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Part 85: Mission 35 - The Eternal Soldier - Part 2

Welcome back, folks, and it’s time to wrap up this long mission. FYI, before we start, I managed to get the BGMs from the previous update on tindeck:

Original Dancouga (Moon WILL)
Pilot Skills:
Break Morale Limit
Commander L4
Prevail L9
Support Attack L3
Attack Combo L3
Unit Features:
10% HP Regen
30% EN Regen

Pretty much the same as Big Gold, Moon WILL is just as good as her, only bulkier and with a more melee focus. Good news is that his strongest attack is only point-blank range, so that makes things simpler. On the flip side, his DanZankuuga comes in single-target and MAPW flavors, the latter having the same AoE as Kira’s – watch it, or else.
Big Gold’s death has made all Dilos Thetas vanish, so there’re only his Regulus Alphas around running interference. Keep an eye on Moon WILL’s range and let him close in before you swarm. If you’re running low of EN, feel free to spend a turn parking your guys inside a ship and giving them a lift closer.
Provided your troops aren’t COMPLETELY spent, you’re pretty much on the home stretch now. Do try to keep your guys protected because, like Big Gold, Moon WILL can hurt when his Prevail gets going, and losing your guys at the home stretch would be disgraceful.

So insert here me slapping three Regulus Alphas silly, and off we go!

: Humans managed to overcome even the Insania Virus and continue to multiply… Like a SWAAAaarm of locusts infesting Earth!
: All everyone’s been doing is fighting for their lives, and we’re sure as hell not letting you put an end to all that!


: I take it your home universe has seen its fair share of interstellar conflicts.
: Such is where all organics are inevitably drawn to! It is that which I dread: WAAAAR! A war that encompasses the GAAaalaxyyy!
: But we were still able to make peace with the Boazans and befriend the Zentradi!
: If you figure you’re justified because of what you’ve experienced, then that goes both ways! And so we’ll end you and make our peace a reality!
Quick showcase of Moon Wakamoto’s tricks.

: You struck down the Chairman of the PLANTs, he who was once an ally, over something as paltry as a difference of opinions! I saw it all UNFOOoold!
: It’s this INNnncapatiyyy to maintain lasting cooperation that’s your biggest FLAAaaw. It is proof of your folly!
: Maybe, but we also have enough intelligence to try and avoid conflict. We’re nowhere as stupid as you take us for!
: Come on, Moon WILL. I, Tetsuya Tsurugi, will enlighten you on the depths of humans!


: NONE OF THIS NEEDED TO HAPPEN! You organics only had to know your place!
: But even in this universe, you’re already SPREEAaading across the galaxyyy… It is only a matter of time before war BEGIIiiinnss!!
: And that’s all the reason you need to kill every single living thing?!
: Well, Kouji Kabuto ain’t putting up with your extermination! Buckle up, ‘cause this is gonna hurt!
And his best attack! BRRUUAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

: The OOoonnly future that awaits you lumps of water and protein is death and DESTRUCTIOOoonnn!
: AAaannnd! If that is the case, I’ll eradicate you before your poison sickens the galaxy as WEEeeelll!
: You don’t get to decide what our destiny is! There’s so much more to humans that just our bad side!

: All organic life is bound to turn evil… such is the AAAaabsolute truth of this universe! And, thus, it falls on me to bring death – DEATH TO ALL OF THEEeemmm!!
: You’re wrong! Evil, good, and more are all are born from the same thing: the soul!
: That’s what makes life so magnificent, and why I’ll stand with Nagisa in Earth’s defense!
: Go for it, Iczer-1! I’m there with you!

: Surrender and accept your death…! Do it, and all will return to nothing…
: Listen here, you. We’re finally seeing the light at the end of this tunnel and you think you can just crawl out the woodwork, yelling that we all gotta die because we’re “FOOOoools”? How the hell do you figure I’d be OK with that?
: It is the folly of organics that beckons wars… No more REEeeaasons are necessary!
: This talk about “organics” isn’t really my forte, but I do know that Alice’s got an organic AI and I really don’t think there’s any problem with that!
: All this time she’s learned and grown… no different from what anyone else can do! Humans might be stupid, but that doesn’t mean we stay stupid forever!

: You FOOoolish humans will never stop warring… It is part of your nature! Coded into your DEEE EHNNN AAAAAY!
: You might be right to say we’re foolish… but all of us are capable of changing for the better!
: And so long as that possibility exists, I’ll never give in!

