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Part 21: Mission 10 - Stratagems That Take the World by Storm

The squad menu finally opened up and now we can start fiddling with our teams. Liu Bei and the WSO crew are all deploying as event units, though, so it’s simpler to just stick to the composition Moritsugu set up last battle. The only change I made was swap the Deceive, Yamashita, Eida and Lockon around, to better fit with their leaders’ ranges – here’s how we’re going:
Sun Quan/Sun Shangxiang
Saya (set them apart only because both have battle lines in the next mission)

Off we go.

We open up inside the Octagon’s prayer room, where Aila ponders her vision. Every time she peers into the island’s future, she sees the devil with the skull. “Can this truly be the god that’ll deliver us from our plight…?” she wonders. Fancy (pink) enters the room right then, reporting that Hurricane’s group has returned with said devil and its companions.
Aila sets out to meet them, but inwardly ponders: if that devil is the one that’ll awaken Sleeping Beauty, then…

Back to us, Cham’s telling of how she’s originally from a world called Byston Well. Throughout many battles, she and her friends eventually had one last showdown with their enemies up here - in the Overworld. During it, Shou struck down his nemesis, Burn, and, at that moment, Ciela purified them all.
Kouichi understood precisely zip of all that but, as Lockon surmises, the main point is that Cham wound up here on Machine Island after it all went down. While Hurricane doesn’t know anything about the outside world, she and Misty were really surprised when they found Cham collapsed on the beach – a fairy, straight out of the stories!
But Izuna raises a good point: if Cham’s story is legit, that’d mean a huge battle would’ve had to take place, right? Problem is, there are absolutely no records, news, pictures, whatever, of anything like she described taking place in recent times. Joe figures we should take what she says with copious amounts of salt – this literal fairy tale makes absolutely no sense.

How rude! Cham doesn’t like him at all, and harrumphs that while his name might sound like Shou’s, his personality is about the exact opposite! Mike can’t well disagree with the Joe (ジョウ) x Shou (ショウ) comparison, earning himself a punch to the jaw. Why do Joe and Rennie always have to punch him over every little thing…?
Speaking of Shou, when Shizuna asks, Cham confirms that he’s been missing ever since the battle. She’s 100% sure he’s alive, though – that’s just the kind of man he is – and Liu Bei is confident she’ll find him again if she has that much faith in him.

As for Liu Bei’s group, he confirms to Sun Quan that they don’t know what happened: one moment they were at the Red Cliffs and, when they came to, they were in this world. As Zhang Fei and Guan Yu tell, the Octagon’s ladies found them wounded and passed out, and saved their lives. They have been fighting as volunteers to defend this fortress ever since to repay their saviors.
Kaido’s heard plenty about them, and even Kiba and Garan have learned to respect the Octagon’s mighty Volunteer Corps. Moreover, the rumors speak wonders about their strategist – a weaver of miraculous stratagems. Zhuge Liang is modest, though, and says the rumors about Kaido and Magami’s valor are far more impressive.
In truth, Liu Bei’s also heard plenty about them and how the Garan and Kiba Forces both building up their armies to try and stand up against the might of their devil.

Shizuna does notice that Shangxiang grew very timid in a hurry and Lu Xun explains why: she’s read Romance of the Three Kingdoms and saw that her counterpart married Liu Bei, so now she's really nervous around him.
When Liu Bei raises his eyebrows, Shangxiang panics and yells LIES – all of it! Let's not forget that, first, she’s a huge, difficult tomboy, and, secondly, think of how hard that’d be on poor Quan! “Well, you got one of those right,” Zhang Fei quips, but nobody asked him! Shut up!

But Shangxiang’s saved when Fancy calls everyone’s attention: Lady Aila, leader of the Octagon, has arrived. Inwardly, Setsuna ponders the unique waves of power he feels wafting from her – in fact, he feels it from every woman here. What could it be?

