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Part 80: Mission 33 - The Chosen Future - Part 1

Here we are again, Ichitaka and Daiya maintaining a steady distance from one another – each got four kills last mission.

Quickly on the Skill Parts front, I’ve been saving Hit & Aways and Gunfights for the whole damn game because outside of Shinji and Alto, there are no other range-focused MCs and I didn’t feel like spending those on Ozma. So, finally, I get to dump them all on Heero and Kira.

And for upgrades, I got both Heero and Yuu up to 50% since they need it way more than Kira – he’s already OP. Heero now has Accuracy +15, A in Air and Range +1; Yuu has Mobility +15, Accuracy +15, S(!) in Air and Range +1. Very nice, indeed.

16 slots in today’s mission, with Shinn, Athrun, Kira and Rey deploying as event units. Here’s how we’re going:

Off we go.

: The Destiny Plan…?
: Many of you are likely taken aback by the abruptness of it all, but, please, we ask that you lend us your ear for a moment.
: Meer…
: …
: As the Chairman just said, our world is currently beset by many different threats. It is not unthinkable that tomorrow, many of our loved ones may find their lives in danger… What would you do at that moment…?
: (Dad, mom… Mayu…)
: Would you wait for someone to come to their rescue? That might result in your loved ones losing their lives…
: Indeed, when that moment comes, it is up to you to keep said peoples’ lives safe! All of us have the strength to be capable of that lying deep within us! The Chairman’s Destiny Plan is simply a way to support us in that endeavor.
: It is understandable that, even after hearing Lady Lacus’ words, many will still be confused. However, please, ask yourselves: what should you do to safeguard the future of your beloved?

*End transmission.

: So it’s meant to give people the strength to protect those they love…?
: If the plan really can make that happen, then…
: It does, yes.
: Huh… Rey…?
: You knew about this Destiny Plan…?
: Hm, the Chairman told me about it. Ways to stimulate mankind’s evolution, to allow us to defend Earth with our own hands… that is what the Destiny Plan entails.
: Ways to defend Earth…?
: An example would be the Zentran Factor. By researching data Leon Mishima gave us, we’ve found that there are Earthlings with genetic factors that, if stimulated, could allow them to grow as big as a Zentradi.
: When did he ever send that…?
: Sounds like something he’d do, though. Offer the PLANTs some tech and, in exchange, he got more forces to use in his schemes.
: The other example would be the SEED Factor. And our own group has several examples of people who’ve manifested it – people like you, Shinn, and Kira Yamato.
: I…
: …
: The Destiny Plan’s goal is to discover the humans that have these genetic factors and build teams to defend the Earth Sphere from any who’d do it harm.
: What…?
: I suppose it makes sense from a military point of view to scout only folks that are innately talented at combat…
: The Plan won’t be focusing solely on the military aspect, though. By analyzing the talents that lie dormant within each individual, they’ll be capable of making full use of said talents without any risk of losing their path in life.
: Science, arts, and more… every human will be able to have a meaningful life.
: Is that really true…?
: What…?
: Just because someone might be innately talented as a fighter, that doesn’t mean that’s all they can ever amount to…
: You’d turn your back on your own genes?! You were born as the Super Coordinator, owner of peerless talent, and, yet, you’d wish for a different lot in life?!
: I do not fight because I’m talented at it; nor do I wish for something in hopes it’ll just come true. Isn’t it the desire to make your wish come true what pushes people to overcome their destiny?
: Kira’s right. It’s the people themselves that decide their own destiny – it’s not something anyone can impose on others.
: …
: Rey, I’ll be the first to admit that my life hasn’t been a perfect string of successes – far from it – but hardship, sorrow, and whatnot, are all different and necessary facets of it, no?
: Why…? Do you think every single person is strong? They’re not. There are many who’ve been defeated by the strain of life, whose hearts have broken under it all. This Plan could save them…!
: It’s true that everyone hates hardship… things would likely be a lot simpler just being told what to do…
: But humans aren’t dolls.
: !!
: None of us are superheroes. Whatever talents we might have, we still cry and get angry during difficult times…
: Also, sending people into battle because they have, or haven’t, certain innate talents, and them being capable of fighting to the bitter end, are two very different things…
: I told you before, didn’t I, Rey? I don’t really like the idea of something like “destiny” deciding how people live and die…
: Life is more than just that… I’ve come to that realization over all these battles.
: Shinn…
: Listen, Rey… I might not have any special talents of my own… but I’m still set on saving the professor myself. That’s just the choice I made.
: You will not be endorsing the Chairman’s Plan, then…?
: Personally, I’m afraid not. That said, I don’t think I’m entitled to make this decision for all of LOTUS.
: I agree. We’ll need to talk things over, and see if we’re all on the same page on this matter...
: Time is running very short, though. I’m sure you all understand how urgent it is that we strengthen our defenses right away…!
: And if you’re not willing to cooperate, then we’ll be left with no choice but to force you…
: F-Force us…?!
: What, you’re just gonna jam this Destiny Plan down everyone’s throats?!
: There’ll be no future for mankind without the Destiny Plan! It is the one remaining way to deliver us from chaos… And any who refuse to support the Chairman’s Plan will have to be eliminated!
: Then it’ll fall on us to stand against his tyranny.
: Captain…?! Even you’re turning against him?
: I’m a member of FAITH, so I’m exercising my right to act according to my convictions.
: Fine. Then as another member of FAITH, I’ll follow my own convictions and help the Chairman in any way I can… I’ll be taking my leave.