: To make that unit a vessel for one’s hopes is such idiocy, I cannot even put it to words. Indeed, the ultimate fate of organic life… is DESTRUCTIOooonnn!
: No one here is about to let you play judge, jury and executioner with our lives. Moon WILL… I’ll destroy you.

“Target IDed: Original Dancouga.”

: Given the chaaannnce, an impetuous being like you could well become a force of destructiooonnn… And, so, it falls on me to nip it AAAT THE BUUuuud!
: Why won’t you even try talking to us?! How about you stop trying to destroy us preemptively and, instead, help us rid this world of war?!
: Don’t even try it, Nagisa…! This guy’s just like Neos: punches are the only thing they understand!

: I’ll be the first to admit that I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but even I can tell that a whole lot stinks about your logic!
: You…! You are a relative of TAAAaaakeruuuuu!
: Blast you, Eaaaarth WIIIIiiiiLL… If you hadn’t ignored Takeru and his kind’s arrival on Earth and instead destroyed them, the flames of war wouldn’t have been stoked SOOooo!!

: I’ll clean all OOoorganic LIIiife! Earth must be purged, or it’ll mean GALACTIC RUUuiinnn!!
: So if we’re beaten here, it’d be the same as letting the Third Impact happen… I’m not having it! No way!

: In the past, the people of your world awakened a surveillance unit left behind by an ancient civilization…
: That civilization was the Protoculture… and the fact that humanity awakened their unit is undeniable proof of its FOOoolishness! (Check Macross Zero.)
: We’re not as irredeemable as you’re suggesting! Even back in our world, we managed to bridge the gap between us and the Zentradi with song!
: I’m sure different species can all learn to coexist in one place without killing each other!

: Even the DAAaariannn people turned to invading another in the name of their own NEEeeeds!
: Your people will do the same in due time! You are SELFISH! AAAVARIIICIOUS! My eyes see the truth!
: Yeah, they tried to invade us for a while but, after it was all said and done, we all chose to coexist! What you’re doing is called cherry-picking and I’m not taking it!

: So you wish to fight me, FOOoolish organiiiiic!
: No one here “wishes” to fight anything! But we’re Champions of Justice, so we can’t just look the other way when someone’s trying to take the lives of others!

: You’ve recovered from the Rabid Syndrome… that is in DIIiirect opposition to NAAaatureee!
: You’ve overcome that which was your due via brute strength! You’ve long-since shown yourself as a destrooooyyeer of the natural order! LAAaaay down your weapons and welcome DEEEAATH! DOOOO IIIIT!
: You’re wrong! All this proves is that human ingenuity is capable of overcoming anything, not matter how difficult it is!
: And it’s with that strength we have that we’ll find peace with each other!

: Warriors of God, humans, beasts… the distinction matters not! I’ll eradicate all organics!
: Creatures who should not exist in this world… Uuunnnwanted beings… That is what you Aaaare!!
: There’s no such thing as an unwanted life! If it was born, it’s because someone wanted it!
: Your sophistry is the mark of a FOOOoool – accept it! Consider the underlying order of this universe, and you will know JUUusstice lies with the WIIIiiiLLs!
: Someone who’d do away with the future of children, who’d made them cry, doesn’t get to say he’s on the side of justice!

: I trust that my units’ regenerative abilities haven’t slipped your minds…
: Argh, why is it always that?!
: So what his regen is strong! All that means is we gotta hit him harder than it can keep up with, right?!

: Alright, ready the Final Dankuuhou!
: Tannhäuser, standby!

: Do you still not see that it is UUuuselessss?! Of course, your unbridled attachment to life is HAAaardly surpriiiising…!
: How… How’s he alive after eating all those?!
: Do you have anything, Yamashita?!
: Yeah, and it’s not good! We don’t have enough firepower to overwhelm the Original Dancouga…!
: Like hell we don’t! We’re gonna try again and make it work!
: He’s right! We just gotta attack in sequence, or change our approach a bit, or…!
: … And it will still not be enough.
: What… then there really isn’t anything we can do?!
: Kch…
: No way… I refuse to accept that!
: Right. We’re not taking that answer! We can’t die here… this isn’t the end any of us want for our lives!
: … There might be something we could try.
: Really?!
: They’re probably right that we cannot defeat the Original Dancouga with external attacks.
: However, if we use all of the Dragon’s Hive energy to propel the Dancouga and strike at Moon WILL himself inside the unit…!
!! But that’s…!
: Yes, a suicide attack is about the only way to describe it. It may well cost the pilots’ their lives.
: Absolutely not; that plan is crazy! What’s the point of this if we don’t all make it back?!