Location: Elshank – Infirmary

: H-Hrrgh…
: You’re awake, Major?
: Arnie, and Saya… I’m…?
: You passed out inside the Orphes’ cockpit.
: I did…? Psh... I must really be getting old if I’m blacking out while there’s a battle going on…
: Major, is that unit of yours, the Orphes, the reason that happened?
: …
: While I don’t know how any of it works, that mech is equipped with a system that allows it to warp, right? But I’m guessing making use of it is very taxing on the pilot’s body. Am I wrong…?
: And your point is? Are you suggesting I ditch the Orphes?
: That’s…
: Sorry to tell you, but that’s not something I can do.
: Besides, a bit of pain is nothing compared to the hell Saya and I’ve seen.
: …
: “Hell”?
: The Orphes’ name is based on a musician in Greek legend who managed to return from the Underworld. And true to its name, I saw hell on earth while in its seat…
: Do you mean particularly gruesome battles you’ve seen as a merc…?
: No, Arnie… No, I do not…
: Maj. Richard…

Back to the Octagon, Aila tells the story of how their mothers and fathers were imprisoned within Machine Island with the advent of the Gravity Curtain. The place has been mired in war ever since, with the island (with all its weapon plants and the Gravity Generator) an environment tailored for spawning an endless procession of robots and tools made for combat.
The Octagon, Kiba’s fortress by the coastline, and Garan’s castle in the mountainous region each control a weapon production plant, all of which are constantly powered by the Gravity Generator located at the center of the island. When Tsubasa asks, Aila says they are aware that said generator is on the verge of going critical. She believes Garan or Kiba to be the ones to blame for it: one of them is going nuts with their weapon plant, pushing the generator way past safe levels.
“Is that really the only reason for it…?” Setsuna wonders aloud. Flash asks if he suspects something more, but no, he decides to leave it at that. Inwardly, though, he senses that Aila is hiding something. In any case, if nothing is done and soon, Aila fears the Gravity Generator will erupt in a massive explosion – one which will have major effects on the planet’s magnetic field.

Romina wonders if they shouldn’t try and explain the situation to Kiba and Garan, but Flash doubts that’d get them anywhere. Those two care only about fighting, and Tsubasa’s outraged that they’d keep with that even with the threat of everyone being killed. Alas, their lust for battle surpasses any fear of death.
Sun Quan shakes his fist at these Shuras, but Kaido figures this is a real easy problem to solve: just wreck both groups! Magami sniffs at his childish approach to things, which doesn’t sit well with Kaido: “You want me to start with you, eh, hotshot?!” Tsubasa and Cham yell at both to pipe down as this is not the time for any of that.

Zhuge Liang speaks up right then, suggesting we go after Kiba’s fortress first, as assaulting Garan’s forces up in the mountains would require suitable preparation. Zhou Yu isn’t so sure, expecting an attack on Kiba’s HQ to be just as complicated and, as Flash notes, Garan is sure to launch an attack on the Octagon if they move after Kiba.
Certainly, which is why Liang says only our team and Liu Bei’s forces will handle things with Kiba and the Octagon women will stay and make sure their own base is guarded. Izuna and Rennie point out that the enemy has a weapon plant capable of creating unlimited troops – facing that by our lonesome is too dangerous!
But this is Zhuge Liang speaking and Liu Bei knows it: he has a plan. “Should ye lack an army, seize the forest. Should ye lack an encampment, seize the earth.” Indeed, there’s a way for us to prevail against such odds.

Cut to Kiba’s place, they’re already massing to attack the Octagon. They’ve been building up their forces precisely for this day, so Kiba declares they’ll set out during the evening – those women would never expect them to try another raid on the same day!
The mooks sing praises of their brilliant boss, and Kiba orders them to get to their machines. They’re gonna have a whole lot of fun today!
… Or not, as another panicky mook runs in: the Octagon’s Volunteer Corps is headed this way!

Mission 10 – Stratagems That Take the World by Storm

SRW UX - The Legend of Mirisha

: Let thunder’s roar fill your ears!

: Behold the ogre's frenzy!

: My soul is one… with JUSTICE!!

: G-Gwaaaaaargh!!

