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Part 90: Mission 38 - True Begin

Here we are again, having cleared the Linebarrels finale, leaving only the Vajra left to be sorted out. Has there ever been an SRW player that went “Oh, boy, Macross Frontier”? But we gotta do what we gotta do. Rey is still king and I’m 100% sure he’ll continue to dominate throughout these last four missions.

The game DID decide to throw you a bone if you recruited Soubi, as the Talisman already comes 50% upgraded and his bonus is pretty dang good: Armor +150, 1500 Barrier, +20% Exp and +20% money. You can easily fit that in any Super Robot team – especially ones that aren’t too EN hungry, like the Rushbird.
And I still had plenty of cash left, so I also got the Vardant (crit rate +20, +25% chance to dodge attacks) and Hilde’s Taurus (+20% money, armor +150, 1500 Barrier, HP+1000) up to 50% as well. Hiroshi’s slated up next.

As you might expect, Alto’s deploying as an event unit, so here’s how we’re going:
Iczer-3/Ken (this is actually a bad call because both the Blade Gainer and Dannar only have a B in Space if they’re not in Twin Drive. I didn’t remember that, though)

Let’s wrap this up quick!

As it turns out, Brera had been under Grace’s leash this whole time and she laughs at him even thinking that he could run off with Ranka, his sister! Was his plan to escape her grasp and run off elsewhere? Tsk, tsk – he ought to know that he is, and always will be, her puppet. All that remains now is to put the finishing touches on the “Little Queen”.
Ranka herself isn’t looking too spritely, as Brera reports that they’ve already analyzed 92.3% of the Vajra network’s protocols. Grace sneers at how it used to be impossible to make sense of those protocols in the past, and all they needed to analyze it was to use Ranka’s mind as a medium.

Regardless, Brera asks Grace to return to the Dulfim and they spot the Frontier fleet off in the distance. Grace points out to Ranka the invaders about to attack the Vajra homeworld and tags them as the enemy. It falls on her and her brother to defend this beautiful world!
Brera agrees, saying it’s the only way they can atone for what happened and Ranka slowly confirms.

Back to us, Lam confirms to Alto that they’re detecting Fold Waves produced by Ranka – Aimo is playing throughout that sector of space. Seems to Kouichi that Ranka’s song was the “song of destruction” they were warned about but Alto yells that that’s absolutely not true.
Still, Haruno argues that her song DID, at time, beckon and even energize the Vajra. We saw it happen at her Mihoshi show, even, as Michel remembers. On the other hand, Alice points out, she often CALMED the buggers down as well. As Emi ponders that bit where the song of destruction turns into a song of hope, the fact remains that the Frontier Fleet is in major trouble. We can’t let Kouichi’s vision of it being destroyed become real.

Now, Luca says we’re getting ready to go after the Frontier by following the path of Fold Waves straight to the Vajra homeworld – combat’s likely already occurring. Even if we don’t like Mishima, we can’t well sit still and let the Fleet’s civilians get slaughtered. And we need to save Ranka as well, as she’ll likely be in quite the fix even with Brera “escorting” her.
One added thing that does have Misato worried, however, is how that Machina told Kouichi that the “song of destruction beckons chaos into the world”. That might be a warning of how, if we don’t control this quickly, it’ll mean danger not just to the Frontier but to everywhere else as well.

And Lady Une gets on the phone to agree with her: with the Vajra’s confirmed ability to travel unabated between parallel worlds, if they’re antagonized, it’s quite possible they’ll go on a rampage across both universes – worst case, across all of them. So Une wants us to get ready to deploy and engage depending on how things are looking on-site.
And Mina lets us know that we’ve just gotten a bead on the Vajra homeworld, so we’ll be warping straight into the fray in a bit – we should make it in good time to save the Frontier, Kentarou hopes. Izuna does wonder if we can actually stop the Vajra, and not even Shizuna can refute his worries since we might not have any option other than fighting them.
Will we need to kill all the Vajra? That’ll be a tall order since this IS their homeworld – we should expect them to be extremely numerous. We got a small taste of it back at the Island 3 battle, and Trowa’s expecting a very tough fight as there’s only so much anyone can do when 100 enemies pop out for every one shot down.