: … Then we just have to make sure we all do make it back in one piece. We’re going for it.
: Aoi…?
: We don’t want to die here, so we just have to make sure we survive! It’s as simple as that!
: I’m counting on you, Eida…
: … Yes, ma’am. I confess that I’m also far from having sung my last, or enjoyed all that life has to offer…
: And, Tanaka, we’re hoping for some hazard pay once this is done.
: I’ll see what I can do. That’ll require making some additions to your contracts, of course, so I must ask that you all return safely.
: If we actually pull this off… I guess I’ll put in a call to my old man once this is over…
: All preparations are complete. We’re ready to go on your order, Aoi!

: That’s… wait…!
: We’ll set you free from this mission of yours!
: Stop! You’ll die as well!!
: Dancouga Max God! FLYYYYYYYY!!
Aoi: “Time to close the book on this!” > “F.S.!”
F.S.: “We’re placing everything in your hands!”
Aoi: “Let’s go wild!”
F.S. “Dragon’s Hive, discharge all stored energy!”
Johnny: “Hang tight! We’ll use the kick of the de-combination to launch the Nova Eagle!
Eida: “Aoi!”
Kurara: “Aoi!”
Sakuya: “Kick his ass!”
Aoi: “Yeah, I’ll put him down! Promise!” > “It’s OVER!!”
Moon WILL: This… This CANNOT BEEEEEEEEEeeeeeee!
Aoi: “Transcendent Beast Combination!!” > “Dancouga! MAX GOD!!”


: We… we did it!
: Yes! They’re all safe! No signs of Moon WILL!
: Farewell… Moon WILL…

: All enemy units confirmed destroyed!
: No other troops detected either!
: Then…
: Victory is ours!
: Gil… you helped pave the way for this future, and it is now safe…
: Thank you so much, my friends…
: Thank you, Nagisa! Why don’t you go back to the Macross and get some rest?
: Okay. You hurry on over too, alright?

: Whew… I’m seriously beat after all that. I could really go for a massage right about now.
: Fret not, for I have procured several special massage chairs for all of you. Enjoy them to your heart’s content, please.
: This better not be another prank, or I swear!
: …… O-Of course it isn’t!
: Hey, why’d you take so long to answer, huh? You were up to something, weren’t you!
: … Reiji, would you mind letting me shoot him this time?
: Be my guest.
: N-Now wait just a minute! You’d actually kill me if you did that now!
: Reap what you sow, Mr. Ishigami. Reap what you sow.
: Ahahaha…

: Very well done, all of you… Let us leave this fortress. There’s no telling what might happen while its systems are powering down.
: You’re right. All LOTUS ships, prepared to leave the Cthulhu For—
: I will not allow it…!
: Hrm?!

: I am reborn…!
: Whaaaat?!
: Neos Gold… How?! All of Big Gold’s terminal units disappeared when we beat her…!
: Once more you underestimate me…! I am my mother’s spawn, wholly incomparable to mere terminal units…!
: But you’re still all beat up! How do you figure you can win like that?
: I do not. But I’ll make sure the lot of you’ll meet your end here.
: The hell are you on about? We’ll just walk all over you and make our way out anyway!
: Hmhmhm… You don’t understand, I see. Where do you think I’m drawing the energy I used to revive?
: You don’t mean…!
: Blah, what do I care?! I’ll just take you down again!
: Iczer-3, stop! We can’t destroy her here!
: Huh…?! What’d you mean?!

*Beep, beep, beep!*

: These readings are…! It’s the energy of the Moon itself! That’s what’s reviving Neos Gold!
: Her tentacles are reaching all the way to the core of the Moon…?!
: Does that mean…!
: If we destroy her, we destroy the Moon as well… and with how close the Earth is…!
: Oh, no…!
: Hohohoho…. What a shame, no? Kill me and you kill yourselves, Don’t kill me, and you’ll die regardless. We’ll all perish together with this fortress, Iczers!
: Gaah, of all the dirty tricks…!
: Isn’t there anything we can do, Iczer-1?!
: … There’s only one thing I can think of. Iczer-3, I’ll need you help!
: What do you got?!
: The only way for us to safely destroy Neos is to separate her from the Moon and sever her connection. We’ll have to pool of strength together to do that!
: Okay, sis!

: Good luck, Iczer-1, Iczer-3…!
: Hohohoho… you’re wasting your time!

