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Part 83: Mission 34 - The Light of The Iczelio - Part 2

And now you get to do it again. All enemies have respawned and while you probably could ignore them and just brute force Neos (who’ll auto-cast Iron Wall until you do some hefty damage), you’re likely better off casting Confuse once or twice and killing everything for the cash.

Super Neos (Neos Gold)
Pilot Skills:
Ignore Size Difference
Commander L3
Prevail L5
Support Attack L3
Attack Combo L3

Super Neos gets powered up in a lot of spots, but loses a couple of things. For one, she can no longer chain attack and doesn’t even get a MAPW to fall back on (and her AI will still prioritize high HP targets), so she’s actually less dangerous.
On the flip side, she’s gotten boosts in all stats and attack power, to say nothing of HP and defense. 94k on a Prevail L5 wouldn’t be an issue normally, but the fact that she’s auto-casting Iron Wall means you’ll be doing gimped damage for a while (make sure to tag her with Yulianne!).
Killing her in one round is likely tough on a fresh game, so you might as well clear out the mooks again. Once they’re gone, the battle is practically won.

Welcome back, Rey. Pop Zeal with Shinji and we can get him perfectly positioned to cut our problems down to size.

All the new enemies get trounced in two turns, and we’re free to tackle Neos.

: An ordinary human man! I’ve nothing to speak with worms who lack any unique powers!
: Well, what a coincidence! I also have nothing to say to you! I’ll just pour all my anger into the Dannar’s fists and let them get my point across!

: Bring it on, Neos Gold! You’re about to get an eyeful of the Devil Emperor’s power!
: Hohoho… “Emperor”, you say! Please, give me your best shot - and do try not to disappoint!
Here’s her best attack. Get Neos below 80% HP and…

: It is useless… So long as the Iczelio lies within my grasp, I am invincible. Any other force is impotent before it.

: Urgh! Not only is she tough as nails, she can also regen?!
: What do we do now?! Our attacks are only hitting, like, half as hard thanks to that Iczelio too…!
: Run her new numbers against our previously collected data! Hurry!
: Ohohohoho…. I am perfect – almighty. I am cut from wholly different cloth from the Jama Kingdom and Darius Army.
: If the Iczelio’s the problem, then there’s one thing we can try!
: Iczer-3?!
: You’ve got an idea? What, it’s not—
: Right. It takes Iczelio energy to beat Iczelio energy, so I’ll do just what Atross did!

*Iczer-3 flies after Neos.*

: Iczer-3, stop!
: Insolent fool. Die, Iczer-3!

: Waah?!


: Ah—… Iczer-3…
: Hahahahah…! You’ve been found wanting, accursed Iczer!
: This has gotta be a sick joke… is she really gone…?
: No, wait… Over there!
: You won’t be having this your way, Neos Gold!
: What?! Who goes there?!

: … Don’t worry. Iczer-3’s safe.
: Iczer-1…! You’re back!
: My wounds have finally healed, yes. I can once more fight at your side.
: Sis! You saved me!
: I see you’ve been working very hard since I left, hm, Iczer-3?
: I did, yes! All thanks to Nagisa and our friends!
: I thank you as well, other Nagisa…
: You’re Iczer-1… Weird… this is our first time talking, but I already feel like I know you…
: You’ve my deepest appreciation for taking care of this girl, Nagisa… and now I’ll also take upon myself to guard you.
: Iczer-1, Neos Gold is using the Iczelio to shield herself. We’ve to destroy that shield or this’ll be very difficult to turn around…
: I understand. But I’m sure there’s a way for us to prevail. Just don’t give in to her…!
: Idiocy! One extra Iczer won’t help you stem the tide of my power!
: Though if you get on your knees and vow to serve me, I may decide to spare your life!
: I’m afraid not. The vow I’ve taken is to use the life I’ve been given to destroy Big Gold and protect Nagisa and Earth!
: All troops, focus fire on Neos Gold!

Neos Gold still has Iron Wall, but keep at it – you’re almost in the clear!
And in case it’s not clear, Iczer-1 can’t use the Iczer Robo or Iczer-1 Full Power right now.

: I have been waiting, Iczer-1! At last the time has come for our decisive bout!
: Your evil has grown in my absence, I see… But that also comes to an end today, Neos Gold!