*Off he goes.*

: Rey!
: … Trying to stop him won’t help. He’s fighting for what he, himself, believes in…
: The Legend is departing!


: Rey…

Some time later, our other folk ponder Rey leaving – ever firm in his belief in Durandal. Will we have to fight him, then, Daiya wonders. Kira doesn’t see any way around it, considering what he and Durandal are planning to do. They need to be stopped. The Archangel/Eternal group has officially joined us, and Kira and Shinn finally have a chance to speak face-to-face again (Athrun’s told Kira much about him).
Shinn remembers their encounter at Orb, and is surprised that guy was the Freedom’s pilot. As Murrue properly introduces them, Kira has been meaning to apologize all this time for hurting that girl in Berlin – she clearly means much to him. But Shinn’s willing to let bygones be bygones since, in the end, they managed to get her out alive. “Plus, I still owe you a ton for all the times you helped us. I dunno how I can repay you, but I’ll absolutely try,” Shinn adds.

When Misato asks, Cagalli says both the Archangel and Eternal will be converging with our group as, one, this isn’t really the time to be chasing GreAT, and, two, things have reached a point where they can’t handle things by themselves. Well, Misato sees no reason to turn them down and gives them all the welcome aboard.
Kouichi and Ichitaka see that LOTUS is becoming an even bigger family with all these new additions, and Nagisa can’t help but be amazed all so many different folks, from many different backgrounds, banding together in one group. Still, this is exactly what Ishigami and Une wanted LOTUS to become when they put it together.

Wielding all this firepower is a big responsibility, Waltfeld sees, which is all the more reason to Lacus that we can’t wield our weapons thoughtlessly. If our words can get through the other party and avoid hostilities breaking out, that’d be best, of course. In the eventuality that’s not possible, Hilda steps up and says we’ll be ready to deploy. Mars and Herbert are with her, undaunted when fighting for LACUS-SAMA.
Sounds like a real trio of go-getters to Kenji, so he wishes them do a bang-up job. Hilda says the same, with an admonition for him not to make Lacus worry! Now, Yui gets a message from Une saying that the ZAFT fleet on the moon is on the move – we’re to check what they’re up to, but to be ready to act, worst comes to worst. As we get ready to scramble, Misato asks Yui to see if we can get in touch with Relena on Earth, just in case.

