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Part 89: Mission 37 - Flower of Steel - Part 2

Pilot Skills:
Machina-Human L9
Break Morale Limit
Commander L4
Prevail L9
Support Attack L3

Central is pretty much on part with Masaki in terms of stats, only with more HP and a focus on range and defense. He’s got a cone-shaped MAPW attack which can be dangerous… if not for the fact that it takes 130 morale to use and there are no enemies left. Central’s appropriately hard-hitting and bulky, too, but nothing that’ll survive one round of focused fire.
Just wait a turn to get your guys back and squish the Borg Hivemind into submission.

Finally, Kouichi now has full control of the Mode-C which sets his D-S.O.I.L. at Infinity (actually at the 150 cap), meaning he’ll be regenning a whole lot. His attacks get a power boost, but the better ones are rather EN hungry, so EN-Save could be good on him.
And here’s Central’s strongest attack. Now we go!

: You keep grumbling about growing and expanding… What’dya think you’ll find beyond all that?
: Everlasting peace. A world where no strife is born out of clashing values…
: That’s a great speech coming from the ones who attacked our world in the first place.
: And it’s pretty clear you won’t stop here. You’ll keep on invading other worlds in the name of your brand of “peace”.
: We’ll say this as many times as we gotta, Central…
: We are humans! It may look like we enjoy looking for trouble, but you're one pain in the ass we never asked for!

: Humanity will ascend to newer heights if it joins with us. We represent your inevitable evolution…
: Maybe, but you know what? I just straight-up don’t like your whole shtick.
: If you want Earth, just come out and say it instead of trying to sell us all that crock!

: There’s nothing left for us to obtain from Amagatsu Kizaki’s engineering. You will be eliminated.
: Underestimate us at your peril, big guy!
: We’ve also been fighting alongside Kouichi and our friends all this time!
: You’ll see what the teamwork of JUDA’s Special Forces is all about!
: What I want to do now is just help everyone through this…! And I’m ready to face anything to make that happen!
: Your turn, Reiji! Put the cherry on top, and make it a good one!
: All of JUDA Special Forces will now engage the Central collective consciousness! I only have one order to our troops… do not die!

: Embrace us. Both humanity and Central wish for Earth to develop.
: A perfect society, where nothing is wasted… It is only under our guidance that humanity can grow with the scarce resources available.
: I already told you to get bent with that talk! A life where I can’t eat and have fun with my friends ain’t one worth living!

: We’ll need to cut all the way through the center of that thing… Stay strong ‘til we can get that done Linebarrel…!
: It’s useless… Your unit has nowhere near the energy required to destroy the interdimensional corridor.
: Doesn’t mean we’re just gonna give up and let you get us out!
: I’m gonna keep on fighting to the very last second! I can already picture Emi calling me “despicable” if I didn’t give this everything I got!

: The enemy Machinas have stopped moving!
: Kouichi!
: Yeah! I’m ending this!

: How were we defeated… by these flawed beings…? Is this truly due to… the strength of human emotions…? That which exceeds our… imagination…?

*If there were any enemies left, they’d be self-destructing!*

: The enemy Machinas are…!
: But you’ll rue what has happened here… Your own hands… will cause the end of this world…

: The giant Machina is confirmed gone…! We’re also not detecting any more gravitational anomalies…!
: We did it…!
: Our world is safe…!
: Emi… was I a real Champion of Justice…?


