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by Brunom1

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Original Thread: When Lovecraft Meets Three Kingdoms and Pop Music: Super Robot Wars UX



What game is this?
Super Robot Wars (SRW) UX was the first game of the series to be released on the Nintendo 3DS and, while the series has a couple of games released in the west (plus a few patches or, recently, Singapore-based English releases), it is completely understandable if you’ve never heard of it. SRW games are, essentially, massive crossovers of mecha anime that have been built around a solid strategy game – all the different stories are tied together by an original plot.
UX is a rather complicated game, mind; for starters, it’s on 3DS with its inane region lock, meaning the only way to play this was to either outright buy a Japanese 3DS, wipe your console clear and switch its region, or mod it to get around the lock. In short, picking up and playing the game was not going to happen.
Thankfully, there are now simpler ways of getting around that issue, and what you’ll find here is pretty much a game that further expands on L’s formula.

And it also has a few rough edges: being Banpresto’s first venture into the 3DS, the graphical quality can vary from impressive to middling. That said, the sound selection is, in my opinion, excellent, and it’s got some very fine moments courtesy of its unorthodox cast list (most of it, at least).
Oh, and it should be noted, another consequence of their inexperience with the 3DS is BUGS! UX is one of the buggiest SRW games to date (if not the most) and while some aren’t that bothersome, others are much more so. We’ll get to those soon…

Why LP this game?
If L wasn’t very well-known, UX’s difficulty of access has made it nigh-untouched for quite the while after its release. And it shows, as there are no FAQs for it, much less anything even resembling a somewhat detailed plot summary – the only resources available for info are either Japanese wikis or the ever-useful Akurasu.
This game’s always interested me and it was only recently that I could actually play it, so I figured I’d take it upon myself to showcase its story as I go along! Plus, I figured I kind of owed it to Blaze Dragon after anime Linebarrels in L pushed him to the dark side.

What series can be found here?
UX brings a few regular faces back from previous games, but that’s where the similarities end. In truth, when the list was first released, many of us thought it was a fake. It wasn’t:

Ain’t that something?

How will you play this game?
Well, since there are no summaries available, I’ll once again cook one up from scratch. I’ll usually follow whatever names I find in wikis to keep in line with previous translation works, unless I see something being horribly mistranslated.
I will TRY to update at least once per week but don't hold me to that. There’s only so much time in the day, so things will usually be posted whenever possible. I usually keep a steady pace, but you can never be sure.

And, as always, series spoilers are allowed as long as they are tagged but original story spoilers are OFF LIMITS.

And, as a public service, here’s the 100%’d save file, for anyone looking to start a game with all secrets unlocked. The save you’re looking for is the one in slot #1.

Table of Contents

Act 1 - In the End of Wilds

Act 2 - Vagabond Blues

Act 3 - Someday, Life Together

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