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Part 81: Mission 33 - The Chosen Future - Part 2

Alright, that’s two less problems to deal with. We’ll set our sights on Rey real soon.

: So, Durandal’s words are pretty much gospel to you?
: As Moon WILL himself assessed, destruction is all that awaits humanity in its current state. So Gil will take its reins and guide it! Then, our world will endure!
: Sorry, but that’s not happening. We’re here to pull the plug on both the Destiny Plan and that “destruction of humanity” business!
And here’s the Akatsuki Shiranui’s best weapon.
Plus the Straybird's best trick!

And let’s get this one out the way as well. Finally, Rey…

: Why do you trust that Chairman so much?!
: I, for one, ain’t putting up with that crazy Plan of his!
: You don’t have to understand, only to stand back and watch. If you do, Gil will make a utopia out of this world…
: Oh, piss off! We fought through all those battles to keep our future in our own hands, not to hand it over to someone else!


: You… Were you planning on using us even back when we first met?
: Yes, to be honest. Gil needed more strength for what was to come.
: Uh-huh… Too bad for you, things ain’t gonna go your way!
: The Chairman won’t have a monopoly on our strength! The Voltes is, and always will be, a symbol of hope for ALL of Earth!

: You said before that you wanted your father to accept you, right?
: We are alike, then… I am alive because Gil accepts me.
: It’s true that I wanted my dad to compliment me. And I was really happy when he told me “good job”.
: But I’ve already made up my mind, that even if my dad doesn’t approve of what I’m doing, I’m still going to follow my own path – the path I chose to follow…!
: And I know that’ll make him happy…!

: Your Destiny Plan’ll do away with the future of so many children! There’s absolutely no way that’s how the world’s meant to be!
: Are you worried about Lou Roux? Don’t be.
: The Earth Sphere will be under the protection of hand-picked warriors… There will be no more alien invasions, or new tragedies born of those, and the children will all be lead in the proper direction.
: Even children can go and make their own choices; and if it looks like they’re making a bad one, then adults should just try and point out a better direction!
: But by setting them on a linear path from the moment they’re born, you’re doing nothing but killing all the potential they have!

: Rey, please stop this!
: I’ve lived all for this day – the day Gil would create the world he dreamt of…! What about you, Shinn?!
: To create a world where there’s no war, that’s why…!
: But even if there’s no war, there will always be unhappiness! Gil will put an end to all of that!
: But that doesn’t change the fact that what he’s doing is wrong, Rey!

: Kira Yamato… I refuse to allow someone like you to exist…!
…! Why are you so…?!
: You, of all people, should know! I’m… Rau le Creuset!
: Rau le Creuset…?!
: It can’t be…! Kira destroyed him at Jachin Due!
: … He’s a clone?
: That’s right… I’m a being created by the hands of man… Not a person, but an empty vessel…
: You’re wrong! You only ever had one life... and that life is your own! You’re not him!
: Shut your mouth! Your life was also created by someone else’s hands! What makes you so different from us?!
: Why do you, alone, get to live a meaningful life?!
: Rey, you…!
: Kira Yamato… you’re the “glorious” embodiment of the dream – the future – of humanity…!
: And that’s why you must disappear along with us! So that this world may be reborn!

: If you ask me, a life on preset rails is a whole lot worse than one stumbling about your own path!
: But if the Destiny Plan is successfully implemented, no one will ever lose their way again. It’ll be the end of this society that persecutes those who’ve fallen by the wayside!
: Is that a fact? But you should know that there are wings within the hearts of every person! Those wings yearn for freedom, and you’re not strong enough to bind them!

: Rey, was it always your plan to use LOTUS as a tool for Durandal?
: It was, though that obviously didn’t happen. Still, you’ve also used LOTUS for your own goals, no? We are alike.
: It’s true, I did join LOTUS in order to save the professor… but that doesn’t mean I’d ever betray our crew over it!
: And if you had to choose between LOTUS and the professor? What then?
: Then I’d insist to have my cake and eat it too – I’m childish like that…!
: And that happy ending is one we’ll earn ourselves!

: Here we are, Rey. I am sorry, but Gilbert’s Plan needs to be stopped.
: I also want my son to have the freedom to choose his own future.
: I cannot stand down either, Cpt. Gladys… I’ll destroy anyone who stands in Gil’s way – even you!

: The world isn’t so tiny that your justice alone could save it.
: I’ve figured out ages ago that I’m not strong enough to pull that off! That said, I’m not fighting this alone…
: If I can really be a Champion of Justice, it’s only because I’ve my friends of LOTUS beside me!

