It's like I'm burning up...!
: My body... and my soul are on fire...!
: Power pouring through from my core...!
: This’s what we've been looking for...!
: Hrm…!

: Urgh…!
: Alright, they did it!
: Wow… That some crazy power and speed they’ve got…!
: The Dancouga’s… like a wild beast now…!
: A Beast Mode… who’d have thought they had something like that.
: That’s the apex of the Dancouga…!
: Haah… haah… haah…
: Hold on, something’s wrong!
: Are… Are they going to kill the R-Daigun’s pilot…?!

: Kch…
: …!
: DON’T!!
: …!
: They stopped…?
: Eida… Wh-Why are you…
: …

: Wh-What the…? What were we doing?
: And what form was that...?
: What the hell is the Dancouga…?
: Team D, are you alright? Do you hear me?!
: Y-Yeah, we’re here!
: You look like you’re back in control, but there’re still enemies around. Maybe it’d be best for you to return to the ship for now?
: No, we’re fine…! More than that, actually… There isn’t an enemy that could keep us down now…!
: If you say so, alright… but at least try not to do anything rash.
: Roger that. Come on, people! Let’s go wild!

And the Dancouga Nova’s got a swanky new attack – expensive in EN, but very powerful. Only a handful of stuff left, so we’ll wrap things up quick.

: A very good show, LOTUS. Too bad that victory’s already ours…!

: I never imagined this unit would display dimensional interference abilities of this degree. But no more: you and LOTUS will all meet your end here.
: No, we won’t! We cannot fall until we’ve rescued the professor and saved the world!
: Plus I got a real problem with that weird toy you’ve set at my school, so it’s time to give you what you deserve!

: Struggle as you might, this battle will end in our favor. All you’re doing is wasting your energy.
: Maybe, but I’m piloting an EVA – that means I can’t just give up and do nothing!
: To say nothing of the fact that Misaki is like a second home to me. I’m not letting you destroy it!

: Machinas beyond the Linebarrel are of no consequence to us… and the same also applies to the hybrid.
: Your units weep, for they’re saddled with weak pilots, unable to bring out their actual powers.
: Psh, buddy-boy there’s looking down on us!
: But we won’t let you spread any more violence!
: We just gotta bring down your gumball, and then things’ll turn in our favor!
: You’ll be sorry you ever underestimated us!
: Off we go, folks! Dealing with the Katou Organization’s our bread and butter!

: You’ve successfully mastered the Plasma Drive, and even overwhelmed the combined Mimetic Beast… You’ve made it much farther than I’d ever imagined, Goh Saruwatari.
: Maybe it’s time to give up thinking you can tag where our limits are. We’ll always be reaching beyond whatever line your imagination sets!

: This guy was there during our first failed mission, right? We never fought him straight-up, but I still feel like taking it out on him too…!
: What he said. It wasn’t really his fault, but screw it – we don’t care.
: Team “D” stands for “Dangerous” today. Let’s go and make him painfully aware of it…!

: To call that unit weak would be an understatement. You must be mad to face the Glain-Neidr with it.
: I’ve heard a bunch of talk like that before – usually a few minutes before I shoved my foot up the speaker’s butt! I don’t take sass sitting down, guy!

: Grit your teeth, Katous! This CHAMPION OF JUSTICE’s about to run your evil into the dirt!
: His standards are beyond childish… I was right. The point of us observing him was to…

: I hope you’re not expecting the Glain-Neidr to go down after just that.

: Damn it, that fatass is still going?!
: He’s as strong as advertised, huh…!


: The Hub Dynamo’s already online. Retreat, Masaki.
: …
: My orders were just for you to install the Sphere, I recall.
: I never said anything about eliminating LOTUS, making your current activity absolutely needless. Do stop with it right now, yes?
: … Retreating.

: All enemies are leaving the area.
: Hah, and stay out!
: We somehow managed to keep the town in one piece.
: Same can’t be said about keeping them from setting up that Sphere, though…
: No point in crying over spilt milk. We’re making some headway on our research on the things, mind, so can you guys come back to JUDA on the double?
: Understood. All troops, return to the Daiku Maryu!
: Aye, aye!