: Wh-What… The hell are you up to?!
: Is it not obvious? We’ve come to exorcise the demons that haunt this island!
: Y-You three wanna take us all on?! Hah! I thought you were just a bunch of bodyguards, but you’ve got guts!
: Go and teach ‘em a lesson in pain, men!

: Oh…? I’m surprised they’ve amassed this many forces…
: But it confirms that their production plant is to blame for overworking the Gravity Generator!
: Are you clear on what you must do, Zhang Fei?
: I just need to make it over to the spot Kongming tagged, right?
: Correct. And said spot is…

: Over there!
: Head straight there, Zhang Fei! We’ll see to everything else!
: Heh, spare me the play-by-play! Back me up, bro, furface!
: Let all here behold the might of the Octagon’s Volunteer Corps! To arms!

Don’t lose anyone and get Zhang Fei over the spot by the end of turn 4. This isn’t complicated BUT one thing to keep in mind is that, true to the reputation, Kiba’s got an endless supply of units to toss against you. A new wave of enemies will show up whenever you reduce their numbers under 5, so take that into account as you make your approach.
Liu Bei’s kill count DOES matter for the SD Gundam secret (along with Sun Quan’s), so if you’re confident you can get Zhang Fei to the spot safely, feel free to take advantage of the extra mooks.

Liu Bei Gundam (Dragon Frame)
Pilot Skills:
Soul of the Three Sovereigns
Prevail L2
Support Attack L1
Support Defense L1
All Attack L1
Command L1
Spirit Commands:
Mech Features:
10% HP and EN Regen
Squad Bonus: Mobility, Melee weapons’ power +100 (Mobility +20, Melee weapons +200, EXP +15%)
Liu Bei’s voice actor: Yuki Kaji (other roles: Amata in Aquarion EVOL, Eren in Attack on Titan, and a bunch more)

Zhang Fei Gundam (Thunder Frame)
Pilot Skills:
Prevail L2
Support Attack L1
Support Defense L1
All Attack L1
Spirit Commands:
Mech Features:
10% HP and EN Regen
Squad Bonus: HP +500, Armor +100 (HP +1000, Armor +120, Melee weapons +150)
Zhang Fei’s voice actor: Masayuki Katou (other roles: Demiurge in Overlord, Yasu in Shin Mazinger, and a few more)

Guan Yu Gundam (Ogre Frame)
Pilot Skills:
Prevail L2
Support Attack L1
Support Defense L1
All Attack L1
Spirit Commands:
Mech Features:
10% HP and EN Regen
Squad Bonus: Crit rate +10, Accuracy +5 (Crit rate +20, Accuracy +20, Melee weapons +150)
Guan Yu’s voice actor: Hiroki Yasumoto (other roles: Ime Liard in SRW Z2, Asura in Asura’s Wrath and many more)

Sun Quan was already a good unit, and Liu Bei’s just as good. Survivability is still an issue against accurate enemies and he doesn’t even have a barrier but, in exchange, he’s got greater firepower with a combo with Zhang Fei and Guan Yu. His best solo weapon is post-movement, too.
Zhang Fei and Guan Yu fall in the squaddie category, but are way more combat-capable than Shangxiang (though her better upgrade path will offset that difference almost completely). Only Liu Bei can start the combo attack, too, so that diminishes the bang for your buck, but they’re still competent units for the early-to-mid game. Do note that Zhang Fei only ever learns Invincible as a defensive spirit (not even Focus!), so make sure to keep him around Command auras as a precaution.

SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

: The blades of villains are but blunted sticks against justice! Oppose us and your lives are forfeit!

: The light of the dragon shall rend evil asunder! Gaze upon it and be blinded!
“Bear my justice within, oh, blade!”

: We owe a whole lot to the Octagon ladies, and favors gotta be answered in kind! It’s only good manners!