Well, in case the Vajra show themselves to be less-than-friendly, Sheryl will be on board to help us out. She remembers what Mishima told her, that the V-Type Infection means her song will now affect the Vajra. True, but Quatre and Luna worry about how straining it’d be on her – she should rest and let us handle it.
Alto knows telling Sheryl not to do it won’t actually work, and she’s glad he knows her so well. Before she leaves to prepare for when the battle begins, she turns to Alice and figures she should leave her stash of “Witch Craft” medicine with her.

As Sheryl takes off, Alice is taken aback by what she sees: there shouldn’t be this much medicine left. Is she trying to make her condition worse? A quick search of her data banks shows that that’s exactly what Sheryl’s doing. See, previously compiled data suggests that the more the V-Type Infection inches closer to actually killing her, the greater the effect her voice will have on the Vajra.
Rey ponders how much pain she must be right now, but Kyo worries more than just that: Sheryl’s essentially on her deathbed, so who knows how afraid she must be.

: I don’t have much time left… but it won’t be long before he can save Ranka…! Please let me hold on until then…!
: Sheryl, I’m coming in.
: (…!! I can’t let him see me like this… I’m Sheryl… I need to be that cheerful, unflappable Sheryl Nome he knows…!)

*Door opens.*

: Sheryl…
: You’re worried about me singing, aren’t you?
: Truth be told, yeah…
: Well, I’m also worried about you.
: …
: And if I’ve any way I can be useful, then I want to be out there fighting with you.
: Sheryl… I’ll make it back. I swear I’ll survive and return.
: Because I’ve come to realize… that people can’t fly by themselves. They shouldn’t.
: … You’ve finally realized that, huh? Shows how slow you are.
: Hah… I won’t deny it… Sheryl, I—
: … Don’t. Whatever you might be about to say, I don’t think I’d be able to sing after hearing it.
: And I’m guessing this battle will have us both staring death in the eye, right, Alto…?
: Yeah… both of us will…
: Then make sure you come back in one piece – and with Ranka in tow, of course. Once all that’s done, then I’ll hear what you have to say.
: Sheryl…
: And don’t you forget, Alto: it’s not everywhere you find a great woman like me…!
: Heh… You got that right…!

Mission 38 – True Begin

: These bugs are getting too uppity for my tastes…! Are all units equipped with the MDE Warheads?
: Yes, sir!
: Then hold nothing back! Don’t let go of your triggers, men!

: Yes, that’s it…! We can win this even without their songs!

*Beep, boop.*

: Hhmhmhm… You seem quite pleased with your new toys.
: Who is it?!
: It’s been a while, hasn’t it, “Your Excellency”? I trust the president’s chair is to your liking?
: Grace O’Connor?!
: (It can’t be…! I ordered her put down after she stopped being useful…!)
: Hmhmhmhm…

: Wh-What…?! Ranka Lee… A giant Ranka Lee?! In space?!

: What… The Vajra are being led by Ranka’s song…?! What is the meaning of this, Grace?!
: I’m afraid the galaxy only has room for one ruler… and that is not you.
: Mr. President!
: Don’t give them an inch! Use the anti-ship warhead, the Dimension Cutter!

: There are too many of them, Mr. President! We can’t…!
: Damn you straight to Hell, Ranka Lee…! You accursed Vajra puppet!

: Is the Frontier Fleet safe?!