Back at Shangri-La, Katou’s taking Masaki to task for trying to destroy LOTUS when that went far beyond the scope of his orders. To say nothing of the fact that Masaki’s offensive ended in failure, too. He says things were going fine, but he didn’t expect the Apparition to interfere. With that, Masaki quickly excuses himself.
Katou seems annoyed, but doesn’t say anything when Reiji asks. Rather, he wants to know how things are going on his end. Smoothly: all of the orbiting Hub Dynamos are confirmed to be receiving energy from the Hub Fountain. Now they just need the Flag to awaken, and the Dimension Peeler can be activated.

It’ll be a little bit before that happens, mind. Katou can’t help but be ruefully impressed with Ishigami: not only the guy made off with the Flag, he saw fit to seal away the key to getting their final operation rolling behind a game in Katou’s computer. He’s in the process of clearing it all to undo the seal. Not that surprising to Reiji, of course, knowing how much the guy fancied his pranks.
Whatever the case, very soon they’ll be able to progress to the last stage. And then…

: Huh…?
: There, I’ve said it… I love you. I always have…!
: But…
: I’m sorry, I—
: You love Kouichi, right?
: Huh?!
: I know, but I wanted to get this off my chest.
: I wanted you to know that there’s another guy who loves you… and I’d be happy if you just remembered that.
: Yajima…


: You’re a real man, Yajima…
: ... It feels kinda awkward to be spying on them like this, though...
: Oh, don’t be like that. This is a big moment for our buddy, so how could we not witness it?
: Friendship’s fine and all, but it doesn’t make this any better.
: G-Goh…! W-We were just…!
: Psh… Hurry on up to the Ishigami’s office. Seems they’ve finished their analysis on the Spheres.
: Really?!

From what the JUDA crew’s found, the Katous have set a bunch of other Spheres beyond the ones at Vladivostok and Misaki. They’ve been slowly getting those in place while we weren’t looking, and Tetsuya Kouji isn’t amused.
Now, Sakon originally thought we were dealing with something like a Death Cross Point, but it wasn’t quite that. Rachel says they’ve managed to get confirm their hypothesis with the Misaki Sphere, though. The Spheres spread throughout Earth are part of a system; one that’s meant to interfere with the planet’s gravitational field, triggering a large-scale space-time distortion.

Distortion? A hole in the fabric of space-time, like the one that allowed the Linebarrel to come into our world in the first place. Said distortion’s projected to be 350km wide and form right above Misaki – that is, right above US. Yajima figures what they’re going to do is use that as a gate to bring their army.
When Kouichi asks, he explains that the Katou Organization as a whole is just the spearhead of the Highly Probable World’s invading force. Once the way is open, the entire army’ll come over. The Organization alone is a pain to deal with, and the prospect of an even bigger force isn’t one Sayaka’s happy with.

Right then, AI Ishigami crops up and sees that there is little time remaining. “The world must be kept out of their clutches, so I will now entrust you with the entirety of Project JUDA,” he proclaims.
Data starts pouring into the computers, which Rachel tags as depicting a detailed analysis of the D-S.O.I.L., as well the development of optional equipment based around that. “He kept stuff like this hidden in JUDA’s underground…? Wait, no… this isn’t underground!” Rachel realizes as the ground starts shaking!

Not just – JUDA HQ is going airborne! Yajima asks Kouichi to calm down, and AI Ishigami explains: “This is the true form of Project JUDA… the giant battleship, Flag!” As Johnny notes it, the entire building was camouflage for the thing, as Ishigami needed to keep its presence hidden until the right moment.
Is he implying that the forces from the Highly Probable World are already underway? No, he assures Misato that the Katou Organization will need some time to activate the Dimension Peeler and open the gate in space-time.

That sounds great to Tanaka, who calls in and asks if we couldn’t make a detour for Dragon’s Hive, then. But Aoi likes that he’s on the phone, wanting to ask him about what happened to the Dancouga during the battle.
That’s fine, that’s fine, as they WERE going to discuss the Dancouga once Team D’s back at Dragon’s Hive. Oh, so they’re finally going to get some answers? Yes, but it won’t be from Tanaka… F.S. himself wants to speak to them.

Speaking of, F.S. is very glad that Team D’s finally reached the point where they can unleash the God Beast Mode. They might actually be able to succeed in their plan. His previously-hidden friend, WILL, agrees, noting that Team D and the Dancouga have grown and awakened faster than his predictions.
They may yet bestow humanity with the power it’ll need to oppose “them”… though it is still too soon to say for sure, F.S. notes. They still need to see where Team D stands in all this, which means it’s time to tell them everything about the Dancouga’s true purpose.

Oh, and MajinZenki did a thing over discord: