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Part 95: Mission 41 - The Light of Hope - Part 2

: I’ve quite the hefty reward waiting – join me and it is yours…! I’ll give you five times what you make in a year!
: Your intel’s very outdated, guy. We haven’t been fighting for a paycheck for a long while now.
: You won’t make mine and Team D’s hearts waver by tempting us with that!
: Why…? You were all a bunch of unassuming civilians, so why are you so scrupulous now?!
: I might not look like it, but I’m a one-man kind of woman. Now, as for contracts, maybe you can convince me?
: Do you want me to cry? Because you’re making me cry right now...
: Dude, she’s just giving him the run-around.
: You really are a bunch of idiots. But in a very good way, thankfully.
: And we kind of came too far to turn back on it, right? Besides, this is really, really exciting.
: Time to bring him into the supernova that is the Dancouga – that which has transcended the beasts and the gods themselves!
: Let’s go wild!

Gloria vs Aoi: “You’ve transcended the beasts, men and the gods themselves... but you’ll find it impossible to transcend me!”

: Why are you set on doing this?! I’m sure there were other ways you could’ve brought happiness to you world!
: We tried, all the way until our resources ran dry. That was when I learned of the existence of this world.
: And ruling two worlds… Now that was an accomplishment that would measure up to my talents and dedication!
: This man is…! Kira, we don’t have a choice here!
: I know, Athrun! He has to be stopped…! We can’t let our world head down the wrong direction again!

Gloria vs. Kira: “A world ruled by me… that is the world I hope for!”

: He’s emanating an enormous amount of energy. That said…!
: Right. A man without the strength that comes from the heart will not bring us down!
: The strength of the heart, hm…? I’ll concede that it has proven its usefulness. But can something as fickle as that help you overcome the titanic gulf between our units?!
: Those who say that will always wind up regretting how ignorant they were!
: Kenji, Hiroshi! Now is the time to bring out the full power of your Bronze Bells!
: Aye, aye, grams!
: Get over here, ya crummy President! The Steel God’s packing all our hearts and you’re gonna get a mouthful of what they give us!

Gloria vs. Kenji: “I doubt a dimwit like you could understand anything, even if I tried to explain it.”

: Why are you starting a war with other humans?! We even managed to understand each other with the Vajra!
: The worthless masses are worse than even a swarm of bugs. That is why they must be lead…!
: No one here ever asked to be “lead” by you! You should just be happy being President of your own world!
: Oh, but I cannot simply give up on my dream! Only those who believe they can go the distance can overcome their limits and reach beyond!
: Bite me! Do you seriously think it’s alright to prey on others just to fulfill your dream?!
: Those who lack the capacity to grasp my noble designs ought to simply step back and contend themselves observing my rise to supremacy!
: Just give me a while and I’ll bring that planet you found into my fold as well!
: You hear that, princess? We better stop him or he’s going to annex our Frontier too.
: Alright, that does it… I can’t let him get out of here in one piece!
: Ranka, Sheryl…! This guy would close off the sky itself, and I swear it on the wings you gave me that I’ll run him into the ground!

Gloria vs. Alto: “You’ve my thanks for settling things with the Vajra. Now I only need to worry about stamping out the worthless masses!”

: Target in sight… We won’t let you bring sorrow to anyone else…!
: The God created by Man… Still, if it cannot unleash its true power, then it’s no cause for concern!
: Whatever they had in mind when they were making the EVA, I’ll be using its power to protect everyone else!
: Well, look at him, all manly and grown up. I can’t well get left in the dust, though…! Here we go, #02!

Gloria vs. Shinji: “The EVA and its A.T. Field… How effective will that be against the Galtdeus, I wonder?”

: I won’t let you go on using my grandfather’s creations for evil.
: I hoped you had learned where you stand in all this. Will you fly off in a panic once I defeat you again?
: Yuu’s far stronger than he was before, Gloria. Your data is in dire need of a revision.
: I got a lesson in humility from someone. You won’t be besting me anymore!
: Let’s go, Haruno. You, me, the Straybird… and LOTUS!
: Ready as always…!