*Looks at the Frontier.*

: By the looks of things, their vanguard ships are already down, with only the Battle Frontier hanging in there…
: Captain, the Frontier Fleet is standing by at the rear of the sector! There aren’t many, but we’re also detecting several ships around Island 1!
: What possessed you to take on this insane quest, Mishima…?!
: Hey, hold on! Is that—
: …
: Ranka…?!
: What the hell?! But I thought she was only ¼ Zentran…
: Visual data confirmed… she’s over 1000m tall.
: That ain’t a Zentran – that’s on the level of a legit giant!
: Regardless, our first priority is to have the Battle Frontier leave this area. Cpt. Welder, get in touch with them!
: This is a message to the Battle Frontier as well as all NUNS forces! Stop engaging and evacuate this sector immediately!
: The Macross Quarter…!
: Do not listen to him, Captain! That’s our promised land – our Frontier – dead ahead! Carry on with your attack!
: Yes, sir…!
: Stop! That man is a traitor who killed President Glass! He has no right to give you any orders!
: !
: Killed the former president? What in blazes is he on about…?
: Yeah; big surprise there, eh?
: And we’ve evidence to prove our claims. Monica!
: Yes, sir!


: This data is…!
: You can’t talk your way out of this one, Leon! It’s time you paid for murdering my father!
: Th-There must be some sort of mistake! I-I’m—
: Arrest this man at once!


: Wh-What are you doing?! Unhand me! Unhand me this instant!!

*Off he goes.*

: … Captain, take this not as advice but as a request from a compatriot: let us handle this battle and retreat from this sector right away!
: U-Understood… and I’m sorry…!

: Your father can rest easy now, Cathy.
: Thanks, but we can celebrate later. Right now we have…
: To do something about Ranka and her Vajra-controlling song…
: LOTUS, engage and repel the Vajra from this area. We need to make sure the Frontier Fleet is safe!
: Roger!
: And, Alto, we’re leaving Ranka up to you. Go save her!
: Ranka…! I’ll be coming back with you or not at all!

First order of business is to have Alto close in on Ranka and use the Convince command on her. Losing him, a ship or outright destroying Ranka is a game over, so focus on the Vajra first and build up morale.
The buggers don’t bring anything new to the table, as accurate and dodgy as you’ve come to expect, especially since Ranka has a command aura that can further boost their numbers – deal with them accordingly and don’t be afraid to pop a Confuse or two. FYI, if you get their numbers under 12 before talking to Ranka, they’ll just respawn so you can use this to farm some cash (the Vajra aren’t worth much, mind).

Ranka Lee
Pilot Skills:
Break Morale Limit
Commander L4
Prevail L7
Attack Combo L3

Giant Ranka is actually pretty powerful: big stats and HP and her skills are pretty much everything she needs to be a pain. She only has two attacks, both range 1-7, and the MAPW version hits just like Canaria’s MAPW (7 alternating lines), so approach from where she can’t blast you.
All things considered, though, she’s just a big blob of HP and can’t dodge worth a damn, so her high HP pool will go down fast enough (especially once you debuff her armor).

: RANKAAAAAA! Can you hear me?! Can you hear us?! We’re coming to get you!

When the second enemy phase rolls over…

Ranka is still singing and Grace gets on the mic to tell the screaming Alto that the girl only listens to her now. As Kouichi recognizes the singers’ manager, Grace notes that both Ranka and Brera act only to serve her cause now – they won’t hear our cries. Nagisa and Iczer-2 see where she’s getting at: mind control.
Oh, but this was the only way for Ranka to atone for her crimes. She didn’t know what to do, so Grace lent her a hand with that. When Ozma asks what she means by that, Grace pokes fun at Ranka’s self-proclaimed brother being so clueless. Did he never question why the girl’s song worked with the Vajra despite her not having the V-Type Infection?
Well, we don’t really know much about the things – as Eida notes, we’ve just been fighting back as they attacked. Well, here’s the deal: the Vajra are transdimensional beings who use Fold Wave-emitting intestinal bacteria as a way to relay information to one another. When humans are infected by those bacteria, however, it doesn’t attach itself to their own intestine – rather, it goes straight to their brain, and eventually kills them. That’s what the V-Type Infection entails.