: What is it, Ms. Ogawa?!
: We’ve gravitational anomalies coming from Point Helios again!
: It seems the shockwave of that explosion has destabilized the dimensional structure in and around the corridor…!
: If it isn’t stopped, both worlds will obliterated at a quantum level and be fused together!
: N-No…!
: Then everything we’ve done was for nothing?!
: … I’ll go and cut straight through the center of that hole. That should stop it…!
: You can’t! Do you have any idea the enormous amount of energy it’d take for that?
: Besides, even if you do destroy the corridor, you might end up trapped inbetween the dimensions…!
: Stand down, boy! You still have much of your life ahead of you! A mission as dangerous as this falls to a dead man like me!
: No, I’ll handle this.
: Kouichi, you…
: “I don’t have the power to do anything”… For so long I believed that, living my life doing absolutely nothing…
: But what you need isn’t power… but just a strong wish to do something!
: And what I want to do is to keep this world and everyone in it safe… That’s why I’m going! That’s what my justice is about…!!
: … Rachel, initiate the Final Phase.
: But the complete Shangri-La was supposed to act as the medium for the energy…!
: The Vardant and I will take up that role…!
: Final Phase…? “Medium for the energy”?
: You got one last trick up your sleeves? Spill the beans, then.
: It’s an emergency program of Project JUDA involving gathering the energy of all Machinas and relaying it all into the Linebarrel…
: Then what are we waiting—
: But… as soon as it is finished, the Machinas’ D-S.O.I.L. will run completely dry, and the units themselves will grind to a halt… If that happens, they’ll be unable to sustain the Factors’ lives.
: …!
: That matters not… Link the Vardant to the Linebarrel…!
: Transfer all of mine and the Painkiller’s energy to Kouichi too…!
: I already died once… if this’ll help keep everyone else alive, then it’s not a bad deal…!
: Are you guys sure about this…? If you do that…
: You’re not the only one who wants to protect this world, Kouichi… We’re all ready to risk our lives to make it happen!
: Okay…! Then trust in me and I’ll make this happen…!!

: Good luck, Kouichi…!
: Here it goes…
: Project JUDA Final Phase… engaged…!!

: …
: …
: Sorry to put this on you kids…
: Is there nothing we can do other than watch…?

: Huh… Central’s Machinas?!
: They’re still kicking?!
: Looks like the gravitational anomaly is also affecting the Machinas’ network. They’re out of control…!
: This isbad! Yamashita and the others are sitting ducks while they’re charging their energies!
: … Heh, guess there is something for us to do.
: This beloved Earth of Nagisa and our friends will not meet its end like this! It cannot!
: Then it’s time for us to roll up our sleeves and get back to work.
: Leave these things to us, Kouichi. You’re the MVP here, so make sure you close this off with style!
: Ichitaka…!
: You won’t be risking your lives alone. We’ll keep you safe, whatever it takes…!
: You heard ‘em, kid! So you guys worry only about wrecking that bigass hole!
: Sorry, guys…!
: We’ve four minutes left until the energy charge is finished! Hold on for just that long…!

Aaah, you didn’t think that was the end of that, did you? No, not quite.
Still, this can be simple enough… or it can be hard, depending on how you go at it. We’ve 24 teams of MP Machinas, and they’ll be trying their damnest to reach our Machinas and start cutting them down – and those guys can’t even cast spirts to defend themselves (if you haven’t kept them leveled/upgraded, you might be in trouble if you let the Machinas close in).

But they don’t move too far and their range is still hot garbage, so it’ll take them a bit to get there. Most of your guys are speedy enough to reach and twoshot them, so the order now is to run interference. Your main worry should be the southernmost Machinas, since those will likely ignore all of your nearby guys and run straight for the kill.
Spread out your guys, have Kira, Rey and whoever else can MAPW try and find a good spot in the middle of the western and eastern roads, setting up a couple killing grounds. If you want to risk making some extra money, downing all Machinas will summon forth a fresh batch. Your resources might be wearing thin, however, so, instead, I’ll advise simply to kill everything but one, surround it, and wait out the rest of the timer.

All Machinas lose 20% HP!*

: Gah…!
: You guys alright?!
: I-I’m fine! What about you all?!
: The Hind’s hanging in there…!
: Stay focused, Hayase! Our teammates will cover our backs!
: Skull Leader to all units! If the Final Phase falls through, it’ll mean not just the end of Earth but of everything as well!
: They’re taking a pummeling from the gravity waves coming out of Point Helios, too, so don’t let any of the rampaging Machinas reach them!
: Yes, sir! Not even one’s getting through here!

Oh, and here’s Iczer-2 Full Power and her incredibly smug DK!

*The Machinas lose 30% HP!*

: Urgh…!
: Damn it, even if we can keep the Machinas at bay, those waves are too much!
: This isn’t good… We’re not massing as much energy as we expected…!
: Kch…! Come on, Hind… Just a bit more…!!
: If we had two… no, if we had just one more Machina…!
: Then please use my life as well!
: Huh…?
: This signal… It’s the Talisman?!