: Not even in my wildest dreams did I think the unit we found with Prof. Grife would become such a nuisance…!
: To think I, of all people, would gloss over the huge “potential” it had.
: Maybe you kidnapped the professor and did the stuff you did because it was the only way to keep your people safe from Central… But!
: What you’re doing today is 100% inexcusable!
: Yeah, and I’m not gonna…! Not as part of LOTUS, and not an individual!
: Then come and try your hand! I, Ludo Gloria, will not be bested by a mere brat!
: I don’t need your permission, “prez”! Here we go, Alice! We’ll bring out everything we learned ‘til now and blast him straight off our Earth!
: Ready when you are, Ichitaka! No problems at all!
Yuu vs Gloria:
Ichitaka vs. Gloria:

: Did we get him…?!
: Severe damage confirmed to his engine… That mobile fortress is finished.
: Hrgh… Why…? While you’ve been fighting for what you think is right, the people have been doing nothing but daydream about peace…
: How can you justify risking your lives for a bunch like that…?!
: Because that’s our duty as pilots – and there isn’t anyone here who’d turn his or her back on it…!
: You do understand that while the masses may be grateful today, they’ll soon forget all you‘ve done, right?
: This was never about getting props from others. Everything I did was because I wanted to keep everyone’s smiles safe…!
: How long will that philosophy last, I wonder? I tried serving the people once – I believed that was the “duty” of those blessed with talent…
: I willingly offered myself as a subject in nanomachine research. I ignored all the risks that came from parleying with Central and personally saw it done.
: But the people are an insatiable lot. They want peace, they want wealth, they want more equality, they want more liberties… They want more and more and more…
: But you still can’t let yourself be broken by that! You gotta stay your path and carry on, no matter how tough it is! That… That’s what justice is about!
: “Justice”… what a bunch of hot air. How did you ever defeat me…?
: Because we’ve got all our friends here with us. And we can help each other, and turn that “hot air” into something real.
: But not you, President Gloria… And that’s how you shot yourself in the foot. As determined as you might’ve been, you wound up sabotaging your own work.
: Is that so…? I used to have friends – comrades… but I killed the man I used to be… I’d turned my back on everything…
: Would things have been different…? Could I have held onto my old ideals if I hadn’t forsaken the bonds I had…?
: I hope… you won’t end up like me…

: It’s over… it’s really over.
: Yes, it is. But we still have things to do.
: Much of the world is in tatters… We’ll need to bring some courage and hope to all those weary people…
: We must also reach out to the PLANTs and the dwellers of the parallel universe, and work to establish peace between us.
: A Champion of Justice’s work is never done, eh?
: Hmhmm. But this battle isn’t just ours – it’s one that involves all those who call the Earth Sphere their home…
: In that case, we’ve plenty of groundwork to put into place! Chop-chop, everyone! Let’s head home!
: Yeah, let’s head home… the Earth is waiting for us!

: It is a difficult moment we find ourselves in. But it is also a major opportunity for every person to extend a friendly hand to another.
: We and the PLANTs swear that we will spare no efforts in helping restore the scars left on Earth from the parallel universe’s offensive…
: And while it will be a gradual process, we will very soon be initiating diplomatic talks with the other Earth. But there is no need to view them with suspicion – may I remind you of our alliance with the Frontier Fleet, and their help in defending our world.
: Naturals, Coordinators, Implanted humans, Zentradi… society has so many different facets. But now is the moment where we must work together and rise above the walls between us.
: It will be a long and difficult road until peace is truly upon us, but that is a voyage we must all strive to see fulfilled. And that is why…

: Lacus and Relena’s declaration is being received quite favorably across the world, it seems.
: I want to believe that a wish for peace has found its way into the hearts of every person… It’s that light that gives us hope…
: It might be a small flicker right now, that light is one we must always keep safe… And I’ll keep on doing so by Lacus’ side.
: What about you, Athrun? Are you staying in Orb?
: I am and, this time, I’ll do everything I can to help Cagalli restore it. Guess we won’t be seeing each other for a while again…
: I’ll be keeping your FAITH badge, though. Can’t let you walking around with a free pass to do whatever!
: Psh, you gotta learn how to open up, man. You know you don’t need to do that to get him to visit the PLANTs.