: You are not fighting because you were ordered, but because you’ve someone you wish to be safe, so I won’t gainsay what you’re doing… But, tell me: what do you expect to gain after this is done?
: My very being is worth nothing – I doubt I could ever make something with my life.
: But if I can protect Gil, then not even death seems like a high price to pay.
: In the past, I was no different from a fighting machine. I’d get my orders, and kill as many people as necessary to fulfill them – again, again, and again.
: You may smother your heart and convince yourself that life is cheap…
: But there is nothing cheap about anyone’s life! And that includes mine and yours!

Heero: “Target confirmed: Legend, ZAFT’s prototype…”

: You always had that “cold and aloof” shtick going, but I figured there was a good guy behind all that! What the hell, man?!
: All I’ve done was act in accordance to my orders: “fall in with LOTUS and, when it’s time to implement the Destiny Plan, bring them into our fold if possible.”
: Wow… So this was all just one huge act? I can’t believe you!

: We even got Atross to be our friend, so why do we need to fight you?!
: Please reconsider what you’re doing, Rey!
: First off, I am not another child. Secondly, this is what I want to do.
: And thirdly… I just cannot be friends with you.
: No, no, no! We absolutely can!

: Stop this, Rey! The Chairman’s Plan won’t make anyone truly happy!
: Are you implying that Lacus Clyne could, then, Athrun?!
: But I don’t share your faith in her! I’d much rather stick with a far more concrete method. That’s why…!
: You idiot! All you’re doing is shutting your ears to everyone’s words but the Chairman’s!
: The Destiny Plan has to be stopped! That’s the path I chose to take, and why I was entrusted with the Justice!

: Come back to us, Rey! The Chairman’s way of doing things is totally wrong! Help us shut the guy down!
: I told you I cannot do that…! A swarm of menaces are massing at our doorstep; we need to implement the Plan immediately if we’re to stand a chance!
: It’ll be fine – we can all protect Earth together! Think of how lonely you’d be if you went on with this!

: Why are we even doing this?! What happened to all the stuff we went through?!
: This turn of events is very commonplace in the battlefield. That’s all there is to it…
: But we weren’t on the battlefield 24/7! For instance, didn’t we work on putting together that Idol Contest?! That was all of us, together!
: We’re all LOTUS members… The bonds between us aren’t flimsy like that! No way!
: … Come. We’re done talking…!

If you attack Rey with Shinn after having Kira engage, you get a new convo.

: Shinn… if only you would join us…
: Rey, you looked after me, didn’t you? Was the fact that you’re someone else’s clone what pushed you to do that?
: …
: No, it wasn’t! You did it because it was a decision you made, wasn’t it?!
: That’s…
: To me, you’re not this Rau le Creuset! You’re Rey za Burrell… my friend!
: …! Still, Shinn… I… my destiny is…!
: Come on, Rey! If destiny is what binds you… then I’ll cut you free from it!

: Hah… How much you’ve grown, Shinn…

If you killed him with anyone but Shinn:

: Impressive, LOTUS… but not surprising… I confess I’d been running simulations to figure out how to defeat you since yesterday, but nothing worked.
: Rey… “It doesn’t help to panic and burn the midnight oil on the eve of your deadline”. You were the one who said that to us, remember?!
: I guess… I did…
: Rey, why…?!
: … I don’t have that much of a future left. You see… I was born with short telomeres…
: So, what, that means you only care about helping with this crap, screw whether you live or die?!
: That’s right! I want to use whatever life I still have for the Gil’s… for the Chairman’s sake…! Kyo Misumi… I’m sure you can understand how I feel…!
: …

And then we converge. We did things right, though, so it goes straight to this from the previous line.

: Come back with us, Rey…!
: I’m sorry… but I have to keep Gil safe. That is what I chose, of my own free will…
: Rey…!

All that’s left is Soubi and a few GreAT units, so the battle’s pretty much won.

Especially after I do this.


Bam – all gone. Now to wait a turn while Kouichi gets in position.


: Link confirmed… Join us…
: Psh, seems like that collective consciousness’ doing a much bigger number on his brains that it did on Kiriyama.
: Do you think there isn’t anything we can do about this?
: That poor man…
: Hrm, and I bet the Glain-Neidr guy’s ordering him from somewhere! Get your ass out here, coward!
: Resistance is futile… but…
: He’s engaging! Counterattack!

MP Machinas aren’t too powerful, though.

There we go.

: Look at what they did to you… they got you dancing on the palm of their cyber-hand. Are you seriously alright with being controlled?!
: I am not under control... I am now one with the whole…
: Do you not remember anything?! You told me before: “a long time ago I also had that same passion of justice and ideals”! Did you even forget all about those…?!
: Urk…
: Justice… Ideals… Ka…oru…
: Soubi, are you…?!
: I thought his integration was already complete…This warrants some observation.

And that’s it. Now we blow him up!