However, if one is infected by the Vajra bacteria while still inside the womb, the child and the bacteria will turn to coexist… and that is what happened with Ranka. The girl’s mother didn’t realize what had happened, and it led to the tragic events of 11 years ago, when the Vajra attacked and destroyed the 117th Research Fleet. As Cathy remembers it, said fleet was tasked with capturing the then-mysterious Vajra and researching them – after the bugs destroyed it, Ranka and Ozma were the only survivors (which is what Ozma meant when he spoke of failing to protect Ranka’s family before).
But that doesn’t explain to Ozma how Grace says that’s Ranka’s fault. Simple: the entire incident happened because the girl unwittingly summoned the Vajra with her songs. All the human and Vajra blood that was spilled is on her hands – even Grace had her body destroyed in the incident, which forced her to take on a fully mechanical one. Of course, she only made it here because of that, so maybe it was for the best…

: You bitch… Then you revealed everything to Ranka and used her trauma to control her, didn’t you…?!
: Hmhmhm… I appreciate what a quick study you are.
: But I think that’s quite enough talk. Go, Little Queen… show them all your power.
: Hrk…! The Fold Waves are getting stronger?!
: Sis, look!

: The Vajra are going crazy…! Is Ranka’s song doing that?!
: It’s not just her! The Vajra Network is also amplifying her voice!
: Damn it, is there no way for us to get through to her?!
: Don’t lose hope, Shinn!
: He’s right, Shinn! Call out to her!
: You too, Luna!
: I’m sure you never wanted to sing songs of destruction, right?! RANKAAAAA!!
: Call her too, Alto! If your voice can’t reach her, then no one can!
: …

Eh, that’s fine.

: …
: There’s too much we don’t know about Ranka’s current status… but if her song is energizing the Vajra, then we can’t let up our offensive…
: Still, I’m positive that Alto will be instrumental in stopping the giant Ranka’s song.
: Alto, please hurry…!
Here’s her only attack. And when their numbers go below 12…

Even more Vajra spawn, and Dearka’s getting worried: we’re as outnumbered as we were against Central. Miriallia yells at him not to whine on an open channel – what if troop morale starts tanking because of him?
Regardless, Alto needs to hurry and save this captive princess – if Ranka can’t count on any knight, then another princess will do!

And on the third player phase…

: This ain’t looking good… we need to do something about that song or the Vajra’ll just keep getting rowdier.
: … If she’ll use Ranka’s song to destroy the world, then I’ll stop her even if I have to use force… even if I have to take her life…! That might be all I can do for her—
: Heeey! Don’t give up before you even try, stupid!
: Sheryl!
: Took me a bit, but I’m finally ready to go. And more importantly…
: I told you to come back with Ranka in tow, didn’t I?! I’ll lend you a hand, so you go and save her!
: Sheryl…! Sorry, I’m on it!
: Yeesh, what a pain you are…


: … Come on, everyone! Listen to my song!!

: …! The Vajras’ movements have grown slower!
: New Vajra are arriving at a third of their previous rate! We’re also not seeing any of the coordination they were previously showing!
: Now’s our chance to thin out their numbers! Head over to Ranka, Alto!
: Roger!


: Ranka, pull yourself together! They’re using you to try and kill us!

: Stay away from my sister!

: I won’t let worms like you hurt her!
: “Sister”?! You’re her… No, that doesn’t matter! Weren’t you supposed to be protecting her?!
: I am, both Ranka and this planet…
: This is…! Alto, we’re picking faint Fold Comm Waves coming from that Valkyrie!
: And it’s linked to…

*Looks at the second plane.*

: There! The signal’s coming from that other Valkyrie!
: You’re also being controlled…?! Wake the hell up, Brera! Ranka doesn’t want any of this!
: Stop your attack right now! If you don’t, I…!
: Our orders are to protect the Vajra homeworld from you invaders! Scatter across the edges of the galaxy!

: Gaah!

: Alto!
: …to…Alto…
: That voice…! Ranka… Ah, I’ve got it…!
: Alto, you alright?!
: Y-Yeah! But never mind me: that’s not actually Ranka! Everyone take that fake out!
: A-Are you serious?! You really want us to do that?!
: I heard her voice loud and clear...! That’s not the real Ranka!
: If you’re so certain, then we needn’t pull our punches. All units focus your attacks on that false idol!
: I won’t allow it…!