: So you’re really staying in Orb, Shinn?
: Yeah. I want Stella to take some time to rest now that she’s finally free from the battlefield.
: Yay! I can stay with you!
: But you need some time off too, you know. You’ve got plenty of you want to do, like visiting your family’s grave, right?
: Hm, you’re right…
: Then how about I come with? I’ve got just enough vacation hours piled up, and it’d do me good to put my feet up now that things are calm again.
: Heey, Luna! I’m not staying here to play around, you know!
: I’m kidding, I’m kidding… Still, do you think I can join you when you’re bringing flowers to the memorial?
: Luna…
: But when you’ve wrapped everything up here, you better come back to the PLANTs pronto, alright? And make sure you bring Stella along, too.
: We’ll all be waiting… so don’t forget where your home is.
: Of course not…! After all, that’s the home the Chairman left in our care…

: The terrorists planning to attack the ceremony have mostly been captured.
: I’ve taken the rest of them. Everything’s secured in a 3km radius.
: Whew… I’m glad the world’s at peace, but it looks like Relena’s no less of a target than she was before.
: … It doesn’t matter. I’ll eliminate any obstacles that get in her way…
: Oh, what an intense prince we have here. But maybe that’s just the ticket when you’re tagging along with that girl.
: Still, wouldn’t it be nice to see some payoff from all the fighting you did?
: No, we’re content in just snuffing out any sparks of war, like we’ve always done. Hope has already found its way on the peoples’ hearts… there’s no need us to fly our Gundams anymore.

: The world’s taken its first step towards peace, but things are hardly calm just yet. Would you be willing to carry on fighting at our side?
: I’m super okay with that! I can handle anything if Shizuru with me!
: Easy there, cowboy.
: You can count on us, Lady! We’ve been watching over Earth all this time, so why not stick with it, right?
: We’ll have other bad eggs turn up eventually, and I’ll be ready to shut them down for as long I’m alive…!
: But I’d like to ask: where’re Goh and the others? I didn’t see them outside…
: Ah, don’t worry. They’re back at the Dannar Base, helping with the reconstruction.

: Haah… carrying all this stuff is pretty tiring business even with the Dannar…
: Goh, watch how you’re setting those down! There’s no room for the other container! Move them about 10cm to the side!
: And just how do you expect the Godannar to handle something as precise as that?!
: Now’s not the time to start grumbling! We’re short on both workers and equipment, you know! Come on, just a bit to the right!
: Ah! Here’s the container I was looking for!
: Brother! We need your help over here!
: Gaaah, shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
: Goh Saruwatari… so he also gets like that when there’s no enemy to fight…
: Hard to believe that that’s the hero from the War of Giants and one of LOTUS’ members, huh?
: Meow?
: Hmhmhm, I’ll say. Still, a world that has no need for heroes is always preferable to the alternative. So I hope we’ll be seeing Goh as antsy as that for a long time.

: Treason, terrorism… the list goes on. By rights, you would likely all be sentenced to life in prison or worse.
: And I’m sure you understood that you’d eventually have to pay for the crimes you committed.
: But it’s also true that you and your comrades helped save this world… So, taking your contributions into account, the powers that be are extending you an extra-legal pardon.
: We really appreciate that.
: But, there’s a string attached: you’ll be joining an intelligence agency suitable for people in your situation.
: An intelligence agency…?
: Do you mean…
: While LOTUS has been dismissed, the Preventers are still an arm of the UN and we’re always understaffed.
: That kind of work suits me just fine, but… is that really alright?
: If you were willing to die for your cause, why not try a new life for yourselves?
: ... And we won’t even ask you to wear a mask.
: Hah, so even Preventer Wind has a sense of humor… I’d wager not even Hisataka Katou could have imagined this.

: … Good day, Ikari.
: Good day… Hm? Why is your hand covered in band-aids?
: Prof. Akagi put them there.
: That’s not what I… How did you get hurt? Are you okay?
: It’s a secret… I’ll tell you later.
: (I feel this warmth inside whenever I’m with Ikari… I want him to feel the same way with me…)
: (I want him to feel that way with the Cmdr., too, and to get along with him, so…)
: … Ikari, I’m thinking of putting together a small dinner party later. If you want, you can…
: Ayanami…

*Later on…

: Ah, here you are, Shinji!
: Kouichi?! And the JUDA team too… Why are you all here…?
: Work, as luck would have it. JUDA’s opened this new resort to help people in trouble relax, so we’re telling folks about the place.
: Feel free to stop by whenever, Shinji – and bring Asuka and Rei along when you do. Kouichi and Yajima got their own little shop there.
: Not to blow my own horn, but I make a pretty mean yakisoba. I bet it’ll totally one-up your usual lunchbox, Shinji!
: This isn’t a competition, ya dumdum!