: The Talisman…?! You’re alive, Soubi?!
: I am. The Talisman saved me from the brink of death… this foolish man who lost himself to the darkness…
: And do you mean to come with us?
: I understand that I’ve no right to ask that… Still, it was only thanks to you that I’ve remembered the justice and the ideals I once had.
: So I want to use this life to help you… No, to help the entire world!
: His eyes… I think he’s speaking the truth.
: Whatever mistakes you made before, you just have to atone for them… Go, Soubi…!
: Now this is a nice twist…! We’ve got all the Machinas we need!
: You should be good to go with that! Just one more minute until the energy charge’s complete! Hang in there, everyone…!
: Just one last push, folks! And once this is wrapped up, we can all find a nice island on the Caribbean to kick back and relax…!
: Absolutely! We’ll have to bring Sheryl and Ranka, too…!
: But first we’ll make sure the Final Phase is a smashing success!

*And the last minute passes, the lone surviving Machina throwing a tantrum while we pin it down.*

: All Machinas are done charging their energies!
: Alright…! All troops, pull back or we’ll be caught in the shockwave of the corridor’s destruction!

: You’re up, Kouichi…!
: Yeah…! I swear I won’t let everyone’s lives and wishes be for—


: We’ve a new gravitational wave incoming! And it’s an even bigger one than before! Watch out!


*The last MP Machina is destroyed!*

: It’s too strong…! The Linebarrel is in no state to handle something like that…!
: Kouichi, run…!
: Not happening! Come on, Linebarrel! Hang in there just a bit more…!

*A.T. Field noise!*

: Rrrrgh…!
: Shinji…?! Asuka, Rei?!
: What’re you three thinking?! Even your A.T. Fields might not be strong enough to handle those!

: You gotta pull back…! You guys’re gonna get caught in the middle…!
: N-No…!
: Shinji…?!
: You’ve helped me so many times before. I was always overwhelmed by everything around me, but you still helped me… Even when it meant getting yourself hurt…
: That’s why… now it’s my turn to help you, Kouichi…!!
: Shinji…
: And I couldn’t well hang back and do nothing when Stupid Shinji here’s decided to be all heroic…!
: This might be too much for a lone EVA, but the three of us together should be able to hold out for a bit…
: G-Go! Quick, Kouichi…! Destroy the corridor while we’re keeping the gravity waves back…!!
: Everyone’s lives and wishes are in your hands, Kouichi! Use them to save our world…!
: Go for it, Kouichi! Show us how strong a real CHAMPION OF JUSTICE is…!!
: Guys…!
: Hayase… even if you do feel the pain of others, if you cannot save them from that anguish, then there is absolutely no point… no point at all…!
: So go and protect this world Katou and Mr. Ishigami died keeping safe…!
: Just as the two of them did… I, too, believe you can be a Champion of Justice…!
: … I understand!
: Let’s go, Linebarrel…! The two of us, with the help of all our friends, will tear down that hole…!
Kouichi: “I want to protect this world… and everyone who lives in it!” > “That’s what my justice is about!”
Reiji: “All units, transfer your energy to the Vardant!”
Miu: “Kouichi… take everything I have!”
Yajima: “I already died once… if this’ll help keep everyone else alive, then it’s not a bad deal!”
Yamashita: “Turning our lives into energy, just like real heroes, huh? Now that’s cool!”
Izuna: “Kouichi… I know you’ll pull this off!”
Soubi: “Kouichi, everything is in your hands!”
Reiji: “Urk…! Hrrgh…!” > “GOOOO!!”
Kouichi: “This… is our! JUSTICE!!”

: Did… did it work…?
: The Hub Dynamo and the interdimensional corridor have disappeared… our connection with the Highly-Probable World is cut-off… but…
: We’ve lost… the Linebarrel’s signal… And the remaining Machinas… have gone completely silent…
: N-No…
: You’re kidding me, right…? KOUICHIIII!!

: …
: … Wa… up… Ko…
: …Hm… E…mi…?
: ...! Emi?!
: Good morning, Kouichi…
: Emi… how are you…?!
: The Linebarrel saved me using what little energy it had left…
: It did… I’m so happy to see you again, Emi… I really am…!
: Kouichi…

*Some time later…*

: But what are we going to do now…? The Linebarrel’s used all of its energy, so we can’t cross the dimensional boundaries…
: At least the battle’s over, so we can think this through nice and easy… I mean, there’s still GreAT around and we don’t know where the Frontier flew off to, but our friends can handle that…
: The battle isn’t over quite yet…
: …?!