: …
: How’re you doing, Shinn…?
: Luna…
: You’re thinking about Rey, aren’t you?
: Yeah… Hey, can I ask why you also decided to stay here?
: Well… I guess it’s because I didn’t want the life I’ve lead to this point to be denied.
: Your life?
: Yeah. I’ve have plenty of missteps along the way, but everything I did was always what I had chosen… I don’t see myself having someone else decide my life for me.
: Hm, I know how you feel…
: So I’m still here. I wanna keep helping you protect all our friends.
: Took the words out of my mouth. All I want is to keep you and our friends safe, with my own two hands…
: Shinn…

If you rescued Stella, you get these added bits:

: And I’ll protect Shinn too!
: S-Stella! When did you get here?! And you really don’t need to hug me this tight!
: … Well, I guess I better go and get ready to deploy.
: Hey, Luna! Wait just a minute!
: You, too, Luna! I’ll protect you too!
: Ah…?
: All this time, I’ve been nothing but trouble for everyone. So now I want to try and make everyone happy.
: Stella…
: You’re right… We’ll bring happiness to everyone – us and our whole team, together.
: Right!

Cut to Durandal’s fortress – Messiah – and he’s welcoming Rey back after the difficult battle on the moon. All in Gil’s name, of course, and Rey sees the time has finally come for the chairman’s ideals to crystallize. Still, they’ve only just begun and the difficult part is yet to come… which is why Durandal was hoping LOTUS would’ve agreed to help.
Indeed, Rey was surprised that the Minerva crew refused as well. Durandal’s idea behind assigning the ship to work with us was that it’d make LOTUS more amenable and, eventually, they’d sign on up, but it had the exact opposite effect. Durandal had hoped the crew – and, especially, Shinn – would’ve been more sympathetic to his cause.

But their chat’s interrupted when Masaki enters to speak with Durandal (Rey stops short). Why is he here? Durandal is sure the required data was already transferred. Actually, Masaki is here with a warning: LOTUS is headed this way. Oh. Now, Central has deemed the Destiny Plan to be useful in managing the society, so they’ll be dispatching troops over to make sure it is successfully implemented.
As Durandal nods, Masaki and Rey exchange glares and the former leaves. Rey wants to know why Durandal is working with those people – he should be well aware of what Central’s goal is. “I know what you’re getting at. However, the Destiny Plan wouldn’t have been completed without their assistance,” Durandal argues. “Moreover, if the Plan is put into effect, coexistence with Central may not be an impossibility – and, in doing so, we’ll keep them from converting all of humanity into Machinas.”

As Durandal puts it, he is a statesman – it’s in his blood to prepare for the worst case scenario. As such, he’ll try to secure humanity’s future in his own way, and requests Rey’s help in making it happen.
“If that is what you declare, then I’ll see that it is done. It’s my firm belief that both the world and mankind as a whole need your Plan,” Rey declares, and Durandal thanks him for the support.

Mission 33 – The Chosen Future

: We’ve brought a fortress to the moon, allied ourselves with those creepy fellas… Jeez, what the hell is wrong with ZAFT?
: Cut to the chatter – this is a battlefield. We should just focus on keeping the PLANTs safe.
: Still, this whole thing is…
: I know! … I don’t like it either, but…
: Yzak…

: And so you’ve come, Shinn… and LOTUS.
: Rey…
: We’re really gonna have to fight Rey, huh…

*Looks ahead.*

: The space fortress Messiah…! They’ve even deployed it…?

*Looks at the Valleys.*

: Hey, I see some of those Central mechs mixed in with ‘em!
: The Chairman’s working with Central, then?!
: Shows how far Durandal is willing to go to implement his Destiny Plan…!