So now we need to wreck Ranka (a shame L doesn’t let us see DKs, so this is hardly as fun as it is in Z2). In the meantime, Kira guns down about half the Vajra flock for a nice payday.

: …
: You won’t be using Ranka’s image for your schemes anymore!
: All LOTUS units, the sooner we expose what’s actually behind that illusion, the sooner we can end this and protect the Fleet from the Vajra! Get to it!


: Alright! The singing’s stopped!
: The Ranka image is fading…!
: Come on and show us your true face!

: That’s… the Battle Galaxy?!
: “Galaxy”… as in Sheryl’s home?! But I thought it was destroyed by the Vajra…!
: (You called them over to this world, Grace…?!)
: But their jig is up now that they’re out in the open. Once you spot a ghost, you can go and cast him out!
: The Lt. is right. Even if we must face the Galaxy, retreat is not an option!
: This is it, troops. They’re the ones confusing the Vajra – destroy them!

The Battle Galaxy’s got all of Giant Ranka’s skills, only also picking up Shoot Down (which it can trigger rather often) and a level in Prevail. As you might expect, it’s very bulky with that size, Pinpoint Barrier and Prevail combo, and it’s attacks are all very long range and powerful. Keep an eye out for its Macross Cannon MAPW as well – it hits in the same pattern as the Quarter’s.
As always open with Yulianne and go to town. If you didn’t burn all your SP in these first three turns (and you shouldn’t), it can still easily be destroyed in one round.

But we’ve spent some of our attackers this turn, so we’ll clear out some of the last Vajra.

: I’ll protect Ranka and this planet! Scatter across the edges of the galaxy, invaders!

Once you get the Galaxy under 50% HP, or kill enough mooks…

: Where are you, Ranka…?! I heard the cry of your heart back then… Just call one more time and I’ll find you!
: “If you think, you shall not bloom. Don’t think, and you shall…”
: (…to… help…)
: …! Over there?! Quarter!
: Sound wave coordinates confirmed!
: Good, then the Macross Quarter will engage the Galaxy at close range! Take us in, Bobby!
: OK, boss!
: Quarter, Sheryl, do you copy? I can go and save Ranka but I need your help to do it! Sing and wake her up!
: You got it. Here goes…!

My favorite Frontier song and the main reason I’m a card-carrying member of Team Sheryl!

Jeffrey: We’ll pry open your way in, Lt. Alto! Save our songstress!

: Now, Alto! Get in there!
: Hurry on up, princess!
: Haaaah!

: …
: Ranka, do you hear me?! Do you hear Sheryl?!
: … Ugh…
: Open your eyes, Ranka! Take back your song from them! Your real song!
: Al…to…


: Alto!

*Machinegun fire!*

: Ranka, are you okay?!

*Fly on over!*

: … I am!

: Skull 4 to LOTUS! Ranka is safe!
: I’m so sorry, everyone! I’m really, really sorry…!
: Ranka… Thank God…!
: Don’t worry me like that, girl…!

: Hrk… R-Ranka…?
: Brother!
: … My link with Ranka allowed me to break free of their control as well, I think. Thank you, Alto Saotome.
: Oh, thank goodness! Then come with us, brother!
: Of course!

*Brera tags in with Alto’s team.*

: Now let’s keep up the pace and wrap this up! You’re up, Ranka!
: Sing, Ranka, and with your heart this time…!
: Your sorrow, your anger, your joy… pour everything you feel into those lyrics…!
: Alto, brother, Sheryl… Thank you, all of you! I’ll sing with my all heart, so please…
: Hold me to the edge of the galaxy!

: The Vajra stopped…?
: The little bugs weren’t angry at all! They saw that we didn’t come here to fight them!
: Indeed… There’s so much more to us all than combat…
: Today we’ll put an end to this conflict. That is how we’ll atone!