: You’re Neos Gold, huh? Come and try your hand against the Great Hero! The True Great Mazinger will put you six feet under!
: Oho, you dub yourself a hero? Let us put to the test how much that power’ll avail you against a perfect being.

Get her under 70% this time, and…

: Hrrmm…! For how long are you going to continue this exercise in futility…?! I’ve grown weary of your nonsense!
: …Hrk?!

: That light!

: It’s the Iczelio energy!
: Guh… What?! How?!
: Their unyielding hearts have wrested the Iczelio energy from under your control, Neos Gold.
: It is something we, inorganic beings, cannot do… and what pushes humans to grow and evolve.
: Yeah, that’s how we won all those fights before!
: With the Iczelio back with us, does that mean…
: Hmhmm. Iczer-3, call forth the Iczer Robo!
: I’m on it!

: Iczer! ROBO!

: Here we go, Nagisa!
: Ready, Iczer-3!
: Nagisa hasn’t been in a real battle since before, mind, so don’t push things too hard!
: I know, I know! I won’t put much on her back!
: Curse you…! CURSE YOU ALL!!

There goes her Iron Wall! KIIIIILL!!

: Those smug Four Generals of yours are already toast! You ain’t taking LOTUS down by yourself, lady!
: Hmph… So Golem also died an ignoble death. I had my suspicions when she didn’t return.
: Still, I’ve no use for those that are incompetent! Bacteria like you will not give an omnipotent being pause!

: Ah, the artificial human that Golem failed to dispose of – much to my disappointment, too…
: Had the Third Impact successfully triggered, all of humanity would’ve been ashes and our immigration could have happened in earnest.
: You don’t have any right to complain when you don’t even care about your own teammates!

: We had to get through Proist and that Super Mimetic Beast to get here! No way we’re letting you do us in after all that!
: You underestimate me, Earthling! And now my overwhelming might will put the fear of death into you!


: Your underlings hurt our friends and kidnapped Nagisa! Now you’ll feel the sting of all our anger!
: Hmph… this human “solidarity” garbage is truly nigh-incomprehensible.

: I am a perfect, omnipotent being. To bare your fangs against she whom you should be worshiping… I’d call you a fool, but that would be an understatement.
: Your “omnipotence” is just a delusion! And if you cannot see that for yourself, then we’ll just have to prove it to you!

: Say whatever you want, you’re still Big Gold’s mook! I don’t buy that “I AM ALL POWERFUL” bunk for one second!
: You dare mock me?! But it will not be long before we’ve shed light on the mysteries of Nagisa Kanou’s power. The day we’ll ascent to godhood draws near!
: “Being God” is way above your paygrade, mook! “Intelligence Staff Officer” or stuff like that is more in line with you! (Neos Gold’s VA voices Maribaron in Kamen Rider Black RX)

: We don’t care about you! Get Moon WILL out here right now!
: You dub yourself a warrior who’s transcended even the gods… the gall! Bow before my overwhelming might!

If you attack after Iczer-1 came back, but before you took the Iczelio:

: Alright, my big sis is back! We’ve nothing to worry about anymore!
: You still don’t understand that victory is impossible for you!
: Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but that doesn’t mean we’re just gonna run off!
: Then you will die here on this moon alongside all these moronic humans!
: I won’t, because I’d never let myself get taken out by you!

With the Robo:

: Stay calm, Iczer-3! I’m sure she has a weak spot somewhere!
: Ooh, you’re right! We should go for the wound the Iczelio energy made when it left!
: Your games have gone on for long enough, Iczer-3! Even without the Iczelio, my Super Neos still houses gigantic amounts of energy!
: And the Iczer Robo’ll send all that energy flying!

: Wh-Why?! How… I was supposed to be unbeatable! GAAAAAAAAAH!!

: Yeah! We finally wrecked Neos Gold!