*Looks at some different units out back.*

: I’ve never seen those units before, though…
: Earthlings… resistance is futile… Join us…
: That voice… Soubi?!
: Join us…
: He’s been turned into a Machina-Human, just like Kiriyama…
: What… What the hell do they think people are?!
: I bid you a warm welcome, LOTUS… Am I correct to assume that you’ve come here to stop me?
: Gilbert…
: As I’m sure you’re aware, I’m ready and willing to force the implementation of the Destiny Plan. If possible, I’d much rather… Actually, I suppose there isn’t much for us to discuss – not when we both hold such unswayable desires.
: I suppose this battle will serve to decide who is truly suited to bear the burden of mankind’s future, then.
: Chairman, why are you in so much of a rush?! This isn’t the way!
: You said we both hold “such unswayable desires”... but I’m sure we all want the same thing, and that’s to defend the future of all people!
: Our ideals are the same, but our methods are not. You know that.
: Come. There’s no reason for further debate, don’t you think?
: Understood… then we’ll simply follow our convictions and bring you down!
: … That is truly a shame, Cpt. Gladys…
: Here we come… Rey…!

Mission Objective: destroy all enemies.
Mission Failure: Any battleship, Shinn, Kira or Athrun shot down.

Got a big wave of enemies up ahead, with Rey being the biggest threat around by a mile. In truth, this is a bit of a difficulty spike: the ZAFT units are quite dodgy and accurate, the Valleys still pack the same heavy punch as always (especially the Strikes) and you’ve got Soubi and three other MP Machinas.
Your first priority should be to hang by, at most, the edge of Rey’s MAPW range and build up morale on the first wave of goons. Once your folks are ready, rush the Legend ASAP and get him off your hair – things become significantly easier when you do. Remember that your Confuse casts, just in case you guys are getting mobbed too badly.
As mentioned above, when dealing with the Valleys, you should always prioritize the Strikes not only due to their damage but due to the Armor Down they can still apply. Finally, the four MP Machinas are either programmed to only act real late in the mission or they outright won’t do anything until your guys get close. Whatever the case, save them for last.

Finally, something to keep in mind:
Secret Alerts!
Have Kira fight Rey, then have Shinn shoot him down
Also, have Kouichi CONVINCE Soubi.

Two different secrets on the line, but nothing too difficult. Just make sure you don’t overestimate Shinn’s movement range and be forced to wait a turn before killing Rey – that’s a recipe for losing folks to his DRAGOON.

Legend Gundam (Rey za Burrel)
Pilot Skills:
Sword Cut
Shoot Down
Shield Defense
Prevail L8
Support Attack L3
Attack Combo L3

Switching portraits has given Rey a major boost in everything which, when paired with the Legend’s S rank in space and high modifiers, results in a whole lot of accuracy and evasion.
One thing you should be mindful of (outside of that lovely 6x6 MAPW we’ve come to abuse) is that Rey’s surprisingly bulky: nearly max Prevail, Guard, the VPS armor and Messiah’s terrain providing a 20% boost to defense means he can take a decent amount of punishment, so you better come packing Valor to get things done quick.
As I said, park people outside his MAPW range, rush him down, attack with Kira and have Shinn finish him off – you can easily wreck him in a single round if your morale’s good.

Mass-Produced Machina (Soubi Nakajima)
Pilot Skills:
Machina-Human L8
Sword Cut
Shoot Down
Break Morale Limit
Prevail L8
Support Attack L3
Attack Combo L3

Despite the major stat boost, Soubi’s nowhere near as much of a threat as Kiriyama since they saw fit to take away his Talisman. The MP Machinas are decent enough as grunt units, but they’re just not strong enough to compete in the big leagues. Plus, there’s also the fact that it only has two attacks: the weakest is 1-3, and the strongest is point-blank, so pretty much anyone can outrange him.
Convince him with Kouichi, and then Soubi’ll likely go down in 2-3 valored attacks (maybe even oneshotted, depending on whether it’s Kouji or Kenji).

As our folks advance, the first enemy wave throws itself into the grinder.

And we’ll show off the Straybird’s DKs while we’re at it.