: Ooow, cut it out!
: He’s right, sis. Our Factor powers are gone, so…
: If you go at him like you did before, he’ll actually die this time.
: You really lost your powers…?
: But for a bunch of regular kids, you still look like you’ve got some fighting spirit in you.
: Hell, yeah! I might not be able to fly the Linebarrel anymore, but I’m still a CHAMPION OF JUSTICE!
: Yeah, we’re still signed up as JUDA’s Special Forces.
: Our battles now are just making sure everyone has a smile on their faces.
: Hahah, that’s actually well said. But, if you’ll excuse me, I’m late for practice, so…

*Off she goes.*

: Ah, found him! You there, Shinji’s friend! There’s someone looking for you.
: Yeah, it was… um… a girl with long, black hair I think?
: Oh, crap! I forgot I’d promised to meet up with Emi...!

*And he runs.*

: He just can’t sit still…

: (Was I… actually laughing back there…?)
: (Huh… I guess I can laugh now…)

: I’m so, so sorry, Emi! I ran into Shinji and we just started talking…!
: It’s fine, I’m not angry… Honestly, I knew this was going to happen.
: After all, you wouldn’t be my dear Kouichi if you didn't forget what you were doing the second anything piqued your interest.
: “My dear Kouichi”…? Isn’t that what you called me back during the fight with Central?
: Heh… I’m kinda embarrassed to hear that again.
: Are you? Then, how about… “My Kouichi”?
: Whuh…?! But, um, that’s… Emi, I…!
: Come now, if I’m calling you like that, the best you could do is answer in kind!
: M-M-My d-d-d…
: “My dear Emi”.
: I know, I know! B-But, I…!
: Hahahah… You’re despicable!

Full disclaimer: this was originally one of THOSE scenes, where the characters go “Oh, stop calling me by my surname and use my first name” – obviously not gonna fly with me using everyone’s first names throughout all this. Worse, they even paired it with Emi dropping the honorific, which would’ve forced me to change things regardless.
Combing the entire LP to rewrite all names as surnames is not happening, so I had to switch a few things to make it work and still keep most of the scene intact and true to the original. Nice of them to drop this on me during the epilogue!

: This was quite the busy day, all things considered…
: JUDA’s resort, huh…? Maybe I should call Misato and see if she wants to come with us?
: If they can get a day off, we could also ask Kaji and Ritsuko too…
: Well, darn. I finally get to Japan and I don’t even get a chance to shine… Sucks for you, too, don’t it?
: Wah?! W-Who are?!
: Just a very special girl passing by. I’ll be seeing you later, little puppy!
: H-Huuh…?

: Good luck, Kenjiii!
: You’ve got us working as your pit babes, so you better win this or there’ll be Hell to pay!
: Kenji vs. Kyo… Who do you think’ll come out on top, captain?
: I wonder… There might be a bit of a dark horse running this one.


: I’m gonna put you in your place today, Kyo!
: Try, but don’t expect me to make it easy!


: Much as I hate raining on you boys’ parade, I’m afraid this cup belongs to me!
: Aoiiii?!
: Open up those peepers and take a look at how I work with my Magnum! (This is a reference to “Bakusō Kyōdai Let's & Go!”, where Aoi’s VA voiced Go Seiba.)


: That’s quite the close race… Did you know Aoi’s an F-1 racer and a three-time champion, Sakuya?
: Yeah, I looked her up after I heard she was also a top model.
: Guess you and her both have your share of secrets.
: Not like I ever went out of my way to hide anything, though… Oh, Johnny! Isn’t it time for Eida’s show?
: Relax, I didn’t forget. Here, I brought my notebook…

: We’re coming live from the Reconstruction Charity Concert! Today’s attractions are Eida Rossa, every teenager’s favorite singer, and…
: Lacus Clyne’s old body double, now a rising star after her shocking reveal: Meer Campbell!

: Isabelle’s been getting a ton of work lately. And Eida’s even more popular than she was before, huh?
: I’ll say… Just the other day, I had to put together a scrapbook from a “Men’s Popstars Monthly” she starred in and it was a pain.
: Johnny… she’s your girlfriend. You better learn how to make do with little stuff like that.

: I’m so happy that we can sing together again, Meer!
: Oh, no, no! I’m still just an amateur! I don’t deserve—
: Please, that’s doesn’t matter at all! I know you took a lot of flak after publically announcing that you were Lacus’ double…
: But here you are, singing your own songs with your head held high. You’re a wonderful artist, Meer, and I mean it!
: Thank you, Eida…! And if I can bring just a bit of joy to those that are suffering, then I’m ready to sing my heart out on stage!
: Ditto… Though I wish we could also have Sheryl and Ranka here with us.
: Hm, I know… The Macross Quarter should be just about ready to leave, right?

