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Original Thread: Answer me, Shinji! The School of Super Robot Wars MX!



Welcome to the world of Super Robot Wars MX - where every problem can be solved with an application of robotic fisticuffs!

What game is this?
Super Robot Wars (SRW) MX was the third game of the series to be released on the Playstation 2 and, while the series has a couple of Original Generation games localized (and a few others received English patches), it is completely understandable if you’ve never heard of it.
SRW games are, essentially, massive crossovers of mecha anime that have been built around a solid strategy game – all the different stories are tied together by an original plot. It's celebrating its 25th anniversary now, in 2016!

The difficulty in SRW games tends to vary quite a bit. Some games are notoriously difficult (A Portable, the Winkysoft-era games), while others are a massive cakewalk - like this one! Do note that this only applies to the PS2 version as this game has also been released in the PSP, where it made some decent changes to the original plot and gave a 50% HP boost to all enemies. Not the speediest game, that.
Still, I'll be translating the plot of both PS2 and PSP versions, indicating where things differ within the updates themselves.

Why LP this game?
I’m coming into this straight out of LPing W and, then, Z, so I figured I’d keep trudging along by tackling another game I love. Plus, I want give others a thorough display of all that it has.
Lastly, it was either this or Alpha and I’d rather not face that beast after going through a game as huge as Z!

What series can be found here?
The list is quite varied, though it should also be mentioned that quite a few are actually post-plot. That doesn’t mean they won’t be doing anything, mind – far from it!
In essence, this game is a spiritual successor to the infamous SRW Impact; most series' events referenced as having already happened in this world played out in that game. It has a summary available, so you can take a swing at it… if you do, go with my pity (100+ stages!).

Here is what is available here:

How will you play this game?
While this game hasn't had an English release it, like a good bunch of other SRWs, had a story summary done by Mark Neidengard. As I did in W and Z, I will be using that guide as a baseline and expanding upon it with a translation of my own.
This will be a mainly screenshot-based Let’s Play, with videos for attacks and important scenes.

Finally: the story is half of the fun in these games. As such, while series spoilers are allowed as long as they are tagged, original story spoilers are OFF LIMITS.

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