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Part 87: Mission 36 - In the Name of Justice - Part 2

Naked (Masaki Sugawara)
Pilot Skills:
Machina-Human L9
Sword Cut
Commander L1
Prevail L9
Support Attack L3
Attack Combo L3
Mech Features:

Good news is he lost his MAPW, bad news is he got a major boost to everything else. That said, he hasn’t anything you haven’t seen before. Bit stats, over 100k HP, his Override attack is 3-8 (so you’re better off attacking up-close), Prevail L9 and Machina-Human L9 will give him a major boost, the works.
Truth be told, taking aside his Override, you should approach him as you did Big Gold and Moon Will. Just come packing Strike and you’ll be fine – your stores of SP should still be plentiful.
If you want some extra safety, pop Confuse, wait a turn for the units spent killing the Glain-Neidr to return and swarm him for a simple enough kill.
And while we wait, here’s the combined attack with Kira and the Eternal. Athrun’s version is pretty much identical.

And they got too close.

Now just to showcase Masaki’s best attacks and we’ll be off.

: The Dancouga’s black box bears the vital data of all life on Earth.
: But for a device meant to be a reservoir of the seeds of life, it’s also equipped with superlative defensive measures… That is hardly an efficient use of it.
: Back off, cowboy. This is none of your beeswax!
: Hate to break it to you, but we vetoed that “Dancouga playing Noah’s Ark” plan.
: We’re now a sword of hope! One that’s transcended even the gods themselves!

: I confess I was stunned over the intel I received on the Mazinkaiser.
: Indeed, the representative of the United Nations Government is proving himself to be a tremendous asset to our advancement.
: Seems to me that you’re so hung up on raw power that you ain’t seeing what really matters!
: What’s actually important isn’t a bot’s tech or the power it has, but the soul of its pilot!

Alright, no more putting this off; you folks are GOING to hear it now!

: We’ve acquired more than enough information on the Plasma Drive from past battles.
: Your role in this has ceased. Join us.
: Sorry, but only an Okusaer’s able to combine with the Dannar. I’m not about to join with any Machinas!

: Why do you reject unity? Are you afraid of losing your “self”?
: That’s not the point…!
: Don’t pretend. Humans are horrified by change – both of their world and of themselves – and so they run from it.
: I just told you that’s not the point!
: This planet is home to all my friends, to my dad, and so much more! That’s what pushes me to fight with the EVA…!

: A support-oriented machine such as yourself is no different from a Machina-Human: devoid of superfluous emotions, wholly proficient at combat.
: You… You’re wrong!
: Your reactions are merely pretenses of actual emotions. That’s easily inferred even from just the data GreAT presented to us.
: Shut up.
: Yuu…
: Seems to me that you couldn’t understand the first thing about my grandfather’s research. That’s why you need to use humans to further your own development.
: And that will be your downfall… We’re going, Haruno.
: Roger!

: I’m certain you’re aware that Ranka Lee’s songs stopped affecting the Vajra when her emotions were in disarray.
: Emotions are erratic. Relying on such things will only lead mankind to destruction.
: And who is trying to create a society where she wouldn’t be able to sing the way she enjoys? What you’re trying to do will only make her sadder!
: I’m not having it… Just as I don’t want to fly through a fake sky, I won’t fly through a real one with fake emotions within my heart!

: Why did you try to have Lacus killed?!
: The Super Coordinator and the Songstress of the Battlefield… Analysis during previous battles had deemed you both to be obstacles to our purposes.
: And, indeed, that analysis was right. Here you stand against us only because you were allowed to survive past Operation Angel Down.
: There are so many people in this world that don’t wish for war; just as there are those who don’t want to be turned into Machinas.
: But you decided it’s humanity’s destiny to live as machines, and would impose that on others. I refuse to accept that!
: Your acceptance or not is irrelevant. The troops Central has at our disposal outnumber yours massively. Resistance is futile.
: Is it really…?
: Unfortunately for you, it is not in our nature to simply surrender.
: And so I’ll keep on fighting you and Central to the bitter end!