: We can use the Vajra’s ability to head back to our original universe?
: Yup. From what Ranka said, they apparently can even warp their own planet over there.
: It’s not easy leaving this world behind, but the UN and the new president of our New United Nations Government will start diplomatic talks in due time…
: So we might just be able to see them again. Still, as the SMS, we must now return to our original mission.

: You’re really going, huh… Tsk, it’s gonna get real lonely around here.
: Decades have passed since we left, but home is still home… we all want to find the way back to our Earth.
: Speaking of, how’re things with that New United Nations Government?
: The moderate faction's regained their power and have appointed a new president. From what we’ve heard, they’re officially working on sending peace ambassadors to this side.
: That’s good to hear!
: On the flip side, I heard the other world has this Anti-Unification League bunch?
ji: And it’ll also fall on us to help find a solution to that.
: Moreover, it seems the Warp Route between Earth and Planet Boazan had stabilized and both planets are already interacting with one another. Things will be quite busy in the near future.
: It’s all good, dad! I’m ready to do whatever to keep peace going!
: And, Alto, I know this ain’t none of my business, but don’t you think you gotta hurry up and make up your mind already?
: He’s right. A man can’t be all willy-nilly like that.
: This might not be a serious matter for you, but it sure is for the girls.
: Hrm, it’s not easy hearing that from you… Now you’re making me feel like scum.
: But they’re absolutely right. Don’t go at this the way someone did.
: Yeesh, Klan… I came through and said the words, didn’t I?
: Yeah – once! I wanna hear you say it for the rest of your life! Consider it payback for your past behavior!
: We might be at this for a while, then, because I’ve absolutely no intention of dying anytime soon.
: I know, which is precisely the point!

: We’re receiving a call from Nanase at Island 1. Patching it through.
: Nanase?!
: Is everyone alright?! You’ve no idea how shocked I was when I heard that you all were all fighting to protect us. I thought it was just the ZAFT and Voltes teams…
: What about your injuries, Nanase? Are you feeling better already?
: Luca… thank you. Yes, I’m all better. The hospital finally discharged me today, even.
: Oh, that’s great news! We can all go to school together again, then!
: We should totally get together and just kick back, Nanase!
: Of course. I’m already counting the minutes for you guys to come over to this planet!
: And the Iczers will be coming with us to the Frontier Fleet, too, right?
: Yes. Talks were had and the Cthulhu people will also be making the Vajra planet their home.
: Iczer-3 was always so friendly with the Vajra, huh? Now that I think about it, could you understand what they were feeling?
: Hmm… I can’t understand them like you can, more like I can kinda tell when they were mad, happy and stuff.
: …?
: Ah? What I said annoyed you, Mr. Bug? Sorry! You know I love you, little cutie!
: He’s not “Mr. Bug”! He’s Ai-kun and he’s our friend!
: Pyui!
: Strange… how come Iczer-3’s the only one who can tell what the Vajra and animals are feeling?
: I suppose it’s because empathy like hers will be essential to the Cthulhu from this moment onwards.
: Perhaps Iczer-3’s actual struggle will be to bring kindness to all corners of the universe… and that’s a struggle without end.
: Indeed, she’s a failure as a warrior… But without people like those, the universe could never be free from war.
: We all have a long road ahead of us… but we must carry onwards if we’re to atone for our people’s sins.
: Iczer-1… as I mentioned before, the Cthulhu now need you to succeed Sir Violet as our leader.
: Are you certain about this, Gray? I am an android, not a purebred Cthulhu.
: But your heart is no different from ours, no? That makes you a person, Iczer-1.
: I would also be willing to follow you, my sister.
: Thank you, Nagisa, Iczer-2…
: You’ll be a very busy woman now, huh, Iczer-1? Promise me you won’t push yourself too hard… huh?
: Ahahah… I told myself I wouldn’t cry, but I guess that’s not happening…
: Nagisa… though our paths might diverge, the bond between us is eternal. We will always be partners…
: I know… Thank you for everything, Iczer-1… but this won’t be goodbye…!
: Indeed…!