: Urgh!
: Damn it…! And we can’t even attack her right!
: What’s the matter, Iczers? Weren’t you going to separate me from the moon?
: Hrk…! We’re not strong enough…!
: This is my fault….! You spent too much of your energy saving me…!
: Don’t blame yourself, Atross…! We just gotta work hard enough…!
: Stay strong, Iczer-1…!
: Iczer-3…!


: Ahahahahahaha…! DIIIEEE!!


: What?!

: …
: Iczer-2?!
: She’s gonna bug us again now?!
: Hold on, she just attacked Neos! That’s not right for someone looking to make a mess of things, no?
: …
: Curse you, Iczer-2! You’ll also defy me, Big Gold’s spawn?!
: … My mother is dead. And I’ve grown tired of your foul tactics!

: Iczer-2… you’d lend us your help?

*Iczer-2 turns friendly!*

: I could not prevail against you, my sister… or against the powers of Nagisa and the humans…
: Then I’ll unearth, with my own two eyes, the truth of this strength that comes from the bonds between people…!
: Call me impudent if you wish, but I’d like to come with you, my sister…!
: Hmph… Looks like she reached the same answer I did.
: Thank you, Iczer-2…!

: With all our strength united, we should be able to bring Neos away from the Moon…! Come! We’ll attack in tandem!
: Ready!
Iczer-1: “We’ll combine all our might and separate Neos from the Moon!”
Iczer-3: “Ookay, sis!”
Iczer-2: “I’ll lead the attack!”
Iczer3: “Whah?! Hey, hold up!”
Iczer-1: “We must go as well, Iczer-3!”
Iczer-3: “Aah, not you too, sis!”
Iczer-2: “Come, Neos Gold!”
Iczer-3: “There she goes again… Sis?!” > “Don’t leave me back here, siiiis!”
Iczer-2: “Here’s the first blow!”
Iczer-1: “Follow it up, Iczer-3!”
Iczer-3: “Neos… we’ll destroy you once and for all! Taaaaah!”
Iczer-1: “Focus your minds, you two!”
Iczer-3: “This is it! ICZER BOOOOOOOOMB!”
Neos Gold: “Damn you all to Hell, IIICZEEEEERS!!

: Now! All units, retreat!

: Captain, we’ve successfully evacuated from the Cthulhu Fortress!
: Hm… Now it is truly over.

: People of Earth…
: Who are you…?
: I am Sister Gray, the one who left the Cthulhu with Iczer-1.
: I see…
: Gray, our battle with Big Gold is finally over. But…
: I know, Iczer-1. You still have other battles to fight, yes?
: Yes… This beautiful planet is still under threat by other invaders.
: I thought you’d say that. I’ll look after the Cthulhu civilians still asleep within the fortress, so you are free to go.
: I just ask that you all return safely… including your sisters, Atross and Iczer-2.
: …! Ms. Gray…!
: Sister Gray… I am not an android the Cthulhu wished to be born…
: But if you were born of Big Gold, that means you are also one of Sir Violet’s daughters. In other words, you are one of us.
: Furthermore, weren’t you, yourself, who said you were Iczer-1’s younger sister?
: …
: Hey, Gray! I worked really hard over here!
: Yes, I saw it all. You’ve grown into a fine warrior, Iczer-3.
: Sister Gray, is it truly fine for us to ask of you to deal with the fortress?
: Of course. We don’t want to cause any more troubles to the people of Earth. Allow me to help with at least this, please.

*Beep, beep.*

: We’ve an incoming call from the Shangri-La.
: Shangri-La…? Does that mean Central’s up to something…?

At the Flag’s bridge, Katou sends us a video feed that our folks quickly recognize as their hometown, Misaki. The local populace is staring up into the sky and they’re looking mighty worried – understandable, as Katou orders the camera turned up.
The entire sky is red, and it is no sunset. This aurora-like phenomenon is happening across the globe, and it was all but surely caused by the appearance of a large space-time anomaly in satellite orbit.
Now, Isabelle Cronkite is currently relaying news of our exploits to give the people some hope and, thanks to that, panic is being kept at a minimum. That won’t last forever, Heine and Daiya know, so we better do something about this and quick.

Misato remembers that Katou told us his plan was to leave Central’s invading forces stranded between the dimensions, and it clearly looks like it’s time to put that into practice. What do we do?
In essence, he wants Kouichi, now that he’s awakened the Linebarrel, to use the Executor to rend both the Hub Dynamo and the interdimensional corridor it’s creating, trapping Central’s forces in the space between their dimension and ours. This operation will go by the name of Termino Clementia.