The next turn over…

By the Elshank, the rest of our team is watching as the mission carries on and Zhuge Liang asks everyone to get ready to deploy soon. Joe’s not too sure if this’ll work, but Yamashita points out that Liang is renowned as a genius tactician. Check any Three Kingdoms media: he’s always got max intelligence stats and his stratagems are feared by even the mightiest of foes.
But, Kouichi counters, Yamashita’s speaking based solely on mangas and games, no? Moreover, Damian reminds that the guy made his fame in a society where people fought with swords, bows and arrows. The present isn’t that simple. Lu Xun, however, says everything’ll be fine: “The weapons being used are a nonissue to true Art of War!”
And Zhou Yu adds: “Sun Tzu himself said: the three conditions that majorly influence the odds of victory in battle are proper timing, geographical superiority and troop unity. And what we need now is unity… We must bring our hearts and minds together, and trust in Master Kongming, Liu Bei and his companions.”

SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

Get the enemy numbers under 5, and…

: You think you’re tough?! Too bad for you, I can bring out as many troops as I want with this production plant up and running!

*Another 6 mooks spawn*

And there we go.

: Haah, hoo… I’m in position, bro!
: Good! Do it, Zhang Fei!
: Haaaaaaaah!!

: Wh-What’re they up to…?!
: Let’s see how you like this! Bakuretsu… DAIRAIJAAAAAAA!!

: …
: U-Um…?
: Did something happen, Zhang Fei?!
: N-No, I… I thought there’d be, like, a ton of land mines buried around here or something?!
: What?! I’ve never heard anything of the sort!
: Whaaa…?! Then why were we sent over here…?!
: Heheh… You got me worried there for a sec! Now it’s your turn to get a taste of that!

: Kch… There are so many of them!
: This does not bode well at all…
: D-Don’t blame this on me! I did exactly as I was told…!
: I still have faith in Kongming! He shall not fail us!
: B-But…!
: Rrgh… No, I’m a proud warrior too! My bro says he’s got faith, so I’ll do the same! I’ll stick with you all the way to the end, Kongming!
: Hmph, the hell do I care about some Chinaman?! Swarm them, men!
: Th-That’s… BOSS!!

: Wh-Whaaaaat?!

SRW UX - The Legend of Mirisha

: Heheh… That Liang fella’s pretty dang good!
: Hm. It’s hard to believe how perfectly he anticipated the formation the enemy deployed in…!
: S-Skull-face…?!
: B-Boss… Over here—!

: Y-You…?!
: Our surprise attack on the enemy’s flanks was a success! Half of the Kiba’s Forces have been destroyed!
: An absolutely flawless prediction of the enemy’s tactics… I guess I shouldn’t have expected any less from a legendary strategist.
: Hear, hear. The guy rivals even you and Gen. Mannequin, huh?
: Rrgh…! You think you’ve won yet?! You haven’t!
: Throw everything we’ve got at them! Crank out those robots nonstop!
: U-Um, Boss… the production plant ain't doing what we tell it to!
: What?!
: Hmhmm… I believe it worked.
: Zhang Fei, pull back!
: Eh…?

*Zhang Fei backs away.*

: Waaaaaaah! Wh-What in blazes?!
: Y-You…! What the hell did you do?!
: Do you not realize it yet?
: Your production plant receives energy from the Gravity Engine via an underground pipeline… a pipeline that Zhang Fei’s attack cut down.
: I-It can’t be…! This war’s been going on for twenty-eight years and nothing like that’s ever worked!
: That pipeline’s too strong to get wrecked… and from a single attack, even?! That’s not possible…!
: Hmhmhm, we have you to thank for that.
: Your excessive energy intake left the pipeline overflowing to the point of bursting. The smallest of strikes would have been enough to obliterate it!
: …?! N-No… No way!
: H-he thought that far ahead…?! This is the Art of War at work?!
: Alright, I admit it, Kongming… you’re the real deal!

SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

: Set onwards, troops! Kiba’s Forces now lie as candles flittering in the wind – you have but to snuff them out!
: Aye, aye!

*+10 morale for everyone!

: You… My army… You sons of BITCHES!!

: I’ll beat every last one of you into a bloody paste!
: Oho, looks like the boss man got sick of hanging back!
: Your primary target is Kiba! All troops, engage!

Only need to wreck Kiba and keep your ships safe, but we’re not just going to ignore all these easy kills hanging out, are we?