: Further combat will have no effect on the Destiny Plan’s preservation. We’re done here – retreat, Soubi.
: Acknowledged…

: They’ve left…?
: I’d wager the Destiny Plan caught Central’s eye… but apparently that does not mean they’re willing to stick with them through thick and thin.
: Soubi… I…

: Messiah has gone silent! No additional enemy forces detected!
: Then all that remains…
: Right. This isn’t over just yet. Not until we’ve put a stop to him… to Chairman Durandal.
: Wait for me, Rey!

: Stop, you two! It’s too dangerous!

: We should go as well…

Couple of convos we missed:

: Rey… we’ve been friends since the academy, haven’t we?! Why do we need to fight like this…?
: I thought of protecting the PLANTs – of protecting the world – even back then.
: Gil can make that happen! The Earth will not last if we do nothing but insist on LOTUS’ approach! Sooner or later, it’ll crumble away!


: Mu la Flaga… You have to die as well.
: Rau le Creuset, he who sought to drape this world in darkness, was your father’s clone… And you’ll disappear along with all the crimes he committed!
: If we’re listing crimes, I’ve done more than a handful during my time with the Phantom Pain. But I can only atone for those by staying alive!
: So just come back to us – your friends are waiting…!
: Don’t be ridiculous! I have to keep on fighting… for Gil!
: Enough of this! If you do that, you’ll be draping this world in darkness yourself – no different from Creuset!

: Gil, you have to leave this place!
: No. I think now truly is check mate…

*Door opens!*

: Chairman Durandal…
: ?! You’re all…!
: All of LOTUS’ pilots step forth to meet with me… I am truly honored.
: Chairman, your Plan’s already done for. Just call it quits and turn yourself in…
: We’ve a major debt with you… You’ve helped us ever since we arrived in this world. So, please…!
: Do you truly think this is for the best…? Humanity will not last without the Destiny Plan.
: If you reject it, even should you successfully drive out the invaders, the world will inevitably fall into chaos once more.
: That’s a possibility, sure… but humanity can also choose not to head in that direction!
: Just like we learned to coexist with the Darius…
: And how we managed to befriend the Zentradi!
: … None of that means that all humans are as strong, or as kind, as you. Who could truly declare that humanity itself can change, that people can understand one another?
: But many of us know what it is like to reach out to another, to change for the better…
: And because we know that, we can help others do the same – the same way I changed after meeting everyone in LOTUS.
: Chairman Durandal, humans aren’t as idiotic as you deem them to be.
: You wished to protect this world… would you be willing to entrust it to us now…?
: …

*Door opens.*

: Gil… Stop this, please.
: Talia…
: The future should be molded by young men and women like them, not by us.
: The previous generation shouldn’t decide the road the next will walk, only help them make their own choice. The future is theirs alone.
: It doesn’t belong to us, hm…? You may be right. But bringing forth this future you’ve chosen is a herculean task. You are aware of that, I’m sure.
: And we’re ready to face what’s ahead.
: We rejected your choice, so we’ve a responsibility to see it done…
: Is that so… then I have nothing more to say. If you’re capable of proclaiming this much, then I'd like to bear witness to the future you’ll create.
: Chairman Durandal…
: And there’s something I’d like to apologize to you for, Lacus Clyne… it was I who sent those forces after you in Orb.
: …
: Chairman...?!
: As it was also my hand that forced Operation Angel Down into being… all so that Central would grant me their technology…
: Masaki Sugawara told me to eliminate the Archangel, as it was looking into GreAT. I am truly sorry for my deceit.
: But we’re all still alive… Did you honestly want us gone?
: I’m sure someone with your power could have made it happen if you did. Yet here we are…
: …
: What happens now, Durandal…?
: … You must leave this place. Messiah will break apart before long.
: Then you come with us, Chairman!
: I’m afraid that’s not possible. I also have to take responsibility for my choices.
: …
: Everyone back to your units… We must respect his wish…
: Kch…

*They leave.*

: Talia, you must carry on… Help those children. Do not let them go down the same path I did…
: I know… Goodbye, Gilbert…
: Goodbye, Talia…

*She goes too.*

: (Maybe, somewhere deep inside, I truly did hope Talia, Kira and their allies would stop me…)
: Gil…?
: Go with them, Rey. See for yourself whatever future this world might find…
: …
: … Understood, Gil… But I won’t just be watching. You wanted this world to be safe… so I’ll go and make it so…
: Thank you, Rey…

: Messiah’s…
: It’ll stand as a memorial for Durandal and his ideals…
: Chairman Durandal…

*Beep, beep.*

: That’s… we’re detecting a Mobile Suit!
: Huh…?

: LOTUS… I’m not here to fight with you. Will you accept my surrender?
: Rey…!