: No more signs of the enemy around the fortress!
: Time for us to get in there, then…!
: And we even got that huge hole opened up on it. Even the Macross should be able to fit through.
: That’s the road the Chairman paved for us. Let’s not be ungrateful, then—


: How abominable the sight of you squirming organics is! It is utterly BAAaaflinnng!
: Who goes there?!
: I’m certain you know who. It is I, Moon WILL… overseer of civilizations.
: You’re Moon WILL…!
: Come on IIIiinnnn, LOTUS! The girl you seek, Nagisa Kanou, awaits. As do I! And BIIiig GOOoold…!
: We will neither run NOoorr HIIiide! Indeed, we all await within the fortress before YOOoouu…!


: I guess we’re officially invited into their home.
: Heh, works for me. Beats having to sneak around the place, right?
: Yeah. And we’d have to fight them sooner or later, too…
: …

*Iczer-1 flies south, spotting a fulfilled secret!*

: What is it, Iczer-1?
: I sense the child, Atross… she’s still barely alive!
: Ah?!

: …

*Iczer-3 pops out the Iczer Robo and heads over.*

: Atross!
: Is there anything we can do to save her, Iczer-1?!
: I’m not sure… but it’s worth trying!
: Any units that need repairs and resupplies are to return to the ships at once! We’re entering the enemy fortress!
: Roger!

: …
: What happens now, Iczer-1?
: I’ll give her a portion of my energy. She was born of the Iczelio, so this could potentially save her life. I’ll need your help as well Iczer-3.
: Okay! Atross saved me back there, so I gotta pay her back!

: Please open your eyes, Atross…!
: If a kind soul has found its way into this child… If her heart truly shines bright, then we can bring her back…!

: Atross!

: Hm…
: Atross…! You did it! She’s back!
: Oh, Atross… thank goodness…!
: Nagisa…? You’re okay…
: We all are…! And so are you…!
: What a relief… Haah…
: You’re Iczer-1… Why did you save me…?
: What makes you ask that…?
: Because, look at you…! You and Iczer-3 are all groggy after using your energy to save me…!
: It’s said that people are prone to doing irrational things from time to time. Besides…
: Does one need a reason to try and save her little sister?
: ...! Sister…
: Can… can I call you “sis” too, then…?
: Of course…

: There they go. Now we only need to rescue Nagisa and things’ll be just peachy.
: Our units should be about done resupplying. Let’s get going!

You only get to keep Atross if you had Iczer-3 beat her back on mission 26.

Some time later, Nagisa and Iczer-1 are trying to sense Nagisa Kanou inside the fortress, but the girl’s voice is growing steadily weaker. Mido and Saotome are patrolling ahead and found a wide open area inside the fortress – perfect for a huge brawl.
Ichitaka gapes at the baddies apparently setting up an arena for our showdown, but it tells Kurara that Moon WILL must be feeling pretty confident. He’s taunting us, Sakuya thinks – the guy probably thinks he’s hot stuff because he’s got that Original Dancouga thing.
Well, Seimi’s got the Nova all set up and ready to go, and Aoi’s looking forward to this Dancouga vs. Dancouga match. It’ll be the climax of Team D’s piloting career!


: What was that…?
: Neos Gold has fallen, and LOTUS has made its way inside the fortress, I’d wager.
: They did?!


: Ah… this is…! Iczer-1’s with them! She came back!
: It’s a bit too soon for celebration, Nagisa… Her return does nothing to change your predicament.
: Furthermore, it is time I made you compliant…
: C-Compliant…? With what…?!
: Oh, you stupid girl… compliant with being mine.
: You will be my partner, Nagisa. Surely you understand that that’s why you were taken in the first place…?
: No! My place is with Iczer-1! I’d never be your partner!
: Ah, Nagisa… you’re adorable. But should beings as frail as humans deign to speak like that…?


This is probably where I should say that Iczer-1 originally started in a porn mag. The anime doesn’t go that far, of course…

: Aah?! D-Do you think you can intimidate me with these creepy things…?!
: Did you forget what you’ve heard? These infect and transform the human hosts into monsters from the inside-out. Would you care to go the way of dear “mommy and daddy”?
: N-No… stop… urgh…
: You’d best agree to my terms quickly, or these tentacles will run you through.

*Tentacle noises!*

: … No! Threaten me with whatever you want, I won’t do it!
: What…?!
: And if you’re going to kill me, just get it over with!
: I see… I suppose I will, then, Nagisa.

: Gaah…!
: (Help me… Iczer-1…! Iczer-1! Iczer-ooone!!)