SRW UX - Love Survivor

And here’s Guan Yu’s strongest attack, complete with finger poke of doom.

SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

SRW UX - Future-Bound Fighting Spirit

: Your army’s already finished! Just put down your weapons and surrender!
: Who the hell do you think you’re talking to?! I’ll build a whole trophy room just for your heads!

SRW UX - Linebarrel

: How can fighting be your only purpose in life… Is there no justice in any of you?!
: You ain’t got a clue how the world works, brat! Just the sight of goody-goodies like you and your crew makes me wanna hurl!
Finally got Kiba’s best attack on tape.

SRW UX - Envoy from Jupiter

: Why couldn’t you simply stop overworking the Gravity Generator? Did the fact that you’re endangering the entire world not even cross your mind…?
: And I’m supposed to give crap about the outside world?! Way I see it, all my life’s been building up just for today’s battle!
: Then you are yet another one who’d corrupt the world, who’d push it on the path to ruin…!

SRW UX - Love Survivor

: I’m more of a to-the-point kinda guy, but I don’t mind winning with strats once in a blue moon!
: You wrecked my forces…! I’ll paint this whole island red with your blood!

SRW UX - Shadows that Rend Darkness

: You think you can take me with that tiny plane?! I see you ain’t taking me seriously!
: There’s more to everything than meets the eye. Now how about I show the size of your ignorance?

SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

: Your rampage has run its course, Kiba! And now my Ryuteiken will mete out your due judgement!
: This frickin’ stuffed toy…! You go on acting like some force of justice but then you crash other folks’ war?! Goddamn hypocrite!

: I’m gonna get you for this humiliation if it’s the last thing I do, Skull-face!
: Heh, a boy who can’t read the tide of battle got no business playing boss!
: It’s high-time time we hammered in the last nail in your coffin, Kiba!
And here’s Magami’s strongest attack.
We get a Magami’s Marksmanship Teachings from Kiba.

: If God gets in our way, he’ll get cut down…
: If the Devil does the same, he’ll be shot!
: Y-You… I’ll be waiting for you in HELL!!

: Hah… There’s no point in waiting there.
: Because… We are Hell!

: No enemy signals remain on radar!
: Any surviving soldiers of Kiba’s Forces have already scattered, it seems.
: Then I guess it’s over. Now to take over Kiba’s fortress and investigate the weapon production plant!

: Very well done, Master Kongming. Your commands were, as usual, flawless.
: Please, Zhou Yu. It hardly feels right to have a man of your stature address me as “master”.
: You honor me with your modesty. But, I must say, I was rather surprised to see you engaging so proactively in this world’s conflicts. If I remember correctly, you chose a life of seclusion precisely because you detested such battles…
: Hahah, “proactive”, hm? Perhaps. Though I presume my reasons are the same as yours.
: Mine…?
: Have you also read this world’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms?
: Aye, I glossed through it…
: Then I presume you understand the implications. If that text truly depicts our ultimate fates, then…
: … Your death is nigh.
: …!
: But I see in your eyes that you do not accept that. I do not either.
: Then you are fighting in order to overturn fate as it was written…?
: Aye. This world and Mirisha, us and our “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” counterparts…
: Our histories are so very similar, yet there are also subtle differences… and I can’t help but feel the presence of an unseen hand behind it all.
: An unseen hand…?
: And I believe the answer to that mystery will have significant impact over not just our future… but over this whole world’s future as well.
: Master Kongming, you…
: Man must never submit to the tides of fate…
: Do you not think that a struggle worth staking your life on, Zhou Yu?
: …

Meanwhile, by Kiba’s fortress, Tsubasa’s found what looks like the control center of the weapon plant. Can she shut it down? Easily, as while this whole structure’s pretty old, she can handle any of its standard systems. Well, ain’t she a clever girl?
… But it’s not quite that easy, as there are several traps installed in the system. Can she disable them? She figures she can, as they’re pretty basic, but something strikes her as odd. “Want some help there? Ya just gotta cut the red wire and—” Kaido starts joking before Tsubasa tells him to shush.
Upon further inspection, she discovers something about this plant’s systems…

Cut to the Ptolemaios, Feldt reports that the WSO has succeeded in fully disabling the production plant. That should keep the Gravity Generator stable for now – better yet, the Gravity Curtain has disappeared as a result and Lockon is so glad we don’t have to traverse that thing again.
However, Feldt says the investigation team has reported something else. Things have taken a bit of an unexpected turn at the lowest levels of the production plant: they found a life-sized girl robot stashed down there.
Ryusei Lockon is curious.