: The Cthulhu are a threat to Earth. We’ll eliminate your vessel as well.
: Iczer-1’s kept us safe! You can’t push her away just because she’s an alien – that’s just wrong!
: But they may not turn out as the Zentradi. Undefined factors must be removed.
: Argh, you knucklehead!
: If you mean to victimize this Earth to safeguard your own, then I won’t hesitate to fight back…!
: Masaki Sugawara, I’ll strike you down!

: I’d intended on observing you for a while longer, Kenji Kusanagi. To further study the energy of the Bronze Bell, and the source of your own strength…
: What am I, your homework?! I don’t want any dudes staring at me!

: Vardant, the Blue Terror. Central’s mightiest Machina…
: Still, that has also served its purpose. Our forces no longer have any need for the Vardant.
: Whereas our world has no need for something like Central…! I’ll wipe you off the face of the universe, Masaki Sugawara…!

: Imperial Valley, Cannon Valley, Strike Valley..
: All of those weapons were created by Kral Grife’s brain. Such a productive, reliable item will be very useful in furthering Central’s development.
: …!
: Easy, Alice. We’ll be playing right in his hands if we lose our cool.
: Let’s just go with the usual plan: kick his ass and make him spill the beans on where the professor’s being kept!
: Right!

: Do you have any idea how boring the world you’re trying to make sounds? How are you okay with that?!
: Emotions beget fluctuations in efficiency. Such factors must be uprooted in order to maximize usability of limited resources.
: I can see where you’re coming from: even the Frontier Fleet’s been struggling with our dwindling resources…!
: But you can’t look at human lives like that! It’s not something to just be managed!
: This talk’s getting too complicated for me, but I agree with whatever Nagisa’s said! And that means you got a whooping coming your way, old man!

: …
: All that talk and this is what you got, ya chatterbox?!
: …

*Overrides behind you!*

: Wha—
: Kouichi, get back!

: Gch…!
: Huh…? Emi…?
: Are you… alright? Kouichi…?
: You’d sacrifice yourself to shield him? But that, too, is pointless. A lone unit, even the Linebarrel, will not turn the tide of this battle.
: You underestimate… humans too much… The strength of human emotions… exceeds your… imagination…!
: …
: Don’t talk, Emi! We-We’ll take care of your wounds!
: Kouichi… Please… be a real… Champion of…Jus…tice…

: …
: E-Emi…! Stay with me…!
: Her… her Factor signal’s… vanished…
: I-Is she…!
: Emi… tell me this isn’t real… We swore we’d all make it back…!
: No…! You’re still too young to see the afterlife…!
: Emi… I said… I said I’d keep her safe… W-Why…!

: The Linebarrel’s D-S.O.I.L is…! Its data is… just like that time…!
: I… I…!

: The Linebarrel’s…?!
: Oh, no, he’s…!
: He’s done it... It’s truly awakened...
: EMIIIIiiiiii!!

Here are the few convos we didn’t get:

: Wufei Chang, your true agenda was all within Central’s predictions.
: Then you should have killed me when you had the chance. I wager you would’ve preferred to have taken over the world yourself, without having to be vigilant about myself and Hisataka.
: I wouldn’t have been able to install the Spheres as efficiently as I did without Hisataka Katou’s assistance. Unproductive acts are always to be avoided.
: And that’s all the reason you needed to remain passive for twenty years while the world around you burned time and again? You disgust me, Masaki Sugawara…!


: What the hell are you doing, Kiriyama?! What happened to your justice that you’d team up with the Machina-Humans?!
: My justice will transform this corrupted world – this misguided world that refused to embrace Reiji’s justice!
: And you actually think I’ll put up with that?! I won’t, Kiriyama… not with what you’re doing, or your twisted justice!


: Eiji…
: Are you angry, Reiji…? Sorry… Still, we can’t give up on our justice, right?!
: I’ll go and change the world! Just you wait, Reiji!
: You are a real CHAMPION OF JUSTICE! The Chosen One! He who cannot be hurt!
: You’re wrong, Eiji… I can never amount to a Champion of Justice. I can only bury our mistakes for good.