: The PLANTs’ Interim Council has agreed to a cease-fire. It’s over… finally.
: Though I would’ve preferred if things could’ve been resolved without hostilities…
: Chairman Durandal… he wanted to protect humanity just like us, but…
: Still, in the end, he decided to trust us with this world’s future… We now have to measure up to his wish.
: Yeah. All the more reason we really can’t let ourselves get taken out on these next battles.
: But, Dearka, you two are…
: Who gives a damn about affiliation right now? Our job is to make sure every single human – on the Earth, the PLANTs or wherever – gets to keep on living!
: Yup, what he said.

And if you covered all Meteor Breakers way back at the start of the game…

: We’ve brought the Duel and Buster Gundams along, too, so you can be sure we won’t be a burden…!
: Hey, now, and what do you think you’ll be doing with those two antiques?
: Chill; they got a lot of updates on their OSs and whatnot. We’ll be A-OK.
: Well, I see where you’re coming from. Better to jump into the fire with your old buddies than without, right?
: Granted, we shouldn’t be too puffed up about having those two considering where we took them from.
: … If you’re willing to fly them in the name of peace, then I’ll say nothing about it.
: We are sorry for what happened, Rep. Athha.
: That’s our situation sorted out, though. Guess we’ll be working together again, folks.
: Yzak, Dearka… thanks.

: And you? Do you really want to fight as part of LOTUS again?
: I understand that it’s a very selfish request. But, yes, that’s what I want to do – what I believe I can do.
: …
: Misato!
: Consider it a request from me as well. Could you please grant Gilbert’s final wish?
: … Oh, what the hell. Not like this’d be a first, so who am I so say anything? You have much to make up for, though.
: Then…!
: … Welcome back, Rey.
: Thank you very much.
: Thank goodness, Ray…! Our trio’s been together for too long – you can’t just ditch us!
: Absolutely…!

: Rey… Um, about the Chairman…
: It’s fine, Shinn… That was the future he chose. What I can do now is help protect the world he entrusted to us – side-by-side with all these people who called out to me.
: Rey…
: Yeah, we’ll protect this world. All of us together, for as long as it takes.

: (He’ll be going with Athrun and his team… But, I… what am I supposed to do now…?)
: Ah, here you are.
: Lady Lacus?! And LOTUS…
: We wanted to thank you for pointing the way to Messiah’s escape shaft. If you hadn’t, things could’ve have gotten rather complicated.
: Hm. Worst case scenario, we could’ve lost some of our folks.
: So, please, don’t be so scared. You can talk to us, you know.
: But I… I’m a fake. Lady Lacus herself is back, so I can’t…
: Meer… I’m sorry. You went through so much hardship because I pushed you to fill in as Lacus’ stand-in…
: Meer. Your name and your face might not be your own, but what about your song? The song that mended the hearts of so many wasn’t a lie, was it?
: My song…
: I saw your show at Diokia. It’s true that that wasn’t Lacus’ song… it was your own, no?
: That’s how you managed to connect with so many people.
: Sheryl… Alto…
: If you ask me, I dig your songs a whole lot. Whatever might be happening, they always perk me right up!
: You…
: Do carry on singing, Meer. Let the world hear your song…
: Lady Lacus… Okay, I’ll start over again and I’ll continue to sing… If anything, my wish to make people happy was real…
: Hmhmm, and that’s all you need…

: What a strong girl… She’s lost almost everything she had, but still swears to continue to sing.
: Sheryl…
: Don’t worry about me, Alto. I’ve enough courage to carry on singing myself… all thanks to you…
: …

And that’s the proper end to the human conflict, and our “shit needs killing” pile now only has the Vajra, Central, Moon WILL and the Cthulhu left. Katou hasn’t called in yet, so Reiji figures the interdimensional passageway isn’t open yet. This would make a good moment to deal with one of those other threats, then, but we don’t know where—
Never mind, the alarm sounds and Emi has news: the ship F-J III, currently patrolling around the moon, has just seen a massive fortress appear on the surface and it’s sending out a bunch of mobile weapons! Said weapons are IDed as being the Cthulhu’s and, whoops, they’ve just wrecked the F-J III in but an instant. Rachel is worried.
More importantly, Nagisa gets a Newtype flash and senses Nagisa Kanou – she’s inside that fortress for sure. Iczer-3 confirms, sensing the same kind, warm aura she feels from her Nagisa irradiating from within there.

Emi brings up an image of the fortress and Atross knows exactly what it is: Neos Gold’s base. Goh is dumbstruck that, despite our best efforts at trying to locate the thing, the Cthulhu managed to bring their entire base right to our doorstep.
They’re likely pretty sure of their victory to go all-in like that, Mu ponders, and Tetsuya’s sure we’ll likely have to contend with Moon WILL as well over there.That sounds like a good deal to Aoi, seeing how fighting the guy was our main reason for coming up to space anyway. And if we can rescue Nagisa while doing it, that’s two birds with one stone, for Ichitaka.
Regardless, there’s clearly no time to waste, so Misato orders us straight to the lunar surface.