: Several heat signals emerging from the Battle Galaxy!
Those are… The Galaxy’s Ghost V9 drone fighters!
: Not just, I even see some VF-27s!
: Don’t worry about those – our target’s the Battle Galaxy itself, men!
: Aye, aye!
: And we got a real powerhouse taking our side, too! You’re not dunking this world into chaos under our watch!
: Let’s do this, Galaxy…!
: ... Everything’s in place, it seems. Then…

: …?! That Valkyrie escaped?
: Don’t waste time pursuing fleeing enemies. Our primary concern is the Galaxy itself.
: Focus fire on the enemy forces dead ahead! It’s time we brought this to a close!

The Ghosts and VF-27s are as dodgy and accurate as the Frontier variety, so a Confuse cast will probably be very helpful.

You can always do this, too, of course. Destroying the Galaxy ends the mission, so you might as well make as much money as you can.
And, as promised, here’s the ACTUAL ending plus the DK to Final Phase.
FYI, I had a big laugh over that mook actually trying to block with his dinky shield.

: Never in my life did I think I’d have to tango with a Battle-class…
: Still, I’ve heard talk of a Pro who weaved through a Macross’ AA batteries with just a prototype YF-19, so you won’t hear any complaints from me!

: They say the Battle Galaxy is the core of the Galaxy Fleet’s escort armada… and that ship is somehow in cahoots with Grace? What the hell is going on with the Galaxy Fleet…?!
: No idea… but the Battle Galaxy is unmanned, by the looks of it.
: You think the Fleet’s civs have no idea any of this is going on?
: It’s possible. And, if so, maybe the S.O.S. we got from the Galaxy before warping to this world was also fake…?
: Damn that Grace… she’s been playing us from the start…!
And here’s the Galaxy’s best attack before we run it into the ground.

: I’ll fly where my heart takes me, and I won’t let any of them pin me down! So don’t worry about a thing, Ranka – just keep on singing!
: Okay!

: Skull 4, hurry! If we give them an inch, we’ll have another wave incoming!
: Brother!
: Sing, Ranka. And as you do, I’ll be fighting in your name!

: The enemy’s size is four times our own, but that’s no reason to let ourselves be intimidated!
: OK, Boss! We’ll more than make up for that difference with our raw skill!
: (Still, it’s just the Battle Galaxy…? Does that mean the other ships of the Galaxy Fleet weren’t called to this world…?)

: We did it! That red Macross’ stopped dead in its tracks!
: Now, Cpt. Welder! Destroy the Galaxy!
: Aye, aye! Mina, time for our crazy little trick!
: Main engine, output rising!

: It’s over…!

*The two remaining enemies retreat.*

: And we’ve exorcized the other ghosts as well…
: That’s the end of that, huh, Johnny?
: Right. Looks like we somehow managed to avoid all-out war with the Vajra, all thanks to Ranka and Sheryl’s songs…
: And we’ve confirmation that the Frontier Fleet is also safe!
: Whew… thank God that vision didn’t come true…
: Then I guess we just gotta fly over to the Frontier and—
: …
: … I have it…!

: Wh-What the?!
: Did something happen?!
: We detected a massive Fold Wave, far bigger than anything we’ve seen!
: Hrgh…!
: Sheryl, are you alright?!
: I-I am!
: (Please… just a bit more…!)


: I-It’s!

: Shyaaaaaaaaaaa!!

: What the hell?! The Vajra’re attacking again!
: Didn’t you say the Vajra understood what we were after, Iczer-3?!
: I dunno what’s going on! They weren’t angry, so why are they…?!
: Ranka…
: Why are you doing this?! Stop! … My song isn’t getting through to them?!
: Hmhmhm, you’re wasting your time…

: What’s that huge-ass thing?!
: Hear me and obey, Vajra!
: The transdimensional lifeforms, those that even the Protoculture feared, adored and ultimately deified to the point of mimicking their form… the power of the Vajra is all mine!
: Grace O’Connor…!
: She’s in that giant Vajra…?!
: Kneel before me! I am she whose power rivals God, she who rules over fate itself!

Couple of convos we missed:

: Oh, dear, you’re coming after me? I suppose you can, if you want to…
: But it won’t do you any good, I think.


: I've also released the Judah System on all my drones!
: Simon, John, Peter! I know your true power is more than a match to the Galaxy’s new models!