By Garan’s place, Himiko confirms to him that "Sleeping Beauty" has been awakened. Furthermore, with the Gravity Curtain gone, this island’s role as a cradle for its denizens is over. When Garan asks, Himiko relates that many of the survivors from Kiba’s gang are hiding throughout the island. Should they send teams to get rid of them?
Garan says no, preferring instead to add those soldiers and robots to his own forces. Himiko’s a bit ill at ease with that – those men are so very violent. Yes, which is precisely why Garan wants them: violent men will easily obey someone with greater strength, and what Garan needs now is to expand his army. Indeed, he’ll welcome any who wishes to support his conquest, regardless of their origin or past.

Isn’t that right, Burn? Indeed, and Burn says he never forgets a debt – his life and all of the Zwarth’s power will serve Garan’s cause. “I swear it by my blade, and by my honor as a warrior.”
Garan likes it and tells him to set forth. The time has come for the entire world to submit to his rule! Inwardly, Himiko tells Aila that she’ll be accompanying Garan in his quest – the truth awaits further down this path, and she will find out what it is.

: We can refine this Odyssite into an appropriate substitute for the kylhasium, then?
: Right. It’s used as a catalyst for the Gravity Generator so there’s plenty of the raw ore stored throughout this island – more than enough to solve the Elshank’s fuel issues for the time being, I think.
: That’s great news, Your Highness!
: Indeed. We thank you all for your assistance.
: Well, that’s the Elshank’s problem taken care of… but what about her?
: She’s what Lt. Yuki found inside Kiba’s fortress, hm…?
: …

*Door opens.*

: So this moment has finally arrived…
: It’s a pleasure to meet you, VR-14… Or, rather, Fei-Yen.
: …
: This robot is what you were hiding from us, wasn’t it?
: “Hiding”?
: I suppose I cannot fool you…
: Yes, it’s as you said. We have been watching over her seal…
: Her seal…? Just who is she?
: We do not know either. All I can tell you is that she has been asleep, dreaming, within this land for ages. She’s been there since before the Gravity Curtain emerged, since the time when this island’s research institute still functioned, even.
: For that long…?
: Then I guess we could take her to be another legacy from this island’s old researchers…
: Our parents spoke of her. They said her name was VR-14, also known as Fei-Yen… Hers is a soul that longs to soar free – or, perhaps, she is a vessel for it…
: And they said that her awakening shares a deep connection to this world’s underlying truth. What they meant by that, however, I do not know…
: The world’s underlying truth…
: Could I make a request? I’d like you to bring her with you to the outside world and, maybe, shed light upon her mysteries.
: Wh-What?!
: … Y o u.
: ?! That voice was…
: I-I t i s…
: A p l e a s u r e t o m e e t y o u…
: Fei-Yen...?
: I h e a r… m y f i r s t s o u n d… v o i c e s... w o r d s...
: I h e a r... I s e e... e v e r y b o d y ‘ s v o i c e s...?
: She sounds lovely... So this is the voice of Fei-Yen, the soul that longs to soar free…
: A p l e a s u r e t o m e e t y o u…
: W h o... W h o a m... I...?

Fei-Yen, as you might expect, quotes a TON of Miku Hatsune song lyrics. I’ll try and keep an eye out for those and do as much research on it as I can, but I’m honestly not familiar with vocaloid stuff at all. If someone here IS, though, and sees something I didn’t, feel free to get in touch with me through PMs on SA, LP.Zone, Youtube, wherever, and I’ll fix it.