: So the arks with the Darian people will be leaving with the Quarter?
: Though our destinations will be different, we figured it’d be simpler logistics to load both our cargoes at the same time.
: Naoto, damn good work while I was down for the count.
: And now you and Daiya can slow down and rest for a bit, yes? (She’s just called “Daiya’s Mom”)
: I dunno… Mom, Dad… there’s something I learned from all this.
: What is it, Daiya?
: It’s really difficult to put together a peaceful world… And that peace only exists because we’ve got folks trying their hardest to life good, and no one even knows they’re there.
: Those people are still going at it, so I don’t think I can just stand around doing nothing.
: You really are an eager beaver, huh?
: I took it from dad, I think. Hahahah!

: We’ll take care of the surface, so you and the Daiku Maryu make sure you keep the Darius arks nice and safe!
: You needn’t even ask us that!
: The Daichi and Tenku Maryus’ll also be accompanying us. I doubt any creature could give us pause.
: Puria, I think if you’ve time to fuss over others, then you could spend it becoming a bit more feminine. (Daimon)
: Get off my back, old man!
: Daiya, whatever happens, know that you’ll always be the 47th crewmember of the Daiku Maryu.
: Lulu… If you ever run into any trouble, you can hit me up whenever, alright? Even if you’re halfway across the universe, I’ll come running. And that’s a promise!
: Daiya…!

: It’s almost time to say goodbye to our friends of Earth, Ranka. Let’s go and give them something to remember us by!
: Okay! Thank you so much for all you’ve done for us, everyone! We’ll never forget you!
: Now, for one last time, listen to our song!


And following the credit sequence…

: I’m here, professor! You said you had something you wanted to show me?
: Hmhmm. With my underground lab fully restored and the insurance money coming in, I’ve started working on something huge.
: So I figured I’d let you have a look-see at the blueprints before it’s put together.
: Ooh, nice. Give me something to wet my appetite, huh? Though I can’t really make a lot of sense from any of this.
: … But you got me curious now. Can you tell me what you’re putting together?
: Heheheh… Open up your ears and prepare to be blown away! I’m building a carrier for the Rushbird and Straybird!
: You serious, professor?!
: JUDA HQ had that Flag holed up inside it, right? I can’t let them one-up me like that!
: Oh, boy… looks like things will be getting busy in the underground again.
: But it’s been ages since you worked there, so I see no problems at all with that!
: I suppose I do appreciate the challenge of helping him. Haruno, we’ll need you and Alice to welcome eventual visitors, alright?
: But I thought my AI wasn’t suited for household tasks.
: Maybe not, but I want you to try regardless. I’m sure anything Alice can do, you can as well, and vice-versa.
: Haruno, what do you say when a visitor arrives?
: Target sighted. Engaging.
: What?! No! No engaging!

: But, professor, what’re you making this carrier for? The world’s already at peace.
: I figured even if there’re no enemies around, it’d work as a symbol of hope for the people. But mostly I’m making it because I felt like it!
: Still, this baby will be quite something. I just have to get the energy flow running proper, and it’ll even be able to head on over to the Highly Probable World.
: Then we could see our friends again?!
: Sure, sure. I want everyone to get a good night’s sleep today – work begins tomorrow!
: Oof…

: (And, so, life went back to normal. Things aren’t the same as they were before, but we’ve the whole future to look forward to.)
: (And if you ask me, I hope these peaceful days will go on forever…!)

And, boom, another SRW down.
All in all, I had fun doing L, even if it’s nowhere close to being my favorite. The series list was nice (bring the Iczers back, Banpresto!), the BGMs and graphics were great and I enjoyed plenty of moments throughout – yes, even Frontier (the finale’s good). Only major gripes I have are the Iczer-3 bosses getting bushwhacked by the plot and, like in MX, the originals’ lack of relevance for pretty much the whole thing. I giggled too hard at SEELE being no-sold to chalk that up as a demerit.
As always, I have to extend my gratitude to Hokuto, TheMajinZenki and Caphi for their ever-present support, insight and willingness to hear me rant about the game deciding be cute and blindside me (whatthefucklinebarrelsthisisbull!).

I’ll be taking a quick gander over this to scan for any typos that went under the radar, but if anyone finds any, do post about it or send me a message. When that’s done, it’s straight to the archives.
And as I’ve made note during the course of this, UX is slated as the next one. When will it be? Depends on how quickly I can get everything set up and running smoothly, but I’ll try to play Santa and start it soon. In the meantime, you folks go practicing your TAMASHIIII voice.

Thanks for reading!