When turn two rolls around, you down a named character or reduce the enemy numbers below 36…

: To all the peoples of the Earth Sphere, I am Lacus Clyne.
: ?! This broadcast is…?!
: Please observe the images before you. ZAFT has shed light upon LOTUS’ true nature: yet another group that’d threaten us. Under the pretense of protecting the Earth Sphere, they’ve bolstered their forces and now turned it against us. No different from Logos…
: So, it all comes down to propaganda again?!
: He really did put Meer Campbell into play – unsurprising. Then we’ll follow suit…
: None of us desire any more war… We wanted it gone from our world, but that does not suit them…

*Beep, boop.*

: Do not be fooled by her appearance. I am Lacus Clyne.
: ?!

: That’s the Eternal… Then is she really…?
: I am aware that someone with the same face, voice and name as mine is working with Chairman Durandal.
: I-I…!
: But I cannot endorse Chairman Durandal’s words or his actions.
: That said, it does not mean that we are against said wish to see war gone from our midst.
: What the… even Relena Darlian’s with her…? The hell?
: It may be true that the Plan the Chairman’s advocating could bring many a life of peace.
: But we cannot blindly accept his proposal. We must all think long and hard about what kind of world we are on the verge of heading towards…
: And if I may borrow Chairman Durandal’s own words…
: All of you that are watching this, please, think: what should you do to safeguard the future of your beloved?
: And that concludes our broadcast. Isabelle Cronkite, out.


: What I should do, huh…?
: …
: Ch-Chairman…
: Hahahah… the two queens have outplayed me. Still, it isn’t check mate just yet.

And now we carry on our destruction.
Did they give everyone of Kira’s attacks a DK…?

At last, SEIGI blesses this battlefield!
What do you mean the BGM is wrong? No, you’re clearly talking crazy.

Excellent. Fourth turn, named character down, or enemy count is at 28 or less, and you get…

: Well done, LOTUS. I did not expect this victory to come easily, even with Central’s assistance…
: … You may fire when ready.
: Yes, sir! Engaging Neutron Jammer Cancellers! Nuclear Cartridge, loading!


: …! We’re detecting a powerful energy reading within the enemy fortress!
: … Hrm! LOTUS! Get your people out of the firing line! Hurry!
: Yzak…?!
: The Messiah’s getting ready to fire it… the GENESIS! They’re targeting the Eternal!
: A gigantic gamma ray cannon! Eternal, what are you still doing there?!

*Energy charge!*

: Everything I do, I do in the name of humanity’s future…!
: !!

: I-Is everyone alright?!
: Our forces barely evaded the attack – no major damage. The Eternal is also fine!

*Beep, beep!*

: Th-That’s…
: What happened, Meyrin?!
: Th-The attack just now… it’s caused catastrophic damage throughout a ZAFT fleet that’d deployed at our flank…!
: What…?!
: Gilbert… you…!
: I-Is that how you look out for Earth…? Didn’t you say you were doing this for mankind’s sake?! You’ve got to be kidding me, Durandal!
: It took so long to lessen the fear people felt from those living in space, and you’ll be bringing it all back…!
: … Sorry, Yzak, but this is about all I can take. Whether or not the Chairman’s vision for the world is right, if ZAFT’s willing to put up with stuff like this, then we’d just be going down that same, insane, path again!
: Our mission is still to provide support for ZAFT.
: Yzak…!
: So move your ass and support the Minerva and the Eternal! They’re ZAFT ships, remember!
: …! Psh… You hardass, you…

*Their units turn friendly and move by the Archangel.*

: Huh… the IFF on that GOUF and ZAKU is…! Dearka?!
: This is Dearka Elsman speaking. We’re backing you up, LOTUS.
: Yzak, Dearka… You’re going to help us?
: Hmph… And I’ve a lot to yell at you about after this is done. You better brace yourself for it!
: Aye, aye, sir…
: We’ve no idea how much time we have until Neo-GENESIS is ready to fire again, or where they might shoot next…!
: Things might not end as well as they did if that thing gets off another shot. We need to hurry and capture Messiah!
: Are you two ZAFT soldiers ready to go?
: Yeah!
: We… We’ll put a stop to the Chairman!