: …
: Wh-What’s that Machina…?!
: (That Machina… is it a Linebarrel from another universe…?)
: The battle is yet to end… there is one whose song of destruction beckons chaos into the world…


: Huh… an image just popped in my head… it’s… space? And is that the Frontier Fleet…?
: It’s awful… the Vajra are attacking… everyone’s gone…
: What you see is likely to happen in the near-future. However…

: The Linebarrel’s D-S.O.I.L.’s back online…! And the Linebarrel’s readying a dimensional warp by itself…?!
: Wings and the wishes they bear turn the song of destruction into a song of hope…
: What does that mean…? Just what should we do…?
: The future isn’t set in stone… What matters isn’t what you should do… but what you want to do…
: Those words are…!

: Who are—

: … Are you satisfied with this, R335?
: Yeah. I’m sure they’ll keep this universe safe…
: And didn’t I tell you not to call me that? My name is…

: We saved the world but… but this isn’t a win… not at all…!
: Kouichi… Emi… everyone…

*Beep, beep.*

: …! We’re detecting the Linebarrel…!
: Huh…?!

: The Linebarrel…!
: Hey guys… we’re back…!
: Kouichi Hayase and Emi Kizaki, reporting for duty.
: They’re both alright!


: That’s…?!

: Emi!
: And it’s not just Kouichi and Emi… Satoru… Miumiu… they’re all alive…!!
: Everyone’s alright… thank goodness…!
: Well, dang, they cheated death once again…
: Maybe God’s decided to let us have this little miracle?
: No… it was no miracle. Their spirit and determination made this happen…
: ... To think I’d be given life again... Is it still possible for a man like me to protect something, I wonder…?
: Now that is a nonsensical question…
: Huh…?
: He’s right, Soubi. You already helped protect something, no?
: Us… and this world, see.
: Soubi Nakajima, was it? The Katou Organization’s now working together with us. That sad, Cmdr. Katou himself is gone, so what you’ll do is entirely your decision.
: I… I also wish to accompany you. That is, if you’ll all allow it…
: Eh, why not? I’m feeling a pretty gentle aura coming from him.
: And the fact is that, without you, the Final Phase would’ve ended up in smoke.
: So stick your chest out, why don’t you? You’re a lifesaver, for crying out loud!
: … Thanks… all of you…
: (I’m afraid I must carry on living in this world for a while longer… Please wait for me until then, Kaoru…)
: A Champion of Justice…
: Reiji…?
: So many people believed Hayase would come to be a Champion of Justice… and, indeed, he protected this world…
: A Champion of Justice only appears when the people believe one to exist…

: And here he comes! Here’s the hero of the day!

*Door opens.*

: Th-Thanks…
: Jeez, where’d you go back then? You had us all worried sick!
: Seriously. If you were alive, you should’ve gotten in touch and let us know!
: Come on, you know I couldn’t get in touch with anyone!
: Speaking of that, how did you manage to find your way back to our world?
: Well, the truth is…

*Fast forward!*

: You saw the Frontier Fleet destroyed by a Vajra attack…?
: Sure that wasn’t just a hallucination or something…?
: The two of them having the exact same one’s a bit strange, no…? And I’m also a bit worried about what that Machina said…
: The vision you two had may just be quite real…
: What do you mean…?
: We’ve just received word that the Frontier Fleet’s found and arrived at the sector with the Vajra Homeworld. Combat’s already started by the looks of things.
: What…!
: And there’s more. On that same sector… they’ve detected the Fold Waves produced by Ranka’s song…
: ?! Ranka’s song…?!

Couple of convos we couldn’t get due to the limited deployment slots:

: In your debut battle your inefficient approach put your allies in quite the predicament. The best way for you to avoid repeating such missteps is to join us…
: You’d deny all the possibilities of someone’s future over one mistake?!
: More often than not mistakes are repeated. Central will not overlook such a risk.
: You just don’t get anything, do you?! I’ve grown after meeting Nagisa and the others! I’m not who I was back then!


: Masaki Sugawara… rather, the Central collective consciousness. There is no future for you.
: A prediction from the Zero System…? It will not come true.
: No, I don’t need to ask Zero to predict something as clear as that. And the reason I know… is because I’m a human…!


: Join… us…
: I’ll put you out of your misery… that’s the least I can do for you…!


: We’ll close the book on this ourselves… we owe it to you as your old teammates!
: Forgive us…!
: Soubi… we all wanted to talk to you again…!